Whymper – hide and seek

English climber, Edward Whymper is best known for the first ascent of the Pennine Alps challenge, the Matterhorn. On the descent of that initial climb, a tragic accident took the lives of four members of his team; four died, however two guides and Whymper, survived.

That expedition stands as a reminder to all climbers; take caution.  However, we are not to explore the Swiss-Italian border today, our location is the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area west of Sydney, Australia.   Among many other attractions, this is a favourite place for those adventurous souls who love to climb.

The difficult section to the left of the Sweet Dreams Wall (approx Lat/Long: -33.735789, 150.337527) is the climb, Whymper; named in honour of the Matterhorn mountaineer.

PolicerescueThe first  ACA recorded Whymper climb was in March 2009, however it was in September 2013 when NSW Police Rescue needed to harness up for Whymper, in order to recover the body of a young man; Gary Tweddle.

Unfortunately Gary Tweddle had no harness and ropes when he stumbled along the top of the Sweet Dreams Wall. This young man had gone over the cliff from the top, in the darkness of the night after much bush-bashing.

Gary didn’t slip off a cliff-path in his dress shoes; wander off the road.  Unfamiliar with the area he could not possibly have realised the mortal danger he was in. He had left the comfort of a resort 2kms away in the first hour after midnight. The adrenalin rush of un-preparedness; his companion.

Whatever the reason for his departure from his companions, his mind-set drove him to leave civilisation and beat his way through dense bush for quite some time in order to arrive at the top of Whymper.

We are likely to hear from a coronial inquest, that Gary Tweddle’s death was caused by misadventure, however we can undertake a forensic astrology enquiry to see what the heavens would have us know of this event.

Astrology is a pseudo science, is not accepted in a court of law and does not purport to be anything else.  We build our enquiry from facts and media reports on the public record together with known planetary positions in the heavens. 

Blue mountains geologyThe Blue Mountains are famous for more than the resorts and cool climate; above all, they are unique for their geology. This is a hazy blue labyrinth; jumbled layers of rich yellow rock.

When Gary Tweddle was reported missing in July, there were 268,987 hectares of a mix of blue and yellow before the searchers and yet many armchair critics were quick to find fault and question as to why he hadn’t been found in the first few days.

You’ve only to look at postcards to get some idea of the terrain. It was a miracle that his body was found at all.

We were into the second month since his disappearance.  The official search and rescue effort, after many thousands of human hours on the ground and in the air, had been scaled back.  Gary was still in the minds of a group of paramedics as their training exercise in a helicopter swept along the Sweet Dreams Wall.

The Sun’s afternoon rays angled just right; an alert pair of eyes; in the right place at the right time.  It was a Monday afternoon in early September when the planets lined up and Gary Tweddle stopped playing hide-and-seek.

Neptune had been in the mix right from the beginning – creating intrique, supposed spiked drinks, suggestion that Gary was out buying drugs, that he was kidnapped, a victim of a hit-and-run and cover up. The frustration of ‘not knowing’ what happened to Gary; Neptune running riot among us; playing hide-and-seek.

Even the media did its fair share, feeding the intrigue.  Was the 17minute mobile call at midnight, 12:20am or 1:00am?  How can astrologers draw up locator angles in an effort to be of assistance, when the media reporting can’t even get the times right. Neptune had its way; we walked away from any role we could have played.

In an effort to gain some order from the chaos, we can generate a bi-wheel (method) in the aftermath; of the first sighting of the body from the helicopter that fateful afternoon, 2nd September, 2013.

GT-body_spottedOur perspective is from the victim’s point of view with the inner wheel, the natal chart for Gary Tweddle (birth time confirmed).

The outer wheel is a snapshot of the planetary positions at the time when the Sun’s rays shone into the slot on Whymper highlighting human remains.

  • The position of the Sun (orange) in the sky at 4pm 9°Virgo is at the mid-heaven of the natal chart for Gary Tweddle, straddling the line with Mercury (communication) – alignment, just right.
  • The planetary line-up and all-important mid-heaven/MC 17°Scorpio is conjunct Gary’s natal Mars-Pluto (red) in the inner wheel – the 12th house.  It is as if Gary is directing the action by sheer will-power.
  • The 3rd house of communication reveals the Lunar nodal axis conjunct the natal Ascendant 20°Aquarius. He was lost and now he is found.
  • Transiting Mercury square natal Mercury.  Lines of communication are operating across the ether.
  • Transiting Pluto opposite natal Jupiter (green) – Empowered (this will make more sense once we interpret the natal chart)
  • Uranus (red) the planet of sudden changes is square natal Saturn (the grim reaper and body locator) at 11°Capricorn. Sudden changes highlighted the body.

Gary’s ashes will likely stay in Australia despite his being born in the northern hemisphere to British parents.  He came down-under with his mother as a teen, returned to UK, then back to Aus with a job lined up and a bright future.  The rest is history.

We can track backwards with solar-arc progression (method) to take a snapshot of his development and how this young man came to be in a situation where his life should be so easily thrown away, but first his natal chart; the character of the lad.

Aussies learn early in their nurturing of the dangers of our natural environment; that when lost in the bush, sit down and wait for rescue.  However this young man is not an Aussie.  He is a go-getting, mentally driven, bright young spark who has not matured into acceptance of his mortality.

GTFor those familiar with previous cases on this blog, we have to immediately consider:

  • There are bound to be a number of planets on the left hand side of the chart (assertive character).
  • He is likely to have a stellium of planets in his chart – rolls with the punches life throws at him; seen to be easy going, but really quite confused (doesn’t understand) as to what the fuss is about.

If we were to look superficially at this young man – what you see is what you get basically, however when we look at the detail of the horoscope, the 12th house is where the problem lies.

The 12th house planets are very much in the action in the bi-wheel we discussed earlier, the discovery of the body, but back to the natal chart.  The planets are spread across three houses:

  • The 12th house (the mind) – steely mind (Mars-Pluto)
  • The 1st house (the personality) Wants, needs and communication make for an intense personality (Sun-Moon-Mercury); gift of the gab – note the square to the midheaven – his personality is tied to his career.
  • The 2nd house (self esteem) horoscope – Uranus (sudden changes) and Neptune-Saturn conjunction – authoritarian confusion. Hmmm – he’s a bit slippery with the rules, this young man.  Venus (his peers) and money is also in this house.

Note:  Lookie-see what is driving all that action – our old friend Jupiter (green) holding the handle of the fan on the other side of the wheel – inflating all those planets; fanning the fire

  • A stellium with a Jupiter holding the handle of the fan would also indicate a need for a leash.

We have to comment that he was off the leash, away with male companions/playmates. We trust his employer – Oracle, has a zero tolerance for drugs at their conventions.

Generally speaking, in order to achieve a rounded-out character, we need the planets to be spread around in a horoscope.  Stellium layouts are indicative of those who do not usually achieve emotional maturity for whatever reason; a candle burns brightly then is gone.

We wish no disrespect however the code of the eternal teenager springs to mind,  “live for now, die young, and make for a good-looking corpse.”

GT-SA>deathGary died at the age of 23 years and 8 months.  An astrologer can take a heavenly approach in an effort to make, if not sense, then some order out of the chaos of this pointless loss of life.

We can create a bi-wheel again from the perspective of the date of Gary’s birth and overlay a progressed chart to the date that he died; indicating where he was possibly at in his life and what life challenges he would have been facing.

Note: This approach is purely subjective.

  • Progressed Nodal axis is at the MC/IC axis – his death is a karmic event.
  • Natal Jupiter (green) continues to hold the handle of the fan – everything OTT continues to be the norm.
  • Venus (pink) has progressed to square his will power planets of Mars-Pluto.  He has matured into his peer group role in the 3rd house (communication).
  • 2nd house (developing self-esteem) – progressed Mercury (yellow) in the outer wheel is now conjunct Saturn – taking baby steps in his authoritative role of communicator. Jupiter would be having a problem with this, creating impatience.
  • Natal Moon (blue) has progressed to conjunct (Neptune) creating all this intrigue around him – the hide-and-seek.  This is an driving need within him ‘to be clouded in mystery’. Note that the Ascendant is Scorpio (secrets).  This is part of his driving need; development of the personality process – a teenage comic-book character.
  • Ascendant (personality, personal thrust) has progressed to conjunct natal Mercury.  This would create pressure on him to be more assertive in his communication.  He would in all likelihood be struggling internally with this – sometimes needing support in decisions, sometimes wanting to make the decisions and all continuing to be fanned by Jupiter.

Hopefully a full inquest into the reasons behind his demise will reveal more of circumstances leading to his departure from the safety of the resort and his mental state at the time; whether it was drug induced or not.

However from an astrology enquiry standpoint, we can be confident to suggest that the circumstances around his demise were as a result of his own actions, by misadventure.

recoveryrecovery#2Note: Images of the enormity of the challenge that the NSW Police rescue recovery team undertook to bring Gary Tweddle’s body home for his family and friends. 

Click on images for full size.

RIP Gary Tweddle


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  1. Very good analysis of this poor soul’s chart. Jupiter is quite the character huh? Sending us on impossible journeys.


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