Amber alert

Amber alert is the community and nationwide broadcast alert system for a missing child in the U.S. Officially it is an acronym for America’s Missing Broadcasting Emergency Response, however there was a little girl called Amber behind it all.  This is her warning light.

AmberAmber Rene Hagerman was snatched from her bicycle just two blocks from her grandparent’s home in Arlington, Texas; her body found four miles away a few days later.  We touched on her case in our previous  post.

It appeared to be a very local crime, however we have uncovered something very different.

Embarking on an enquiry, a red herring immediately flopped onto my desktop. A person claiming to be a journalist and publisher had a considerable amount to say about the murder of this little girl.

Good to see, is my first thought, this man Joey Dauben appears to have taken up a vendetta against child molesters and sex predators. He was running a strong campaign against citizen, Bill N. Fry. Reading further, Dauben’s claims went beyond journalistic reporting in my opinion. I begin to get that fishy smell.

In psychological terms, my reaction is to the excessive nature of his behaviour.  From my experience within this field,  how this would usually go down is that the man either has a history of sex abuse himself as a child or he is off-loading a burden of guilt. The former does not usually manifest as a vendetta against a stranger, Mr Citizen. Is there something more sinister muddying the waters; a diversion tactic perhaps?

Joseph Glen Dauben’s voice was pretty loud across the threads until, I note, it went silent in 2011. We expanded the search. The online Ellis County Observer was no longer accessible.  The Chief of Police, Red Oak’s badge of office greeted my search:


Now why would that be?  Is there an ongoing investigation that Joey Dauben has mucked up?  The Dallas Observer headlines their article:

Small-town muckraker Joey Dauben will run the world some day.  Just ask him.

Despite the denunciation of Joey Dauben, we are compelled to implicate or exonerate all persons of interest and so Bill N Fry remained on the list for enquiry.  Our intrepid researcher has unravelled the family cord and we are able to enquire of the heavens as to whether this accused citizen is involved in the abduction, or not.  We have a wealth of birth data at our finger tips, thanks to Wedgetailegal.

Astrology is a pseudo science and is not accepted in a court of law.  We can only interpret the planetary tension at a given time at a specific place on the planet.  We  interpret with the knowledge of classic astrology and a sprinkling of wisdom.  We question and make suggestion.  Skepticism is your friend; you be the judge.

We have generated a bi-wheel (method) by taking snapshots of the planetary positions at the time of an event – on this occasion the time and day of the abduction of Amber Hagerman and superimpose a second chart containing the birth data of persons of interest.  We then interpret the tension between planets and angles of the horoscope.

Event-BillFry The inner wheel is the position of the planets in our solar system against the backdrop of the zodiac at the time of Amber’s abduction.  The outer wheel contains the planetary positions in the heavens on the day and at the place where Bill N. Fry was born.

In forensic astrology we focus on the hard aspects.  We want to interpret the possible cause of any emotive reaction in this person.

This has to be the clearest bi-wheel you will ever see.  There is no tension at all between these charts. Mid January 1996 was pretty cool for this man; no dramas on the afternoon in question.

According to the heavens, there is no way that Bill N. Fry could have done what he stands accused of by Joey Dauben. The heavens suggest that this man did not abduct Amber Hagerman.

  • Bill N. Fry may have a son who has a considerable criminal record for violence, robbery, meth-amphetamine manufacture and who is currently incarcerated for drug related offences, however that doesn’t make Bill Fry  a criminal.
  • Bill N. Fry may have a stepson who has been sentenced to 30 years in jail, however this does not make Bill Fry the abductor of Amber Hagerman.
  • Bill N. Fry may have a minor living with him who is the child of a drug user, however this does not mean that he ‘bought’ this child.  It is more likely that he gave one of his children a handout and is raising one of the offspring of these losers from the next generation; his grandchild.

What jumps off the page from the research into this family, is that as recently as 2011, Bill Fry’s stepson Buddy Wayne Anderson was indicted on three counts:

  • Production of Child Pornography
  • Production of Obscene Visual Representations of the Sexual Abuse of Children
  • Possession of Child Pornography

Sharon Lee Anderson, Buddy’s wife was charged with knowingly permitting her minor daughter to engage in this sexually explicit conduct.  Sharon Anderson is currently serving ten years for allowing her child to be exploited in this way.

Knowing this, it would be foolish to totally ignore Dauben’s ramblings and so Buddy and Sharon Anderson now have our undivided attention.  This pair have to be considered as possible persons of interest in our enquiry.

We have to further ask the question as to whether Joey Dauben and Buddy Anderson had put their heads together to implicate Bill N. Fry in an effort to deflect interest of their part in Amber’s abduction all those years earlier?

Joey Dauben had not yet turned fifteen at the time Amber was snatched off the street, however we still run a check by those in the heavens; generate a bi-wheel.  Drawing a blank from the astrology, we can suggest that Joseph Glen Dauben was not involved in the abduction or murder of Amber Hagerman.

We can however, suggest that Dauben jumped on the bandwagon ‘muck-raking’ for reasons of his own; a private agenda.  Joseph Glen Dauben is not going anywhere for a while.  He is currently cooling his heels in a lock-up; a matter not related to Amber Hagerman.

Buddy Anderson and his wife meanwhile, are of particular interest to us.  Sharon Anderson was still Sharon Lee McKinney at the time of Amber’s abduction and murder.  She was a mother with a babe in arms in January 1996.  Her baby was yet to be exploited by this pair.  So what of nine year-old Amber?

Event-HagermanAmber Hagerman was stolen from her family mid afternoon on a Saturday; Saturn’s day.

Her screams were heard; the abduction briefly witnessed, however one minute she was there and the next, gone.  There is no courtship with predators.

click on images for full size

The inner wheel is a snapshot of the heavens in Arlington, Texas when the abduction atook place at the diabolic degree of 18 degrees nd the outer wheel is Amber’s birth chart; a separate snapshot in time.

The planets are weighted on the right hand side – defensive posture.

In the inner wheel, the Moon (blue) is conjunct the Lunar nodal axis in the 5th house  – the need to be out in the open/in public.  Not a time to keep a child indoors; time for fun.

  • Transiting Mercury (yellow)  is conjunct Mars (red) – much chatter; a time to be actively engaged in communication.

As for Amber’s part in this drama – the outer wheel’s interaction with the inner wheel, we interpret tension in a standard hierarchy – hemisphere analysis, angles, midpoints, forensic indicators etc.

  • With a right-hand emphasis of planetary tension in the bi-wheel we know this to be a defensive posture.  This child did not instigate any action.
  • Natal Mars is conjunct the mid-heaven – there would have been no keeping this child indoors; she is overly confident.
  • Natal Uranus conjunct the descendant – sudden changes are likely.

Note:  The midpoint that tells all:   Amber’s natal Sun/Neptune=18° Sagittarius (the descendant) – this is the confirmation of an abduction.

  • Transiting Mars-Mercury (much chatter) is square natal Venus (pink) – Amber has engaged in communication; she is seen as a female rather than a child by her abductor.
  • Transiting Pluto conjunct Natal Sun (self). Again this is the power struggle indicator. Amber was likely not seduced to go with her abductor; she was overpowered.

For those familiar with this blog, if you’re eyes don’t widen at the sight of the following pair of bi-wheels, I’ll eat my hat. For sexual predators, an abduction of a child is a highly emotive event and so we would expect there to be an inordinate amount of tension in the charts of any predators.  We are not disappointed.

If these two haven’t just bought a bunch of Christmas tree lights at the New Year sales, then I suggest that they are highly likely to be the abductors and killers of Amber Hagerman.

Anderson-duoI am not one to be flippant when it comes to mentioning karma and past lives as so often I see it used as an excuse for not accepting responsibility for current behaviour, however on this occasion we appear to have a union of two very damaged individuals working in a co-dependent partnership.

Together they create a whiff of sulphur, as is evidenced by their actions.  Apart from their natal Sun signs square to each other creating tension – they do not see eye to eye – both share Lunar node issues with the negative aspects of the zodiac of Cancer – stubborn, moody, over-emotional, unable to take constructive criticism and unable to let go of their co-dependency.

  • Buddy Anderson has Mars conjunct Lunar South Node – this is usually interpreted as male energy misused in the past is carried forward into this life within the psyche of this individual.  The life-lesson would be to temper this hot energy. I would also suggest that he will meet with a violent end.
  • Sharon Anderson has Saturn conjunct Lunar South Node – this is usually interpreted as a cold, authoritative energy again misused in the past etc.  The life-lesson would be to warm up and soften; rise above ‘victim mentality’.

When we look at the individual bi-wheels, Buddy is engaged on many levels.

  • Jupiter (inflates whatever it touches) is highlighted green
  • Neptune (abduction) is turquoise.
  • Moon (driving need) is blue.
  • Venus (pink) usually represents money in a natal chart; on this occasion the natal Venus in the outer chart, I would suggest represents the gamble as it is in the dualistic sign of Gemini.   Venus in the inner chart is in Pisces at the top of the chart – appears to endorse this interpretation.
  • Mercury (yellow) is the child indicator.
  • Forensic planets are all highlighted red and tell the story.

Sharon is equally involved.  It is as if she is devoid of any emotion; all tension is created either by forensic planets or inflated by Jupiter. There is no heart in this chart.

map-buddyclick on image for full size

In order to check our results and go the extra mile, we reach into the toolkit.  Utilising the cartography method, we generate a map of the land connecting the point of abduction in Arlington with two addresses in Ennis County, the Red Oak police chief’s territory.  We tread warily.

  • Flag A is a particular address known to Red Oak law enforcement and sometime residence of this family in Ferris, Texas.
  • Flag C is the address in Ennis, Texas where Buddy and Sharon Anderson left evidence of their Production of Child Pornography many years later.

When we superimpose the flipped bi-wheel of Buddy Anderson over the point of the abduction of Amber Hagerman, we note that Buddy’s Mars-South Node (that whiff of sulphur) intersects with Sun-Mercury (the calendar date-child indicator) and the red line continues onto the map in a direct line to Flag A; the address in Ferris, Texas.

Amber alert stampThe heavens presents its case pretty strongly, you have to agree.

The intervening years between Amber’s abduction and the final capture of the Andersons would need to be thoroughly investigated.  I have no doubt that the Red Oak LE are on the case.

Meanwhile the Amber Alert continues to protect missing children across the participating nations of the world.

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3 thoughts on “Amber alert”

  1. Interesting MM. Interesting too is you have mentioned (inadvertently or otherwise) a certain characteristic of a paedaphile.
    This may come as a surprise to many, but often he who crows the loudest is in fact the perpetrator.
    He might say things like, “Oh that is the worst thing, that is terrible, that is so wrong. The bastard. Etc”
    In other words, he seems to talk all the right talk.
    These words are coming from the same person who himself is interfering with children, often his own or his wife’s children.They would dare not accuse him of any wrong doing. As he seems to have some sort of “hold” over them.

  2. Judge threw the book at Joey Dauben in January, 2013. I chose not to include the information in the post, however it’s on the public record.

    A Navarro County, Texas jury sentenced former blogger/online publisher Joseph “Joey” Dauben to 10 years in prison per charge, on three counts of child sexual assault, and 10 years’ probation for one felony count of indeceny with a child. The charges stemmed from a 2007 assault of a teenager who attended a youth camp with Dauben.

  3. I can tell you who it was sharon is my mother it was buddy bill and robert all 3 of them were gone that day in the same vehicle all 3 together all 3 are perverts buddy not only photographed and molested my sister and i but robert kept trying to get me to do innapropriate things to him and bill was a cross dresser and he would take photographs of us bathing and tell us thats just how he showed us he loved us tell me what the stars say about that


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