Barmy Army

It’s just not cricket…

JustnotcricketThe Barmy Army was given its name by the Australian media during the 1994-95 English cricket team’s tour down-under.  The English fans had the audacity to accompany a losing side on tour and they kept on chanting even when England was losing.

They must be barmy!

However we’re not playing cricket today.  We have our Aussie irony helmet on our heads when we suggest that our Barmy Army today are the followers of the Australian Labor Party.

The ALP has lost the election and yet the fans keep up the chant focusing on the question of who’s going to be the next leader?  As if we give a toss…

Those ambitious enough to want to lead the team, now play the humility game waiting to be nominated for the top job in the ALP, while behind the scenes it is a far different story with lobbying in the corridors, phones running hot, chits being called in.

Having access to an astrology toolkit we can make an enquiry of the players ambitions, more so than they would perhaps wish us to know.  Do keep your feet in the crease though, we are in the realm of subjective opinion not the back room of the ALP caucus.

Under the new ALP rules, nominations for the new leader of the ALP are open for seven days and under the rules agreed to on 22nd July, 2013 at Sydney’s Balmain Town Hall, the deputy leader or highest ranked House of Representatives member will serve as the interim leader until a ballot can be held to elect a new leader.

We must note that none of those nominated for leadership can take on the role of interim leader.  The process can take as long as four weeks following the nominal seven days for nominations.

LABORSo who’s ambitious enough to want the top job? There’s a raft of potential candidates for the vacancy of ALP leader as well as deputy in the next 2013 parliament.

Apart from the Senator for South Australia who incidentally has a stellar astrology chart of interest at the moment, there are a number of players already in the one-day match.  Penny Wong could change out of her test whites and lay down her baggy green cap, but perhaps not.

Here are five contenders in the dressing room, whom we can include in an enquiry, today.

  • Anthony Albanese – ex Deputy leader
  • Chris Bowen  – ex Treasurer
  • Tony Burke – ex-Immigration Minister
  • Tanya Plibersek – ex-Health Minister
  • Bill Shorten – ex-Education Minister

It is unclear who will take over the interim role, however we have the advantage of an astrology toolkit, which can give us an interesting perspective and possible outcome of any ballot ahead of time.  As we do not know when any possible ballot will be held or whether certain candidates will nominate or not, we rely on progression theory for a basis of an enquiry and bi-wheels (method) for the tension.

The inner wheels for all bi-wheels in this enquiry are the natal charts for the persons of interest; the position of the planets on a given day in time; the date of birth of each player. The outer wheels are a progression of that natal chart by solar arc – 1° for each year of life (method). We can then interpret the tension between planets in order to create our story.

The birth data for all players is on the public record, albeit none have times of birth available. This means that the all-important angles cannot be accepted as relevant for our enquiry unless otherwise nominated.  All birth times are set at noon; the central point for the natal Moon in the 24-hour period.

KR-SAIf we start with the outgoing leader Kevin Rudd, we know that the natal chart is rectified and so the angles and houses are relevant.

  • Neptune (turquoise) has progressed to square natal Sun (the ego) highlighted orange in the inner wheel.  KR will not be standing for re-election as leader.
  • Mercury (yellow) is one year short of being conjunct natal Venus (pink). Political communicator.

Venus as we know represents a social or peer group – in this case the House of Reps and Mercury is the communication planet.  Both of these planets are in the 10th house of career.  One possible interpretation could be that within the year, Rudd may leave the parliament and take up a communication role on a bigger stage, although with Venus in the mix, he would not be likely to be stepping out as a solo performer; he will remain within a group.

Our next step in this enquiry is to check who might not nominate or get through a ballot for the position of leader of the ALP.  These trio are a fine example of Neptune’s (turquoise) influence.


#1 Chris Bowen – inner wheel is natal chart and outer wheel is progressed chart.  With the Sun (orange) in play we can suggest that it is his choice not to throw his cap into the field.

  • Natal Saturn (red) represents ambition and progressed to oppose natal Sun (personal) – his role could be as the interim leader until a ballot determines an outcome.
  • Natal Mars progressed to square natal Uranus (red) – he did consider contending.
  • Natal Sun (personal) progressed to square natal Neptune (turquoise) – it is a personal choice not to run, however…

Note: natal Neptune is 6°Sagittarius and progressed Sun is 7°Pisces.  His day in the sun has passed.

#2 Bill Shorten  Looks like he will have a go with the presence of Neptune, however with Neptune in play twice in this bi-wheel, we can expect much hidden activity going on behind the scenes.

  • Natal Lunar Nodal Axis (public stage) has progressed to square natal Uranus however Uranus is 20°Virgo and Lunar nodal axis is 21°Sag. – he is still almost a year off changing his colours.
  • Natal Saturn (future ambition) opposite natal Neptune (turquoise is more of the same – timing is not right yet for his time in the field of play..
  • Natal Neptune (outer wheel turquoise) has progressed to square Saturn (ambition) – the degree of of separation identifies his internal struggles within the party.

#3 Anthony Albanese   This is a much quieter chart; if you notice – interesting to an astrologer, no less.  Again we have the orange highlighted Sun in play.  This is a more ‘open’ challenge for the position of leader and the more likely of the two to carry off the statesman role needed as opposition leader

  • Natal Sun has progressed to oppose natal Neptune – is it time for his day in the sun?  Only the ballot will answer this question.

The next pair of charts are considerably more interesting, you have to agree.  Immediately we can see Neptune out of the scene.  They are not involved in a decision requiring a ballot. By sharing their ambition, these two candidates are more likely chasing the deputy-leader position.


Of these two charts, we have been able to rectify the chart for Tanya Plibersek to a relevant time of birth.  Tony Burke remains elusive in this regard, unfortunately.  They were born just a month apart and so the interplay between outer planets and nodal axis will be very similar.

#1 Tony Burke With the South Node in the outer wheel conjunct Mercury (yellow) in the inner wheel, this is usually interpreted as a loss.

  • Lunar nodal axis has progressed to opposite natal Saturn (ambition) 4° Scorpio – ambition/timing in the public arena is now.
  • Natal Saturn (outer wheel) has progressed to square natal Lunar nodal axis – again this is  important timing in this man’s career, however…

Note: Progressed Mercury in the outer wheel is currently at 18°Sagittarius and in eighteen months it will progress to square natal Lunar nodal axis – giving voice to his ambition.  If at first you don’t succeed …

#2 Tanya Plibersek.  This is an example of how a rectified birth time can reveal a good deal more about a character.

  • Natal Saturn (red in the outer wheel) has progressed to square natal Lunar nodal axis – this is important timing in this woman’s career.
  • Natal Saturn has progressed to conjunct Ascendant – timing is now.
  • Natal Mars has progressed to conjunct the mid-heaven; the MC – boost to career.
  • Natal Mercury (yellow) progressed to square Saturn in the inner wheel – this timing of communication is ‘perfect’.
  • Jupiter (green) progressed to square natal Moon (blue) – inflating driving need of the individual. 
  • Natal Moon (blue) in the outer wheel progressed to conjunct natal Jupiter – emotionally attached to the outcome of this driving need.

nla.pic-an8263661-vIf these are to be the only players vying for leadership and deputy positions of the ALP at this time, we can suggest that the heavens are indicating no-contest in the leadership outcome and that Tanya Plibersek remains most determined in her resolve for deputy.

Whomever wins, we can suggest that the executive positions will change in 2014.

Saturn, in the role of time, will determine whether this astrologer who is not a follower of any political party,  is barmy or not…

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