Murder as a career Pt.1

A penchant for tying bows…

The Boston Strangler is reputed to have committed thirteen murders over an eighteen-month period. All the women were sexually assaulted and most strangled by ligature. Fifty years later, the murders of these women remain unsolved.

There was a signature-in-common,  ligatures tied in a bow. 

If that’s not a Virgo flag, I’ll eat my hat.  Mister neat and tidy; it’s all in the detail.  Clue number one – Virgo is likely to be in this man’s career house; the 10th.  If this proves to be the case, we can suggest that it was a conscious decision to be a serial killer – seen as a career move by this individual; bizarre, as it may seem.

deSalvoIt is generally accepted that Albert Henry DeSalvo is the likely perpetrator; the Boston Strangler, although some remain skeptic.  DeSalvo had a criminal history as a thief, burglar and ‘peeping tom’ prior to the date of the first of the murders.

Known to be a braggart, police dismissed his confession to the murders, as bravado.  We are not so fast to dismiss his confession.

A braggart is usually thought of as an egotist, however in this case his bragging is about his deeds rather than his prowess and with his natal Sun in the 10th house, his ego is bound up with his career.

We aim to suggest that DeSalvo made a career out of serial killing.  To us, that’s insane, however to this man, he would most likely reply, that he had no choice. What he couldn’t finance from his victims pocket-books; their wallets, he earned by other means.

DeSalvo is long dead, stabbed to death while in a maximum security prison ten years after the murders; serving a life sentence for other sexual offences and a string of robberies.

Thanks to modern science,  DNA tests are underway as I write.  Samples have recently been retrieved from both DeSalvo and the Boston Strangler’s last victim, Mary Sullivan for scientific analysis. Both families continue to believe that DeSalvo is innocent and so we aim to undertake our own analysis, even if it is pseudo-scientific in origin.

Apart from interpreting a natal chart, one of the first profiling questions we forensic astrologers need to ask is, “What planetary indicators are there that triggered this career move?”  These are not crimes of passion or random acts.  This serial killer has systematically murdered one woman after another, over an eighteen-month period.

Endeavouring to identify the planets in this mix, we open our toolkit and generate a progression of  DeSalvo’s natal chart to the date of his first murder; one degree for each year of his life – a solar arc progression.  Why did he start killing now and not when he was 5 years younger or even 10 years earlier?

We will view this case from the perpetrator’s perspective on all occasions as we have been provided with DeSalvo’s time of birth – just before noon 3rd September 1931 in Chelsea, Massachusetts.  That tells us immediately, that the natal Sun is in the 10th house. 

Anyone born in the lead up to midday, will have their Sun in the 10th; they would be likely to identify themselves with their careers in their adult life.

A bi-wheel (method) is generated with the inner wheel as the natal chart for DeSalvo and the outer wheel the SA progression to the date of the first murder.

Note: The first rule in progression interpretation is that the natal chart initiates the action not the progression – the tendency is innate and the tension ‘awakens’ the perpetrator and then transits in real time trigger the action. 

deSalvo-SAclick on image for full size

In the inner wheel highlighted pink, the birth chart – Neptune-Venus-Sun and Mercury are all in the 10th house of the career.  But take note, the planets are all ‘closeted’ in that house.  The cusp declares Leo – that this man’s career shall be in the open, however all these planets are clustered and undeclared in Virgo.

What you see is not what you get in relation to this man’s career.

Progressions of significance at the time of the first murder:

  • Uranus has crossed the descendant and into the public relationship 7th house – sudden changes projected into the public arena, come out of the closet.
  • Jupiter (green) inflates what it touches – progressed to exact conjunct the Sun (orange) at 10° Virgo – an inflated sense of self within the career sector.
  • Neptune (turquoise) underhanded, deceit – progressed to exact conjunct Lunar nodal axis  (red) at 5° Libra – time to leave the secreted area of Neptune and go public.
  • Pluto (red) power symbol – progressed to square natal Moon (blue) empowering emotional needs
  • Mars is now in the 1st house opposite natal Moon as well, thrusting him to the fore.

deCalvo#1As to the planetary transits at the time of the first murder, we refer to a second bi-wheel.

The inner wheel is again the natal chart of DeSalvo and the outer wheel a snapshot of the heavens on the date of the murder of Anna Slesers.

Having established that DeSalvo operates from the 10th house, we shall undertake this enquiry basically from the 10th house; his career move at the age of 31.

Even if we only look at the tension created by conjunctions and leave the other hard aspects to others to interpret, we still have a compelling story to tell.

  • Lunar nodal axis (red) transit exact natal Jupiter (green) – thrusting the action into the public arena by creating a traumatic event.
  • Transiting Saturn (red) the grim reaper is in the 3rd house conjunct the other side of the axis at the bottom of the chart. Father time triggers the traumatic event.
  • Transit Uranus at the top of the chart, the MC (10th house cusp) – sudden changes in the career sector.
  • Transit Pluto (power) conjunct natal Venus (pink) – overpowering influence of the feminine in the psyche (childhood issues).

movieThere are thirteen murders in all, which we can connect to DeSalvo with this forensic astrology enquiry.

I have no wish to be disrespectful of any of these victims, however rather than reproduce every bi-wheel, we list the planetary tension on the date of each murder with the natal chart of DeSalvo.

The planets in the heavens on the day that Nina Nichols was murdered, stirred the serial killer to action.  In fact he murdered two women in their homes on this date. Helen Blake was murdered as well in a different suburb of Boston.

  • Pluto in the heavens orbits to conjunct natal Neptune/Venus.  This is his madness empowered – artfully rationalised doing the job with little option to do otherwise.
  • Jupiter has orbited to conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – the inflated emotional trauma continues.
  • Mars is conjunct his natal Moon as well – heightening his emotional needs.
  • Transiting Uranus conjunct the MC, cusp of the 10th house – irrational, spontaneous action in the career sector continues to pressure.
  • Transiting Jupiter mirrors natal Mercury (communication) in the 10thhe would have wanted to tell the world/brag about his new career.

Apart from the outer planetary pressures just two week’s earlier, Venus in the heavens joins the fray on the day that Margaret Davis died at the hands of the Boston Strangler.

  • Venus conjunct transiting Uranus join forces exact at the MC, cusp of the career house.
  • The date on the calendar (transiting Sun) mirrors natal Saturn, the grim reaper.   This is most likely the day that the compulsion was rationalised as a career.

The following month there were two more victims. The first to be killed that August, but not found first, was Jane Sullivan.

  • Venus had continued her orbit to exact conjunct the Lunar nodal axis of DeSalvo – likely interpreted by the perpetrator as the feminine principle creating the trauma.
  • The Mercury transit conjunct natal Neptune – voices in his head are likely subversive.

A week later when Ida Irga was murdered, the Moon had made her impact by creating the exact conjunction to natal Uranus and opposite DeSalvo’s Mars.  This is in the 5th house and so with the pressures already on the 10th house, I would suggest he is now becoming more ‘creative’, a 5th house attribute.

The murder of Sophie Clark was not until a few months later.  The Boston strangler’s victims had previously been older women. Sophie was just 21 years old.

  • By now the Uranus orbit had moved from the cusp of the 10th house to conjunct natal Neptune – heightened insanity
  • Pluto was now conjunct natal Mercury – empowering his voice

On New Year’s Eve, the Boston Strangler murdered pregnant Patricia Bissette.  She was his eighth victim. It is likely that this murder rattled him to the core emotionally.

  • The Moon was exact conjunct Neptune that New Year’s Eve holding up the mirror reflecting all those planets in the 10th house, his career.
  • Uranus and Pluto were still creating the tension with no relief.
  • Mars was approaching his MC.  It was nearing time for the Boston Strangler to sit down and reassess his business plan.

Each case ties the bow tighter every time.  It seems we are on the right track.

We shall continue our enquiry with all thirteen cases; including taking heed of the last victim, Mary Sullivan’s voice, however I think it’s time we took a break ourselves and continue with Part 2 on another day.  I hope you will join me then.

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3 thoughts on “Murder as a career Pt.1”

  1. HIs 8th Cusp is on the Fixed Star Pollux (murder, rape, cruelty) and his Asc is mid North and South Scale (Sth Scale – criminality, Nth Scale – violence). Aileen

  2. Regarding Adrian Bayley – I found this on the psychforums. Thought it was interesting. Aileen
    “Before the Rape/Murder of Jill Meagher he was named Adrien Ernest Edwards which was changed whilst he was in prison. Before he was incarcerated for these offences he used to live in the area of Claremont Perth and was living there during the time of the Claremont Serial Killings. The suspect was never apprehended and the WA police still havent linked the pieces together because as they say there is no coincidences when it comes to serial killers. Also around the time of the killings he was divorced / dumped by a partner, and even had a partner when he was apprehended.”


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