Jack the Ripper – the suspects Pt.1

… Continuation from Victims Pt.1 and Pt.2

Opus Caelum – opening the Azure Vault.

Emma Barstow came close to a real life horror story when, only married a week, the couple returned home to see the police and a crowd forming on the pavement. The shout was about. Jack the Ripper had murdered a young woman just outside their door.

For the young mind of a writer, it fascinated Emma that in this city of light and theatre and joy, horror could lie waiting, concealed beneath the fog. Inspired, she considered that she might create a fictional character who would explore that darkness.

Baroness Orczy, the creator of The Scarlett Pimpernel was just twenty-three years of age when Jack the Ripper first made it onto the front pages.  Considering that she didn’t marry until 1894, we note that London was still recoiling in horror, even six years after Jack’s rampage through Whitechapel.

The list of possible Jack the Ripper persons of interest is about as long as my arm or yours and of those who have birth data on the public record, we have more than thirty males and one female to include in an enquiry.  If Jack is to be found among them, we will likely have a good chance of outing him and if it’s Jill, I have no doubt she’ll confess to the heavens.

We follow pseudo science’s via sinistra; the left-hand path. Science is not our master; we answer to the heavens.  This enquiry is subjective; is based on classic astrology and Greco-Roman mythology.

As is our practice, we have generated bi-wheels (method) from the birth data of each and every person of interest who had birth data on the public record and compared the tension between the natal charts and each of the six murders in our enquiry; in all, six bi-wheels for each suspect.

We do not intend including all bi-wheels in our posts; students of astrology are welcome to generate their own and compare with those we do include.  All dates are available on the public record.  And so to our task at hand; our persons of interest…

chalkonwallAnti-semitism and racism was rife in 1888, as is so often the case when unemployment levels are high and there is overcrowding in poverty areas.

It seems to be human nature to project the reason for one’s misery onto others, however I consider it more of a human-nurture reason, but then, as a forensic astrologer, I tend to look at things a little differently than most.

Many immigrants from Northern Europe lived in the East End; anti-racial graffiti was chalked on walls and the authorities were sensitive to possible riots.

Were police too quick to deflect suspicion from suspects within the immigrant community?

Immigrants and transients:

With this criteria in mind, we have generated natal charts for those we have been able to obtain birth data for and made an analysis of their bi-wheels for each of the six crimes. None appear to have any connection to the murders.  As for those whom had no birth data available, we’ve eliminated them due to their having feasible alibis or their inclusion in the list appears to be unfounded.

Those immigrants and transients eliminated from further enquiry are:

  • Carl Feigenbaum
  • Hyam Hyams
  • Nathan Kaminsky aka David Cohen
  • Aaron Kosminski
  • Jacob Levy
  • Joseph Levy
  • Joseph Lis aka Joseph Silver
  • Michael Ostrog
  • Alexander Pedachenko
  • John Pizer.

red flagWe do, however have one foreign born national whose astrology chart requires further consideration in our enquiry.  He is Polish born, Seweryn Antonowicz Klosowski; aka George Chapman.

The barber’s assistant had an appointment to keep with the grim reaper in 1903 for other murders, however he goes up on the shelf for us to examine in more detail in the Jack the Ripper murders.

Note: Walter Sickert was also born in Europe to an English mother, however for our enquiry we have included him among ‘The arts’  (Suspects Pt.2).

The medicos:

As for those suspects with medical knowledge, Dr John Williams, President of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, is suggested to have worked in a local Whitechapel infirmary, was in the area at the time and could have known the victims; in particular, Mary Kelly.

It has also been put forward that Dr William’s wife, Mary Elisabeth Ann (Lizzie) may have been involved, even in her own right as Jill the Ripper.

Note that Lizzie Williams is the only female suspect with birth data available, to date. Should there be others, we can enquire further, however we will need their birth data.

Williams-duo9th November, 1888 is the event of the murder of Mary Kelly. The last and most likely highly emotive event for the perpetrator is shared here. They are both bi-wheels with the inner wheel the time of the event (the event chart) and the outer wheel is the natal chart for each of the suspects.

We interpret any tension between these two snapshots of time from the the perspective of the event rather than the suspect; through the heaven’s eyes.

Chart #1 Dr Williams indicates that there was communication by him in relation to the murders – transiting Pluto opposite natal Mercury.  As this alignment is not connected to the 10th house we would suggest that the communication is more likely in his private papers.

There are no forensic indicators to implicate Dr Williams in this murder.

Chart #2 Lizzie Williams:  With a natal Sun-Mercury conjunction this person is quite outspoken by nature and with Saturn transiting by opposition, her voice on this matter would have been severe. Her chart indicates that the public outcry also upset her mental and emotional balance; hysteria is present – Lunar nodal axis 10th/4th houses square natal Uranus plus transiting Moon (blue) square Pluto.

Lizzie may have drawn attention to herself by her reaction to current events, however the forensic indicators are not present to implicate her in the murders.  We leave the memory of Lizzie Williams to her own demons.

In the Autumn of 1878 Francis Thompson began six years of studies to be a surgeon, however drugs were to be his downfall. His career never eventuated and he was on the streets of Whitechapel, a vagrant at the time of the murders.

A bi-wheel with his natal chart reveals his innocence of any violence during the period of our enquiry.

red flagAs for the other medicos on the list of suspects, Dr Thomas Neill Cream and Dr William Withey Gull’s initial charts are pinging for our attention and need to be flagged for further enquiry.

Dr Gull’s supposed coachman, John Netley has evaded us in our search for data. We trust that the coachman would have been a minor character, if involved. We take the wait-and-see approach; revisiting if his master reveals more.

Montague Druitt meanwhile, a barrister-at-law and son of a doctor is also someone who was high on the list of police suspects during the aftermath of the murders. He was found drowned, following a diagnosis of unsound mind.

Montague Druitt’s chart reveals nothing more than his fate ahead. Saturn was close to transiting his Lunar nodal axis; indicating his future public appointment with the grim reaper in December, 1888.  His chart does not require further analysis.

Persons of note:

Prior to the discovery of penicillin and antibiotics, the sexually transmitted disease of syphilis was rife in western society.  Advanced cases of neuro-syphilis drove normally-sound minds, crazy.  Many of our suspects were sufferers of, or even died of syphilis.

Nominated as suspects from among the aristocracy are Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill, father of a future Prime Minister of England and Queen Victoria’s grandson, Eddy; Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, Duke of Clarence.  Both are believed to have suffered as a result of syphilis.


Churchill’s health was already in decline by the summer of 1888.  I would suggest that he was particularly ‘rattled’ by the Whitechapel murders – Uranus/Sun=22°Pisces, the descendant of the Mary Kelly murder.

When we see Mercury (yellow) conjunct the Lunar South Node in the outer chart squared by transiting Jupiter (green) this inflation is evident of his ailing health.

Transiting Uranus opposite Uranus-Mars – aggravated mood swings would not make for good company. He probably had a lot of angry words to add to the conversation in relation to these murders.

As for any forensic indicators, I can’t see Lord Randolph Churchill in the action, but we shall see; what we shall see.


As for Eddy, the prince who died three steps away from the crown; he is reputed to have been at Balmoral for the family’s summer holidays at the time of the Jack the Ripper murders.

The bi-wheel for Prince Eddy has Uranus at the top of the tree with a whisker of madness  – 22°Gemini, plus transiting Uranus (red) is in tension with his Sun (orange),  but all else is very quiet.

When we look at his bi-wheels and the lack of action, I would suggest that Queen Victoria’s grandson wasn’t even reading the papers, let alone orchestrating some undercover action.

…continued pt.2

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