In the line of fire

There is no right to own firearms in Australia; no second amendment.  It is considered a privilege rather than a right and the law only provides for firearm ownership under a licence system at the discretion of police/law enforcement.

The laws strictly forbid ownership for the explicit purpose of self-defense. Exceptions are security guards and police. Carrying weapons on a person is illegal, even if the owner is licensed — there is no carry permit for the general public.  Criminals have to obtain their firearms by illegal means.

BillCrewsJust three years ago, an armed police officer died in a situation that today would have antennae raised and guns, unholstered in advance.

The saddest of all shooting deaths in the police force is a death of one of their own in the line of fire. NSW Constable William A.G. Crews died as a result of a fellow officer’s error; the bullet from a mate’s weapon.  Bill Crews died in the company of fellow officers while serving a warrant at a drug raid.

The incident lasted just 2.8 seconds from the time police shouted, “Search warrant” to the last of five bullets being fired.

The ripple effect of Bill Crews death took out several other members of the force; counseling not effective enough to retain the dedicated officers on the force.  It’s easy to criticize in hindsight, however we have no wish to create further grief.  We have to trust that the system is improved, today.

We could make an enquiry into this case alone; the aftermath of the court case plus the over-zealous appeals to the bench, however our enquiry today is not your usual forensic astrology enquiry.  The astrology for the death of a trained officer on the job reveals a need for a different set of charts than those for an emotive killing or murder of a member of the public.

Eighteen months after the death of Bill Crews, NSW Senior Constable David James Rixon was also shot and killed on the job, stopping a vehicle at 8am in the morning, in a country town in regional NSW.

David-rixonThis was another officer killed in a line of fire, however the situation was different in that Highway Patrol officer, David Rixon was alone on the job. There were no other police officers present.  This officer was shot by the driver of the car he had stopped for a random breath test.

Astrology is a pseudo science, is not accepted in a court of law.  We do not offer the results of our enquiry as a replacement for science. What is factual is the basis for our enquiry – positions of planets in their orbits in our solar system; snapshots in time and place.  Our interpretation is based on classic astrology, ancient symbolism and experience.

In forensic astrology, our toolkit involves the hard aspects, the tension between the planets, revealing the emotive reaction in the person of interest in the study.  Whereas in the situation we are sharing here; this study, we have men who are trained not to react emotively on the job.  We need to approach this enquiry differently to reveal the heavens input into the event.

As this method of interpretation is particularly subjective and open to erroneously unfiltered interpretation, we cannot recommend it for standard forensic cases and only share as an example of a method for a hardened criminal or as in our case, persons who are trained not to react emotively.

Case #1 Undercover operation, Sydney.  The death of Constable Bill Crews:

The first pair of bi-wheels (method) are generated from the perspective of the time when Bill Crews was shot in Sydney on the dark night of a New Moon.  The inner wheel reveals the planetary positions at the time of that shooting and the outer wheel is the natal chart for Bill Crews; a chart calculated at noon on the date that he was born in regional New South Wales.

The first bi-wheel is familiar to our regular readers – the hard aspects between two points in time revealing the forensic astrology indicators of a crime whereas the second bi-wheel in this duo of bi-wheels has been generated to share the soft aspect of a ‘trine’ (a third of the circle – 120°) where planets work together to create a situation.

We can share the story of the event from a planetary perspective through trines, however I’ll keep to the classical interpretations as closely as possible in order to avoid any erroneous subjective interpretation of my own.

Duo-Bill-Crewsclick on image for full size

It is a dark night – Sun and Moon in the inner wheel are conjunct.  Transiting in the heavens in the inner wheel also we note that Pluto (red) is square Jupiter (green); power/powerlessness is inflated.  Pluto square anything is like a blanket over a hand-grenade; a potentially explosive situation.

At the angles, we note that natal Pluto, the forensic planet indicating power/loss of power is at the Descendant; the exit point and cusp of public relationships.

  • In the inner wheel and highlighted pink, indicating the social group/the police force, Venus is conjunct natal Pluto (red) – death on the job; in this case within his peer group.
  • Highlighted yellow and transiting in the heavens is Mercury, the communicator.  We know that Mercury indicates guns, knives and any method of communication, not just speaking.  Mercury is square the lunar nodal axis in the natal chart of Bill Crews – shot in a public place and in a traumatic situation.
  • Transiting Mercury is also square the natal Sun, the man himself.  Some would suggest that the timing is a karmic event.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) is square transiting natal turquoise coloured Neptune – indicating drugs, subversion and hidden matters.

As Jupiter inflates what it touches and knowing that the situation was an undercover drug operation, the tension between the two planets requires no further interpretation.  In all, a straight-forward forensic result, until we look at the second bi-wheel.

This is how complex the planetary line-up needed to be; the actual timing of this loss of life; the 2.8 seconds in time.  There is much here for an astrologer to interpret, however we will stick to the main event, a grand trine.

A Grand Trine: Trines of 120°are where the interaction between planets work together, however a grand trine is when there are three planets connected by trine aspect to each other – where the energy can be trapped.  Picture if you will, energy passing from one party to the other, bouncing off the walls of the triangle with no apparent way out.

We have an Earth Grand Trine in this bi-wheel – see the red lines creating a triangle – the inner wheel yellow Mercury (the bullet that killed Bill Crews) is in trine aspect with transiting Lunar north node (red) in the heavens/natal Jupiter (green) in the outer wheel putting the victim in the line of fire.  The third part of the triangle is the trine from transiting Mercury to natal Moon/Mercury.  There was no pre-planning for this contingency; instinct is used.

When we look for an exit point, a release for this pent-up energy, the only symbolism present at the midpoint of any of these angles is the 3rd house Lunar south node (karma) – note yellow locator angle.  We can suggest that Constable Crews was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the 3rd house we all know, is the natural realm of Mercury, the house of communication.

Case #2 Highway patrol, Tamworth.  The death of Senior Constable David Rixon:

Our second duo of bi-wheels take us to regional NSW, to Tamworth where Senior Constable David Rixon is out on highway patrol with the patrol car video camera recording the voice of the perpetrator and the fatality.  Again we have Neptune on the scene with the offender a drug user and dealer; subterfuge and drugs.

Duo-David Rixon

The inner wheel is the time of the shooting and the outer wheel the natal chart of David Rixon (birth time not rectified).  So what’s jumping out of the monitor at you?

Pluto is again at the descendant, that’s what grabbed my attention…

Note: The two police officers are born more than seven years apart; the times of day of the events are early morning and mid evening; the dates of the events are eighteen months apart and yet here we have Pluto at the point of departure for both fatalities.  This has not been contrived.  The times of the events are on the public record and not chosen by me.  Bizarre…

  • Transiting Saturn (red) square natal Venus (pink). Saturn as the grim reaper is the origin of the line of fire and the recipient is the peer group/a policeman.  The killing is not personal, more a case of what David Rixon represents; the law.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) square natal Sun (orange).  The police officer used sheer will and determination to handcuff the perpetrator before he succumbed to his injuries.
  • Transiting Neptune square natal Neptune – drugs and subterfuge in the mix.

The second bi-wheel has another grand trine with a story to tell. This time in the element of water, somewhat explaining the enormous outpouring of emotion in the community following this tragic event. Again we have transiting Mercury (the bullet) at the ascendant, leading the way.

Transiting Mercury trine natal Venus (as interpreted above); the bullet that killed a policeman is also trine the midpoint of natal Neptune-Jupiter (turquoise-Green) – we know that highly fanciful claims were made by the perpetrator in court in an effort to deflect blame onto another drug dealer.

­There is no planet present to accept the outlet for this energy; we have to seek that evil, Algol.  The head of Medusa is at 26°Taurus in the 3rd house of communication.

RIP-ribbon policeThe insignia of the NSW Police Force features among other things, a soaring Australian Wedge-tailed eagle carrying a scroll with the word Nemesis. Culpam Poena Premit Comes.

The nemesis of all criminals, the boys in blue.  Oops, I tripped up badly there… boys, girls and SAR dogs in blue.

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One thought on “In the line of fire”

  1. Another brilliant analysis MM.
    Both offenders are a waste of space and a terrible waste of oxygen. One has been re-sentenced and won’t see the light of day for quite a wee while. The other doesn’t even bear thinking about. Full of lies and buck passing at trial. Not even man enough to accept what he did.
    God bless and keep safe the boys and girls in blue.


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