JFK 50 years on Pt.1 – Officer J.D. Tippit

JFKinitialsDid you know that Lee Harvey Oswald was initially arrested for the murder of Dallas Police Officer #848, J.D. Tippit; not the assassination of JFK?

On November 22, 1963, Dallas police made an effort to concentrate their forces around the center of the city, following the assassination of President Kennedy.

Officer Tippit was working his beat in a residential area of Dallas, Texas when he received an order over the radio to move to the central Oak Cliff area.  At 12:54pm Tippit radioed that he had moved as directed.

The shooting in Dealey Plaza was just twenty-four minutes old. Twenty-four minutes in which Lee Harvey Oswald had returned to his rooming house at 1026 N. Beckley Ave; cleaned up and changed his clothes, before stepping out into the street again, a pistol in his pocket.  Oswald was a man on a mission; however where he was headed, we do not know.

Officer Tippit had heard several messages broadcast over the police radio, describing a suspect as a slender white male, in his early thirties, 5 feet 10 inches, about 165 pounds. After eleven years on the job, J.D. Tippit knew the routine.

Driving slowly eastward on East 10th Street, Officer Tippit pulled alongside a man who resembled the description.

patrolcar-tippitAfter an exchange of words, the officer stepped out of his vehicle and proceeded to the rear of the patrol-car.

It was 1:15pm.

The suspect drew a handgun and fired three shots in rapid succession.  All three bullets hit the police officer in the chest. We are told that the man then walked up to Tippit’s fallen body and fired a fourth shot directly into the victim’s right temple; an execution.

Tippit was dead before any help could arrive, however thanks to the public response, the perpetrator was arrested quickly.  Oswald had been identified as acting suspiciously; appearing nervous at the sound of police sirens. He attempted to hide in the nearby, darkened movie theatre, slipping past the ticket office.  However this quick response from the public meant that the police arrived in time to corner and arrest the suspect in the Texas Movie Theatre.

There were twelve witnesses to the shooting who came forward, some of whom identified Lee Harvey Oswald in a line up that evening.  There was no hesitation by law enforcement in laying a charge of murder.

JDTippit-bannerCab-driver William Scoggins testified that he saw Tippit’s police car pull up alongside a man on the sidewalk before hearing three or four shots and then saw Tippit fall to the ground. The cabbie crouched behind his taxi as the shooter passed by; within earshot and close enough for a clear view of the man.

The next day, Scoggins viewed a police lineup and identified Lee Harvey Oswald as the man whom he had seen with the handgun.

Testimony by ballistic experts before the Warren Commission the following month confirmed that the spent cartridge cases found at the scene were fired from the revolver in Oswald’s possession.  However we know that conspiracy theorists are not likely to be restrained by commissions of enquiry, or expert witnesses.

Neptune had been prominent in the heavens in November 1963; casting his net of intrigue.

Some critics suggest that Tippit must have had a role in a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy on that fateful day, or stopped to silence Oswald from involving his co-conspirators.  There are lots of theories around the assassination of the American president, however we answer to the heavens and not any theorists.

We are about to undertake a forensic astrology enquiry; a study of planetary positions at differing times in space.  We do not claim that this enquiry is anything more than a suggestion of what went down in Dallas on the day that JFK was killed.  Ours is a subjective, pseudo-scientific report.

We generate an event chart; the position of the planets orbiting over Dallas, Texas at the time when officer J.D. Tippit was shot, about 45 minutes after the schoolbook depository event. The all important angles and houses will be considerably different from when the president was killed.

President Kennedy was shot when the Ascendant was at 19°Aquarius; the realm of explosive speed, gunpowder and the planet Uranus. Some 45 minutes and 15 degrees later, planet Earth had rotated on its axis; the clock ticked forward.

Neptune’s influence, if not the planet, had just risen, crossed the horizon. The ascendant was now at Pisces 4°; the patriotic degree.  The symbolic shroud of secrecy, paranoia and conspiracy had entered, stage right.

As we have a trained police officer’s chart in the mix for this enquiry, we are prepared to note the absence of the hysteria factor; missing excessive emotional content.  His bi-wheel of the event will no doubt lack hard aspects.

With forensic astrology we tend to stick with the hard aspects of astrology; the tension of an event. On this occasion we include the soft-aspects, planets that are working together rather than in tension; the trine. Why?

From previous experience of analyzing the charts of trained officers, we have learned to include the ‘soft aspects’ in order to share the trained human response to an emotionally driven situation.

Event-Tippit-Tippitclick on image for full size

We generate a bi-wheel (methodology) at the time the police officer was shot and incorporate Officer Tippit’s birth horoscope into the picture.  The inner wheel is the event – a freeze-frame in time of the planetary positions orbiting over Dallas when he was shot.

The outer wheel is another snapshot in time, the birth of J.D. Tippit; the position of the planets at Clarksville, Texas on 18th September 1924.

The red triangle of the trine aspects immediately reveals that the officer was on duty and not a rogue cop as some would have us believe:

  • Venus (pink) in the natal chart (the outer wheel) represents his social group, in this case the police force.
  • What is transiting at the time (in the inner wheel) is Jupiter (green) trine Mercury (yellow) – putting them together with natal Venus we have lots of (Jupiter) communication (Mercury) between officers.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) representing the public is opposite natal Venus (pink) and is also the outlet for the grand trine’s energy – public service.

This is the heaven’s confirmation that this man was responding to orders.  We hear you Officer J.D. Tippit; loud and clear.

As for the tension in the chart; the forensic astrology – transiting Mercury (yellow) and Mars straddle the midheaven, at the cusp of the career house.

  • Mercury-Mars=MC translates as an act of bravura. We trust that the officer’s widow received his badge of honour from the Dallas police department.

Lee Harvey Oswald, as an ex-marine is also likely to have a difficult astrology chart to interpret, having had military training as well.  A man who can fire a bullet into a body at close range when the victim, a stranger is already lying wounded on the ground, is not likely to be overly emotional about the act of killing.

Event-Tippit-OswaldAs this perpetrator was not operating in an official capacity when he killed the police officer, we need only use the hard aspects for astrology analysis.

The time is identical to the former chart and so we have the midpoint in common with Officer Tippit,  at the top of the chart.

This suggests that Oswald was also experiencing a peak-performance; influenced by this ‘act of bravado’ at the midheaven; a fantasy in his own mind, or as a political activist.

This aspect could also identify the reason as to why the perpetrator did not flee the scene and shot Officer Tippit instead.

  • Transiting Lunar north node is the midpoint of natal Saturn-Neptune – martyr to the cause.    
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) in the inner wheel is quindecile natal Sun.  This person has an inflated sense of ego at the time, to the point of obsession; obsessed with his sense of self.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis, forensic indication of a traumatic event is conjunct natal Moon.  This is a highly emotive event for this person; spontaneous and in the public arena – not a prepared assassination.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) conjunct natal Mars – members of the public identify the perpetrator of the crime and are central to his arrest.

It may well be that Oswald’s motives on this fateful day had more to do with his desire for recognition and belief that he was a revolutionary fulfilling his destiny than any personal animosity to JFK or Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit.  The second killing? A sense of omnipotence perhaps.

Oswald-natalchartThe natal chart of Lee Harvey Oswald contains some points of interest.

Note the Saturn retrograde phenomenon for a start – a lack of male mentoring, which goes towards explaining his search for a ‘masculine’ group to join; a sense of purpose as a male, within the company of other men.

  • Natal Saturn conjunct Lunar south node – karmic connection with the grim reaper; the assassin.
  • Moon in the 7th house – an emotional driving need for public relationships.
  • Neptune is at the IC, the invisible manA career in espionage would have appealed.
  • Sun-North node-Venus-Mercury stellium gives us an indication of idealism towards causes.
  • Pluto is in the 2nd house lacking tension to restrain the Leonine lion – power and self-worth are intertwined.

I suggest that what brings all this undone, is the positions of these aspects.  They are opposite to the place in the chart where they would succeed. The hemisphere is reversed and he is open to corruption.

Our enquiry continues – Agent George Hickey

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6 thoughts on “JFK 50 years on Pt.1 – Officer J.D. Tippit”

  1. I’m convinced – always have been. Very good MM. His name “Lee” (an asteroid), was transiting (2 LEO) natal Pluto at the cusp of the 2nd house – the bullet through Tippit’s head solidified his power — to himself.

  2. Just as you are a paramedic Joel, I would not expect you to provide me with the expertise of a brain surgeon.

    I am a forensic astrologer and do not provide interpretations for a personal horoscope – it’s not my field of expertise.

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    Thank you
    Frank Griffin

  4. THANK you for your follow up. My research into your unique website was and is the result of a University COURSE on The Death of JFK.
    THANK You


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