Family Court murders

His victims were inside the law and yet the law couldn’t catch him.  Looks like he’s going to get away with it too, when we check Len Warwick’s astrology chart.   His crimes will be on the akashic record rather than his criminal record.

We write of esoteric matters, astrology and pseudo science; none of which is accepted in the courts in these modern times. We add our voice to the clamour in support of the victims and those who continue to suffer as a result of this man’s actions.

LJWarwickTaking up the diagnostic tools of the Serbian School of Astrology, which focuses on the degrees of the zodiac, Leonard John Warwick’s natal chart reveals much.

Note that the time of birth has been rectified.

We begin at the begine, with the constellation peeping over the horizon at the time when he was born; the Ascendant is at 22°Capricorn.

We know that the ruling planet for the zodiac sign of Capricorn is Saturn and the Serbian tells us that the 22nd degree of any sign relates to Saturn as well.  We have a personality of someone who is doubly authoritative; the mountain goat.

We then ask the question, “Where is Saturn in this chart?”

We can see that Saturn is retrograde in the 7th house the wife. We also note that with Saturn Rx in his natal chart, this man lacked male mentoring in his childhood, so his idea of ‘wife’ is likely not to be an equal partnership.

The next step is to ask, “What sign and degree of the zodiac is Saturn placed in his natal chart?”

The zodiac sign of Leo is the answer to both questions; 5°Leo.  The lion king rules this territory.  We know that Leo’s natural house is the 5th – the house of creativity and children. The 5th degree is also Leo’s realm.  So continuing to use the Serbian method, the personality demands ultimate authority over wife and children.

In a loving family environment within a patriarchal society, an authoritative male head of the household may be the accepted norm, however Saturn is renowned to be cold and calculating.  We are not in a loving family environment with Len Warwick as the head of the household on this occasion; the grim reaper awaits.

From the ascendant, crossing the threshold into the first house of the horoscope, the personality reveals itself.   No surprises – aggressive, masculine Mars immediately bars our way and in Capricorn – the controller.  The 28th degree relates to the zodiac sign of Cancer/the 4th house – the home.  We’re starting to get the picture – a bully no doubt.

Sun-Mercury conjunction (egoistic communicator) is in Aquarius which begs us to follow, “What planet rules Aquarius?”

Our answer is Uranus, the planet of sudden changes in forensic astrology. Any partner of this man would end up a bundle of nerves not knowing which way he would swing. The symbolism of the planet Uranus is also rather ominously technology, electricity and bombs.

With all this action at the beginning of a life (in the 1st house) we can expect that there will likely be difficulties in development of the child; that the ego will be slow to accept the leadership of parents, teachers and mentors.  This, together with the occasion which arrested emotional development at the age of six, would likely provide a harbour where rage could put down an anchor.

SA6-WarwickUsing solar arc progression, we generate a bi-wheel (method).  We can then share how the death of his mother at the age of six halted Len Warwick’s emotional development and set the way for the child’s future.

We have no knowledge of the nurturing input in the child’s development at this point, however mentoring appears to be lacking in the eyes of the child.

With a natal Moon (blue) in the second house, his life-time driving needs are based on self esteem.

Note that this particular chart reveals far more tension than is the accepted norm for the loss of one’s mother during early childhood.

  • Ascendant (personality) progressed to conjunct Mars 28°Capricorn – the concept of all that Mars represents becomes fixed in the psyche.
  • Mars has progressed to opposition natal Saturn 5°Leo – the lion king notion begins.
  • Saturn progressed to conjunct natal Pluto 12°Leo – takes authority of his power in relationships.
  • Progressed Pluto progressed to opposition natal Moon (blue) 18°Leo – age of six notion as to the driving need for power becomes set in the psyche.

At twenty, Len Warwick was conscripted into the army for National Service, where a young man could learn about signals, timers and other military cunning.  No doubt detonation and defusing of bombs would have been included in the training.

family-lawIf we fast-forward now to when Len Warwick was in his early thirties; his wife left with her young daughter and his marriage is over.  The 6 year-old man-child was abandoned again, left to lash out; re-live his childhood trauma.

Len Warwick’s brother-in-law was harbouring his wife and daughter.  Stephen Blanchard disappeared in the night; his body recovered some weeks later, weighed down with bricks in a creek some miles away. Stephen had been shot in the head. No-one was charged, the murder remains unsolved.

  • When we generate a solar-arc progressed chart for Len Warwick to this time in his life, we see that natal Uranus has progressed to the cusp of the 7th house – forecasting the end of Len Warwick’s marriage, together with sudden changes in all public relationships.

With divorce before the courts and Justice David Opas presiding, we suggest that Len Warwick attacked the symbol of the law; the courts and their servants, rather than his substitute female nurturer; his wife.  This bully is actually, a coward.

Judge Opas answered the bell at his front gate; was heard to have a short conversation with a man before being shot and killed.  It was just on dinner time.  There were no eye-witnesses, no-one was charged; the crime, unsolved.

Property settlement and restricted access orders brought Len Warwick’s matters before the Family Law Court again.  In January, Justice Richard Gee ordered a warrant be served on Len Warwick.  The following month a robbery of two cases of explosives and a length of detonating cord was reported in nearby Prospect, NSW. No-one was charged, the crime remained unsolved.

Just over a week after the robbery, a bomb exploded in the middle of the night.  The home of Judge Gee was extensively damaged; the occupants injured in the blast. There were no witnesses, no-one was charged; the crime, unsolved.

It would appear that our POI had changed his method of communication, thus avoiding personal confrontation. In all likelihood with that Sun-Mercury conjunction in the 1st house, he had a temper he could not control. That together with a natal Moon in the diabolical 18th degree and in the 2nd house of self-esteem, we are not surprised.

Justice Ray Watson took over the caseload of the injured judge and the following month a bomb exploded outside the Parramatta Family Law Court, on a Sunday; a warning. There were no witnesses, no-one was charged; the crime, unsolved.

Warwick’s case came before the bench in June and just weeks later, a bomb exploded at Judge Watson’s front door; killing his wife, Pearl. There were no witnesses, no-one was charged; the crime, unsolved.

Warwick-Geeclick on image for full size

Using the first bombing; the residence of Judge Gee as our basis for enquiry, we generate a bi-wheel from the perspective of our POI, Len Warwick rather than the detonation.

The inner wheel, our POI’s natal chart once again and the outer wheel, the planetary positions in the heavens when the bomb went off in the middle of the night.

The forensic planets are all present.

The judge had just ordered the distribution of the assets and property of Len and Andrea Warwick following their divorce.  Len Warwick was to lose his home and we can suggest this bombing was the POI’s revenge, an eye-for-an-eye; a home-for-a-home.

We can guarantee that an emotionally stunted Len Warwick didn’t just set the timer and make a hasty exit.  The six year-old man-child would have hung around to see the action. It was 1:45am; this was his first bomb; a very loud explosion; every little boy’s dream.

The bi-wheel is heavily-weighted on the left-hand side – defensive posturing; Len Warwick was avoiding confrontation. 

  • Ascendant conjunct ascendant – the timer was unconsciously set to detonate in alignment with his ego. 
  • Transiting Venus (pink) in the 2nd house of money/self-esteem conjunct natal Moon (blue) – driving need for revenge due to the loss of his main asset.
  • Transiting Sun (date on the calendar) square natal Venus (pink) – bomb is a token ‘birthday present’.
  • Lunar nodal axis conjunct Lunar nodal axis – doubly traumatic and a very public karmic event.
  • Transiting Pluto square natal Mars-Sun-Mercury – POI is empowered by this career change to using bombs.
  • Transiting Saturn square natal Moon (blue) – grim reaper aspects the POI’s driving need.
  • Transiting Mars conjunct natal Jupiter (green) – POI experiences an inflated sense of masculinity.
  • Transiting Uranus is the midpoint of natal Venus-South node. Uranus represents the method; the bomb. The intensity of this action is more fulfilling than any ‘physical liaison’.

The bombings didn’t end there. Twelve months later a bomb exploded in the Casula Kingdom Hall, during a service.  Len Warwick’s wife had sought refuge with the religious community; her sister a member of the congregation. A man lost his life on that occasion and many were injured.  No-one was charged; the crime unsolved.

The bomber left a considerable amount of blood at the scene, cutting himself upon entry.  We can only trust that forensics kept a swab for future analysis. Even if Len Warwick refuses to cooperate, there is always a blood relative who could provide a sample for DNA analysis and comparison.

Len-TrudiFollowing the church bombing and wishing no-one else to possibly lose their life at the hands of her ex-husband, Andrea relinquished custody of their daughter Trudi to her ex.  Len Warwick got what he wanted.

The bombings stopped and Leonard John Warwick continues to walk free in the community, almost thirty years later.

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5 thoughts on “Family Court murders”

  1. Arabic Part of ruler, also Treasure Trove, 5:10 Leo. Part of Boldness, Violence, Murder & Captivity, & Bravery (3 separate lots) 9:11 Cancer (current transit of Black Moon Lillith 9:19 Cancer.

    Asteroid “Dike” Goddess of earthly justice or revenge 10 CAP, hidden in the 12th. Today it is transiting exact his 5th house cusp.

    Lot of Bad luck 20:45 SAG, exact the cusp of the 12th house.

    I read having Neptune at the Asc or MC gives the person the ability to escape & makes for a great liar.

    Looks like you’ve nailed the rectified chart to a tee.

  2. Fascinating blog, glad to find you. Look forward to more historic Australian crimes, Lindy Chamberlain? Samantha Knight ?

    I read the Family Court story in the SMH this weekend and interested in your comment “His crimes will be on the akashic record rather than his criminal record.”
    like to know your thoughts on the akashic records, as that seems like this the only recourse Warwick will get, unfortunately.

  3. Lindy Chamberlain case is totally subjective and wouldn’t work up into anything of interest IMO.
    Samantha Knight case – Michael Guider is safely under lock and key with a plea of guilty.


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