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When a person of one colour is shot and killed seemingly at random, by a member of another race, the old prejudices bubble to the surface.  In modern times we have other factors in the cauldron as well: drugs, gangs, peer pressure and power-plays.  They’re all in the mix.

When the victim is a visitor from another country, the crime makes news not just in the US, but in the victim’s homeland down under, as well.

Australian Chris Lane was just 23, at college in the US when he was shot and killed in a suburban street; in a neighbourhood where we wouldn’t expect trouble.  He didn’t see his attacker coming, nor was he in a position to defend himself.  There was no physical confrontation prior to the shooting.

When I read this, as a forensic astrologer, I immediately thought, “The natal astrology chart should prove interesting if we can get the data.”

We must disclaim at this point that a forensic astrology enquiry is based on pseudo-science; does not purport to be scientific in origin and is not accepted in a court of law.  We can only suggest and question using classic astrology as the basis for our interpretation.

The planet representing social groups is Venus.  She will have her input in this enquiry, I am sure; as will Mercury, which we have identified in previous cases as the ‘smoking gun’.  (a gun is a method of communication)

We have all the usual suspects: the lunar nodal axis identifying the publicity of this killing together with the trauma of the event; the forensic planets of Pluto and Saturn, while Mars brings his testosterone to the fray and Neptune; the subterfuge.

Chris-Lane-chartWe have the timed event of the 911 call as our perspective and we can create bi-wheels (method) as we have to hand all the birth data we need for this enquiry.  The outer wheel in this bi-wheel is the natal chart for Chris Lane, a young man who was gunned-down at random, without warning.

  • The calendar on the wall, the Sun (orange) is conjunct natal Venus (pink) in the 9th house – the sportsman is the focus on this day.

Note: The fact that Chris Lane was out jogging (exercising in public) was likely to have influenced the choice of victim; a moving target is more exciting for the hunter, than one that is stationary.

  • Highlighted yellow is Mercury in the heavens, square the victim’s  (red)Pluto, the forensic indicator for power – a gun stole his life source/power.

We can suggest that this killing was an exercise in power by the killers.

  • Transiting Saturn (the grim reaper) is square natal Lunar nodal axis – the death was a traumatic event and in a public place; both lunar nodal axis interpretations are present in this chart.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) the inflater, is opposite natal Neptune (turquoise) the hidden symbol.  Chris Lane certainly did not see this coming.  The shooters did not want their prey to see them either, hence the inflated secrecy.
  • Transiting Uranus (red) square natal Neptune – another forensic indicator sharing the sudden changes to the killing.  Speed and anonymity were likely the killers priority.

CripzWhether the persons of interest in our enquiry are racist or members of a crips gang, we have no idea.  They could be wannabe gang members with overinflated egos; just using the hand signals on their social media pages to look big, for all we know.

What I do know is that one particular person of interest to us in this enquiry and currently still walking free, claims membership of Hillside Neighbourhood Crip. Hillside is a neighbourhood in Duncan, Oklahoma.  He is of particular interest to us all, as I will reveal.

For the uninitiated, Crips are one of the largest and most violent street gangs in the US with a membership probably topping 100,000 by now.  The gang is known to be involved in murders, robberies, and drug dealing, among many other criminal pursuits.  No longer exclusive to African-American membership, it’s a scourge on American society.

When this case was brought to my attention a quick review of the natal charts brought a nagging doubt.  “This is not quite right”, I thought and now when I have more information to hand, I am even more interested.  Something is awry.

We have  the images of three teenagers who have been arrested and charged.  They were found later that afternoon.  Note:  the trio were apprehended by law enforcement, not immediately after the shooting, but some time later.

Edwards, Luna and JonesAccording to the Criminal Felony Proceedings – James Edwards (15) and Chancey Luna (16) were charged with murder in the first degree.  The third person, Michael Jones (17) was the driver.  His charge was use of vehicle in discharge of a weapon and accessory after the fact of murder in the first degree.

Note: Chancey Luna was identified as being the person who shot and killed Chris Lane.  The gun was not recovered.

We generate three bi-wheels from the perspective of the event; the 911 call by witnesses.  The inner wheel is the timed-event and the three outer wheels are the natal charts for the three teenagers currently in custody.

Lane-trio-arrestclick on image for full size

The bi-wheels are arranged in the same order as the photos, youngest to eldest. Again the perspective is the 911 call and the outer charts are the natal charts for the three POIs.

We immediately note that Pluto is around the ascendant on the LHS on all three charts.  That’s the power-play/empowerment in each of the natal charts.  The first and third bi-wheels have Pluto in the 12th house; the mind, whereas the middle bi-wheel, Pluto is located in the 1st house of the personality.

#1 James Francis Edwards: This 15 year-old was allegedly in the vehicle at the time of the shooting. He has been charged with first degree murder. This chart is very passive for someone who we would expect to be highly excited by the event.

  • Venus is opposite Saturn in his natal chart.  Clubs provide a sense of authority in his life.
  • Saturn retrograde phenomenon is present in the natal chart.
  • The main action in the bi-wheel is in the 11th house.  He could be keeping his mouth shut for the sake of his health.

This teenager is certainly disconnected from his emotions.  Evidence of his nurturing and upbringing would likely expose the reason why this is so.

#2 Chancey Allen Luna: At 16 years of age we have a teenager accused of firing the weapon that killed Chris Lane.  I hope that forensic tests have been made of his clothing and hands to check for residue.

Note: We don’t have a rectified time of birth for this POI and so the Moon (blue) in the outer wheel cannot be relied upon to be exact, however the range is there; calculated at the noon midpoint.

  • Transiting Mercury (the gun) opposite natal Moon – Luna’s driving need is to use the gun.
  • Transiting lunar nodal axis conjunct Sun (orange) – this teenager is in the mix from the 5th house.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) is square natal lunar nodal axis.  The emotion of the event has traumatized this teen within the public arena.
  • Transiting Neptune (the hidden aspect) coloured turquoise, is square natal Pluto – the secrecy/subterfuge empowers this teenager.

#3 Michael Dewayne Jones: 17 year-old Jones admitted to being the driver. This chart is very different from the alleged shooter, Luna.  There is a lot of action in the 1st house.

  • Moon of the event (blue) conjunct natal Jupiter (green) – the emotion of the event inflates the ego/personality.
  • Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Venus in the 2nd house of self-esteem.  This ‘club outing’ raises this teens position within his chosen peer group.

I suggest that there isn’t a lot going on under the cranium of this teenager.  The whole exercise was one of ego and self-esteem.

I’m sure we’ll hear of more involvement as time goes by…

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  1. Didn’t ya luv Mork and Mindy…

    Oddesse John David Barnes probably born Atlanta, GA according to his FB.
    Yes a DOB would be good if you can find it Bec, please.


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