Amber alert in action

Following a house fire in Southern California last Sunday night, sadly two bodies were discovered in the ashes; those of an adult woman and a child.  Neither were residents at the address where they were found.  Immediately an investigation was underway.  Who lived here?

Monday, August 5: James Lee DiMaggio was identified as the resident at the house-fire in Boulevard, Ca. The police investigation determined that the female body was that of a family friend,  44-year-old Christina Anderson; that she was the victim of foul play.

The child’s body remained unidentified at this stage although it was considered likely to have been her son, Ethan Anderson aged 8 who was not able to be located.  Her sixteen year-old daughter, Hannah was missing as well.

An Amber Alert was issued for California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Arizona to be on the lookout for Christina Anderson’s two children, Hannah aged 16 and her 8-year-old brother Ethan. Sheriff’s investigators believed both were abducted by 40-year-old James DiMaggio, a close friend of the Anderson family.

Amberalert-signMessages seeking DiMaggio and the Anderson children appeared on digital billboards and freeway signs; loud tones beeped on mobile phones in the four western states where Amber Alerts were issued.

The make and colour of car was known and California number plates were publicized nationally. In Mexico, airports, bus and taxi companies and law enforcement agencies were on the lookout.

A longtime friend of the family, DiMaggio was reported to have had an “unusual infatuation” with the teenager, Hannah Anderson. We can suggest that this was highly likely to be the motivator for the murder and abduction; together with his impending relocation to another state – separation from the object of his desire.

Undertaking a forensic astrology enquiry, we advise that this is not based on scientific fact, is pseudo scientific and should only be interpreted as suggestion.  Keep your hats on, folks.

Hannah-DiMaggioclick on image for full size

Creating a bi-wheel (method) from the perspective of Hannah Anderson (her birth chart), we note the tension between these two individuals; the outer wheel is the natal chart for the abductor, James DiMaggio.

Note: We are not privy to the times of birth of either person; charts are rectified to within a reasonable range according to my knowledge.

Were Hannah to sit before an astrologer such as myself, I would share the tension in the heavens between herself and DiMaggio:

  • This man has the Moon in the first house, he is overly sensitive and emotional.
  • His Moon is also in your 10th house – wanting to influence your future career.
  • His natal Mercury (yellow) is square your Saturn (red), verbally exercising his authority. 

Note to readers: This is a particularly dangerous combination in forensic astrology as Mercury represents a child and Saturn, the grim reaper.  We can suggest that this child’s life has always been in danger from this male.

  • Hannah, your Mars is square James DiMaggio’s lunar nodal axis – does this man like to be seen in public with you?
  • Your natal Sun as well as his natal Sun (orange) are in direct opposition, mirrors for each other, however –
  • His Sun intersects your Neptune – this is where his hidden desire (turquoise) over your personality (Sun) is revealed.
  • Your natal Mars also is at the midpoint of his Pluto-Uranus.  I suspect that your immaturity as a teenager is the reason that you do not realize that your actions (Mars) confuse this man’s sense of power (Pluto) creating sudden changes (Uranus) in his personality (at the ascendant).

This is not your fault by any means, Hannah.  The adult has the responsibility to distance themself, not the child. This man is in all likelihood, a depressive personalityThe relationship is toxic for him.

All states on the west of the divide, were on Amber alert, as was Texas where DiMaggio was due to move to.  Amber Alert in action…

Wed. Aug. 7, 1:30pm: Possible sighting: Hwy 395, Alturas, California

Wed. Aug. 7, 2:00pm: Possible sighting: Lakeview, Oregon

Wed. Aug. 7, Noon. Horseback riders sight James DiMaggio and Hannah Anderson hiking near Morehead Lake, Idaho however it was not until the riders returned home on Thursday, that they were to discover whom they had witnessed.  They immediately reported the sighting to authorities.

Fri. Aug 9. DiMaggio’s vehicle is found – the car, a blue Nissan Versa, was covered in branches off a road about five or six miles from the spot where the man and girl had been seen. The license plates had been removed, however motor vehicle checks revealed that the vehicle identification number matched that of the car owned by DiMaggio.

Fri. Aug 9.  The body of Ethan Anderson is identified.

Sat. Aug 10. Police set up a series of checkpoints throughout the area in Idaho and question hikers leaving the wilderness area.  Aerial search commences. The FBI are on the ground.

Authorities report that DiMaggio and Hannah were spotted from the air at a campsite near Morehead Lake. FBI agents are on the move.   DiMaggio was killed in a shootout with the FBI; Hannah Anderson, rescued unharmed.  The sleuthing community can have a communal sigh of relief.

Anderson_rescueAs I write, today is still 10 August, 2013 MDT in the USA, however we are not privy to the time of the rescue and the FBI is not likely to share that information with us, so we have generated bi-wheels at a suggested time of when the rescue took place – note that the degree of the angle cannot be considered accurate.

  • The Moon (blue in the inner wheel) in the heavens is at odds (square) to transiting Pluto (power).  This will be a struggle for power; there will be no chance that an abductor will be giving himself up with this timing.

Referring to the first of the bi-wheels, we can see that Hannah’s life was not in danger any more than you would expect under the circumstances. The inner wheel is the rescue and the outer wheel Hannah Anderson’s natal chart.

  • Red highlighted Mars (the FBI agents in action) in the inner wheel is at Hannah’s MC (her midheaven).   Rescue of Hannah is the FBI priority, over that of the capture of the abductor.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) in the inner wheel identifies the date on the calendar and is opposite Hannah’s natal Jupiter (green). Jupiter brings luck when we need it. This is Hannah’s lucky day.

The second bi-wheel has more to tell us as you would expect as DiMaggio lies dead; his journey of human existence, over.  The timing we have generated for these bi-wheels is likely to be very close to accurate as DiMaggio’s Saturn (red), the grim reaper is at the descendant – the point of departure.

  • Natal Mars (red) is also at the ascendant – his attempt to resist capture.
  • Transiting Neptune (the abduction) in the inner wheel is at natal MC (midheaven) – it’s over.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) is conjunct natal Pluto (death) – this is the end of the road for this man; relinquishing his power, release of emotions.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) is opposite Pluto (red) in the heavens – inflating the power versus powerlessness of the situation.
  • Jupiter-Pluto opposition also intersects natal Moon-Venus…

Note: this intensity of tension is in the zodiac sign of Capricorn; we are in the realm of Saturn the planetary ruler of this zodiac – authority and control will be the focus.

  • The tension of Moon-Venus=Jupiter – a highly inflated emotive situation.
  • Moon-Venus=Pluto – a powerful awakening of emotions, however they are wasted.

Facebook-Hannah AndersonThis pretty teenager has survived her abduction; lost her mother and her brother and will no doubt be reunited with her father who had previously moved interstate.

We all wish her a long and peaceful life.

For those departed, RIP Christina and Ethan Anderson

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11 thoughts on “Amber alert in action”

  1. A woman came forward & told CNN that his father came into her house to abduct her. He was taken to jail. One day James met this girl (they were both about 15 and went to the same school) by the lockers & gave her a message from his father, “My dad’s out of jail & he wants to see you” (paraphrasing here). She moved & left town that very day.

    So, it’s fitting that a female US Marshall shot him – Venus ruler of 6th house, found in 9th, 23 Virgo, trine the part of fortune 23 Capricorn for 4:20pm.

  2. Hallo,
    First of all, thank you for this analysis. Just a little clarification, I quote :
    “Note: We are not privy to the times of birth of either person and so the degrees of the angles cannot be relied to be accurate.”
    – so how can you write (I quote) :
    “This man has the Moon in the first house, he is overly sensitive and emotional.
    His Moon is also in your 10th house – wanting to influence your future career.” ?

    They have both oposition Mars (+ him: conj Neptun)&Saturn; oposition/square Sun&Uranus (+ her conjunction Neptun) in their natal charts.

    Opposition of their Suns (as you mentioned) can be quite complementary aspect; in addition her Sun in +/- close conjunction with his Moon&South Node and his North Node in +/- conjunction with her Sun.

    It makes me think a lot beyond we can see/read from news…

    Have a good day

  3. A couple of ways, Marmotte.

    With the aim of creating a rectified time of birth and I’m generating the chart ‘after the event’, I usually work backwards from the tension appearing in the natal chart (often a death), unless I have information to hand of that person’s life experiences.

    When I have knowledge of an individual’s life experiences, I can rectify the approximate time of birth that way, again projecting transits through the individual’s life. An approximate time of birth can usually be rectified, given time.

    I’ve made a call on this occasion, as I consider the charts to be reasonably accurate. Others may disagree, that’s okay in my book. My aim is to be relevant, rather than right.

    When all else fails, then the Moon range over the day is usually around 15 degrees.

    Remain skeptical, it’s healthy. Cheers.

  4. Hi, Mountain Misst,

    I know rectification technics, it’s very difficult to rectify a birth chart without an approximate time of birth and demands a lot of work&time. How many “transits through the individual’s life” have you found for them? I wonder how can you rectify a chart just taking the Moon range? Anyway, more acurate (for me) will be still using a word: probability to stay as relevant as possible in a case of lack of essential information.

    Besides of that I found your post interesting, I’d just have expected to find here more important information. I’m glad you did not take it personally, I found same “missclarifications” on other astrowebsides either. Constructive criticisme can be positive, permanent compliments can lead to stagnation and self-worshipment…

    Good luck

  5. Thanks Marmotte. In hindsight, I could have worded my post and comments better. Yes it would be a miracle if we could rectify so easily. The Moon is not alone, however she does provide the reigning need. In FA I find her input is always present as a major guidepost.

    Always happy to add to the knowledge base. Cheers.

  6. Do you have Hannahs information.
    I have and still do think there is way more to this story….

    For starters, on CCN I think she said that Jim was trying to signal for help. Yet for whatever reason, that reporter didnt notice or care that this VERY critical detial was stated.

    It is alarming. So how did she go from her life being in danger if she tried to get help to him signaling for help.

    I think Hannah lied.

    Also, they were awake when the video caught them at one point on the way to Idaho. Hana said sh ewas drugged the entire trip.

    She is lying.

  7. Please look at this further. I am so disturbed that Law enforcement has closed this case.

    This girl has lied over and over. I dont care if she is 16. I think we have seen enough cases in the news where 16 years olds are evil and do kill.

  8. I’m sure there is a lot more to this story than I have written. I just do what I do, Shelley.

    The victim is undoubtedly traumatised and will continue to be for some time, I would imagine. I’d not be quick to judge her now, or at any stage. Her entire life forward will be a struggle.


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