Dangers of hitch-hiking

The Bundjalung Nation, Wiyebal Clan, of Northern NSW and South East Queensland lost one of their daughters.  Lois Martha Roberts wasn’t part of the stolen generation of our parents and grandparents. Lois was stolen in our time.

A beautiful young woman had been left with brain damage at just 21 following a car accident.  Leaving behind her rebellious years, Lois loved the friendly hippie environment of Nimbin and hitchhiked between there and Lismore often over the following years.

Rhoda-RobertsIf you’ve watched SBS TV, you’re probably more familiar with her twin sister, journalist Rhoda Roberts.  Rhoda was part of the creative team behind “A Sister’s Love”, a 2006 documentary about the disappearance of Lois.

Innocent and trusting; out hitchhiking in hippie-land, you’d think Lois was safe, but drug environments attract the mentally deranged and criminal element as well. A particularly nasty piece of work was on the road that evening.

With the help of forensic astrology, we’ll demonstrate how Anthony Charles Apps can be held responsible for the murder of not just Lois, but possibly more young women in northern New South Wales; murders for which no-one has ever been convicted, or been held to account.

Astrology may be a pseudo-science and not accepted in a court of law, however we can still question and suggest without challenge under the law of the land.  If only for the sisterhood of those lost to us, our voice is still a valid voice.

The remains of Lois Martha Roberts were returned to her family some six months after she disappeared; found by bush walkers in the Whian Whian State Forest.

Anthony Charles Apps is currently behind bars for the murder of Christopher Andrew Lamb at Shark Creek, NSW in 2003.  A supposed mate of his, Apps casually shot Lamb in the head at close range.  We are not privy to the circumstances, however Apps was in all probability in the midst of a psychotic episode, as he threatened others as well, at the time.

We pause to honour the loss of a son and brother to the Lamb family; a family who cared enough to give him a Christian burial and place a headstone in his memory. Apps was delusional in the belief that he had the right to take this man’s life.

Drawing up a bi-wheel (method) of the murder of Christopher Lamb, we use several snapshots in time of the planetary positions in the sky. The planetary tension is revealed between two different times in these people’s lives and we interpret the hard aspects as per classic forensic astrological interpretation.

Lamb-AppsThe first bi-wheel is the perspective of the murder (the inner wheel) and the outer wheel is a snapshot of the heavens on the date Christopher Lamb was born.

  • Natal lunar nodal axis (red) is intersected by Uranus-Moon conjunction (blue).  Sudden changes in emotion create this traumatic event in this man’s life.
  • The Sun (orange) is conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) – this man’s weakness for alcohol and/or drugs is highlighted.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) is conjunct natal Mars (red) – inflated action, argumentative (3rd house)
  • This tension is square natal Venus (pink) – this can indicate a financial matter is the focus of the tension/aggravation between these two men.

The second bi-wheel is the date of the murder and the birth data of Anthony Apps. Note the similar tension with the schizoid Uranus-Moon conjunction in the heavens that date.  Where it was a traumatic event for Lamb (he was killed), it also highlights Apps’ egotistic behaviour; his natal Sun (highlighted orange).

  • Transiting Venus (pink) is square this mix as well – money (not women) certainly is a cause of aggravation between these men.
  • Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Saturn – a Saturn return on the ascendant – this is a time in a man’s life when he has to stand up and be counted – Apps has taken the cowards way and failed.
  • Neptune (turquoise) conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) – communication under the influence of drugs/alcohol. Firing a gun is a form of communication, as we have discussed in previous posts.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) is square this Neptune-Mercury conjunction – it is as if the date is pre-determined.

Now for the unfinished business we started earlier. We can poke and prod, suggest and name, however it is the law of the land who are needed to bring justice to the families.  We have a delusional schizophrenic as the focus of our enquiry today.

When Wedgetailegal brought my attention to this particular case, the victim practically jumped through the computer screen and into my lap.  It is not often that I get a case so clear.  We hear you sister.

Anthony Charles Apps is locked away in jail and hopefully won’t get the opportunity to kill again, although he will only be in his mid 40’s when he comes up for parole, unless he is brought to account for further crimes.

Roberts-AppsThe first bi-wheel is timed for when Lois Roberts was last seen in front of the Nimbin police station.  The outer wheel is the natal wheel for Lois, her birth chart. With all the activity in the 6th and 7th houses, we know that Lois didn’t go quietly. She needed to live for her children, but was not given that opportunity.

  • Sun (calendar date) is highlighted orange in the inner wheel and conjunct natal Moon (blue), close to the descendant.  The sun had set on the day and was about to set on this woman’s life.
  • Natal Mercury (yellow) is at the descendant.  The planet of communication is also at the exit. 
  • Natal Venus (feminine symbol) is conjunct transiting Mercury. Just as Rhoda made her documentary, we need to be her voice now.
  • Lunar nodal axis (traumatic event) conjunct natal Pluto (red) – loss of power and forensic indicator for ending life.
  • Transiting Moon in the inner wheel (blue) conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise).  This is the drug indicator as well as all things hidden.  Well we are in Nimbin, the hippie capital of Australia, so we can expect this to be at the top of the chart.
  • This Moon-Neptune conjunction is also opposite Saturn, the grim reaper.  He waits in the darkness to take her hand.
  • Transiting Uranus (red) is at the ascendant – sudden changes in direction and opposite the descendant Mercury.  This is to indicate that the ride Lois accepted did not take her where she expected.

You can say that there is little in the victim’s chart that we don’t already know. I say there is, because this chart indicates the involvement of the predator and the second bi-wheel shares the tension.

Note the identical locator angle in both bi-wheels; the angle that will show us the way to where the murder took place; where Lois Roberts’ remains were discovered.

Anthony Apps was just 23 years-old when he murdered Lois.  His bi-wheel sits beside that of his victim and with all the forensic planets highlighted red, we have their interpretation before us.

  • Highlighted yellow at the ascendant is the natal Mercury of this man.  His communication is conjunct the transiting Uranus (sudden changes) and directly opposite the Sun in the heavens (orange); the calendar date.
  • Lunar nodal axis of the event plus transiting Mercury (communication) conjunct natal Sun (orange) – the man’s ego is traumatized during communication: possibly triggering psychotic behaviour.
  • Transiting Saturn (grim reaper) is at the lowest point in the bi-wheel and directly opposite the Moon (blue) plus conjunct natal Uranus.  Frenzied psychotic behaviour took a young woman’s life.
  • The natal Lunar nodal axis is made conjunct by transiting Pluto, another death indicator and power symbol.  In his delusion, the act of murder has falsely empowered this predator.
  • Transit Venus (pink) the female symbol is conjunct the grim reaper, Saturn in Apps natal chart.

I reiterate, note the locator angle in-common in these two bi-wheels. This binds these two people together.

We now produce a map using this locator angle.  As astrology has north at the bottom of the chart, we need to flip a bi-wheel vertically to align it with cartography; the map of the land and north at the top (method).

MAP-Robertsclick on image for full size

Giving Lois the final word, we create a map with two flags – Nimbin and the location on Nixon’s fire trail in Whian Whian State Forest.

Drawing a direct red line between these two points, we then superimpose the flipped bi-wheel over the point in the forest where the victim’s remains were found.

The red locator angle in both bi-wheels fits exactly over the angle between the two points of reference, Nimbin and the state forest.

I have no hesitation in suggesting that Anthony Charles Apps is responsible for the murder of Lois Martha Roberts.

There are two more murders connected to this sexual predator and psychopath, Anthony Charles Apps.

indigenous sisterhood

Two years in a row previously; 1996 and 1997 there were two young women  murdered in this predator’s territory; Ineka Hinkley and Lee Ellen Stace.

We have more research to do in these two cases; more birth data to collect, however we suggest that in all likelihood Apps is personally responsible for the murder of Ineka Hinkley and possibly as accomplice in the second murder of Lee Stace, a sixteen year-old girl he knew personally.

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10 thoughts on “Dangers of hitch-hiking”

  1. I remember watching “A Sister’s Love”. Very sad, and raw. I hope they get him for the other murders and keep him off the streets.

  2. I hope so too Reality Bites, very sad. There was a time when a lot of women disappeared driving between Brisbane and northern QLD. I remember always thinking that QLD must be a really dangerous place to live yet I moved here eventually.

  3. Beautifully written MM, I’m sure Lois will approve of the way you have honoured her family and memory, as you have also for Christopher Lamb.
    And for Rhoda – to lose a sibling must be heartwrenching, but to lose the other half of yourself, your twin, unimaginable. Rhoda and her husband are raising Lois’ little girl, apparently she has all her Mother’s personality and character.
    We look forward to the second part of this story when you give a voice to a vibrant 20 year old musician and an innocent 16 year old just starting out on her adult life.
    May they all rest in peace.

  4. Hi MM, my name is Charles i am Lois’s son could you please contact me in regards to this information my number is 0435469240 i hope i can speak to you soon


    Charles Roberts

  5. I knew Ineka personally and did a 5 rune spread for her before she left Eltham to hitch up to Nimbin. The spread was done 3 times with the dark rune being the last rune drawn all 3 times.Other runes that where drawn where also the same after the 2nd rune drawn.They where not good… I also have a personal item of jewellery of her’s that I wore and this broke the day I found out about her death some weeks later in Western Australia back in 1996. I hope this person is caught some day..

  6. Hi, just wondering if there is going to be a part two? My cousin Lee Ellen Stace has been gone 17 years. Mr Apps is looking at being released in 2017. Just interested on your continued thoughts.


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