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Would Kevin Rudd dare commit the crime of going to the polls on the eve of his wedding anniversary?  Perhaps he would consider the spoils as being an early anniversary present.

Australia is being led to a federal election and 16th November is one of the possible dates mooted; just one day before the Rudd family celebration. We have to consider all contingencies when poking around looking for a possible election date. So, which anniversary is it, Kev?

Thirty-two years is usually celebrated as a gift in the form of conveyance; a horse or a new car perhaps. A horse might not be a good idea with the old knackery just a whiff away from Bulimba, but then Kev’s plumping for residency at The Lodge. Hmmm. Go for the car Kev, I think it’s a safer bet with the missus.

The last federal election was held on 21st August 2010.  Along with various constitutional provisions this means that the 2013 election for the House of Representatives and half-Senate could take place on any Saturday in the lead up to 30th November, 2013.  I’m sure there’s lots of Saturdays that won’t fit the social calendar. So where do we start?

rudd-gillardJust last week, a caucus ballot of the Australian Labor Party dumped Australia’s first female PM, Julia Gillard in favour of Kevin Rudd, on the basis that he was more popular with the electorate and therefore would gain more votes for the party.

I don’t buy the story the ALP’s putting about, that the leadership ballot was held because it was in the best interests of the nation. That’s political spin.  Picking Kevin was much more about the cult of personality.

How people engage with the world is categorised into three qualities in astrology terms – cardinal, fixed and mutable.  Cardinal signs are the initiators who start things; Fixed are the stubborn, dogged ones who keep things going and the Mutables are those who integrate the previous two and get things ready to start the cycle again.

A quick check of the headlines of a character’s qualities can be done with the luminaries and the cusp of the first house; the personality.

  • The Sun represents the wants, the ego’s desires
  • The Moon represents the driving needs of the individual.
  • The Sun/Moon midpoint shows us how the combination of these two will manifest – the middle ground between wants and needs, where they will negotiate.
  • The Ascendant is the personality, the image we see; the face to the world, rather than the inner self of the individual.

KRNote:  Kevin Rudd’s date of birth is on the public record, but not the time.  A rectification chart has been generated for us to use, based on timed career-events from the public record using classical interpretation methods.

From what we know of Kevin Rudd’s character:

  • Virgo Sun  – mutable – the i’s must be dotted and the t’s crossed.
  • Leo Moon – fixed – needs must be met. It’s a matter of pride.
  • Virgo Sun/Moon midpoint – mutable – getting caught up in the detail can mean that he would miss the wood for the trees. Don’t forget to negotiate, Kev.
  • Capricorn Ascendant – cardinal – self motivated

From this interpretation, given his way, we can suggest that Rudd is more likely to go to the polls later (crossing all t’s and dotting all i’s) rather than early.

As to when he would serve the writs; call us to the polls, if we stick to the nitty-gritty of a classic Virgo individual, we have to consider the Commonwealth Constitution Section 28, which states that parliaments run three years from the date of the first sitting of the House of Reps. The current House sat for the first time on 28th September 2010, so the House of Reps expires on 27th September 2013.  Will he honour the tradition?

Constitution Section 32 requires that writs for an election must be issued within 10 days of the House of Reps being dissolved or expired. So if the House goes full term, writs must be issued within 10 days of the House’s expiry, which means 7th October is the last possible date for issuing writs in the life of the current parliament.

With the maximum campaign period allowed by the Commonwealth Electoral Act, this means the last possible date for a House and half-Senate election is Saturday 30th November 2013.

So what’s reining him in?  There’s school holidays and long weekends to consider; meetings and conventions.  The previous PM nominated 14th September. This is the holiest day of the year for those of the Jewish faith, Yom Kippur. I’d expect Kevin Rudd to take this into consideration and remove the date from his list.

Working backwards, we have five Saturdays in November; two in October; one in September and a couple of unlikely days in August.   In order to determine the most likely date, we have to consider spin theory; both political spin and the rotation of the planets.

AFLAs the date of the election is invariably of the PM’s choosing, we test Rudd’s natal chart against the various available dates.  This would be the more common approach to forecasting, however I would expect Australia’s natal chart to have some serious input as well.

When I drew up the first bi-wheel (method) for the incumbent PM, Kevin Rudd, the best date for a career highlight would have been on 28th September, 2013 when the Sun crossed his mid-heaven, however I am informed that this is the date of the AFL Grand Final.

With Australia being such a sporting nation this would be considered a crime, particularly in the state of Victoria, home of AFL.

As voting is compulsory in Australia, would the PM dare call an election on that date?

28Sep-AUIn political astrology, the Moon represents us; the voting public. A fickle lot, we change signs about every couple of days.  No wonder there needs to be so much polling within the electorate.

When we look to the heavens at the closing of the polls on 28th September; AFL Grand Final day, apart from the winged horse Pegasus at the ascendant at 22° Pisces, the transiting Moon is conjunct Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Cancer as well as in the 4th house – home turf.

We know that Jupiter inflates what it touches and so we can interpret this as that the voters are NOT interested, they’re staying at home. It’s footie or the nags, mate.  Listen to the people, Kev and cross that one off your list.

When I spin my bottle now, I’m down to seven dates:  24, 31 August; 7 September; 19 October and 2, 23, 30 November.  It looks like your wedding anniversary is safe, Therese.

Stepping away from fortunetelling and prediction, of these seven Saturdays there is one date in particular, which is focused heavily in the 7th house of the astrology wheel.   This revisits the culture of personality; the 1st-7th house axis – personal relationships and public relationships.  We may get very personal about our political persuasion, however our relationship with politicians is always a seventh house issue.

Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd were born just five weeks apart and so their natal charts have much in common. Looking at their birthdays, I have noticed that just two day’s prior to Tony Abbott’s date to light the candles, there’s a strong possibility that we could be at the polling booth together.  Now that would either melt the candle-wax or put the icing on his cake.

Let’s have a look at what might be in store if we go to the polls that particular Saturday in November. The perspective we are taking for our bi-wheel is closing time at the booths in the nation’s capital, Canberra.

The ascendant; the horizon, is 21° Aries.  The star Acamar is rising; the most southerly bright star in the River Eridanus.  That’s the river that Phaeton fell into when slain by Jupiter for having set the world on fire.  Robson interprets this alignment as success in public office, ecclesiastical success.  If this is to be the date of the election there are no prizes for guessing the outcome…

Note: For the following bi-wheels – the inner wheel is the closing of the polls; the outer wheel is the natal data.

The first bi-wheel is of the nation, Australia. 2NovAusIf we just focus on the main issues, how does the nation like this date?

7th house of our public relationship; the compulsory vote:

  • Transiting Sun-Mercury (red) is conjunct the Lunar nodal axis – communication in a public place on this calendar date.
  • Transit Moon (blue), representing the voting public is at the descendant – the closing of the poll

9th house usually gives an indication of the higher purpose to things, which we mere voting mortals are not privy to.

  • Venus (pink) transit conjunct Jupiter (green) – female vote greatly influences the outcome.
  • Transiting Pluto (power), highlighted red is midpoint Australia’s Sun/Saturn – pressure to change

12th house (in the mind) transiting Uranus indicating sudden changes is also square this midpoint of Sun/Saturn – clash between the new and the old; fight for individuality.

The second bi-wheel is the vote and the incumbent PM, Kevin Rudd.  2NovKRWe have a grand trine of Rudd’s Mercury conjunct transiting Mars- South node-Pluto.  Trines can cause a problem; they are self-fulfilling. His voice has been very powerfully driven.

7th house of our public relationship with this individual:

  • Transiting Sun-Mercury-Lunar nodal axis conjunct Venus – communication in a public place, our vote humbles this man.
  • Transiting Sun conjunct lunar nodal axis – this is his day in the Sun on the public stage

9th house contains the grand trine as per above and also transiting Venus, the female vote.

  • Transiting Venus (pink) in the inner wheel is square natal Sun-Mars (orange).  There is some conflict between the female voters and this man.

The third bi-wheel is the vote and the opposition leader, Tony Abbott. 2NovTAThis man represents the coalition parties and the main opposition to the ALP.  Will he be the new PM?

Note: We have been given a suggested birth time for this man as 4am, however I have not tested the accuracy. I will rectify at some stage from the events on the public record, if need be.

7th house of our public relationship with this individual:

  • Natal Mars has crossed into the 7th house – his everyday work (6th house) is now done.
  • Highlighted green midpoint Cusp=Mars/Jupiter holds a similar meaning – getting things done
  • Transiting Sun-Lunar nodal axis  (red) conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis-Sun – the public stage awaits.  His time has come.

There are many more aspects in these three bi-wheels, which could be interpreted, however I leave that for others to interpret.  The heavens have had their say.

This potential date we have interpreted here is for a federal election held in the Commonwealth of Australia on Saturday 2nd November, 2013. That’s All Souls’ Day and a busy time in the racing calendar.  Whether the PM calls it this late or not, we have to wait and see.

Whatever date we go to the polls – either a sporting event, or the nags, or religion will have to take the back seat.  Which is to be Kev?


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9 thoughts on “Polling booth”

  1. Another interesting post. I’m betting Recycled Rudd is itching to go to the G20 on the 5th/6th September so that may cancel out any dates before or next to that!! He did say yesterday he wanted to take Tony Abbott with him to the G20 Summit so I think that will be a given.

  2. Thanks Sips. We’re narrowing the field now.
    Taking all that into consideration (that no-one is speaking with forked tongues), the next available date is 19th October, which is a penumbral lunar eclipse, so that wouldn’t be wise, although Abbott’s chart likes that date.
    None of the charts like the 26th October, which leads me back to 2nd November…

  3. You’re braver than I, Gunga Din. Is there a theory that the longer Kevvy waits, the stronger his popularity? In that case, you could well be on the money with Nov 2nd.

  4. Forked tongue & machiavellianism at the fore front of politics recently (unfortunately). I’m sure Reycled Rudd’s ego will be front and centre in wanting to attend the G20. It would be interesting to see the astrology associated with Jessica Rudd and hubby A.T who may have an influence behind the scenes. Interesting reading their history.

  5. I really can’t call 2nd November until we get past 31st August as a possibility. If it goes late I’m interested to see why Kev would be the one to upset the ladies rather than Tony.

  6. Looking, looking MM. Maybe jumped the gun, I can’t find any dob details. Will keep trying. I think the women will see through the “changed” RR facade.

  7. Being upset because you’ve been booted by your peers is one thing. To spend nigh on three years plotting revenge and undermining your own is another thing altogether. Nutso alert! It’s a matter of weighing up the lesser of two evils Like your astrology style BTW.

  8. Mind you there’s nothing inherently wrong with being neurotic. Just not the desired personality trait of PM. As a Gemini IMO Mercury ruled signs are usually NOT equipped for leadership and holding power. Gemini must learn neutrality to do it’s job, and Virgo serves. Attempts by either sign to dabble in power seem to not end well.


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