Murder as a career Pt.2

A penchant for tying bows…

In July 2013, it was announced that DeSalvo’s body would be exhumed for re-evaluation using new forensic testing with reports speculating that this new analysis could finally provide proof of the Boston Strangler’s identity.

The family of DeSalvo and a nephew of Mary Sullivan continue to believe in Albert DeSalvo’s innocence of the thirteen murders to which he confessed; they remain convinced that the killer is still alive.

Part 1 of our forensic astrology enquiry, begs to differ.

What makes these particular murders stand out in the annals of serial killing is the fact that many of the victims were mature or elderly, however the Boston Strangler didn’t discriminate by age.  His victims were chosen at random according to DeSalvo and we would agree.

The Boston Strangler’s first victim was in her mid fifties, discovered in the bathroom of her home; the belt of her bathrobe tied in a bow around her neck.  The second victim’s stockings were tied in a bow around her neck; the third, the bow again, only this time it was her bra.

The murders continued with sexual assault and humiliation as the precursor to the strangulation and all victims were left with the trademark bow around their neck, preferably with stockings.  Their ages ranged from nineteen to seventy-five.

The predator didn’t stalk his victims individually; the motivation was internally driven. He knocked on doors in a random fashion; it was more a case of who answered the door to him and who didn’t.

We know this to be the case from the statement by a female neighbor of one of his victims.  She informed the police that a man had knocked on her door, insisting that he had been sent to paint her apartment. He finally left after she told him that her husband was sleeping in the next room.  He knocked on the next door and entered.

desalvo#1We now take up the body count of this serial killer and continue our forensic astrology enquiry.

Following a respite of some three months, the ninth victim of the Boston Strangler, Mary Brown was discovered 25 miles north of Boston.

  • Moon-Pluto conjunction transiting in the heavens at 10° Virgo is exact conjunct the natal Sun of Albert Henry DeSalvo –  I am all powerful, yet driven by my emotional urges..
  • Transiting Neptune is nudging the ascendant and Mercury is at the lowest point in the chart.  Was this man peeved because his exploits were off  the front page?

Beverly Samans was discovered two month’s later.  She had not just been raped and strangled.  There were 18 stab wounds in the shape of a bulls-eye on her right breast. The Boston Strangler had upped the anteIt was a full moon.

  • Transiting Moon was exact natal Ascendant and Sun at the descendant – front page news guaranteed.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis was conjunct natal Pluto – this man was certainly out of control driven by emotional childhood issues.
  • Pluto is now at the midpoint Venus-Sun – extreme intensification of emotions.  The crime would most likely have been undertaken as a need within the psychosis.

Again there was respite for the women of Boston for a few months, however the murder of Evelyn Corbin would shock those who found her.

  • Jupiter was exact conjunct natal Uranus – inflating his ‘creative’ muse.
  • Uranus was conjunct natal Neptune – frenetic deceit
  • Pluto conjunct natal Mercury – oral undertones
  • Mercury conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – more of the above
  • Moon conjunct natal Moon  – emotional peak

The twelfth victim, Joan Graff is a continuation of this madness.  The killer is deeply in psychosis by now.

  • Transiting Neptune is at the ascendant – he is no longer in control.  The psychosis has overtaken his actions.
  • Transiting Moon at 5° Pisces is in the 4th house mirroring the entire 10th house of planets; natal Neptune as well as the two transiting planets, Uranus and Pluto.  We are in the crazy house; the mirror cracked.

Death-MarySullivanclick on image for full size

Mary Sullivan was the Boston Strangler’s last victim. Still a teen, she died just one week before her 20th birthday.

With Mary Sullivan’s birth data to hand together with the date of her murder, we know that the Sun and Mercury transiting in the heavens on the date of her death were conjunct Mary’s natal Mercury (yellow highlight).

Mercury is the messenger of the Gods in Greco-Roman mythology.

The voice of the heavens on the date of Mary’s death (Sun-Mercury) at 13° Capricorn will speak through Mary ‘s natal Mercury.

I have no doubt that we will hear that the DNA results come back positive, that Mary Sullivan’s voice will confirm Albert DeSalvo is the Boston Strangler.

One year after the last murder by the Boston Strangler and following a stint in jail for robbery, DeSalvo gained entry to a woman’s apartment under false pretenses.  He tied her up on her bed, held a knife to her throat before molesting her and finally running away. The victim gave the police a good description, one that fitted DeSalvo’s likeness, which was on record.

Shortly thereafter, DeSalvo was arrested and picked out of an identity parade.  He admitted to robbing hundreds of apartments. Identified as having also committed rape, DeSalvo confessed to law authorities that he was the Boston Strangler.  He was given a life sentence for the robberies and rape, however the Boston Strangler confession was dismissed and didn’t even make it onto a charge sheet.

Today, we received our confirmation that science is 99.9% sure, that Albert Henry DeSalvo killed Mary Sullivan.  To that we add .1%…

Mary-SullivanAdvances in DNA testing allows officials to extract genetic profiles from samples that even a few years ago would have been too small, too old, or too degraded to be useful.

Using DNA from a water bottle recovered by DeSalvo’s relative, police were able to make the connection. This process was possible because Y chromosomes are passed down nearly unchanged from father to son.

“Male descendants of the same father share almost identical Y chromosomes”, according to a statement from Suffolk District Attorney Conley’s office.

“The bottle was sent for comparison to the crime scene DNA on record and the result was a match that has implicated DeSalvo and excluded 99.9 percent of the male population.”

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