TWA Flight 800 Pt.2: N93119

continued from TWA Flight 800 Pt.1: Jeremy Crocker

N93119 was a chubby baby; Jumbo Jet.  When she rolled out of the Boeing hangar on 15th July 1971, little did she know her career was to end so cruelly, just days after her 25th birthday on the other side of the country, off Long Island, New York.

The Long Island coastline is a popular summer playground. Wednesday evening on the 17th July, 1996 saw the sun set on another warm, summer’s day. The weather forecast was light winds with scattered clouds.

It was an evening Trans World Airlines and the families of the 230 souls who went down with N93110, will never forget. Flight 800 is the most controversial and one of the most witnessed, disasters in civil aviation history.

We have been able to obtain enough reliable data in order to undertake an enquiry of our own. Ours is a pseudo-science, which is subjective at best. A forensic astrology enquiry involves interpretation of aspects and angles of planetary aspects in a horoscope. We take snapshots of the positions of planets in the heavens and interpret the tension by classic astrology.

TWA8-31click on charts for full size

The first chart is a freeze frame of the position of the planets over Long Island New York at 8:31pm 17th July 1996.  This is when all hell broke loose in the skies. Did the plane explode as a result of mechanical failure or did it explode as a result of damage by a missile?

Following traditional interpretation, we note that there is no particular hemisphere analysis indicating a build up to a climax; no suggestion of a maintenance problem.

The next step is to turn to the angles – the horizon line of ascendant/descendant and the MC/IC axis.

  •  With the ascendant at 29°Capricorn; a whiff of sulphur, we note the midpoint of transiting planets, 26°Capricorn Neptune (turquoise) and 2°Aquarius Uranus.  In forensic terms we immediately have sudden changes and subterfuge on the agenda. We could even extend this interpretation to Uranus (a missile) and Neptune (the ocean).
  • Opposite at the descendant, we again have a midpoint of the Sun (orange) and Mercury (yellow).  The Sun represents the date on the calendar and Mercury, communication – common sense descends; goes out the window.
  • The MC/IC axis is at the ominous 22° as per Serbian astrology.
  • Mercury is opposite Uranus, which could very well explain the sudden loss of radio contact seconds before the explosion.  Could the shockwave of a missile interfere with a radio signal instantaneously?
  • Sun is opposite Neptune – the subterfuge of Neptune is in the 12th house/the mind and the Sun’s nature is on display in the 6th house of ethics/attitude towards work.  A distorted perspective of reality persists.
  • Moon (blue) representing the driving need square the ominous 22° Midheaven and cusp of the career house.  This is where a cover-up could start – driving needs are in tension with individual careers.
  • Pluto in the career house is quindecile natal Venus (pink).  The 5th house is the giving of love and Venus represents the public servant as we have seen so often before in the charts of police officers and the like. With the obsessive factor present this is more than loyalty to the job/one’s peers.  The lust for power blurs the personal and the work-titles.

This aspect is particularly revealing. I am sure that further charts will support the theory – Venus is in the mix.  We can suggest that the charts of any ‘peer group’ individuals (Venus) are likely to reveal an obsessive aspect in relation to power/powerlessness (Pluto).

  • Jupiter (green) positioned in the 12th house of the mind is also in the anal obsessive-compulsive aspect; quindecile the Sun – inflating the date and the disaster to epic proportions.
  • Jupiter is also square the Lunar Nodal axis; inflating the trauma into the public arena.

There is nothing in this analysis that would suggest any act of terrorism/purposefully directed attack.

TWA-N93119The next chart for analysis is again from the same perspective of the time when radio contact was lost, however on this occasion we use the birth chart of N93119 as the outer wheel.

Note that this is purely a subjective exercise as a matter of interest in the crash and does not relate to an individual person.

  1. Transiting Pluto (red) in the inner wheel is exact conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise).
  2. Transiting Lunar nodal axis square natal Venus (pink)
  3. Transiting Jupiter (green) opposite natal Venus
  4. Transiting Moon (blue) opposite natal Mars (red).

1.     Of course it is much easier to declare such a result in hindsight, however as Pluto is a death indicator, we can suggest that a plane that rolled out of Boeing’s hangar on the same date as N93119, would likely meet its end in the oceanic waters of Neptune’s realm at this particular time.

2.     With Venus (peer-group) square the transiting Lunar nodal axis we would expect the plane’s crew would experience the trauma.

3.     Transiting Jupiter (inflation) is in hard aspect opposite Venus, we expect a greater number of lives lost than just the crew.

And so we turn to the human element.  Given the circumstances of the plane crash, those responsible for the safety of those on board need to be heard.  We can open the voice recorder from the heavens.

Reproducing bi-wheels of these two events (methodology), the inner wheel is the time when TWA800 lost radio contact and the outer wheels of each chart are the birth horoscopes of each of the individuals. Note that all birth-times are calculated at noon on the days they were born – the mid-range of the transiting Moon.

TWA-crewCaptain and pilot – Steven E. Snyder

This is a man at the peak of his career with a busy 10th house; Sun-Venus-Moon creating the idealism. The cusp of the house; the mid-heaven, at the time of the event, shares a strong midpoint, which commands our attention.  The classic interpretation could not be any clearer.

  • Transiting MC= natal Sun/Lunar North Node  – the passengers’ safety is top of the agenda; his priority.
  • Transiting MC=natal Venus/Lunar North Node – a nice match of man and employer; this man enjoys his job.
  • Transiting Pluto (red) in the inner wheel is also in the 10th house and quindecile natal Uranus.  Apart from a forensic indicator, the house placement indicates that as captain of the plane, he was powerless (Pluto) to communicate the situation to the control tower (Uranus could also identify the missile).
  • Transit Jupiter (green) square natal 11°Aries Saturn – identifying his position of authority plus inflating the appearance of the grim reaper.
  • Transiting Lunar South Node is also conjunct natal Saturn – death is a traumatic, public event.
  • Transit Moon (blue) opposite natal Jupiter in the 1st house – the pilot strived to save the situation.

First Officer and co-pilot – Ralph G. Kevorkian

We have a well-balanced rational person with his planets spread around his natal chart. The most obvious tension is that he has an Aries Moon, which we know is someone who likes to be #1 on the chart.  It depends on the house placement as to the area in his life that this manifests in, however that is not our issue here.

  • Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Moon (blue) – trauma in the public arena overrides any need to to be top-jockey.
  • The date on the calendar; transiting Sun is square natal Sun – obstacles creating tension are greater than usual.
  • Transit Neptune (turquoise) square natal Sun – discouraged, confusion, fatigue.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) conjunct natal Mars in 12th house – mind is working overtime in an effort to overcome the situation.

Flight Engineer – Richard Gordon Campbell

Natal planets positioned at the time of the event indicate a defensive posture. This is a company man, natal Venus (pink) exact at the descendant.  I am not aware of the roles within a plane’s crew, however on this occasion with transiting Mercury (yellow)=Mercury/Desc-Venus – I would suggest he is endeavouring to communicate.

Was there an electronic communication sent from the cockpit, other than by radio, which wasn’t included in the NTSB enquiry?

  • Midrange natal Moon (blue) in the outer wheel is also indicating tension created by transiting Uranus and Mercury.

I’d go out on a limb here and suggest that the flight engineer is drawing our attention to the opposition Mercury-Uranus in the heavens; on the horizon.  When we interpret this aspect symbolically, Uranus can identify electricity or modern technology – such as missile.  However with Mercury in the mix, that indicates movement; a projectile and I don’t mean a flock of geese.

As we will discover later in this enquiry, when we get down to the nitty-gritty; the quandary is what type of a missile was it?  Was the projectile a missile designed to impact with its target and cause damage internally, or one designed to explode before contact with the shockwave creating the damage. The former leaves physical evidence inside the aircraft, the latter less so.

That can be a question we address in TWA Flight 800 Pt.3: G-men…



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