Missing Jamison family

Neptune+Uranus=paranoia, persecution and delusion

The Jamison family had a sense of portending doom when Bobby sought advice from a spiritual advisor of how to protect his family from unwanted spirits from another realm. Bobby was looking for a magic bullet to kill a phantom.  He was teetering on the edge of the tangible/intangible realms; Sherilynn meanwhile, had a foot in both camps.

Following post-natal depression after the birth of her daughter some six years earlier – which led to a later diagnosis of bi-polar disorder, Sherilynn would likely have experienced episodes of highs and lows.  It would not be unusual for someone struggling with a persecution complex or ‘off their medication’ to believe that they were under psychic attack.

The couple dabbled in their paranormal research to find ways to cast-out these unwanted demons; coming up with the idea of relocating to a rural setting. We don’t know what mischief they may have conjured up spiritually in their incantations, however things were obviously unstable in the Jamison household.

Madyson_Jamison_25Having recently removed their daughter, Madyson from the public education system plus also recently ejecting a boarder from their home, we have an idea that something serious is up.

I can suggest that they were possibly looking for something/someone outside of themselves to project the blame onto rather than face inner demons.

Bobby Jamison had received a financial payout recently, which we don’t need to go into here –  suffice to say they were cashed up buyers looking for a parcel of land on Panola Mountain, Oklahoma.  Why this location? There may well have been a spiritual connection to this land, as we know that Sherilynn had Native American ancestry.

On the day the couple and their six year-old daughter disappeared, we know that they were in   rural Latimer County close to the property of interest; the forty-acres.  They had specifically asked for the local real estate agent not to attend, so they were alone. The Jamisons had the GPS co-ordinates of the dimensions of the land, that was all that they needed.

This may be a strange request to some; to not want a realtor present, but is not unheard of.  The Jamisons were probably operating within their belief system;  senses/intuition and didn’t want other energies present to affect their decision; it’s complex, we just walk in their shoes.

11356491_BG3It was on this land that their truck was discovered several days later; the family had disappeared without a trace.

Inside the truck, apart from a small dog desperately in need of rehydration, investigators found the family’s jackets, cell phones, maps, a portable GPS, and under the car-seat $32,000 in cash.

The truck was locked and the keys were nowhere to be found.

I’ve experienced enough different belief systems in my professional career not to be phased by the ‘wild’ theories that followed this family’s disappearance.  We can undertake our usual enquiry; parking modern belief systems, plus our own and stroll a-while with the ancients.

If we were to accept the paranormal theory; if the psychic activity were attached to the persons, rather than the property, then a minor relocation would make little difference.   Was the paranormal activity localized to Eufaula, their residence, or was it personal?  We can check this with our toolkit.

Forensic astrology is subjective; is a pseudo-science and not accepted in a court of law. We take snapshots of planetary positions at specific times; identifying any tension/hard aspects between two differing dates for each of the possible victims – celestial navigation.

In order to isolate one particular person who might be experiencing a ‘spike’ of deviance from normal behaviour; the hysteria factor, we can expect to see progression triggers in the natal charts. We generate Solar Arc progression bi-wheels to check for tension before we start the enquiry-proper.  (Bi-wheel methodology).

Jamison-trio#1click on image for full size

Note apart from Bobby Jamison we now have birth times, thanks Deb H.  Bobby Jamison’s natal chart is calculated at a midday Sun on the day he was born as is our usual practice on this blog.

Bobby appears to not be struggling with inner turmoil, whereas Sherilynn and Madyson are obvious contenders for what I call, the hysteria factor. But before we interpret the bi-wheels, we immediately note the dynamic between the parents. This would be an ongoing thread woven into their relationship.

Bobby has Mars at 20°Libra and Sherilynn has Saturn exactly opposite at 20°Aries.  The partner dynamic would be always trying to find the middle ground – Saturn is cold and Mars is hot. Sherilynn’s mental problems would certainly upset this mix.  This is not a love-hate relationship, rather their relationship probably ran hot and cold during their time together.

Sherilynn SA progression to date of disappearance:

Uranus represents the mental instability in this case, however the Moon-Lunar nodal axis also suggests that this instability is now on the MC-IC axis – the angle.  We know that the angles take priority over planetary tensions so this aspect of mental instability is uppermost in this interpretation.

Venus has drawn close to the ascendant as well indicating the struggle with departure (the descendant); Ascendant-Descendant angles.

  • Uranus has progressed to conjunct natal Sun and square the MC – sudden changes in behaviour and moods have been an ongoing struggle building to a climax.
  • Moon (driving need) progressed to square natal Uranus – faerie fever; away with the pixies.
  • Sun (ego/sense of self) progressed to square by exact with natal Pluto – swings in power/powerlessness likely in her personality.

Madyson SA progression to date of disappearance:

At six years of age, she has no power of autonomy and is therefore mostly influenced by her parents’ behaviour.  Lunar nodal axis is indicative of karmic issues, traumatic experiences and this square in the chart is indicative of being ‘boxed-in’; trapped.

  • Uranus has progressed to reach the point of departure – the angle of the descendant.
  • Mercury has progressed to conjunct the Ascendant opposing the departure point – to no avail; all is beyond her control. 
  • Midpoint – MC=MC/Lunar nodal axis acerbating the trauma in a public place.
  • Born with Mercury opposite Uranus we have swings in communication innate in this young girl (diagnosed as ADD) and with the Lunar nodal axis progressing to square this position – we have someone whose behaviour would be unstable, even hysterical.

This could explain why Madyson was taken out of school. The aspect would pass in time, however time is not what Madyson has got in this current situation.

  • Mars has progressed to oppose the ascendant – departure point yet again.
  • Venus (pink) had progressed just last year to conjunct natal Sun – experiencing being a female; her sense of self as an individual was blooming.

I suggest that this young girl is due to experience a karmic event.  Life is to be a struggle, no more.

That was October 2009; this is now. Human skeletal remains have been found on the other side of Panola Mountain from where the truck was found; two adults and a child.  Are they the missing Jamison family?

As is our usual practice, we undertake research of our own and have uncovered something that I consider to be worthy of note for further enquiry.  Working with celestial longitudes as we do in forensic astrology, I’m always looking for GPS co-ordinate clues and I think I may have found one.

There is a discrepancy in co-ordinates of where the truck was found and a GPS ping on Bobby Jamison’s cell-phone on the morning of 8 October, 2009 around the time of his last phone call.  As a result, I have suspicions that the phone may have been moved after the event, however it is more likely a gremlin in the technology. We can return to this at another time.

We have the birth data of the three missing persons; an event time as the last phone call from Bobby Jamison’s Blackberry and the location of the truck.  That is enough to step forward into the unknown.

As is so often the case, some victims go as ‘doves’ and others as ‘hawks’.  It’s a classic psychology observation based on game theory.  Life and death, unfortunately is but a version of the game, when we remove the emotional element.

Predicting an individual person’s expected behaviour; ‘behaving in a particular way’, depends on the presence and activities of other humans around them. In the Dove-Hawk case, the objective is to understand how they resolve conflicts by conventional means. The model begins by identifying the person as always using conventional displays eg deflection or negotiation (the doves) or always launching straight into escalated attacks (the hawks).

Some victims show very little tension in their charts at the point of death, even if it were a violent death.  These are the doves; they pass over without a fuss.  It’s not that they don’t care, they are just – doves.  Those who are hawks are those who talk to us forensic astrologers.  Today is no different.

When I look at the natal charts of our couple, Bobby is a ‘dove’ and Sherilynn, a ‘hawk’.  Under attack, Bobby would endeavour to negotiate a release, whereas Sherilynn would react emotively and go down fighting. It will be Sherilynn who will be more likely to give us locator angles if there are any.


8:09am 8th October, 2009 – the last phone call from the cell-phone (found in the truck) tells a story of this little family who disappeared in Oklahoma.  As we have an event time, then the angles and houses come into play.  Where the planets are positioned in the chart reveals the arena of the action.

 Bobby Jamison:

  • Transiting 4th house Jupiter (green) square natal 1st house Neptune (turquoise), inflating the mystery.  Was Bobby heavily medicated for pain-relief and wanted to go home?
  • Transiting 5th house Uranus in the inner wheel square natal 8th house Jupiter in the outer wheel (green) – sudden changes in his affections, transform his situation.  Was he the only one wanting to go home?

Sherilynn Jamison:

  • Ascendant conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) – this person is ‘calling the shots’.
  • Transiting Mars-South node conjunction (note the karmic element) in the 9th house is exact square natal Mercury at the ascendant – Sherilynn is taking action, asserting her ego.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis square natal Mercury – this person is communicating a traumatic event. 

Transiting Mercury (yellow in the inner wheel) in the 11th house (giving of love/manipulation) is conjunct natal Saturn (grim reaper). We know that Sherilynn had a handgun.  We also know from forensic astrology experience that a gun can be a method of communication.  Careful analysis is needed here.

  • Mercury-Saturn transit conjunct natal Mars-Jupiter (red-green) in the 11th house.  Death carries a method of communication.
  • Transit Uranus in the 5th house is opposite natal Pluto intersecting Venus – I would suggest that this person is probably mentally deranged at this point.
  • Natal Moon is at the diabolical 22degrees in Taurus and the cusp of the 8th house indicating that the end of life (8th house cusp) came in the forest (Taurus) in a highly emotive state (natal Moon).

Madyson Jamison:

In a child’s chart the Moon is representative of the child’s mother.

  • Transiting Mars-Lunar nodal axis is quindecile natal Neptune (turquoise) in the 4th house– she is possibly lost and wants to go home.  Note that this is backed up by the following aspect.
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) in the inner wheel is also quindecile natal Sun – this child really, really wants to go home.
  • Transiting 4th house Neptune (in the inner wheel) is opposite natal Jupiter (green) in the 10th house – extreme confusion.
  • Transiting Uranus (sudden changes) in the 5th house opposite natal Moon (blue) – needing of love is intersected by the traumatic combination of transiting Mercury-Saturn-Venus.


In my opinion Madyson is indicating that her mother (Moon) is responsible for what is happening.

Did Sherilynn Jamison slip over the edge into the realm of insanity when her husband and child wanted to go home and she didn’t?  It doesn’t take much to break the last straw.

This is a very sad case and I’ll say no more at this stage, until we know what the medical examiner has to say, although I have no doubt that the remains found by hunters will be identified as being the Jamison family from Eufaula, Oklahoma.

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  1. That’s very sad 😦

    I hope the bodies are theirs, in order for the wider family and loved ones to gain closure.


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