The Nation Speaks on 7 September 2013; however the heavens determine the outcome.

Note: Any suggested outcome is as a result of interpretation of the tension between planets at given times and on given days by this astrologer.  These bi-wheels (method) are created at the time of the closing of the polls in the nation’s capital Canberra, ACT.  The inner wheel is a snapshot of the planetary positions over Canberra at that time and the outer wheel is another snapshot in time; the natal chart of each candidate.  The information for the birth dates comes from the public record.  E&OE.

QldHouse of Representatives: this enquiry is of seventeen marginal seats in Queensland.

  • ALP=Australian Labor Party
  • LIB=Liberal Party
  • LNP=Liberal-National Party
  • GR=Green Party
  • KAP=Kapper Australian Party
  • IND=Independent

Note:  click on bi-wheel images to view in full size

Blair: BlairWith just one chart it would appear that preferences will determine the outcome as a probable LIB win.

  • ALP Shayne Neumann
  • LIB Teresa Harding (need data)


BonnerBonnerWith just one chart, this is probably a win for LIB

  • ALP Laura Fraser Hardy (need data)
  • LIB Ross Vasta


Brisbane: BrisbanePreferences will determine the outcome of this seat. Without data for LIB I cannot call a possible win or loss to incumbent.

  • ALP Fiona McNamara (need data)
  • LIB Teresa Gambaro


Capricornia: main candidates  (sitting member retired)  

  • ALP Michelle Landry (need data)  This is anyone’s guess.  I did not receive replies to requests for data.
  • LIB Peter Freeleagus (need data)

Dawson:Dawson This seat should be a win for LIB

  • ALP Bronwyn Taha
  • LIB George Christensen


Dickson:Dickson These charts are both pretty uneventful. ALP could not possibly win from this data. I have to ask, is there another contender?

  • ALP Michael Gilliver
  • LIB Peter Dutton


Fisher: FisherAre the IND preferences going to LIB or the LIB preferences going to IND?  Preferences will determine the outcome.

  • ALP Bill Gissane
  • LIB Mal Brough
  • IND Peter Slipper

Flynn: Flynncannot call this seat.  Preferences appear to determine the outcome.

  • ALP Chris Trevor
  • LIB Ken O’Dowd


FordeQLDForde the celebrity factor does not appear to have worked with voters. We suggest that the LIB candidate will win.

  • ALP Peter Beattie
  • LIB Bert Van Manen

Herbert:Herbert A LIB win after preferences are counted

  • ALP Cathy O’Toole (need data)
  • LIB Ewen Jones


Leichhardt:Leichhardt LIB win after preferences are counted

  • ALP Billy Gordon (need data)
  • LIB Warren Entsch


Lilley:Lilley Due to lack of data from all candidates, we cannot interpret the outcome, although incumbent has the advantage of the Lunar nodal axis in the mix.

  • ALP Wayne Swan
  • LIB Rod McGarvie (need data)


Longman:Longman With just one chart, I can suggest a LIB win is likely.

  • ALP Michael Causley (need data)
  • LIB Wyatt Roy


MoretonMoreton: Of these two charts, ALP would appear to be the winner

  • ALP Graham Perrett
  • LIB Malcolm Cole


Oxley:Oxley With just one chart, we could suggest that ALP will retain this seat.

  • ALP Bernie Ripoll
  • LIB Andrew Nguyen (need data)


PetriePetrie These charts suggest that ALP will retain this seat.

  • ALP Yvette D’Ath
  • LIB Luke Howarth


Rankin:Rankin main candidates (sitting member retired)  This ALP candidate is not a likely winner.

  • ALP Jim Chalmers
  • LIB David Lin (need data)


The Senate candidates chosen for this enquiry  (6 to be elected)

  • Chris Ketter ALP (need data)
  • Claire Moore ALP
  • Mark Furner ALP (need data)
  • Adam Stone GR (need data)
  • James Blundell KAP
  • Ian Macdonald LNP
  • James McGrath LNP (need data)
  • Matthew Canavan LNP (need data)
  • David Goodwin LNP (need data)
  • Theresa Craig LNP (need data)
  • Amanda Stoker LNP (need data)


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