TWA Flight 800 Pt.3: G-men

Continuation from TWA800: N93119

37-year-old Pam Lychner buckled up on Flight 800 out of JFK, bound for Charles de Gaulle international airport. She and her two young daughters were on their way to Paris to visit Monet’s garden in Giverny. As an ex TWA hostie, Pam knew the drill.

Note: Pam Lychner deserves her name up in lights in her own right – it was Pam who lobbied long and hard for a national register of sex offenders in the US (Sexual Offender Tracking and Identification Act of 1996).  She was successful, the bill was passed.

TWA Flight 800 didn’t get to leave American airspace, exploding into a ball of flame just minutes after take off. There were no survivors, however many along the Long Island coastline witnessed the tragedy; that summer of 1996.

Following the flotilla of local craft’s SAR operation, the focus turned to the cause of the accident.  Initial witness descriptions, more than 700 of them, led many to believe the cause of the crash was a bomb or a surface-to-air missile attack.

It was just two days before the Summer Olympic opening ceremony at Atlanta.  The last thing anyone wanted was a terrorist scare.  The agencies swung into action.

First up when there is an event of this magnitude in the US, the National Transport Safety Board are brought in.  The primary concern is the plane accident, so the NTSB are the government body that must hold an enquiry. It is not their field of enquiry to investigate criminal activity and so the men-in-black need to enter the fray if there is reason to suspect foul play.

The FBI do the groundwork, plus interview all the witnesses and the CIA get involved if there is suspicion of possible international terrorist activity.  Well that’s how I understand it anyway, but then I am far removed from Long Island, New York; what do I know…

I’d have thought that the hierarchy was all pretty straight forward, but when the CIA published a report that there were just 21 eyewitnesses, plus released a fourteen-minute animation, “What did the witnesses see?” claiming that a fuel tank had exploded on TWA800, I shook my head.

Whoa, Nellie! Hang on a minute…  What’s going on here?

According to the interviews undertaken by the FBI, we are told that this is not what hundreds of witnesses had reported seeing.  Did the CIA have a case of inter-agency rivalry going on?

Well you know what we can do – let’s generate a chart of the CIA bloke in-charge. Apparently Randy Tauss was the go-to man.  What could an astrology bi-wheel reveal? (methodology)

Please note that astrology is a pseudo-science; is not accepted in a court of law and can only be offered as suggestion, nothing more. We follow classical interpretation of all planetary symbolism and aspects. Please remain skeptical of all that follows in this enquiry.

All natal charts are generated at midday on the date of each individual.  This provides the mid-range for the Moon’s transit.  This allows for a reasonable assessment as to whether the influence of the Moon is present or not in any aspect.

CIA-TWA 800: 

CIA-TWA800The natal chart of this individual is the classic G-man. Venus (pink) conjunct Mercury (yellow).  Venus represents the agency and Mercury is the communicator.  With the 1st house in play, on this occasion, Randy Tauss is the voice for the agency; the CIA.

  • It may be a mid-range natal Moon position, however it’s exact the cusp of the 7th house, the descendant.  This man’s driving need for recognition will draw him into the public arena – not in the shadows, where he would be better served.
  • Transiting Moon opposite natal Sun – this identifies the man for the job.
  • Transiting Moon in the inner wheel in the 7th house of the public is quindecile natal Venus.  Whenever we see a quindecile, we know that we have obsessive behaviour; OTT.  This man is a spook on the public stage; out of his element.
  • Transiting Sun (orange); date on the calendar is square natal Lunar nodal axis – traumatic event in the public arena; his 15 minutes of fame/notoriety.

Witnesses-TWA 800:

There were many eyewitnesses spread over 40 miles of coastline; statements describing seeing streaks of light heading towards the plane and/or something interact with TWA 800 – prior to the explosion of the plane.   700+ statements discounted by desk-jockeys.  Many of these witnesses had military experience; men and women who served their country, disregarded.

The response of federal authorities to the firsthand observations of those who saw the sequence of events leading to the demise of Flight 800, provides a cautionary tale for all witnesses to crime. The FBI, the CIA as well as the NTSB’s failure to respect the principle that eyewitness evidence must be taken very seriously, needs to be addressed.

Warning bells must have been ringing upstairs…  Are ‘they’ all deaf?

One of the most outspoken eyewitnesses is Major Fred Meyer, ex Vietnam SAR squadron and National Guard chopper pilot – in the air, on duty at the time that TWA800 went down.

Tracking down Fred’s birth-data was somewhat elusive, however thanks to Wedgetailegal’s tenacity, we got him in our sights.

TWA-MeyerFrederick Charles Meyer and his chopper crew were on the scene of the crash within minutes.  With a clear view of the event, Fred had a front-row seat to the spectacle.  His eye-witness statement was solid.

Fred Meyer saw military ordinance activity; that’s a rocket or a missile to you and I. Now Fred knows what he is talking about with many years of experience under his flight belt. The agencies and the NTSB all dismissed this experienced military man’s evidence outright.  Ridiculous isn’t it…

  • Natal Saturn (red) at the ascendant – Fred is in the position of authority.
  • Transiting Sun (date on the calendar) conjunct 6th house natal Pluto – in the position of power; on the job.
  • Natal Venus (pink) at cusp of the 9th house – SAR is what he does best. He determines that it is ‘search and recovery’ rather than ‘search and rescue’.
  • Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Sun in 10th house – not just doing his job, his career is going to be ‘on the line’.
  • Transiting Venus is quindecile natal Sun.  We have OTT behaviour again.  On this occasion as it turns out, this aspect identifies a man obsessively going beyond the call of duty to challenge the outcome of the NTSB enquiry.  He is defending his honour.

FBI – TWA800:

The national men-in-black reported their findings to the NTSB. They had done the groundwork; taken notes for all the interviews, conducted their own investigation. It appears that the FBI promoted the shoulder-fired missile theory, without consideration for a possible malfunction firing of a missile from a navy vessel or any other source.

If the FBI identified the weapon, then why didn’t they bring a criminal charge forward?  There can’t be too many people who have missiles in their back pocket, let alone the where-with-all to fire one.  Does the FBI not have the jurisdiction to make an enquiry into the defense forces?

I mean, there has to be a record somewhere of a missing missile, one would think.  All vessels that were armed with missiles would have impeccable records, I am sure.  Is there anything unaccounted for, from an inventory? I suggest we ask the Director of the FBI, Louis Freeh and the FBI Head of Investigation, James Kallstrom.

FBI-TWA800click on charts for full size

The lawyer, Louis Freeh is at the helm – Mars-South Node-Neptune (action-karma-secrets) and exact conjunct the transiting Lunar nodal axis.  Who better than a lawyer if you want to cover-up secrets…

  • Transiting Jupiter (green) is exact square his lunar nodal axis – I’m thinking this is the secret exposed, especially if one were to consider the symbolism of Jupiter.

Note – now if we were conspiracy theorists we would think that the order came from above, however I checked the president’s chart and he is not involved in the issue.  I’d be looking for the name Jupiter or Zeus (Roman/Greek equivalent) in connection somewhere.  Is there a naval vessel connection perhaps?

There is a lot more to this bi-wheel involving obsession and power and even the Mercury opposite Mercury which the Flight Engineer referred to in the previous post of our enquiry – does the FBI have knowledge of a communication, which we are not privy to?  I’m thinking there is more needed to be brought out in the open in this regard.

As for FBI investigator James Kallstrom – he is following orders; a G-man living out his 15minutes of fame.  This chart is rather ineffective, you have to agree.

NTSB – TWA800:

We have three men connected to the National Transportation Safety Board to answer our questions – Chairman of the Board at the time, James Evan Hall; his fellow board member John Goglia and NTSB Managing Director, Peter Goelz.  All three men denied that any whistleblower had raised a challenge to the investigation at the time.

Of course there would be those who were gagged; signed confidentiality agreements when they signed up with their employer.  Then there are those who would have said nought, as they had families to feed.  Those aside, we now know that the lack of whistleblowers was all porky-pies; at least from what I’ve read, seen and heard.  There were rumblings from within; complaints that were over-ruled.

What really jumps off the page; what the NTSB Final Report clearly states regarding their missile investigation, is that only a shoulder-fired missile was considered as being responsible for the downing of TWA800.  So the NTSB did not consider the possibility that a proximity-fused missile might have caused the crash?  Were they limited by their imagination or did they just close ranks with the agencies; in-denial of any other possibility?

NTSB-TWA800NTSB – J.E. Hall:

  • Natal Saturn at the IC – his career as the voice of the authority is on the line.
  • Transiting Mars (red) in the inner wheel opposite Sun-Mercy conjunction – this man commands that his opinions be heard.
  • Transiting Venus (pink) conjunct natal Jupiter (green) AND square natal Lunar nodal axis – his 15 minutes of fame appears to be a rather inflated need in the 5th house.
  • Transiting Moon square natal Saturn – he needs to be authoritarianDid he stand up for the integrity of the enquiry, or put his career above that of the NTSB?

 NTSB – J.Goglia:

  • Natal Lunar nodal axis exact at the ascendant.  I would suggest that this man does not have prior experience of what is expected of him.
  • Transiting Sun (orange)conjunct natal Mars – the calendar date requires him to take action; it’s time to be ethical (6th house).
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) opposite natal Mars – subterfuge of ethics.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) conjunct natal Jupiter (green) – need is greater than can be delivered.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Moon – another 15 minute of fame indicator.
  • Transiting Jupiter quindecile natal Saturn – OTT authoritarian.

NTSB – P.Goelz:

  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) – cover-up, subterfuge; call it what you like.
  • Transiting Venus (pink) quindecile natal Mercury (yellow) – OTT communication in relation to the public.

This whole saga appears bizarre to a layperson such as myself; paranoia revisited.  We can only trust that the current challenge to the powers that be; those lobbying to re-open the enquiry into the origin of the crash of TWA Flight 800, are successful.



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