A contract to kill

Birthplace of Iggy Pop, a city known as the Lumber Queen of the World, Muskegon, Michigan is the centre of our realm today. No kings, no queens, no princes or princesses, just a young woman in a situation where intervention is needed.

At just 20 years of age, Julia Charlene Merfeld has made a plea bargain and will probably be back on the streets before she is thirty. Is she a fruit loop, a psychopath or just as thick as two short planks?  You be the judge.

Julia Charlene Merfeld wanted her husband killed and she wasn’t shy when it came to setting up the hit, police said.  It was all caught on camera.


“What I’m gonna need is an address from you so I know how to get there,” the driver said.  “I’m gonna need a picture of him, so I get the right guy.”  On the video, she shyly said, “Okay” and giggled.

Julia Merfeld turned up at a second meeting the following day, providing a floor-plan of her home, a photo of her husband, plus a cash deposit. Luckily for her husband, the hit-man was really an undercover Michigan State Police officer.

There were more incriminating questions on this second meeting, including how she wanted him to kill her husband, Jacob. “Do you want an open casket,” he asked. “Where do you want me to do it?”

“Whatever is easiest for you,” she records on the video. “If you can get him outside, that would be great.  But if you absolutely can’t I’ll understand, however it would be messy in the house.”

Sitting in the front seat of a car she continued calmly saying, “I don’t want it to look like an actual motive, like a murder case.”  The fifteen minute business appointment proceeded.

“It’s easier than divorcing him. I don’t have to worry about breaking his heart.  I don’t have to worry about the judgement of my family.”

Of course, that last part was just frou frou, to convince herself that she was doing her husband a favour by killing him, when in fact it was a change of lifestyle that she was after.

Julia Merfeld was after the life insurance money; the $400,000. She admitted as much on camera, discussing how quickly she might get her hands on the money and how the hit-man would have to wait to be paid until she got the insurance payout.

Was Jacob Merfeld’s life really in danger?  He doesn’t seem to believe it was; doesn’t think his wife should even go to jail.  Let’s ask the heavens what they have to say.

Astrology is a pseudo science and does not claim to be scientifically based.  This method we use is uncannily accurate in relation to exposing emotional tension. 

We take two snapshots of the planetary positions at relevant times, compare the tension between planets and interpret the outcome from classical astrology. 

Meeting the hit-man for the first time:

We generate a pair of bi-wheels (method) from the perspective of the first meeting between the ‘hit-man’ and Julia Merfeld.  The inner wheel is the time on the clock of the video and the first outer wheel is the natal chart (planetary positions) for Julia Merfeld.


First up I need to share something in the natal chart of Julia Merfeld the Uranus-Neptune conjunction (turquoise).  In forensic astrology, Uranus represents sudden changes in behaviour and Neptune – subversive, hidden tendencies plus often drug/alcohol issues.

Together they can indicate mental instability, psychotic events in an individual’s life, drug or alcohol-filled rages.  Astrology indications are that we are dealing with a possible psychotic episode, on this occasion. A psychological evaluation would reveal whether the psychosis is treatable in this case. We leave that to the professionals.

Note: this doesn’t mean that all individuals born with this aspect are likely to behave in this way.  The conjunction requires other tensions in the chart to get to the point of psychosis. On this occasion, for Julia Merfeld, it has been triggered by the Pluto transit, which we all know involves power.

Megalomania is one projection we could witness; another is omnipotence.  However it manifests, you can guarantee that the behaviour will be delusional. One thing we know for sure is that the tension created by the planet is temporary.  Pluto’s orbit will slowly move away from creating the tension.

With psychological help in a young person’s life, they can look forward to leading a somewhat normal life in the future. Especially so in this case where we have a young woman who has a husband and children.

Meanwhile back in the cop car, as the object of the meeting was the disposal of a husband, we would expect the forensic planets to be in the picture of both spouse’s bi-wheels and we are not disappointed.

  • Natal Pluto (red) is at the IC, the lowest point in the chart and also on the cusp of the 4th house – the home and heart.  This is natal Pluto (not transiting Pluto referred to above.)  The focus is on power in the home and heart.  Julia is struggling with the power concept in her life.
  • The 5th house conjunction of planets (red and turquoise) is the transiting Pluto as discussed previously.
  • The stellium in the 9th house (Sun-Mars-Venus-Moon-Lunar nodal axis) is heavily pressuring Julia’s natal Moon (blue) – her emotional needs.  Natal Moon is in Libra  –  tendency to waver in acceptance of self-image, very confusing for this individual.

The bi-wheel of Jacob Merfeld has natal Saturn/South Node at the IC, the grim reaper is at the bottom of the chart.  We now know that Julia’s Pluto is conjunct her husbands Saturn.  Using the forensic astrology textbook, Julia holds the power (Pluto) over her husband’s life (Saturn).

  • The Lunar nodal axis in the heavens and also in the natal chart are in conjunction, bound up together. This can be a person’s 15 minutes of fame and/or an extremely traumatic event.  Looks like we are going to get both.
  • Natal Jupiter (green) in the 6th house is square this Lunar nodal axis acerbating the problem.  Well his death is being discussed as an everyday conversation at this time, so there’s no surprise here to see this tension.

Meeting the hit-man for the second time:

When we generate a further bi-wheel for the second meeting with the hit-man, things move on by just under 24 hours.  Transiting Venus (pink) has moved to the top of the chart the MC.  Venus represents money – this is, as we know, the payment of the deposit meeting.

  • Hitman#2-duoNatal Moon (red) is now at the bottom of the chart, bringing the emotional turmoil to it’s lowest point.  Dread walks the floor.
  • Transiting Pluto influence continues.  Yesterday it was in the 5th house of creativity, today the 6th house (everyday business) Julia is completing the transaction.
  • 9th house transiting Uranus (red) is conjunct exact with natal Mercury (yellow) – this can be sudden change in communication.  I suggest that Julia was wavering as to whether she would complete the transaction with the hit-man or not.  The coin fell the wrong way.

Jacob meanwhile, has the ongoing trauma situation accentuated by Jupiter.  The house change for Jupiter from 5th the 6th indicates – the everyday business has now gone public.

The hit:

We know that Julia Charlene Merfeld was arrested straight after she stepped out of the police car, however we can go further and enquire as to how serious she really was about hiring a hit-man to kill her husband.  Has Jacob Merfeld spent one of his nine-lives?

Julia referred to the calendar in her cell-phone while arranging for the hit.  It had to be the 18th or the 25th according to her schedule.  When pressed, she chose the 25th April, as do we for our last bi-wheel – the day that Jacob Merfeld was destined to die at the hands of a hit-man, a contract killing.

Event-JacobMerfeldNote: I’ve generated the bi-wheel at a suggested time on the fateful day with the grim reaper, Saturn positioned at the bottom of Jacob’s chart and therefore Julia’s Pluto is in the same position. It is just before 3pm in Muskegon, Michigan.

We have the forensic indicators in the natal chart.  The scene is set for this man to die.  Lucky for him the hit-man is back at work with the Michigan police dept and his wife is under lock and key.  Jupiter is the planet of luck – highlighted green in his chart.

It is also the date of the April full Moon; Sun is opposite the Moon and the timing is exact.  Lunacy abounds.

  • This full moon also aligns conjunct Jacob’s Pluto (power) in the 3rd house of communication. A very crazy time for this young man’s power base; emotional turmoil.
  • Transiting Jupiter is in the mix as well in the inner wheel of the 10th house intersecting natal Sun (orange) and Uranus in the 4th house.  This is one very lucky young man.
  • Transiting Mars (action) is exact conjunct natal Venus (his wife) – the femme fatale strikes.

Julia has made a plea bargain with the justice system and her sentence will be handed down on 30th July, 2013.  If you had the judge’s ear, what would you whisper – retribution or rehabilitation?

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3 thoughts on “A contract to kill”

  1. This woman should be on the Powerpoint slide for ‘oxygen thief’. Hubby doesn’t sound like his brains would give him a headache either.
    I vote for retribution, you can’t rehabilitate an idiot.

  2. With Pluto at 22 degrees Scorpio on the IC (my mum has Pluto on the IC too), there will be no rehabilitation. Best to keep her in prison for as long as possible.


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