Line dancer, Corryn Rayney

barristers-wig-transYou say that building a career of twenty years took just twenty minutes to destroy…  The heavens tell me that you brought yourself down in a lot less than twenty minutes, Lloyd Rayney.  The decision to risk your career by gambling, is what more likely dunnit.

A split second of weakness; a character flaw of such magnitude, that you would never have made silk in the first place had your superiors known, Lloyd.  You left yourself wide open to potential corruption.

As for losing more than $100,000 in legal betting accounts, one has to wonder how much more went into the bookies pockets, in cash.

While we are in the realm of Lady Luck, Lloyd… If you’d been any good at poker, you would have known that your wife was bluffing when she threatened divorce and if I were to tell you that come the crunch, Corryn would never have divorced you, would you have believed me?

You might challenge my personal opinion, however this enquiry is not personal.  We are interpreting planetary orbits and alignments by classical means; a method used by antecedents of my family and yours.  In modern days, it’s known as forensic astrology.

What we share here is not accepted in a court of law, is pseudo-scientific in origin and offered without prejudice.  You’re a man of the humanities, Lloyd so you’re bound to give us a hearing, are you not?

Your wife lies dead; murdered.  You might have been acquitted of her murder by a judge, rather than a jury of your peers, however the wrath of the gods are bound to come down on you, if you have been lying, Lloyd Patrick Rayney.

We have the birth data of both yourself and your wife Corryn Veronica Ann Rayney nee DaSilva with rectified birth times from information available on the public record – cheers, Wedgetailegal.  That information gives us all that we need in order to take snapshots in time of the planetary positions in the solar system, plus interpret any tension in heaven’s realm.

If we cast our event as the time that Corryn is reported to have left her friends at the Urban Cowboys Line Dancing group, 9:30pm on 7th August 2007; 31S57 115E51, we can get a feel of what is in the air together with tension in the charts of our marriage partners, Lloyd and Corryn Rayney.

We know that Corryn was to have a ‘sit-down-sort-things-out’ discussion with Lloyd at their home once she got home; his career, his finances and their children, all on the agenda.  The very things that Lloyd said in advance were non-negotiable and the three things that are bound to come up in the charts – 10th, 2nd and 5th house matters.

The blood thicker than water theory seems to apply here; children are a man’s blood-kin, however his wife isn’t. We see this priority across many cultures; skewed, to my way of thinking but then I am a woman.

Event-Rayneyclick on image for full size

10th house cusp and Midheaven is at the controlling 3°Capricorn.  Pluto, Lord of the Underworld at 26°Sagittarius, had crossed the MC at 9:00pm just thirty minutes earlier.

Pluto would reach the exit point; the descendant at 4:00am the following morning.  The window of opportunity was seven hours.

Note: Alice in Wonderland rules; anticlockwise is the method when following a transit in a chart…but back to our event and 9:30pm.

  • Midheaven 3°Capricorn square a 3°feisty Aries Ascendant exact – careers and personalities/egos are at odds.
  • Venus (pink) is 0°Virgo (nitpicky) exact square slippery 0°Gemini Mars (red); not a night for a family discussion between a man and a woman and impossible for an eye-to-eye, unless you’re looking sideways.
  • Mars (action) and the Gemini Moon (blue) straddle the cusp of the 2nd house of financial assets/money/values and 3rd house of communication – the agenda.

With the ruling planet of Gemini being Mercury, we know that quick thoughts and deeds are likely to flare (Mars energy).  Sharp words, hyperbole and ‘porky-pies’ will abound.

  • Moon (blue) square Lunar nodal axis (6th-12th axis) – driving need towards a traumatic act based on ethics and mindfulness.
  • Moon opposite Jupiter (green) – inflating the emotional impact.
  • Chiron quindecile Saturn 26°Saturn (the grim reaper) – with the quindecile indicating an obsession, we could suggest that someone’s future ‘health’ is not looking good.
  • The 5th-11th axis is also in play.  Love is not a bargaining tool and nor are children.

This was not a night to pick for a family discussion, you have to agree.  So what of husband and wife?


  • Both natal charts reveal the Ascendant in-common, Gemini (Mercury rules Gemini) – communicative personalities, albeit their delivery of communication differs muchly because of their natures (Sun signs). Capricorn is notably less social, than Cancer.
  • Both have Aquarian Moons – their driving needs and goals would be similar.
  • Their Suns are in opposite cardinal signs, mirroring for each other.  Lloyd is Capricorn – authoritative, in control; ruled by Saturn and Corryn, Cancer – emotional, somewhat stubborn; ruled by the Moon.  Cancer people need to learn to go with the flow emotionally and Capricorn’s – they need to give some room for negotiation; renowned for holding so tightly to their position.

As to the individual charts, following the solar arc progression method, we can see that Saturn crossed Lloyd’s career point and cusp of the 10th house the year that he met his bride to be.  Lloyd was 24 years of age when he met Corryn DaSilva.  We can suggest from this, that his rising star; a stellar career, resulted from their union.

In fact his 9th house future career is also predetermined to take place overseas – he was born in Yemen and the family relocated to Australia – that’s overseas in my atlas.  Lloyd Rayney also has a work history in 2003-2004 of his career taking him overseas; this time from Australia.

Addressing the man’s gambling, apart from a possible method of punishing a partner by hitting them in the hip-pocket (note that his wife’s Sun is in the 2nd house of money), we can see the weakness to gambling in the astrology – Neptune (turquoise) is at 13° Scorpio (secretive) in the 6th house of ethics.

  • We suggest that this character is rather slippery on his job – Gemini at the ascendant and Neptune in the work-house and ethics, the 6th.
  • Lady luck – Jupiter (green) is 12°Aquarius square this Neptune placement inflating the tension.  This pair of planets would never make a lucky gambler; well not an honest one anyway.
  • Neptune is also square the midpoint Jupiter 12° and Moon 14° Aquarius – bringing inflated emotions into play and by association we also know that his wife’s Moon is 12°Aquarius.  Corryn would get particularly emotional about this ‘weakness’ in his character.

We can further suggest, that Lloyd might also use gambling as a release for any possible nefarious guilt he carries in his psyche – ie representing criminals in court.

By August 2007, natal Uranus (sudden changes) had progressed to 16°Libra creating tension in his natal chart; square his Capricorn Sun – life was starting to get out of control; rather shaky. A Capricorn native would not take kindly to this tension.

Note: Planetary transits in real-time will likely clarify how this tension might be released, but that is ahead of us…

Corryn’s natal chart/spread of planets is somewhat better, a more rounded character especially with Venus (pink) and Mercury (yellow) in the 1st house; the personality.

  • Lady luck, Jupiter (highlighted green) is in the 11th house – a generous soul.  Jupiter inflates whatever the planet touches and we note that it inflates the natal 2nd house Sun (orange).

We can suggest that Corryn is most likely an acquisitive person. This could stem from her early childhood nurturing experiences of escaping war-torn Uganda to start again in Australia, although for our purposes, it is already in the chart; predetermined.

Note:  This is the aspect, the Achilles heel that a husband might be aware of and exploit for his own purposes (see gambling motives above).

  • Neptune 12°Scorpio in the 5th house is in tension by square with an Aquarian Moon and by association, her husband’s Moon as well.  This does not bode well in the boudoir; disenchantment.  Fantasy needs to be in the mix and maybe it was; it’s not for us to comment.

LloydRayney-Eventclick on image for full size

When we generate a bi-wheel (method) of Lloyd Rayney’s natal chart and the 9:30pm event time, we have a picture of the tension between the planets.

With a saturnine (Saturn rules that Capricorn Sun) character, we know in advance, that we are not likely to get a Christmas tree light-show to share in this bi-wheel, however the all-important angles hold the answers we are looking for; the forensic indicator planets – highlighted red.

Angle #1:

  • With Mars straddling his natal ascendant and the Moon in his 1st house, we can suggest that he is psyched up for action; in readiness for an emotional conflict. The book interpretation is “ready to let it fly”.


  • Transiting Saturn (grim reaper) is at the IC cusp in the 4th house (Lloyd’s home) – it’s all a matter of timing.
  • Transiting Venus (female symbol) is conjunct natal Uranus at 0°Virgo – Lloyd is about to make sudden changes in relation to a female, within range of the grim reaper in his home.


  • The horizon line at 9:30pm is the Descendant, where the constellations are entering the relationship of marriage.  Note that feisty 3°Aries ascendant we talked about earlier over the other side of this bi-wheel in the 11th house.  It  is trine (working with) the natal Descendant of Lloyd Rayney bringing our attention to personality and his marriage (see above – careers and personalities/egos are at odds.)


  • Transiting Neptune (subversion), the hidden factor (turquoise) is at the top of the chart at 20°Aquarius.  The natal Lunar Nodal Axis portending trauma, is nudging close just two degrees away.

The angles aside, there are plenty more forensic indicators to build our enquiry:

  • Transiting Mars in the heavens at 0°Gemini is exact square natal Uranus 0°Virgo  – note that Lloyd is already struggling with a progressed Uranus in his solar arc chart (as discussed above).
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) at 9°Sagittarius is exact square natal Pluto – inflating the Lord of the Underworld.
  • The date on the calendar (orange Sun) is 14°Leo square to natal Neptune (turquoise) – this subversive event is planned as a disappearance.  That her body was found a week later, was not part of the plan.
  • The date on the calendar is exact opposite his natal Moon – his needs are fulfilled by this date.  (Sun represents wants and the Moon, needs).

From classic interpretation of the planetary positions, you cannot tell me that this man was not involved in the planning of the disappearance/murder of his wife, Corryn Veronica Ann Rayney.

I suggest that you are lying Lloyd.  I need do no more than offer up this enquiry to the public record; the heavens will take care of retribution, I have no doubt.

Web-Line-DancersWe could even wind the clock forward and probably tell you exactly when Corryn was murdered, however it is not our place to do so.

That realm is private, between the couple themselves.

RIP Corryn Veronica Ann Rayney nee DaSilva

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4 thoughts on “Line dancer, Corryn Rayney”

  1. with your natal chart, can you let me know please what date is corryn and lloyd’s actual birthdate? Thanks

  2. THANKYOU MM just what I was looking for. I am new to this and trying to understand your horoscope drawings. can you please tell me what the 1/2 arc with a cross at the bottom and a very small circle in the middle of the arc is and relates to?

  3. Not sure what you mean Possum. Which chart are you referring to and which house in that chart?
    What you are describing sounds like a symbol for the asteroid Ceres, however I haven’t used the asteroids in these chart images.


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