Taskforce Mikado Pt.1

We’re not talking about a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, here.  This law enforcement taskforce is more in line with the Mikado Method, a process for surfacing hard-to-see dependencies.

mikado-gameWho on earth would want to seek out and kill a ninety-five year old stranger; an elderly lady; a widow who had suffered two strokes, relied on a walking frame and had difficulty speaking?

Relying on a psycho-social history to satisfy our need to make order of chaos, we can suggest that a male person capable of such a vicious attack, most likely had a dysfunctional relationship with an older female mentor in his early childhood development.

A mother who gave birth late or perhaps his grandmother, would be my choice. Having a perception of a lack of mentoring, whether factual or not, can evolve into an immature, warped view of reality as a child develops.  It is never that simple, however this, together with other life choices, can become a psychosis in an adult.  That is a subjective view.

What we do know is that the killer was seeking an elderly victim and most certainly a female.  That is a given, considering the attack was targeted at a nursing home for the elderly; our POI’s phone records support this.

The unfortunate reality is, that this particular elderly lady was most likely chosen at random. Kathleen Downes’ only error was leaving her door open overnight; allowing an intruder ease of access.

I suggest that this was the third murder in three consecutive months for Peter Norris Dupas and also that this particular murder is the best insight into the mind of this psychopath that we will probably ever get, should a psychological study be made.

At the time of these three murders, Dupas’ defacto partner was overseas.  This alone would have pressed a few fear of abandonment buttons in an already damaged psyche.

What pattern in forensic astrology could be revealed that might add to our knowledge if we were to look at this trio of murders?

  • Kathleen Gladwyn Downes had been stabbed in the neck at her Loyola Avenue nursing home in December 1997.
  • A month earlier in November, Dupas had killed 25 year-old Mersina Halvagis, in a frenzied knife attack at Fawkner Cemetery – Dupas was convicted of this murder in 2007.
  • Stepping back one more month, in October Margaret Josephine Maher was murdered in Somerton, Melbourne. Dupas was also convicted of this murder, seven years later.

In and out of jail all his adult life, Dupas has a very long history of violent crimes against women commencing when he was just fifteen; a teenager. His criminal history reveals a chilling precursor to the murder of Kathleen Downes that ominously brings Saturn into the room.  Before he turned seventeen, Dupas broke into a hospital mortuary; mutilating the bodies of two deceased elderly women.

duo-Dupasclick on image for full size

If we utilize our astrology toolkit and create bi-wheels (method) of two of these murders ; murders that Dupas has already been convicted of, we can see that a psychosis is in action. The astrology suggests that these two murders were down to basics in this man’s mind; other than forensic indicators there is not a lot going on.

This is a violent act against two female victims who were stalked until opportunity presented itself; opportunity to penetrate the victim with a knife.

Penetration is the deed; need for power, the motive.

Of these pair of bi-wheels, the inner wheel is the planetary positions at the estimated time of the murders and the outer wheel is the natal chart of Peter Dupas.

  • The forensic indicators are highlighted red.
  • Jupiter inflates what it touches – highlighted in green.
  • The Moon (blue) is the driving need – the basis for his psychosis.

Those familiar with this forensic astrology method can interpret for themselves that both murders were traumatic in nature (Lunar nodal axis) and both in public areas; that the attacker’s power (Pluto) at the mid-heaven was the driver in the murder of Margaret Josephine Maher.

The second bi-wheel reveals planetary indicators suggesting that Mersina Halvagis died to satisfy this psychopath’s ‘masculine drive’ (Sun-Mars conjunction) together with the added thrill of committing the crime in a public place (Lunar nodal axis at the horizon) – late afternoon at Fawkner cemetery.

The third murder in this three-month period, which I suggest was also committed by Peter Norris Dupas, is a different matter and much more personal to this killer; not that he knew Mrs Downes personally, but who she represented; someone whom he couldn’t kill.  There was unfinished business in his psyche.

I suggest that his mutilation of elderly women in the mortuary some twenty-eight years earlier (Saturnian cycle) culminated in this murder; the knife his weapon yet again.

Downes-duoImmediately you can see what I mean.  There is a lot more revealed in these two bi-wheels.  Both have the inner wheel as the estimated time of the murder of Kathleen Downes.  The first bi-wheel has the natal chart of the victim as the outer wheel and the second is the natal chart of our POI; Peter Dupas.

The Lunar nodal axis in the outer wheel reveals the trauma of the event for the victim.  She was not killed in her sleep. This ninety-five year old has much to tell us.

Her determination reveals a locator angle to identify her killer.  Note the red line and hold that thought.

  • Mercury (yellow) opposite Pluto (red) indicates the method of her demise.
  • Moon (blue) is exact conjunct natal Saturn (death and body locator) 21° Capricorn.
  • Neptune (turquoise) indicates the stealth of the act at the IC and conjunct Kathleen’s Jupiter (green).  I suggest this relates to her leaving the door open.
  • Uranus-Mars in the inner wheel (red) conjunct natal Sun – sudden changes in movement, perhaps her attempt to get up from her bed.
  • Jupiter (green) conjunct natal Jupiter (green) – she did attempt to resist her killer.

Dupas meanwhile has a very, very busy bi-wheel.  This killing was personal.  In his mind this was not Kathleen Downes in the bed; the darkness allowed him to believe he was killing his tormenter; perceived or otherwise.  The demons came out that night.   Do I need to interpret for you?  I don’t think so.

MAP-Dupas-Downesclick on image for full size

We have used the usual conversation between astrology and cartography (method) and centred Kathleen Downes’ bi-wheel over the location of her murder.

Note the red locator angle we spoke of above in her chart – it continues onto the map, not only pointing the finger at her killer’s address but drawing a red line for us to follow to his doorstep.

Looking forward to the day when this crime takes its turn before the courts and not remain in the pile of unsolved cases on the desk of the Taskforce Mikado, we suggest that the judge’s summing up might read something like this.

Kathleen Downes“Finally, I return to you, Mr Dupas. You took from Mrs Downes the most basic right of all – her right to life. She had led a full and rewarding life and deserved to end her years in peace. You left her family and loved ones bereaved.

Before 31 December 1997 you had murdered two women both of which you have been convicted of. You have been convicted of one further murder in 1999 and convicted three times of violent rapes of women – in 1974, 1980 and 1985 all crimes of which you have been sentenced to imprisonment.

You have no remorse for the terrible crime of the murder of Mrs Downes; none. You have no prospect of rehabilitation; none.

You do not suffer from any mental illness. Rather, you are a psychopath driven by a hatred of women. For the murder of Kathleen Gladwyn Downes, I sentence you to life imprisonment. I refuse to set any minimum term. Life means life.

Remove the prisoner.” 

Peter Norris Dupas is also serving a life sentence for the murder of Nicole Patterson, stabbed in her Northcote home two years later, in 1999.  

Taskforce Mikado Pt.2

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4 thoughts on “Taskforce Mikado Pt.1”

  1. MM does it again.
    Bless this dear lady and her family and may the perpetrator have to answer for this crime sooner rather than later.

  2. Funny that you’d do an analysis on him today. His Black Moon Lillith is 21:34 Virgo,(exactly mid-point his Pluto/Saturn & Uranus) on Denebola fixed star, (perseverance, mental illness) is being transited by Venus! I can imagine this transit would have inflamed him to rape and murder again. Long, long list of offenses for which he should have been imprisoned for keeps ages ago. Good analysis as always MM.

  3. Thanks MM, for bringing this excellent researched site of forensic astrology on the modus operandi of serial rapist and murderer Prisoner: Peter Norris Dupas. The information , should definitely be seriously further investigated by the Victoria Police,cold case, unsolved murders detectives, and the Mikado Taskforce Detectives. This was and still is one of the most horrible murders committed in Victoria in modern Australia. And all the more so because if it was beyond a reasonable doubt committed by the person of interest, Peter Norris Dupas, it could have been avoided. And so could the other serial murders he was later convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for…….. Because back in 1994, when I was still a serving Victorian Prison Officer, where Peter Norris Dupas was serving a 11years minimum sentence for violent rape at H.M. Prison Loddon, minimum low security hostels in Castlemaine, Victoria, I had Prisoner Dupas under my custody and supervision for more than 3 years. And he always give me the creeps. He was a real deviate predator and cunning, always one step ahead of the authorities, with the appearance of showing model prisoner good behaviour to the senior prison welfare counsellors and senior Prison Officers that done his individual management plan, or IMP,S, which pepared him for his release from prison for good behaviour…….But myself having witness the darker side of him with other high profile notorious rapist prisoners and murders I could always detect that he was a strange, sick minded and popular prisoner with the other deviate rapist and violent sex offender prisoners that he had close friendships with and should not of been so loosly trusted and let out of prison., as he had already served many years before in H.M.Prison Pentridge with other high profile murderers and rapist, who were as deranged as him. And he was a tiger who would never lose his stripes………. I could not believe from 1990 to 1994, the prison management trusted him and used to grant him daily un-escorted and un-supervised leave from Loddon Prison, to work in the community. Under the CCPP, Corrections custodial Community Permit Program. Which was sometimes supervised and often un-supervised leave from prison. He could quite easily have committed a violent offence and no one would be the wiser. And further more, he later had all the Department of Justice, Corrections Victoria, fooled in what would later become the worst rape, murder, mutilations to be committed in Victoria.

    And in 1994 the powers that be and the Victorian Adult Parole board, granted him parole, as they were of the belief that he was rehabilitated, and would be no threat or danger to the community.
    How wrong they were? No risk assessments were even considered back then in 1994, and the fact that he had a long well known history of rapes and other sick crimes, back to his teenage years, did not seem to ring a bell, and be taken as a warning and held in account by the senior authorities that give him his chance at freedom again. And give him a green light for him to start to go back to his old ways again, as a stalking pervert rapist and later brutal murderer. All the more disturbing, having known his previous criminal modas operandi and his long prison and police record of sex offending and violent, unknown quantity re-offending crimes on innocent victims, since the 1970,s…………………Just like , Parolee Prisoner: Adrian Earnest Edwards/Bayley, convicted Murderer, Stalker, and violent Serial Rapist. the Justice Department and Corrections have failed in protecting the communities safety at the hands of well known notorious violent, and long imprisonment records of re-offending.

  4. A brave and intuit man indeed.Thank you Mr Dennis for stepping up to the plate. If more people like yourself did so and the outcry reverberated amoung the populace, laws would change to protect the public.


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