Blood brothers

One of the bugbears in forensic astrology is the clock on the wall. Getting a timed event or a time of birth becomes all-important if we are to undertake a thorough enquiry.  Rectifying a time of birth is usually out of the question, unless we have knowledge of major life events of our persons of interest, victims and/or family members.

Given an case that involves a family dynamic, we are not limited to taking the perspective of one particular member of a family.  It is most often the younger members who reveal the character clues we are looking for in forensic astrology.

Having the birth data on all members of a family is a gift and not to be ignored. This case in question is an oldie, but a goodie; an example worth sharing.

A career move meant that Jose Menendez relocated his family from the East Coast to the West Coast of the US.  This little snippet of information is something that makes me sit up in my chair.  Do we perhaps have an opportunity to rectify a chart or two if we are lucky; get an inside look at the driving needs of a POI?

uprooted treeWhen children are relocated in a major move interstate, across the country, or overseas, their astrology charts often reflect the emotional uprooting and the anxiety this creates in their young lives; within the family dynamic.

Uranus, the planet of sudden changes is our key.

As a child grows into an autonomous being, astrologically speaking, character is revealed by the interaction of planets in their charts. However when a child is coddled, over-indulged or hindered in their progress towards autonomy, the emotional maturity is often slow to develop, if at all and the family dynamic continues.

For forensic astrologers, we are often in the realm of emotionally damaged individuals whose autonomy is stunted or arrested in early childhood development.  So despite the fact that this family relocated when the two children were in their late teens, their astrology charts reveal the anxiety that a young child would experience.  Uranus progressed by solar arc remains the key to rectification.

Jose and his wife Kitty had two sons whose charts reveal highly emotional, immature and socially inept male children.  At the ages of seventeen and twenty these young men are emotionally still firmly within the family dynamic.  Vastly different from when this pair of indulged children’s father, Jose left his family in Cuba as a young man to make his fortune in America.

We can share the nature and nurture argument, by interpreting the classic symbolism of planetary positions in the heavens from a series of astrology charts; snapshots in time.  That together with the pseudo sciences is not intended to challenge the scientific knowledge base, merely an observation of planetary interaction.

Joseph Lyle is the first-born and we can suggest the expected heir in this patriarchal family unit, whereas Erik Galen’s chart reveals the Saturn retrograde phenomenon with an indication of a lack of mentoring from the male in authority; his father.

Note: In each of the boys’ charts, we have progressed Uranus (sudden changes) by solar arc to the cusp of the 4th house (home) when the family relocated in order to generate a relevant rectified time of birth for each.

Why the need to rectify the time of birth?  In this particular enquiry, we are exploring the driving needs, which are determined by the position of the Moon.  We need to rectify the Moon’s degree for relevance to the interpretation; reveal the intensity of the tension.

Brothers-Menendezclick on chart for full size

We suggest that together, Lyle and Erik have a dangerous combination of hard aspects; blood-brothers; even socio-pathic vampires.

This bi-wheel (method) looks at the sibling relationship from the perspective of the elder brother, Lyle who is three years older than Erik.

Considering the tension aspects and nothing else, we could cut the air with a knife between this two; the intensity is such.

  • Lyle’s Uranus (sudden changes) conjunct Erik’s Pluto (power/powerlessness) in the home atmosphere (4th house) with Lyle creating the sudden changes.
  • Lyle’s Pluto (power base) is square to Erik’s Mercury (yellow) – the elder dominates the communication between these two.
  • Nodal axis (traumatic experiences) conjunct Mars – threatening and overbearing his younger brother.
  • Turquoise highlighted Neptune (hidden matters/subversive activity) conjunct the blue natal Moon (driving needs) – emotional manipulation.
  • That Neptune-Moon tension plus the other Moon in opposition – the emotional manipulation is a driving need of Lyle’s.
  • Plus – square the lunar nodal axis of Erik. If that’s not creating tension and anxiety in his younger brother, I don’t know what is.

We can suggest from this bi-wheel, that the elder brother controlled the younger in their interactions, however we all know that it takes two to tango. Neither one is an innocent.

With the move to California, a philandering husband was more focussed on his career than his wife and children; the married couple didn’t join the party set.  Jose held a tight rein on the family dynamic by removing his wife from her support network of friends in Princeton and also by financial control over the boys, so we are told.

Lyle was sent back east to attend Princeton University, however he only lasted one semester; caught plagiarising an assignment.  Rather than accept that the boy needed serious psychological support, Jose Menendez endeavoured to convince Lyle to remain on the east coast. Dad didn’t want to lose face in Beverley Hills by his son’s return; a failure.

Lyle reacted by impregnating his girlfriend.  Jose opened his chequebook; an abortion, plus a cash settlement for the young lady followed.  She was virtually, paid off.  Again we see no support or guidance by a parent towards a child’s autonomy.

nightmare on elm driveIn less than two years from when the family left the east coast, rage erupted.  Lyle and Erik carried out the supposed, perfect murder.

Jose and Kitty Menendez were the victims of a shooting in their Beverley Hills mansion on Elm Drive; fourteen twelve-gauge shotgun blasts – five to the head and body of the father, nine to the face and body of the mother; a brutal slaying that left the parents virtually unrecognizable as human beings, according to eyewitness reports.

Such was their level of planning and execution, Lyle and Erik came close to getting away with it.  Over the next six months they managed to put a dint in their multi-million dollar inheritance.

Enter The Phobia Institute of Beverley Hills where a very friendly psychotherapist befriended the boys; lining his pockets at the same time. It didn’t take long for Erik to confess to his therapist.  Lyle was furious, confronting the NLP practitioner; making threats to his life.  Threatening the therapist broke the ethical bonds of confidentiality between medico and patient.  The brothers blew their cover completely.

Murder-Menendez-brothersOn the night of the murder, the Elm Drive neighbours report of hearing ‘fireworks’ provide us with a timed event; a perspective.  The cardinal signs at all four angles, with 24°Aries at the ascendant provide us with the picture; a snapshot of the heavens.  The inner wheel is the murder and the outer wheel, the natal charts of Lyle and Erik Menendez.

Bi-wheel #1 It is not at all complicated for Lyle. A perfect square of hard aspects; a straight-forward traumatic event with the reigning needs and subterfuge fulfilled.

  • Lunar nodal axis square lunar nodal axis – trauma x2
  • Transiting Moon (highlighted blue in the inner wheel) conjunct natal lunar nodal axis – emotional needs traumatised.
  • Transiting lunar nodal axis square natal Moon – driving needs traumatised (this aspect reveals the rectified birth time)
  • Transiting lunar nodal axis square natal Neptune (turquoise) – subversive action traumatised.

Bi-wheel #2 Again we have the lunar nodal axis in play.  Some would call this a karmic event.  We saw the nodal axis in the brothers interaction and now again with the murder.

  • Transiting lunar nodal axis conjunct natal lunar nodal axis – this time trauma working together and not at odds; focussed.
  • Transiting lunar nodal axis square natal Moon (again a reason for rectifying the chart) – trauma triggering driving needs.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) in the inner wheel reveals the calendar day.  We could suggest that Erik nominated the date for the murder.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) opposite natal Mars conjunct descendant – emotions are driving the action.

The courts tell us that the murder was based on greed; the brothers claimed abusive parents.  We can generate bi-wheels of their relationships with each parent.  Both parents have the Saturn retrograde phenomenon in their natal charts; an indication that neither parent had particularly good parenting skills in their own lives and the cycle continued.

Note: Jose Enrique’ Menendez’s birth time is rectified by his relocation from Cuba to the US.   Mary Louise (Kitty), we generate at the midpoint; noon.

sons-Jose-MenendezBi-wheel #1 The inner wheel is the son and the outer wheel the father, Jose’s natal chart. Once more a rectified chart identifies the interaction.

  • Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Moon (blue) – this relationship is based on expectations.  The driving needs of the father are traumatic for the child.
  • Lyle’s Sun (orange) opposite fathers Mars (red) – Father (Jose’s 2nd house Mars) dominates the 1st house of the boy’s life.

Bi-wheel#2 The younger son has the Saturn retrograde phenomenon, which tells us that the relationship between father and son was distant; lacking mentoring.  The focus of the father was on Lyle carrying on the ‘tradition’ rather than Erik, however we can still suggest the basic aspects of the relationship between father and his younger son.

  • Father’s Jupiter (green) in the 1st house of the son is square the Saturn Rx Jupiter inflates what it touches – again expectations by the father, as well as inflating the lack of mentoring in the boy’s chart by hard aspect.
  • Child’s Saturn is conjunct father’s Ascendant-Sun – father’s authority is overbearing.

I would suggest that Erik is an ‘overly needy’ individual as a result of this lack of mentoring.  As to the relationship between the sons and their mother, Kitty, that is also complicated with the lunar nodal axis again in the mix.

Brothers-Kitty-MenendezNote: We don’t have the precise degree for the Moon in Kitty’s natal chart. At noon on the day she was born, the Moon was exact conjunct her Pluto. Whatever time she was born on that date, the Moon would still be in some tension with Pluto. 

We can suggest that Kitty Memendez was a woman who had little power in relation to her personal needs within this family.  The family would have had to come first in her priorities.

Biwheel #1 The inner wheel is the son and the outer wheel the mother, Kitty’s natal chart.

  • Lyle’s 4th house Pluto in the inner wheel is conjunct his mother’s lunar nodal axis – son takes over the father’s dominant role in the home when father is absent.  Like father, like son.
  • Lyle’s Uranus (sudden changes) conjunct mother’s Neptune (turquoise) – another over-powering symbol suggesting depression in the mother. Was she medicated as a result of this imbalance in relationship?

Bi-wheel #2

  • Erik’s lunar nodal axis is square mother’s Saturn – the child appears traumatised as a result of mother’s authority.
  • Mercury (yellow) indicates both the child and communication. The planet is square mother’s lunar nodal axis.  This relationship is totally out of kilter.
  • Erik’s natal Pluto conjunct Kitty’s Neptune (turquoise) – another over-powering symbol suggesting depression in the mother.

In this case, we have two children who participated in the killing of each parent, not in the heat of rage but in a carefully orchestrated murder after a long gestation period. There is more than money involved here. There is a deep, deep hatred; a hatred that goes beyond reason.

Call it evil, call it karmic; the cycle has now ended with the brothers incarcerated for life.

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