JFK 50 years on Pt.2 – Agent George F. Hickey

JFKinitialsGeorge F. Hickey had to defend his character by suing a publishing house when he was in his 70’s; no peaceful retirement for this man.

Hardly something someone who served their country in two wars; WWII and Korea, followed by a career in public service would enjoy.  After five years the matter was settled out of court.  George won that round and another conspiracy theory went into the filing cabinet.

Just last week I saw a new television documentary landing George Hickey in it again, plus another book rehashing the earlier story with Hickey as the villain.  George Hickey had died in the interim, so no fear of being sued now. It’s his descendants who have to hear the tattle; George would be rolling in his grave.

Why the high drama for a man most of us have never heard of?  George F. Hickey stands accused of being the man who killed JFK…

The story goes that Lee Harvey Oswald fired several rounds from the Schoolbook Depository building, however he did not fire the bullet that killed the president.  Trajectory analysis and a ballistics expert claim that the head-shot that killed the president could not have been fired from the 6th floor of the Schoolbook Depository building.

The fateful bullet’s trajectory was from a different angle than the initial wounds to Kennedy’s neck and back.  We are into the firing line; if not the line of fire once more.

Agent Hickey was part of the security detail for the president and Mrs Kennedy on 22nd November, 1963; a Secret Service Agent.  He was in the follow-up car along with a team of trained  agents, immediately behind the presidential limousine in the cavalcade.

AR-15As Hickey was in command of the only Colt AR-15 armalite rifle in service by the Secret Service on that occasion, the claim is that in his capacity as ‘sniper’, Agent Hickey accidentally discharged his weapon after the initial shots were fired, shooting the president in the back of the head.

I would have thought it was a no-brainer to clear his name.  I mean, George hardly kept the rifle under his pillow at night.  He would have had to have signed out the rifle and ammunition from the armoury and returned same; leaving a paper trail.

There would be records, wouldn’t there?  If a bullet was missing, there were be a record of it and a shell casing would also have been in the agency vehicle or found on the street, wouldn’t it?  Unless there is a cover-up within the service?  Oh yes, that’s another conspiracy theory.

A Warren Commission of Enquiry statement made by Agent Lawson, driver of the presidential car tells us:

As the lead car ahead of us was passing under this bridge I heard the first loud, sharp report and in more rapid succession two more sounds, like gunfire. I could see persons to the left of the motorcade vehicles running away.

I noticed Agent Hickey standing up in the follow-up car with the automatic weapon.  My first thought was that he had fired at someone.

Agent Hickey was quick to deny he fired a shot:

I heard a loud report, which sounded like a firecracker. It appeared to come from the right and rear and seemed to me to be at ground level. I stood up and looked to my right and rear in an attempt to identify it. Nothing caught my attention except people shouting and cheering.

Tim McIntyre, the Secret Service Agent standing next to Agent Hickey at the time also confirmed there was no shot fired from the agency’s Colt A-15, armalite rifle.

JFK-carsIf these statements are correct, this tells me that Agent Hickey wasn’t even aware of a shooter in the Schoolbook Depository building; he hadn’t sighted Lee Harvey Oswald at the 6th floor window.  He believed the shots to have been fired from ground level.

I have to question as to whether a trained military man who has seen two major military conflicts would release the safety on a rifle, unless he had a reason to arm the weapon?

But we don’t have to wait for an answer.  We can ask the heavens if George F. Hickey was involved.  There’ll be action in his chart and we won’t need the soft aspects to answer that.  Tension is guaranteed if this is indeed, correct.

What follows is a forensic astrology enquiry; a study of planetary positions at differing times in space.  We do not claim that this enquiry is anything more than a suggestion of what went down in Dealy Plaza, Dallas Texas on the day that JFK was killed.  We offer a subjective, pseudo-scientific report.  Within the pseudo science of astrology, we use bi-wheel methodology.

KennedyIn order to undertake this enquiry, we have gathered the birth data of the team of Secret Service Agents on that roster and I’ve purposely selected three charts in particular for this enquiry.

Agent #1 ASAIC, Roy Kellerman was in charge of the White House detail.  In the cavalcade, he was in the president’s limousine seated next to the driver, calling the shots and if there was any cover-up of any accidental discharge of the AR.15, his chart would likely reveal tension.

Agent#2, another agent from the White House detail, Clinton J. Hill was in charge of protecting Jackie Kennedy and was attached to the follow-up vehicle of agents; on the running board directly behind Jackie Kennedy.

I’ve included Agent Hill as there is bound to be tension in his chart.  It was he who jumped onto the back of the presidential car after JFK was shot; guiding Jackie back into her seat and protecting her and the president as the vehicle sped off to the hospital.

Agent#3 The agent who stands accused of killing the president, George Hickey.  His role in the cavalcade was in the follow-up car in charge of the armalite rifle; the firearm, which some  theorists suggest was the firearm that discharged and killed the president.

This same author also claims that the agents had just done an all-nighter in the Texas watering holes – liquored-up, with George Hickey being the exception because he didn’t drink.  This is presumably part of the story as to why Hickey was the particular agent with the rifle; the only one sober.

We can shoot that story down for a start as the White House detail, including Special Agents Kellerman and Hill, arrived in the president’s plane, Air Force 1 on the morning in question.  But it’s not our role to defend every service person in the Kennedy conspiracy.  We’re here to do the charts.

The assassination:

JFK-the-eventclick on charts for full size

The scattering of planets in the heavens at 12:30pm 22 September, 1963 is our focus; that together with the natal charts of these three men.

There is always an order to follow in interpreting an event.  First look to the hemisphere and see where the planets are weighted, followed by planets at the angles, midpoints then the forensic indicators etc.

As for the hemisphere analysis, note that the planets are mostly in the upper half LHS of the chart (out in the open, ready for action) with only Jupiter (inflated aspect) behind the scenes in the 2nd house. Pluto-Uranus are on the RHS (defensive) in the 7th house (the public arena) indicating sudden changes in power; quick decisions to be made.

From where AF1 had landed at Love Field to Dealey Plaza, there were 20,000 windows. The secret service had been kept busy, on the defensive.

  • At the angle of the midheaven, the MC we have an all-important midpoint. Transiting Venus-Neptune=MC.  A ‘social group’ is profiting from illusion.  When we say a social group this could be a political group, a business consortium or even a government body as a whole.  It depends on what team the perpetrator (the shooter in this case) is on.

Astrology interpretation is subjective and so it is not too big a leap to enter the realm of conspiracy theories, with this aspect.

Firstly consider the planets Neptune and Venus; illusion and groups.  Neptune is in Scorpio (secrets) and Venus is in Sagittarius (military).  The next step is to consider where they are positioned in the chart – between the 9th house/a foreign power and 10th house/ public image.

You can see where this is headed can’t you… No wonder it was heady times in the international world of intrigue.  There is more of course to this chart, but that is not our focus today.

US Secret Service Agent #1

Having served several presidents in the White House contingent for more than twenty years, secrecy and service was Roy Kellerman’s career.  We can certainly expect Neptune to be in the mix and it is of course with the Sun, Moon and Mars in Pisces (Neptune’s realm) working with Neptune (in trine) in his natal horoscope.

Agent Kellerman reported to the Warren Commission, under oath, that after the first shot was fired, a flurry of shells came into the car. According to his family, Kellerman believed that there was more than one gunman.

JFKevent-KellermanWhat does his bi-wheel tell us?

The inner wheel is a snapshot in time of the planetary positions in the heavens over Dallas at the time of the shooting and the outer wheel is the natal astrology chart for Roy Kellerman, a native of the US state of Michigan.

  • The first point is that there is no interaction with the MC midpoint interpreted above; that there is hemisphere weighted to the LHS (assertive) taking control of the situation.
  • The mass of planets in the 1st house also identifies his seniority.

The midpoint Venus-Uranus=Moon in the 12th house. Transiting Moon (blue) is representative of the public; Venus  (pink) the Secret Service and Uranus (red) the explosive situation/sudden changes.

The most conservative interpretation would be that the sudden changes of an excited public in the immediate area is on his mind, is his primary consideration; his mind is on the job.

  • Transiting Uranus (red) opposite natal Jupiter (green).  The axis is 1-7th houses of relationships.  Adrenaline is coursing through his veins with those sudden changes in the public arena.  He rises to the need that his position requires.

There is always more to interpret, however there are no forensic indicators present to indicate that anything more than his training was in the mix, at the time of the assassination.

US Secret Service Agent #2

JFKevent-HillAgent Clinton Hill was Jackie’s knight in shining armour.  He was on the job at her request and he rose to the occasion when the chips were down.  We can expect to see a bit of a Christmas Tree light show.

  • We don’t have the time of birth for Agent Hill however his natal Moon is within range of the top of the chart.  His driving need was to be on the job; he probably put his hand up for this particular visit to Texas.
  • The 11th house Sun-Mars reveals a genuine affection for the Kennedy family and it is this affection conjunct by the transiting Lunar nodal axis that draws him into the trauma of the situation.
  • Transiting Mars-Venus conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) in the career house; the 10th. He stepped up his involvement in communicating instructions.  Clinton Hill took charge of the immediate security of the wounded president and Mrs Kennedy.
  • Transiting Moon (public) conjunct natal Venus (pink).  Protecting the public, his priority.

US Secret Service Agent #3

JFKevent-HickeyAre you prepared for the next chart, the supposed killer of a president; albeit by accident?  This is the bi-wheel of the event of the assassination and the natal chart of George F. Hickey.

Irrespective of whether it was an accident or not, there would have to be trauma indicators in his chart.  The planets are scattered, however they are mostly weighted on the defensive side of the bi-wheel.   Why is he being defensive?

I am immediately curious as to whether this role as sniper, on the day of the assassination, is his usual role within the agency.  I have doubts.

  • Natal Sun (orange) is conjunct the IC with no other planets in the mix – we can suggest that this is the lowest point in Agent Hickey’s career.
  • Natal Mars is quindecile transiting Lunar South Node – I would suggest that his inability to act was his downfall (by obsession), much more than his overreaction.
  • Transiting Moon opposite natal Neptune – he is obsessed by the public’s perception of his not doing his job. This suggests that a psychological assessment of Hickey would identify that the agency would be better served if he were in a desk job, rather than in the field.
  • Transiting Jupiter square natal Pluto – inflated sense of power.

JFK: The Smoking GunFrom this analysis the only suggestion I can make is that George Hickey disappeared off the career radar following the assassination of the president due to his personal reaction to the event, or at worst his lack of ability in the field.

There are no forensic indicators present to suggest that Agent George F. Hickey shot president Kennedy.

We are told that Dealey Plaza was an echo chamber; that even those trained to identify such a phenomenon were at a loss to identify the location of the initial shooter at the 6th floor window of the Schoolbook Depository building.

We also cannot dismiss the overwhelming evidence and statements of those on the ground who smelt gunpowder. Whether the gunpowder/explosion caps event was a diversionary tactic or a signal to commence firing, we do not know. This would also suggest that there was more than one person involved on the day.

We have yet to interpret the chart of the alleged killer, Lee Harvey Oswald and we have the question to ask of the heavens – who fired the bullet that killed JFK?

Part 3 – the assassination

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  1. I was 3 at time jfk was shot but I find it very sad that the real peaple have being found out not charged with his murder but I thing its to many years to late to do any thing now

  2. uh…the AR-15 carbine does not fit 100 bullets in its magazine nor is its firerate 100 bullets per minute…


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