A royal baby

Welcome to the House of Windsor…

town-cryerAnything announced by the town crier was done in the name of the ruling monarch and not heeding a town crier was considered an act of treason.

Heaven help us if we are to break the law of the land.

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!  A hush descends over the waiting crowd.  We are all ears.

At 4:24pm GMD 22 July 2013 at Paddington, England, to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, a boy.  At Her Majesty’s command, the child shall be titled, a Prince of Cambridge.

So the third in line of succession is born; we astrologers huddle over our charts. Hmmm… there is an awful lot of water sloshing around in this chart.  Scorpio rising for a start!

The ascendant (LHS) describes the personality and this little chap will have Scorpio’s ruling planet, Pluto as his birthright.  Power rules the personality.

Baby-Cambridgeclick on all images for full size

Scorpio is the water sign that sits amid a pond.  In fear of the water becoming stagnant, Scorpio personalities are renowned for stirring up those around them – be it a stir to action or just making mischief in the nursery.

Let’s hope this young prince doesn’t flush too many mobile phones.

He’ll like to wear red and black as they’re his favourite colours; portending a future career perhaps.  There will be toy soldiers in the nursery; Redcoats abound and the Royal Scot will feature in his train-set; among his favourite toys.  Don’t forget the swashbuckling pirate outfits either, Kate.

  • With Fortuna at 25°Taurus, this little chap’s destiny is in the public arena; no surprise to us.
  • His Sun-Moon midpoint is 29°Libra in the 11th house.  The Sun/Moon midpoint is his point of negotiation; an intuitive,  natural diplomat.
  • The Grand Trine in water – Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune would make for a rather grand Admiral of the Fleet, although with no planetary outlet for all that tension, he would need to release the energy through his career.
  • With a Mars-Jupiter conjunction (red-green), we have a little dynamo and trine Saturn (red) reveals the ease with which he accepts the responsibility of his position in life.
  • With an 8th house Sun (orange), we have that Pluto brush, painting an even stronger picture.

Progressions indicate that he’ll step into the public arena before his fourteenth birthday with a swift climb up the career ladder between the ages of sixteen and twenty.  

Progressions aside, everything in astrology is about timing.  The clock on the wall in the birthing suite has replaced the house astrologer and gone are the days when the home secretary needed to bear witness that there wasn’t a switcheroo going on.  Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was the last monarch born under scrutiny. The dads have taken over.

Prince Charles was present at the birth of William, as was the Duke of Cambridge when Kate delivered the latest member of the firm, although Charles missed out on his father’s presence at the delivery.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was off playing squash with a mate and turned up with champagne and carnations when it was all over.  Some mothers prefer it that way.

John-DeeThe birth of William, Duke of Cambridge is recorded in days, hours and minutes, as are all the royals.  There must’ve been a royal astrologer somewhere in history for that tradition to be upheld; as if I wasn’t already privy to that information.  John Dee is in the room.

From the perspective of the baby’s birth time, we produce bi-wheels (method) of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate and see what tension is present.

Inner wheel is the time of birth and the outer wheel is the natal chart of each of the parents.  Even if we are to just skim the surface in our interpretation, we can all see that dad’s pretty excited isn’t he…


  • Pluto at 9° Capricorn (red) in the inner wheel) is running the show.  Pluto represents power in astrology. 
  • Pluto square natal Mars (outer wheel) of the prince. Papa boosts this lad’s self esteem.
  • Mercury (communication) highlighted yellow in the inner wheel is conjunct his father’s Lunar nodal axis. Baby is destined to be on the public stage alongside his father.
  • Mars-Jupiter (dynamic nature) highlighted green is conjunct his father’s Moon (blue) – fulfilling dad’s emotional needs.  The man has his son and heir.

The time of birth of the Duchess of Cambridge is not on the public record and the consensus among astrologers is that Kate was born around 4pm. I’ve gone for the early afternoon, around 1:30pm in the chart reproduced here. Relevance matters more to us, than whether the time is right or not.

Note: A 4pm birth of Mum gives us the baby’s Mercury at her ascendant.

  • Either way, baby has bonded through Mercury (yellow) with Kate’s Moon (blue) and Sun (orange).  His cries will awaken high emotion in his mother – the joy of motherhood.  Maturity will bless her with the understanding of where her focus must now lie.

The next step in our enquiry is to refer to the next generation up in the Mountbatten-Windsor family, Prince Charles and William’s mother; the late Diana, Princess of Wales; his blood lineage.

  • Baby-CharlesnDiThe royal signature of Saturn (red) in the babe’s chart is exact conjunct Prince Charles’ Lunar nodal axis – welcome to the royal line, little one.
  • Neptune (turquoise) opposite grandpa’s Saturn – diplomacy is likely needed in the interaction between these two.
  • Uranus (red) is at Prince Charles’ MC; midheaven.  This suggests that within the year, we are likely to see a change in the line of succession to the throne.

Diana reveals her input as well.  Gone, but not forgotten, her ancestry is included in the little one’s destiny.

  • The little prince has the full Moon at 28°Capricorn, nestled up to Diana’s natal Saturn with his Sun (orange) holding the mirror.   The House of Stuart rocks the cradle.

With everybody having a strong input, perhaps we should therefore include Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh – great grand papa and of course Her Majesty, the Queen.

Baby-PhilnLizPrince Phillip, now 92 hasn’t let the side down and adds his lineage from the European royal houses.

  • Natal Saturn (red) is close to the baby’s MC  – Philip retains the authority as the male head of the family; albeit as a figurehead.
  • Mercury conjunct Mercury (yellow) at the same degree. It appears that these two are on the same page. Lets hope the young chap’s diplomacy skills are better.

Apart from the little joke Queen Elizabeth shared, hoping the baby’s arrival wouldn’t interrupt her holiday in Balmoral, the ruling monarch gets her wish as well.

  • The young Prince of Cambridge ascendant is conjunct the ruling monarch’s MC.  The House of Windsor continues.
  •  Baby’s Lunar nodal axis (public face) is square the queen’s natal Moon (blue) – protector of the faith assured.
  • Baby’s Mercury (yellow) is conjunct the queen’s Pluto.  I reiterate, within the year the order will change with the mantle of responsibility greater on this young chap.

princess-babyWe have just skimmed the surface of the charts today, however it is a beginning.

I trust we would not be committing treason if we were to explore more of these charts, on another day.

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7 thoughts on “A royal baby”

  1. I will start taking bets with family and friends on the Crown being placed on another’s head in approx. a year. (Does this mean the Queen’s demise is close? Or she’s using a woman’s contrariness in a change of mind?) When I start collecting my winning’s I should have enough money to buy my own little Island 🙂

  2. An honorable interpretation. My belief is the Royal family is a divine institution, as proved in this reading. Saturn imposes duty – the little guy signed up for it, his destiny is writ in the stars.

  3. Out on a limb MM.. the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s latest royal tour down under coincided with the blood moon and cardinal cross. What about the possibility of Baby Cambridge MkII conceived and/or delivered 14/4/2014, 08/10/2014, 04/04/2015, 28,08,2015 on one of the blood moon tetrad dates?


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