TWA Flight 800 Pt.1: Jeremy Crocker

“The eyewitnesses did not see a missile,” the CIA instructed its media audience. Just to make sure this core message is not missed, the narrated words are mirrored in a printed text; superimposed over a wallpapered CIA crest.

A similar juxtaposition takes place a second time when the words, “Not a missile,” are fed to the masses once again.  This time by the narrator as well as text; two points of possibly entry into the passive unconscious.  The makers of the five-minute clip return to the key idea a third time, with the concluding sentence “To date there is no evidence that anyone saw a missile shoot down TWA Flight 800.”

We all know that in order to reinforce something into the subconscious, repeat it three times; that’s propaganda #101.

What isn’t propaganda, but fact, is that at 8:31pm on the 17th July 1996, TWA flight 800 out of New York bound for Rome via Paris crashed into the Atlantic killing all 230 souls onboard, just 12minutes after take-off.

Was there a US government cover-up? Had a US navy missile or terrorists brought the passenger jet down?  Why were the eyewitness reports discounted?

We’re not here to answer these questions in this particular post, however we might be able to find indications as to why it became a favourite of conspiracy theorists and those with the skills of analysis.

The crash fascinated 62 year-old engineer Jeremy Crocker and so when he disappeared on 9th December; just five months after the crash, the mystery deepened even more.  Was J. Crocker’s disappearance connected to his own investigation into the crash?  Had he blown his whistle too loud?

The most we can offer is a forensic enquiry into the crash and a man’s emotional reaction to it; interpret planetary tension present in a bi-wheel – methodology.

Midpoint TWA800In an astrology enquiry, with an accurate clock time we are able to obtain statistics from our computer software for midpoints – the combination of two planets’ energies and where they meet to create a focal point.

Of these midpoints, the primary midpoint of interest is the Sun/Moon position.

At the time of the plane crash Sun/Moon midpoint analysis was 8° Leo – exact J. Crocker’s natal Sun; the day he was born.  It would seem that Engineer Jeremy Crocker was born to investigate this air-crash.  Other midpoints of particular interest are highlighted in red on the chart.

Jeremy Crocker was one of many across the country who believed a missile downed the airliner, not a spark in the central fuel tank, as the National Transportation Safety Board officials had suggested.  He had reams of data with missile trajectories and calculations aplenty in his den.

Looking at the overall picture from the perspective of the time of the crash as the inner wheel and the natal chart for J.Crocker as the outer wheel, we are aware of certain planetary aspects, which would indicate his particular interest in the case.

TWA800-CrockerEnigmatic Man:

We don’t have the time for Jeremy Freeman Crocker’s birth, although we know that he was born in Riverside, California on 1st August 1934.  His natal chart has been generated as a noon-time birth achieving a mid-range Moon in Leo;  a double Leo…

 This time also gives us a Scorpio ascendant, which describes an enigmatic personality, however we are viewing this bi-wheel through the lens of the TWA Flight 800 plane crash, not J. Crocker’s ascendant.

Hemisphere analysis – the majority of natal planets are on the RHS  – passive; dependent on outside circumstances.

Midpoints Ascendant (constellation at the horizon at the time of the crash) was at 29°Capricorn, the midpoint for transiting Neptune (turquoise) and Uranus (red).  Neptune is the Ocean God and in forensic terms this acknowledges the crash into the ocean and Uranus indicates electricity, which equates with the official line.   However let’s stick to the human interaction, rather than speculate ourselves as to what might have happened.

  • Ascendant=Neptune/Uranus – with one’s heart on one’s sleeve; speculation and exploration through imagination – creativity; brainstorming ideas.
  • Descendant=Sun/Mercury – exchanging of ideas in the public arena; theorising.

As for the personal interaction of J. Crocker with the transiting midpoints – we have a very busy cusp and 7th house; the house of public relationships.

  • Transiting Sun/Moon=natal Sun 8°Leo – ‘seeing the light’.
  • Transiting Moon/Mercury=natal South Node 10°Leo – sharing thoughts of this event with others in a public arena.
  • Transiting Moon/Descendant=South Node – bouncing ideas off the public.
  • Transiting Pluto/IC=Saturn 26°Aquarius in the 1st house – hard work, potentially scandalous.

Note: These last two midpoints are also suggesting that another woman could be in the picture; someone who shared his interest.

Hard aspects between planets

  • Transiting Sun (date on the calendar) conjunct natal Pluto 24°Cancer – empowering the individual.
  • Transiting Sun quindecile natal North Node 10°Aquarius – a spiritual purpose drives the interest to a point of obsession; religious zeal.
  • Transiting Uranus square natal Uranus 01°Taurus – electricity in the air; speed of thought processes.

etc etc.

It’s not difficult to lean towards speculation; interpreting Uranus in technological terms – as a missile, however that would need Neptune in the mix and of course it is there – at the ascendant, creating controversy.

9th December 1996

This is the date that Jeremy Crocker was last seen by his family.  His wife suggests that he left around 1pm in the afternoon to attend the library in downtown Los Angeles.  It has been suggested that he was seen there during the afternoon, however we have no record of a timeframe.

Midpoints on the day Jeremy Crocker disappeared –9Dec-midpoints

  • Sun/Neptune=Mercury – 7°Capricorn: fear of lack of resources (this may have sent him off to do more research)
  • Mercury/NN=Venus – 20°Scorpio: sharing affection with others (did he arrange to meet friends downtown?)
  • Mars/Jupiter=Venus – 20°Scorpio: romantic expression
  • Mercury/Uranus=Jupiter – 19°Capricorn: impressive presentation of ideas
  • Saturn/Pluto=Uranus – 2°Aquarius: potential self-destruction (research may have trashed his theory)
  • Venus/Saturn=Neptune – 25°Capricorn: thinking the grass is greener elsewhere
  • Sun/Venus=Pluto – 4°Sagittarius: intensification of emotions; sense of fate.
  • Uranus/NN=Pluto – 3°Sagittarius: rocking the boat; need to be influential (deflation of ego)

As for the personal interaction of J. Crocker with the transiting midpoints,  as we cannot consider the angles, there is only one:

  • Jupiter/Saturn=Saturn –  26°Aquarius: make it happen strategy

Event-CrockerThis bi-wheel is generated at 1pm on Monday, 9 December 1996.  The angles cannot be considered in our interpretation, nor the precise degree of the transiting Moon in the inner wheel.

What initially stands out for me, is that neither the transiting Sun (date on the calendar) nor the Moon (in the inner wheel) come into play; are in aspect with natal planets.   There may have been a loose time-frame of possible events planned, however whatever eventuated was not preplanned necessarily for that date in particular, we can suggest that much.

Hard aspects:

  • Transiting Jupiter (green) opposite Mercury (yellow) – inflated communication, lots of talking.
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) quindecile natal Mars (red) – subterfuge/coverup obsessively activated by the individual himself.

We have to ask here, “What was big enough in his life to make the desire for greener pastures greater than his passion for the truth in the TWA crash?  Had the energy of this particular obsession begun to wane?

What we can say for sure is that there are no forensic indicators present to suggest the Crocker came to grief on that date; Jeremy Crocker was not murdered on 9th December, 1996 and transiting Uranus square Uranus is not enough to suggest suicide.  Even when I look to the soft aspects, the planets working with him, neither Saturn nor Pluto come into the conversation.

A letter written on 9th December was postmarked the following day and so we can only surmise that Jeremy Crocker lives on; in greener pastures.  Missing is not a crime in the eyes of the law; just for those left behind.

We will continue our enquiry…  TWA Flight 800 Pt.2: N93119

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