Code Adam

 Amber alert is the community and nationwide broadcast alert system for a missing child in the U.S. Officially it is an acronym for America’s Missing Broadcasting Emergency Response, however there was a little girl called Amber behind it all.  I hope to write about young Amber another day; Amber Alert.

Amber alert stamp

Given the opportunity, this is one case we would dearly love to highlight, considering that the Texas community worked tirelessly to raise the focus of all missing children.

Some years earlier another family lobbied successfully in their local community in the cause of missing children. Shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, and other retailers have since adopted what is known nationally as a Code Adam.

Adam’s father, John Walsh went even further and for many years hosted America’s Most Wanted; the long running television show. So many lives were directly affected by the disappearance of Adam Walsh, that change had to happen; it did.

Code-adamThe Code Adam sign is displayed in store windows and is what you would hear called over a store’s intercom whenever a child is missing within that store, or if a child is found by employees or security in a shopping mall; a child unaccompanied by a parent or guardian.

The alert sets off the following action – doors are locked and a store employee or security is posted at every exit, while a description of the child is broadcast over the local intercom system.  Everyone hoping that it is a false alarm.

Stepping back in time with me now, picture a six year-old Adam holding his mother’s hand as they enter a department store.  It is summertime and school holidays in Hollywood, Florida. A seventeen year-old lad had been hired to keep an eye out for any mischief in the toy department; essentially security.  This is a day etched in his memory forever as well.

A video game had attracted a group of young lads to the store on this afternoon and so when six year-old Adam asked his mother if he could watch the boys playing, while she looked at some lamps nearby, there was no apparent reason for her not to agree.

Six is an important year in childhood development. This is a time of remarkable change in social and cognitive skills; moving towards independence, both intellectually and emotionally. There is a shift from learning through observation and experience to learning via language and logic. A group of older boys, videos and gaming; fits the bill perfectly for a lad of just six.

Department stores are purposefully designed as the dream home atmosphere.  For shoppers; parents and children, the experience is intended an extension of being in their own ideal home.  It is natural to be lulled into a sense of security.  Psychologically from the shopper’s perspective, store security takes the onus of responsibility and caution flies in the wind; guards are dropped.

Adam WalshLike many phases of child development, the period of a six year-old’s development is characterized by contradictions. At this age Adam would have had his foot more firmly in the big-kid years.

At the same time, he would still have been experiencing the insecurity that comes with stepping into the big wide world without the constant comfort of his parents and home environment.

Group activities appeal quite naturally, in order for the psyche to develop. Adam was already playing baseball.

The six year-old also loves rules.  He’s beginning to learn about boundaries. Rules allay the six year-old’s anxiety, so that they do not have to worry about what they should be doing. Left to their own devices, at this age a child often develops games with extensive rules and rituals.

Adam is the first-born to his parents and still the only child.  No siblings at home, he needs to look outside the family to hone his social skills and this would have been seen as a golden opportunity.

Order is extremely important as well at this age. Order gives the six year old the opportunity to feel secure in what would otherwise be a scary world.  So when the boys’ actions attracted the attention of the security for whatever reason, Adam did as he was ordered, rather than seek out his mother.  The children were put out of the store; off the premises.

Some question why didn’t Adam speak up; tell security  that his mother was nearby, that he was not part of the group. At six, you don’t challenge the rules; this six year-old followed the herd; the security guard was not mature enough to notice that Adam was the odd one out.

The older boys went off to other things and Adam was left alone in the unfamiliar carpark. The safety of the group was gone and very quickly so was Adam; a predator was lurking.  This little boy was lost to his family and once again we have a case where no-one was held to account for his abduction and murder.

The case has since been closed with the likely perpetrator named – Ottis Elwood Toole, a Florida native and convicted murderer.  Toole had confessed and recanted more than once to having killed Adam Walsh before the predator died in jail.  He had been incarcerated following multiple counts of murder.  His partner-in-crime and lover, Henry Lee Lucas also claimed to have been involved.  This has since been dismissed by law enforcement,

There was another serial killer in Florida at the time as well, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer.  Witnesses came forward some years later, claiming to have seen him in the Sear’s carpark on the date Adam was abducted.

Dahmer had since confessed to a string of murders, yet denied any involvement in the disappearance of Adam Walsh.   I suggest that we can settle the matter from the heaven’s point of view as well; add our voice.

We are able to undertake a forensic astrology enquiry into the abduction and murder of this precious child of the Walsh family; their first born.  We have the birth data of both the victim and persons of interest, as well as the location of the recovery of some of the child’s remains.  That will suffice.

Firstly in order to implicate or exonerate, we generate astrology bi-wheels (method) from the perspective of the event and superimpose the natal charts of the persons of interest.  We can identify any tension in these charts and interpret that tension by the standard interpretation of classical astrology.

What appears to be successful about this method relates to emotional input by victim and or person of interest; their reaction to the event.  As astrology is not a mainstream belief system, we remain unbiased as to the outcome of this enquiry and suggest that all those who read these results also remain skeptical.

Walshevent-AdamWalshclick on image for full size

The inner wheel is the timed event when Adam was abducted and the outer wheel is Adam’s natal chart.  The angles of the combined chart reveal the story.

  • Highlighted in yellow is the planet Mercury, the child indicator outer wheel is conjunct the ascendant; the focus. Inner wheel is conjunct Saturn (red), the grim reaper.
  • Lunar nodal axis  (red) is at the MC/IC axis and conjunct the Sun – the date on the calendar. A traumatic event will take event in a public place on this day and at this time.
  • Transiting Pluto (power) in the 12th house of the mind is sextile Neptune (turquoise).  Neptune represents all things hidden and in this case abduction.  The red line connects these two planets and also the victim’s Sun (orange) in the outer wheel; the midpoint between the two planets.  Adam is the target, the main focus of the abduction.  This would suggest that the predator may have been on the scene and waited until the older boys left the young lad alone.
  • The outer wheel also reveals Uranus (sudden changes) in the 12th house – the mind of the victim; confusion as to what to do.
  • Highlighted in blue, natal Moon (emotional needs) experiences sudden changes from transiting Uranus.  Again confusion, upsetting his driving need for safety.

There is nothing in this chart that we would expect, considering the circumstances.  The six year-old has the majority of planets in the 1st house; a very personal experience.

Walshevent-JeffreyDahlmerOur first person of interest, POI is Jeffrey Dahmer. Considering the inner wheel and forensic planets, we have transiting Pluto in this bi-wheel mirroring the emotional needs of the natal chart (Blue) Moon of this predator.

We know immediately that this POI is not the abductor of Adam Walsh.

  • Turquoise Neptune is square to natal Lunar nodal axis informing us of the publicity that Dahmer gained from the abduction of Adam Walsh.
  • The child indicator (yellow) squares the natal Moon (blue) – awareness of this abduction and murder would highlight Dahmer’s own emotional needs in relation to children.
  • Venus (pink) is the only planet in conjunction. Natal Pluto (power) is aligned. The Venusian aspect of the event feeds the power of the individual.

Note:  There are no females in this case, nor is money the focus.  Venus has another interpretation that I am loath to go into, more than to say that both Dahmer and Toole were flesh eaters; cannibals.

Toole-LucasWe present the two bi-wheels side-by-side of a pair of serial killers; share the links between this pair.  Lucas (on the right) is the elder by ten years and his natal Saturn (red) is exact by conjunction with Toole’s natal Mercury (yellow).  I would suggest that these pair play father and son roles with their fantasies.

We note also that all persons of interest in this case have Saturn retrograde in their charts; male mentoring lacking when they, themselves were children..

The second bi-wheel of Henry Lee Lucas would indicate a lack of input in the abduction and murder of Adam Walsh beyond an aftermath of fantasy between these two killers.  The first meanwhile, implicates Ottis Toole.

  • The transiting Moon (blue) represents ‘needs’ and we know in astrology that ‘needs’ override ‘wants’.  The Moon is conjunct natal Uranus, the forensic indicator representing sudden changes.  Toole’s emotional needs are subject to sudden overriding changes.
  • The MC/IC axis (top to bottom) has the calendar date and Lunar nodal axis of the event conjunct the grim reaper, Saturn in the natal chart of the perpetrator – a traumatic event resulting in death.  The grim reaper accompanies Toole.
  • Venus (pink) in the outer wheel intersects this axis – representing the hunger within this sadistic perpetrator.

MAP-Tooleclick on image for full size

We can go one step further and reproduce the cartography exercise (method) by flipping this last bi-wheel and superimposing it over the location in Vero Beach, Florida. Note the red line connecting  the locations – point of abduction to point of recovery.

This locator angle (red line) intersecting Saturn-Venus-Lunar nodal axis connects the place of abduction with the place of where Adam’s skull was recovered by fishermen more than a hundred miles north of Hollywood, Florida.

John Walsh

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  1. I remember this case. Shocked the nation. I have trouble with the Saturn Retrograde and the lack of male mentoring – what about all the other children born on these dates? Perhaps it’s their experience, their nurture as children that’s the key to their devil ways. Thanks for making it clear – Yours is the best explanation I’ve read.


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