Endangered runaway

Follow a case with MM over the last six months…

“Don’t look for me, I don’t want to be found.”

This is a note found in the car of a family member outside her home.  It was 10pm on 13th October 2011 in East Dubuque, Illinois. Fourteen year-old Chyenne Kircher had left home that afternoon around 3pm supposedly to go to a friend’s house – she didn’t arrive and didn’t come home either.

395653_486773091359205_1344154637_nNo search was undertaken that evening and in fact nothing was done to look for the teen until Chyenne’s mother came home from work at 11pm and reported her daughter missing to the local police.

It was assumed that the fourteen year-old had left voluntarily and little appeared in the media about her disappearance. All went quiet.

From there, we had no further information to assist us.  We had not been able to determine if there are any POI’s; we didn’t have an accurate clock time for her disappearance, nor a time of birth for Chyenne. We know the dates but not the time; frustrating all round.

Despite being contacted for help, there is little a forensic astrology enquiry can offer in locating a missing person. Having a window from 3pm to 10pm leaves us lacking a direction that she may have followed.  We can however, offer to generate an initial bi-wheel to check for forensic indicators.

Chyenne was a rather simplistic, innocent young teenager who was known to venture downtown, into less salubrious areas after school, since an early age; talking to strangers and anyone who would listen. We have been informed that she had also previously attended a school for children with so-called ‘behaviour problems’.  Sounds like mentoring is lacking in this young life.

This naive teenager could have been groomed by a local, or snatched by a stranger. Chyenne lived in a rather unusual domestic situation, apparently. Her father was not in contact with any of the family; there was a stepfather on the scene, plus another adult male friend of her mother’s in the household.  Chyenne’s maternal grandparents lived next door.

We have to ask, why would a very young teen need to be away from her home immediately after school on a regular basis and stay out late into the evening.  Was it due to lack of supervision; looking for company, or was there someone in the house she wanted to keep a distance from?

Event-Kircherclick on image for full size

Astrology is a pseudo science and offers suggestion only when we draw up charts and interpret planetary tension.

A computer-generated bi-wheel of the two dates in time reveals what the heavens would tell us.  Chyenne came home from school, that we know, which indicates that other persons were in her home when she left.  Older siblings? Adult males?  We get no answers.

The inner wheel is a snapshot of the planets orbiting over East Dubuque at 3pm on 13th October, 2011.  The outer wheel is the natal chart for Chyenne Kircher.

  • We see immediately that transiting Mars in the inner wheel (red) is quindecile natal Neptune (turquoise) at the ascendant – Chyenne was seduced/tricked/duped by a male who was obsessed with her.
  • Transiting Moon-Jupiter (blue) opposite Venus (pink) – an inflated emotional experience. This tension with Venus is also conjunct natal Moon in the outer wheel (also blue) – relationships could have been somewhat strained at this time.  Needs and emotions are at peril.
  • Natal Uranus (red) in the 1st house is also caught up in this dilemma square the transit of Moon-Jupiter. Chyenne would be liable to make sudden changes as a result of this tension. Instability builds; panic is setting in.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis (red) on 13th October is conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) on the cusp of the 5th house.  Mercury usually represents a child in forensic astrology and the lunar nodal axis a traumatic event.  Alarm bells are ringing.
  •  Transiting Sun (this date on the calendar) exact conjunct with transiting Saturn (red).  This is a very severe life-threatening position in forensic terms.
  • This conjunction is opposite natal Saturn, the grim reaper – a life is in danger of being extinguished with this tension.

From this analysis, I cannot offer hope to her family and friends; that this teenager is likely to return home safe.

This is what I reported at the time, including the following invitation: 

If information were to come in of a male person who was known to have an obsession with this young girl, please do not hesitate to advise me of his date of birth and I can exonerate or implicate him in Chyenne’s disappearance.

That was all I could offer a mother who was hoping against hope.  “Without hope, what is there”, she replied.

Many months passed; nothing came into my inbox.  It’s a fact of life; sometimes families prefer not to know.  Walking in the shadows, I have to respect their choice and step back from further involvement.

On 19th September 2013, I was notified by the public that human remains had been excavated in the wooded area behind Chyenne’s home. An arrest had been made – Terry Abbas; Chy’s stepfather.  This is the person who had been sleeping on the couch, supplanted in his wife’s bed by another male.

Generating a bi-wheel immediately indicates that this POI is indeed the perpetrator and when we read his social media FB page, he asks a question repeatedly over the last two years since Chy’s disappearance – is anyone listening?

I suggest that ‘wanting people to listen to him’ is not in relation to Chy’s supposed disappearance or anything other than his ego looking for acknowledgement.  For two years, no-one is giving him the attention he wants/needs/demands.  An LE profiler would have picked this up, surely.  Had his relationship with Chyenne previously fulfilled this need?

  • Is this need to repeat the same question over a two-year period an effort to exhort guilt?
  • Did this POI consider that Chyenne did not listen to him enough on the date of her disappearance?
  • Was this the motive for killing his stepdaughter?
  • Are these questions on his FB page a plea for help? (All are posted after Chyenne was murdered)
  • Did he finally find someone online to listen to his confession?

According to court documents, Abbas strangled to death a minor with the initials C.K. on or about Oct. 13, 2011; without lawful justification, and with the intent to kill ‘C.K,’ a minor, strangled ‘C.K’ with his hand, thereby causing the death of ‘C.K.’.

Wearing my academic hat, I would suggest that the wording on that charge sheet indicates online braggado/confession. Did Abbas find someone who would listen among an online community? Let’s hope it was entrapment by LE and not something more sinister.

Event-TA click on image for full size

This is a bi-wheel from the perspective of the transiting planets at 3pm on the date Chyenne disappeared.

Note that the event time is not a suggestion of Chy’s demise. We use it for continuity reasons.

The outer wheel is the natal chart for Chy’s stepfather.

  • Natal Pluto 2° Libra is within range of the natal Sun 5° Libra to be of influence in a character analysis, irrespective of the POI’s time of birth.

We need to question as to whether this man has had lifelong swings between power and powerlessness in his social environment.

Note: We have rectified the time of birth as a suggestion only; taking into consideration that ‘invisiblity’ is a personal issue for this man.  That, together with his ‘nearly getting away with it’ would suggest that Neptune is highly likely be at one of the angles, probably his Ascendant (turquoise).

  • A subjective 7th house Saturn-Moon conjunction 20-21°Gemini natal chart  in the outer wheel – a driving need for authority in a relationship, fuelled by his emotions. Does this bloke tell porky pies to get his needs fulfilled?

We don’t need to go too far into interpretation to recognise the forensic planets creating tension.

  • Pluto (death by overpowering) in the inner wheel is square natal orange Sun (ego).
  • Transiting Uranus (red) indicating sudden changes in self esteem (2nd house) is opposite natal Pluto in the outer chart  – that internal power struggle flaw he has in his character.
  • Lunar South Node is quindecile (obsession) natal Jupiter (green) – inflating the karmic connection that this man perceives he has with Chyenne.

We come back to obsession again.  It is in both bi-wheels.

From this astrology interpretation, we suggest that despite the fact that Terry Abbas is Chyenne Kircher’s  stepfather, he appears to prefer to think, in his mind,  that there is a much closer connection between them – perhaps that he is her natural father or that she belongs to him.

At this point there had been no charge of sexual interference, although we fear the worst.

Update on 23rd October 2013:

EAST DUBUQUE, Illinois – The East Dubuque man accused of murdering his stepdaughter pleaded guilty to six charges, including three counts of first-degree murder.

Terry Abbas, 41, was charged with murdering his stepdaughter, Chyenne Kircher. Abbas has also been charged with two counts of sexual abuse and concealment of homicidal death.

PS: 7th December 2013 – Abbas has been given a life sentence without parole.  Justice is served.

angel-ChyenneYou’re safe in the arms of the angels, Chy. 

Rest in peace.

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