A karmic debt

In the temple of the lunar goddess Bastet, when a cat dies the human family mourns, shaving their eyebrows to mark their sadness.

My introduction to a convicted killer was when he asked me to place my hands on the table, palm upwards.  He appeared to be an inoffensive, slightly built man of indeterminate years, so I had no reason to fear him; I relaxed.  He took my hands in his, leaned forward and proceeded to tell my fortune.

Many years later when I read that he was in jail for murdering the president of the Cat Protection Society, my ears pricked at the news. I’m a lover of small domestic pets, myself. No! Never…

mummy-catWe humans invariably question our evaluation skills when they have been challenged; learn from our mistakes and not be destined to repeat them.

Having a forensic astrology toolkit at hand, I can at least test my judgement or lack thereof on this occasion. I had considered this man inoffensive, where had I erred in judgement?

It’s more than a dozen years since the Cat Protection Society went into liquidation; my statue of Bastet was destined to gather dust for quite some time.

The same year that the QCPS debts were written off, Andrew Richard Fitzherbert challenged his debt to society for the murder of ‘The Cat Lady’, Kathleen Frances Marshall.  As a self represented litigant, his argument against DNA evidence was way outside his area of expertise and the cheiromancer remained at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

Reading the Supreme Court of Queensland transcript, which dismissed his appeal, I noted the comment:

The DNA evidence must be considered against the background that the appellant was a person who knew of the deceased, had been in telephone contact with her not long before her murder and might well have had reason to dislike her.

In my experience, someone who knows ‘of’ a person and might have a reason to ‘dislike’ them hardly takes the time to premeditate a murder, making sure that a guard dog was not on the scene; by making an appointment.  To then pull out a pair of scissors and stab the victim in a frenzied attack some forty or fifty times, requires a lot of built up steam.

To sustain an attack like that indicates a seriously personal issue, or mental aberration.  This sounds more to me like someone who bears a grudge against this woman; a person who has become enraged over a period of time.

I am aware that no psychological assessment has found anything untoward in this man’s behaviour or history; he is described as passive.

kathleen-marshallOn Monday, 2 August 1999, he got ‘life’ for the murder of veterinarian Dr Kathleen Frances Marshall. Dr Marshall had been murdered in the veterinary surgery attached to her home.

Although never found, it was surmised that the murder weapon was a knife or a pair of scissors.

Fitzherbert was convicted after four hours deliberation by the jury; solely on the basis of DNA – the analysis of five drops of blood.  It was the first case of its type in Australia and only the third in the world.

Police had no suspects initially, so started searching for a possible motive. The investigation turned to the Cat Protection Society where they learned that contention and controversy was taking place among members. One long-standing quarrel was between President Kathleen Marshall and ex Treasurer, Virginia Houston; acquaintance of Andrew Fitzherbert through his de-facto partner, Ruth Bennett.  Virginia Houston was apparently exhibiting symptoms of paranoia, stalking the president following her sacking from the committee.

It seems like the membership was a real ding dong cat-fight over many years. Pluto and Venus; power and money.  The only thing missing is sex, but that’s where our feline friends come in. I only have to mention tom-catting and sex-kittens for you to get the picture.

We’re getting warmer I’m thinking, however I still can’t see a direct connection as Fitzherbert was not a member of the society.

Researching further, we were provided with the suggested theory that Fitzherbert took his pregnant Siamese cat to Dr Marshall and ‘something went wrong’.  Well we know that killing a cat was punishable by death in ancient Egypt, but in 20th century Brisbane?  This man is a spiritualist and lives by the laws of karma.

Fitzherbert had previously told police that he had neither seen nor spoken to Dr Marshall before her murder (when in fact he had spoken to her on the telephone without knowing her name) and that he had never been to her street or house.  When he refused to give a DNA sample three months into the investigation, the police questioned his motive.  Is this the action of someone passive?

I’ve read that Fitzherbert has been described as a pacifist.  Taking a stand and calling yourself a pacifist, is not passive in my book.    I think we need to see what might be in this man’s astrology chart.  We have been provided with the birth data including the time of his birth and so our interpretation will be based on that being accurate.

We are about to undertake a forensic astrology enquiry into the murder of Kathleen Marshall by Andrew Fitzherbert.  Astrology is a pseudo science and is therefore not accepted in a court of law. We suggest and question only.

Andrew_FitzherbertSaturn retrograde is in the 9th house close to the mid-heaven indicates a lack of mentoring by his father, the reasons would need to be fleshed out – whether due to father’s absence from the family or a more dominant mother see – Saturn Rx

A quick check of his history; the emigration to Australia in August 1956 reveals that the time of birth might be out by a few minutes – 10:22am.

The Moon is more than likely on the other side of the IC, in the 3rd house rather than the 4th.

  • Pluto’s progression indicates that the young man came into his own power in his early twenties, which would most likely be when he finished his tertiary education; his first career was school-teaching.
  • Just after thirty would have brought his interest in the esoteric, to the fore in his life, leaving school-teaching behind him.
  • A Leonine Pluto, in the shadows of the 9th house hints of secrets and higher knowledge and with Pluto also ruling his ascendant in Scorpio, secrets directs us to look for other hidden issues in the chart.

There are arenas where what we see, is not necessarily what we get, with this man (houses containing Aquarius and Leo).  Fortunately they relate to the realm of words, rather than action.

  • An Aries Sun and Pisces Moon translates to following the path of the intellect before the emotions; head first, then heart. Problems may arise when the opposite occurs. Hence Pisces imaginative, artistic and dreamy nature can benefit if it gives way first to Aries initiative, courage and focussed action. If this is not the case, Pisces may get stuck in a passive, lethargic fantasy world with Aries expressing anger and impulsive reckless actions from time to time.
  • A Capricorn cusp on the 3rd house of communication reveals the hidden Aquarius nature, prone to sudden changes; this is the first of the what you see is not necessarily what you get.  This man is obviously well educated and intelligent, however intelligence alone is not enough to challenge the evidence of a science laboratory and DNA.
  • Jupiter also resides in this house, inflating his preference for ‘controlling’ the communication; indicating his desire to self-litigate when it came to his appeal – might have been wiser to follow your head, Andrew.
  • The Moon (blue) at the IC, cusp of the 4th and opposite natal Saturn, acerbating this need.
  • Saturn mirrors the stellium of planets in the 4th house (home and heart) – idealism, action and ego all bound up together. So where’s the cat in this mix?
  • Our pets live in the slave quarter; the 6th house.  They live side by side with our work ethic in the 6th house – we are slave to our jobs sometimes are we not? Do you work like a dog?  There are no planets to create tension in this house and as the cusp is Taurus (pink) we look for the Taurus ruler, Venus and we are back tucked up in front of the hearth; safely home.

Character-wise from all this, we are witness to some possible neurotic behaviour, but nothing more dangerous than that. We need to utilise our toolkit and start looking at the crime of murder for clues as to what is behind this event.  Firstly the bi-wheels – method.


The first bi-wheel is from the perspective of the likely time of the murder as I have calculated with astrology. The inner wheel is the time of the murder and the outer wheel is the natal chart for the victim, Kathleen Marshall.  Forensic indicators are highlighted in red.

  • Transiting Saturn (inner wheel) is square natal Sun (orange) – the grim reaper is present at the cusp of the 8th house – this murder is about other peoples’ money.
  • Transiting Uranus (sudden changes) is directly opposite natal Pluto, the other death indicator – making her powerless.  The victim is overpowered in darkness (12th house) within the cat’s realm; her surgery (6th house).
  • Transiting Venus (pink) is square natal Jupiter (green) – inflating the money issue.

There are other aspects within the chart equally valid for interpretation; I leave those for others.

The second bi-wheel is again from the same perspective and this time the natal chart of the convicted killer, Andrew Richard Fitzherbert.  We immediately note that of the transiting planets creating tension, none are forensic indicators.  We also note that his natal chart has turned precisely quarter-circle to a square – the IC is conjunct the descendant – lowest point in his life is at the demise (descendant) of Kathleen Marshall.

  • Transiting Jupiter (green) in the inner wheel inflates his emotional state (blue) Moon, which in turn is also squared by transiting Pluto. The bottom is about to drop out of his bucket; powerless.
  • Pink (Venus) transits to square his Lunar nodal axis (red).  This is the public stage that he did not expect, nevertheless he is projected into the public arena by this crime.
  • Mars-Moon-Mercury transit (yellow) conjuncts natal Mercury – a lot of underhanded (Pisces) communication going on here in the public arena of the 7th house.
  • Natal Uranus is also highlighted (red) square to this mass of communication – creating more untruths, innuendo and rumour-mongering all round.

Given the wisdom of hindsight, this matter could have been handled a good deal better by Fitzherbert and I am sure he would agree.

From the heavens, we can interpret that there are no indicators present to suggest that this man murdered Kathleen Marshall.

Without birth data of any persons of interest and I believe there were nine in all, we cannot go forward in this forensic astrology enquiry; point the finger at a possible perpetrator.  We will need to leave that for another day, however we can explore the astrology by solar arc progression in an effort to make some sense of the heaven-karma mix.

progressed-FitzherbertTwo bi-wheels by solar arc progression for Andrew Fitzherbert; the inner wheel is his natal wheel and the outer wheel the solar arc progression by date – one degree for one year of life.

  • At the time of the murder, Uranus and all that this planet represents for this man, has progressed to exact conjunct natal Pluto – sudden changes in power, his communication is cut off.
  • At the time of conviction, the Moon (blue) and MC-IC axis has progressed to conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – karma payback time.
  • Pluto has progressed to oppose natal Mars – taking power from the man and any action he might think he can take.

bastetFor those who need to know what the heavens dictate, we interpret that the karmic debt owed by Andrew Fitzherbert was due with the goddess Bastet; rather than Kathleen Marshall. 

His connection with Kathleen Marshall is a different story from what we have shared here in this post.

Based on the birth data we have, I’ve generated one last progression chart in order to determine the probable release for Andrew Richard Fitzherbert – Monday 25th August 2014.

A karmic debt repaid…

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