JFK 50 years on Pt.3 – the assassination

JFKinitialsThree people were shot in Dealey Plaza on that fateful afternoon in November, 1963.  John F. Kennedy was killed, Governor John Connally was seriously wounded and James Thomas Tague caught a bullet as well, grazing his right cheek.

We have three victims with their birth data to hand; one event where we can pause the clock on the wall and a person of interest, Lee Harvey Oswald. That is enough for a standard forensic astrology enquiry.

As we are far enough removed from the event, I trust we can put down any preconceived opinions of an outcome and rely on astrology aspects to give us an interpretation of events.  From the research I’ve undertaken with Wedgetailegal, I find it amazing that more people weren’t injured.

Again our disclaimer, that astrology is a pseudo-science and does not purport to be anything else.  It is not accepted in a court of law nor accepted as scientific in origin.

To generate a chart of the event, at 12:30pm on that afternoon in Dallas, the ascendant would have been at 19° Aquarius, which tells us that an explosive event is on the agenda and the degree, according to Serbian astrology, draws our attention to seek out someone else.  As if that isn’t an ominous start, I don’t know what is.

tague photoarrow in photo points to James Tague.

After reading the Warren Commission testimony of the third victim, car salesman James Tague, we get a slightly different time – the Hertz clock read 12:29pm.

If we are to stay with Serbian astrology interpretation, the time the first shot rang out was probably a few seconds earlier, which gives us the diabolical degree at the ascendant; 18° Aquarius.  However for our charts, we’ll accept the 12:30 pm time as our event.  It  will be near enough for our enquiry, apart from the exacting need for locator angles.

event-Tagueclick on charts for full size

12:30pm 22 November, 1963 – James Thomas Tague

Generating a bi-wheel (method) we note that transiting Mercury is not in the mix.  This would suggest that the injury was not the result of a direct shot, more a case of flying debris or deflected bullet.

  • Transiting Mars in the inner wheel; 10th house highlighted in red is exact conjunct natal Jupiter (green).  When Jupiter is interpreted in a positive way, that’s lady-luck in the room.
  • Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Mars in the 7th house – positioning Tague at the event; a dance with his 15minutes of fame at the public eventI trust that he was wined and dined many times over, on the strength of it.

MAP#2-Tagueclick on image for full size

The Mars-Jupiter conjunction gives us a locator angle to work with and so when we flip the chart to align with cartography (method) and centre the bi-wheel at the location in Commerce Street as per the photo above, we have an angle of interest to us all.  Deflected bullets or flying debris aside, astrology points to the origin of the firing; to a person of interest.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that we are calculating this at 12:30pm and the angle is therefore not precise.  Our locator angle on the map identifies the Schoolbook Depository building, but note that the angle also passes over the Grassy Knoll; so take your pick!

walkernote1Stepping back in time for a moment, a written confession to Oswald’s wife Marina, provides us with the evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald had attempted an assassination of Major General Ted Walker the previous April and failed.

We know that Oswald had bought a handgun as well as the Cacano rifle in March 1963, apparently with this assassination in mind.  This is the same rifle that was found in the Schoolbook Depository building after President Kennedy was killed.

The bullet Oswald had fired at General Walker had hit a window frame and missed its target. We can therefore expect him to possibly miss his mark again – leading to  James Tague  being injured.

event-Connally12:30pm 22 November, 1963 – John Connally Jnr.

Governor Connally was not so lucky.  He was seated in front of President Kennedy, in the presidential limousine; behind Agent Kellerman. The governor’s injuries required major surgery; he survived and went on to serve the public for many more years.

Note that Connally’s natal planets are in the lower half of the chart; not in clear view, as if he were not Oswald’s target.

However we do know that there was a history of communication between Oswald and Governor Connally; that Oswald’s application to return to the US went through the governor’s hands when Oswald wanted his dishonorable discharge from the Marine Corps reversed.

This application for re-entry to the country of his birth took an entire year to process and no doubt animosity built during this time.  Was Oswald bitter; blaming the Governor for the delay?

  • Ascendant=Uranus/Mercury – sudden change in target results in the governor being in the right place, at the wrong time.
  • Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Mercury – in the company of the president. (Saturn represents the head of authority ie the president)
  • Saturn quindecile natal Neptune (turquoise) on the 12th-6th axis would indicate his suspicions of a conspiracy, rather than a lone gunman. I would expect his memoirs to reflect this.
  • Transiting Mercury (the shooting) square natal Sun-Mars (orange) – confirmation that he was in the line of fire.

When we consider the 18° ascendant just minutes earlier, we would have Ascendant=Mercury-Uranus and Governor Connally would most likely not have survived.

If the governor were a cat, I’d say he’d used up one of his nine lives.


event-JFK12:30pm 22 November, 1963 – John F. Kennedy

A very different individual from Governor Connally, John F. Kennedy’s natal planets are in the 3rd, 4th and 5th houses (in the outer wheel).

With Saturn in the 6th we know that he is fulfilling his role as president as an everyday event and by the quindecile to his Lunar nodal axis, we can suggest that he is obsessive about connecting with the public, hence the open convertible.

What is particularly of interest following this obsession, is that his natal Saturn also intersects with the transiting Lunar South node; karma.  The 5th–11th axis reveals the mutual admiration – as president at least, he loved the public and they loved him.

That’s what the 5th–11th axis means in astrology, a mutual love and this love affair was to be his downfall. Transiting Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – a traumatic event in a public place.

  • Transiting yellow Mercury in the inner wheel (the shooting) is opposite natal Sun (orange) – the man is shot. Kennedy may have been shot as the president, but he died, a man.

It’s all a bit of an anti-climax now as Kennedy is long dead, however we can go one step further and provide a locator angle in an effort to identify where the shot was fired from; the all important shooter who took Jack Kennedy’s life.

MAP#1-JFKclick on image for full size

We superimpose Kennedy’s flipped bi-wheel (north-to-north – method) over the position of the presidential limousine in Elm Street, as per the public record.  We then extend the locator angle of transiting Mercury, (the message) opposite natal Sun onto the map of Dealey Plaza.  Again for interpretation, take into consideration the approximation of the angle and its intersection.

The thin red line identifies the Schoolbook Depository building…

This time I am surprised myself, as I full-well expected something much more controversial as a result.  Men with firearm experience had provided statements of witnessing a ‘flurry of shots’ not three cracks from a rifle; others, a noise like a cannon.

We also have to ask as to whether those who smelt gunpowder were traumatised; re-living personal experiences in military conflicts from their past?  Did the herd instinct, mob mentality take over in the aftermath of the shooting?

There could well have been co-conspirators in other parts of the building, in carparks or elsewhere. We will never know the absolute truth.

And where does Lee Harvey Oswald fit into the overall picture?

event-Oswald12:30pm 22 November, 1963 – Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald’s planetary spread is in all quarters of the event, rather than focused in one area and when we learn that he and Marina had married after just six weeks of knowing each other – we can suggest that both characters were at the very least, impulsive.

Venus square Moon in his natal chart is also indicative of the need to chase causes.  That, together with an impulsive nature, allows us to somewhat understand his swing in loyalties while in New Orleans – Fidel Castro versus the Cuban exiles.

There are no planets at the all-important angles of a bi-wheel, however we do have a forensic midpoint, which gives us a clue as to his motive.

  • Transiting Mercury/Saturn= natal Moon  – a driving need to shoot a person in the position of authority, thereby supporting his political cause.
  • Transiting Moon (the public) conjunct natal Mars in the 12th house.  We can suggest that this person believes that the public support his actions.
  • This tension is also square natal Mercury  – he believes that he is the voice/communicator of the public.

With transiting Mercury in the tension as well as natal Mercury in the mix, we can suggest that Lee Harvey Oswald did indeed fire a weapon during the event of the assassination of President Kennedy.

Whether Governor Connally was Lee Harvey Oswald’s initial target and President Kennedy was in the line of fire, we do not know; the forensic indicators require further analysis.

As for a first hand experience of living with Lee Harvey Oswald for 3+ years, his wife Marina’s testimony at the HSCA hearings some fifteen years later, gives some insight into Oswald’s character.  She suggests that after living with the man, her observation was that he did not  trust other people and with his not being a team player, that suggested to her that he most likely acted alone.

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One thought on “JFK 50 years on Pt.3 – the assassination”

  1. “She suggests that after living with the man, her observation was that he did not trust other people and with his not being a team player, that suggested to her that he most likely acted alone.”
    I don’t know where you got that. Marina Oswald has repeatedly stated–to the extent that she feels safe doing, and she was terrified–that her husband was not the killer. She was offered a lot of money on the 50th anniversay if she would talk — she turned it down saying simply, that the CIA would kill her if she told the truth. What astrologers should really be looking at is not LHO’s chart–which is not the chart of a killer or a violent person — but the astrological influences in this country’s major political and especially media outlets, that have led to this 50 year plus cover up. The media is nothing but a collection of professional liars, and this is so well documented, from Pearl Harbor, to Tonking, to 9/11, to weapons of mass destruction, and now that CIA creation ISIS…. And when I hear astrologers, who really should know better, simply going along with the officially-prescribed-approved-theory that Oswald–never legally tried and convicted — shot the president, I despair. They tried to get a confession out of Oswald as he lay dying, actually beating on the man, and he maintained his innocence, that he was a “patsy”, as he told his girlfriend, Judyth Vary Baker, the July before it all went down.
    The charts for some major liars involved in the cover-up would tell us more at this point, than another Oswald-the-killer chart. It’s disappointing to see astrologers accept this. Like some of the ones who pantingly described themselves as Obama “fans” like he was going to be any different from any of the other presidents selected for us since that 1963 coup d’etat.


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