Taskforce Mikado Pt.2

This is a continuation of Taskforce Mikado Pt.1

It is never a good idea to sunbathe in the sand dunes on secluded beaches whether you are alone, with your bestie, or with a lover. Two does not appear to be any safer than one when predators are around.  They will have fantasized every possible scenario and move, that you will have little opportunity to escape.

Rye beachWe have several unsolved murder cases warranting our attention where each of these scenarios ended in bloodshed. Helen McMahon, a 47-year-old swimming instructor and mother of four is a good case in question.

On 13th February, 1985, she was found battered to death on a beach in Victoria; the killer covering her naked body with a towel, not in shame for his act of violence, or sake of decorum, but in order to give him time to create an alibi before her body was discovered.

Our person of interest, Peter Norris Dupas escaped the net for this murder of Helen McMahon; his release from prison wasn’t until two weeks later on 27th February.

Many years later, it took Taskforce Mikado to uncover from prison records that in fact Dupas had been free on pre-release leave on the day that Helen was murdered; 13th February.

Once he was finally released, he wasn’t out of jail four days and less than three weeks after the murder of Helen McMahon, when a young woman was attacked at a beach just a few kilometers down the coast.  This second young woman owed her life to friends who pursued the sexual predator and Peter Norris Dupas was caught.

It seems he had a record as long as my arm already.  There’s bound to be more cases, however from my research I have found the following prior to this event:

  • Aged 15 attacked a female neighbour with a knife
  • Aged 16 mutilated two female corpses at a mortuary, removing their breasts.
  • Aged 18 caught as a peeping tom
  • Aged 20 raped and bit the breast of a woman – sentence 9 yrs
  • Aged 26 released from prison
  • Aged 26 attempted rape – sentence 5 yrs
  • Aged 31 released from prison as per above, but back in jail five days later.

Note:  removal of a victim’s breast tissue is particularly revealing of a sexual predator who has a ‘lack of nurturing’ psychosis operating at the time that he commits an assault; revenge for a perceived lack of nurturing by a maternal mentor in his childhood.

We are not privy to the detail of the coronial inquest into the murder of Helen McMahon apart from her having been battered to death.   Had Dupas’ violence escalated? Was Helen McMahon the first woman he murdered?

McMahon-DupasWe create a bi-wheel – method and open our forensic astrology toolkit.

Note that the time of death is not known and so degrees at angles cannot be relied to be accurate.

I would suggest that Peter Norris Dupas is likely to have been the murderer of Helen McMahon from interpretation of the planetary positions in this bi-wheel, although I would prefer to read the police enquiry and inquest before I were to call this one as his.

Unless the angles were in the mix, this bi-wheel lacks the emotive impact and forensic indicators I would expect to see in a chart of a first-time planned murder.

Putting the murder of Helen McMahon aside but not forgotten, we know that Dupas was sentenced to 12 years for the attack at Dimmick’s Beach.  He was released just seven years later.  This early release is a recurring theme when you read the criminal history of this man, suggesting the predator’s passive demeanor among his fellow male prisoners.

On his release, Dupas married a prison nurse, Mary whom he had met while incarcerated – perhaps looking for that nurturing he lacked.

Dupas’ father had been harsh we are told, however there is no evidence of a lack of nurturing. His parents were apparently totally confused by his actions and in denial of his predatory behaviour.

Note:  Rather than accept responsibility for earning discipline handed down by a critical father, a child can project the fault onto their mother; blaming her for not protecting them from the father’s (perceived or real) lack of approval.  If this issue is not addressed during childhood development, it could build to a neurosis or even a psychosis in an adult.

PeterDupas-chartDupas does not have a Saturn retrograde in his natal chart to indicate the lack of a male mentor in his life. From this we can suggest that the lack of mentoring is perceived, rather than real.

But what he does have that is a warning to an astrologer, is Neptune conjunct Saturn square Uranus, which tells us that he hides this rebellion of parental authority.

  • Neptune is the hidden aspect; Uranus, the rebellion and Saturn the authority/ male parent.

Note: There was very little endeavour of labour in this man’s life; he was never the bread-winner.

Dupas and Mary lived quietly in a rural setting north-west of Melbourne for a short time, however it would appear that possible abandonment issues were bubbling to the surface again (referred to previously) once his wife returned to work and left him to his own devices.

We suggest this, as we have another unsolved murder from 5th November 1993; Renita Brunton was battered; brutally stabbed more than a hundred times. This murder has the hallmarks of an intentional frenetic attack.

Brunton-DupasMrs Brunton was killed in Sunbury, Victoria mid-afternoon, just 50kms from where Dupas and his wife were living at the time.  Mary was at work and he escaped attention once again.

I have no hesitation in pointing the finger this time. We have an approximate time and the forensic indicators are very clear and for those familiar with this blog you will no doubt, agree.

Two month’s later the predator was caught; up to his old tricks of abduction again.  This time he was sentenced to less than four years detention and released in less than two.

His wife, Mary had moved on in her life; had made a career move from nursing in prisons to aged care.  She had had enough of Dupas’ soppiness and whinging.  Depression followed the divorce for Dupas; psychiatric hospitalization followed.

A couple of years on, all is not well.  Dupas did have a bit of paid work; was in a de-facto relationship, however his parents were due to stay and he needed a release for the pent up anxiety, that stifling Saturn-Neptune square Uranus aspect resurrecting his issues with his father.

This is the time period when he killed three women (see Pt.1).  Margaret Josephine Maher in October, Mersina Halvagis in November (he has been convicted of both) and after his parents went home, the third murder at the end of December, ninety-five year old Kathleen Downes; a murder which remains on their radar, but unaddressed, by the Victorian taskforce.

With the connection to his now ex-wife being an aged care nurse and Kathleen Downes brutally knifed in a nursing home, how he escaped detection for that murder, beggers belief.

Patterson-DupasThere is one final murder I am bound to share, that of Nicole Patterson.  This is his last murder and first conviction that locked Peter Norris Dupas away for life; thirty-one years after this sexual predator first unleashed his rage against women.

Nikky was just 28 years-old, working from home as a psychotherapist when Dupas set up a therapy session at 9:00am for ‘Malcolm’. It was Monday, his defacto had gone to work and the morning was his.

There is plenty in this chart with a recurring theme for a forensic astrologer to study.

  • Natal Sun-Mars driving the action
  • Neptune (turquoise) in the inner wheel ; subterfuge aligning by conjunction with that ever present Lunar nodal axis we seem to see over and over again in these charts.
  • This time the lunar nodal axis in the natal chart of this predator is the handle to his fan of planets in the opposite hemisphere.

appointment with nicoleIt was a ripped-up scrap of paper with her phone number and Malcolm written on it, that brought Dupas to heel.

That, together with other evidence he failed to get rid of, along with an MO of removing her breast tissue, convinced the jury of his guilt.

There will be no further nurturing for this serial killer in his lifetime.  Peter Norris Dupas is in jail for life; life without parole.

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4 thoughts on “Taskforce Mikado Pt.2”

  1. Yes, he killed Renita Brunton. Don’t need astrology for tht one.How do we get this to come to light and end once and for all – that’s the real question.

  2. It appears too much emphasis is placed here on Dupas , as he had a certain MO and on Helen it wasnt used but very other of his victims. Your failing to see another predator is walking free out there and has gotten away with it. This case needs looking at more deeply.


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