New South Wales

The Nation Speaks on 7 September 2013; however the heavens determine the outcome.

Note: Any suggested outcome is as a result of interpretation of the tension between planets at given times and on given days as per classic astrology.  These bi-wheels (method) are created at the time of the closing of the polls in the nation’s capital Canberra, ACT.  The inner wheel is a snapshot of the planetary positions over Canberra at that time and the outer wheel is another snapshot in time; the natal chart of each candidate.  The information for the birth dates comes from the public record.  E&OE.

NSWHouse of Representatives: this enquiry is of seventeen marginal seats in New South Wales.

  • ALP=Australian Labor Party
  • LIB=Liberal Party
  • GR=Green Party
  • WKP=Wikileaks Party
  • IND=Independent member

Note:  click on bi-wheel images to view in full size

Banks:Banks This chart does not augur well for ALP candidate.  

  • ALP Daryl Melham
  • LIB David Colemann (need data)


Bennelong: BennelongWe can call this seat without the ALP member data – win to LIB

  • ALP Jason Yat-sen Li (request for data made – not received)
  • LIB John Alexander


Dobell:Dobell-IND  Indications are that the IND preferences will tip the scales – if they go to LIB, this would indicate a win to LIB

  • ALP Emma McBride (need data)
  • LIB Karen McNamara (need data)
  • IND Craig Thomson
  • IND Nathan Bracken

Eden-MonaroEden-Monaro: The saying goes, whomever wins this seat, wins the majority in the house. So is it going to be Hi, jinx or Bye jinx.  I suggest that preferences are going to determine this seat – win to ALP

  • ALP Mike Kelly
  • LIB Peter Hendy
  • PAL Dean Lynch (need data)
  • GR Catherine Moore

Gilmour:Gilmore  In the absence of data, indications are a win to LIB

  • ALP Neil Reilly
  • LIB Ann Sudmalis (need data)


Grayndler: GrayndlerGR preferences will determine the win of this seat.

  • ALP Anthony Albanese
  • LIB Cedric Spencer (need data)
  • GR Hall Greenland


Greenway:Greenway Despite lack of data, indications are that ALP will lose this seat.

  • ALP Michelle Rowland
  • LIB James Diaz (need data)
  • GR Chris Brentin (need data)


Hughes:Hughes With just the chart for LIB all does not augur well for this LIB candidate

  • ALP Alison Megarrity (need data)
  • LIB Craig Kelly


Kingsford-Smith:Kingsford-Smith (sitting member retired) As we only have one chart, it appears that ALP will lose this seat.

  • ALP Matt Thistlethwaite
  • LIB Michael Feneley (need data)
  • GR James McDonald (need data)

Lindsay:Lindsay With just the chart for ALP candidate it would appear that ALP will lose this seat.

  • ALP David Bradbury
  • LIB Fiona Scott (need data)


MacarthurMacarthurWith just this one chart it would appear that the LIB candidate will need preferences to win.

  • ALP Ian Fulton (need data)
  • LIB Russell Matheson


Macquarie:Macquarie (boundary changes) With just the chart for LIB candidate, all does not augur well for this candidate.

  • ALP Susan Templeman (need data)
  •  LIB Louise Markus


PagePagethere are some seats where you just can’t call it from one chart.  This is one of those.

  • ALP Janelle Saffin
  • LIB Kevin Hogan (need data)


Parramatta:Parramatta Preferences will play a part in the outcome of this seat.  We can call a probable LIB win.

  • ALP Julie Owens
  • LIB Martin Zaiter


Paterson:Paterson Due to lack of data from all candidates, we cannot call this seat.

  • ALP Bay Marshall (need data)
  • LIB Bob Baldwin


ReidReidALP and LIB will need preferences in order to win this seat.  LIB is more likely of these two to take the seat.

  • ALP John Murphy
  • LIB Craig Laundy


RobertsonRobertsonAgain preferences will determine the call.  although it would appear that this candidate will not win.

  • ALP Deborah O’Neill
  • LIB Lucy Wicks (need data)


The Senate candidates chosen for this enquiry (6 to be elected)

  • Bob Carr ALP
  • Doug Cameron ALP
  • Ursula Stephens ALP
  • Cate Faehrmann GR
  • Marise Payne LIB
  • Arthur Sinodinos LIB
  • John Williams NAT
  • Kellie Tranter WKP (need data)


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