Jack the Ripper – the victims Pt.2

…  continued from Part 1

MAP-whitechapelAs I was writing this post, Wedgetailegal informed me that it was the anniversary of a funeral for one of Jack’s victims.   Long Lizzie sings softly for us across 125 years.

Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques, Dormez vous? Dormez vous?

Elizabeth Stride:

Swedish born Eizabeth Stride, Gustaf’s daughter was far from home; buried in a paupers grave in 1888. The drink had led Lizzie to the workhouse and prostitution, although on the night she was killed, Long Liz had been out spending her charwoman’s earnings in the pub, rather than any ill-gotten gains.

JTR-30Sept#1click on charts for full size

The killer was most likely disturbed by a man with a cart and pony; the animal had shied on entry to the yard.  Dismounting, the driver discovered the still warm body in Dutfield’s Yard, Berners Street; the blood not yet crusted on Long Liz’s neck.

The victim had escaped mutilation of her torso, but not murder; her throat had been slit from ear to ear.

His blood lust not yet sated, Jack the Ripper was to kill again that night, but first we have an event chart to interpret from the heavens above Berners Street.

  • Midpoint Pluto/Uranus=Ascendant 11°Leo – intensification of ego awareness; I am the Lion King.  Note the grim reaper, Saturn is standing close by with just 6 degrees of separation between them.
  • Sun (orange) in 3rd house quindecile Midheaven, square Moon (blue) – a driving need to be the top of the tree; an obsession. 

Jack’s message to us is more of a statement really:  He needs to be acknowledged as the best performer, the star at the top of the Christmas tree; top billing.  I would consider that this is likely related to sibling rivalry locked in the perpetrator’s memory.  In his arrogance, it would be considered his birthright.

  • Venus (pink) in the 4th house – patriarchal statement; women belong in the home.
  • Jupiter (green) opposite Neptune (turquoise) – an inflated level of secrecy.

There were several descriptions of men in Long Liz’s company after midnight in the police records. With Jupiter opposite Neptune in the heavens on this night, perhaps Jack did not have the opportunity to reveal himself; or choose not to.

Catherine Eddowes:

Less than hour after Elizabeth Stride was murdered, Jack unsheathed his knife again.  Kate Eddowes was still exhuberant; having returned from summertime hop picking in Kent only days before.  We note that she’d been into the ‘liquid hops’ during the day on Saturday.

By nightfall Kate Eddowes was well in her cups.  Put into the cells at Bishopsgate Station in a drunken state in the early evening of 29th September, Kate was released at 1:00am, Sunday morning; considered ‘sobered up’.

“Goodnight, old cock,” she said, stepping out onto the street.  It was only a ten minute walk to where Catherine Eddowes would meet with the grim reaper.  She was in no rush to go home to face the music, lingering in Mitre Square.

The last sighting of Kate was of her talking to a man wearing a loosely fitted, salt and pepper colored jacket, a grey cloth cap with a peak to match.  Oh and he had a reddish coloured handkerchief knotted around his neck; giving the appearance of being a sailor.

If it’s our Jack, then he’s putting on quite a performance for his audience this time.

JTR-30Sept#2Apart from killing Kate by cutting her throat in his usual manner, she was mutilated horribly.  Jack would have been angry that he had been disturbed earlier; the pent-up rage no doubt erupted in a frenzy.

The victims eyes were stabbed, her ears, nose and face slashed; her body had been opened from breast-bone to pubis; her liver stabbed repeatedly. Intestines had been removed and left at her shoulder, a similar manner to when he slaughtered Annie Chapman.

Not content with that, the killer then opened the body further with a horizontal incision, removing Kate’s kidney and uterus; his trophies.

mitre squareWe know that the uterus is the source of the feminine and it isn’t too long a stretch to understand why this might be a trophy.  The kidney however has a deeper meaning.

Reference to the kidneys in the Bible, particularly in the Book of Job, cites the kidneys as the site of divine punishment for misdemeanors, committed or perceived.

There are five instances in the same good book, where kidneys are mentioned as the organs examined by God to judge an individual. We must take note also, that kidneys are always mentioned in conjunction with the heart; mirrors of the psyche.

We can expect a heart to be taken as a trophy, should there be future victims.

We can also suggest without any hesitation that this killer has deep-seated anger with his natal female-nurturer; had read the Bible at some stage and/or had a Christian upbringing.

Note: part of a kidney was later mailed to the Chairman of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee.  The accompanying letter was addressed ‘from hell’ (image of the letter).  There was no DNA testing facility in those days to identify a match, but it is highly likely Catherine Eddowes’ organ.

  • Uranus/MC=Moon-North node conjunction – climbing over others to fulfill one’s own need for recognition. This madness, most certainly, is related to his early relationship with his mother.

Lunar madness is prevalent in this particular chart more so than the others – Moon conjunct the Lunar north node in the 12th house/the mind.  Given the opportunity, we would likely find that the emotional connection to his mother was not severed cleanly when he was around 2-3 years-old.  Was a younger sibling needing his mother’s attention?

Jack had made his point.  Following the publicity of the mutilation and murder of Catherine Eddowes and all the uproar in the community, Dr Jekyll and Hyde closed its London season early and left to tour elsewhere.   However the madness had not left Jack yet.  There was one more in the canon still to come; he didn’t have all his trophies for the cabinet.

Mary Jane Kelly:

In the early hours of Friday 9th November, 1888 the following planetary alignment was in the heavens.  This was not a night to be out-of-doors alone, with the Serbian astrology 22° revealed again.

The grim reaper, Saturn is on the streets, swinging his egg-timer; scythe over his shoulder.  Neptune (ruler of Pisces)  is at the angle and we know what that means – someone is likely to ‘get away with murder’.  Prophets of doom.

  • 22° Virgo ascendant – the answer is in the detail (note the trophy taken)
  • 22° Pisces descendant – catch me if you can (never caught)
  • 22° Sagittarius midpoint = Sun/Moon – look for a foreign home (4th house midpoint)
  • 22° Sagittarius midpoint = Asc/Desc – coming and going, foreign homes (ditto)
  • 22° Pisces midpoint = Mars/Neptune – he leaves the scene, cloaked in secrecy
  • Saturn in tension, square the Sun – grim reaper is in the mix; forensic indicator.

JTR-9NovIrish born, raised in Wales, Mary Jane was a sight for sore eyes in London – in her mid twenties, vibrant and liked by all; only noisy when she was in her cups.  This was one of those nights; her neighbours heard renditions of her favourite songs into the early hours.

Not outdoors this time; no gutters or back alleys for our colleen. Mary Jane was to die in a rented room, allowing  Jack the privacy to do his worst and at his leisure.

Last seen in the company of a shabbily dressed, stout man in a long overcoat and wearing a billycock hat, Mary Jane and Jack set off indoors.  With a blotchy face, small side-whiskers and a carroty moustache, it sounds like Jack has been into his prop-box again and applied fresh makeup.

The rent collector found what was left of Mary Jane in the morning.  When police entered the room, they found Mary Jane Kelly’s clothes neatly folded on a chair and she was wearing just a chemise. Her boots were in front of the fireplace.

Mary Jane had undressed for her killer and yet there was no evidence of sexual intent.  Why then did she remove her clothes? 

Jack stripped the flesh from her bones:

  • The whole of the surface of the abdomen and thighs was removed and the abdominal cavity emptied.
  • Her breasts were cut off, the arms mutilated by several jagged wounds and the face hacked beyond recognition.
  • The tissues of the neck were severed down to the bone.
  • The uterus and kidneys with one breast were found under her head, the other breast by the right foot, the liver between the feet.
  • The intestines lay by the right side of the body and the spleen by the left-hand side.
  • Her thighs were on a table.
  • She had died by the usual manner, her throat cut ear to ear; down to the bone.
  • The chest cavity was open and the heart absent.  Jack had his ultimate trophy.  He had stolen Mary Jane’s life force; her heart.

I drove the bus

It had all started with the leader; the dux.  The Ascendant of Mary Tabram’s event chart revealed the 22° constellation of Cancer rising at the horizon. This particular performance ends with the Pisces Descendant and Mary Jane Kelly’s demise,  dropping below the horizon at 22° Pisces – evil, from beginning to end.

Neptune’s cloak of invisibility came down over the entire performance and Jack escaped capture.

Did Jack disappear to America? To the Continent?  Did he kill again?  Can the heavens tell us?   Can we coax Jack out of the box?

Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques, Dormez vous? Dormez vous?

…continued – the suspects


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