more than a pretty face

“If we have a daughter we can call her Stephanie.”

These are the words of a twenty-seven year old woman to her lover, just days after the supposed love of her life disappeared; a man she had been with for five years; a man whom she claimed was the centre of her very existence; a man who was in all probability, dead.

Her statement to police was that she heard a loud bang at the back of the vehicle and then a gun was poked through the window of the van and into her face.  The assumption that her boyfriend had been shot is not a great leap of the imagination for any of us, but hang on! There was barely a pause for breath between the two events.

Boyfriend is shot, but hey don’t focus on that; this is about me, not Peter.  I’m the centre of attention, the victim here. Me, me!  What about me?

A woman strays from home basically because she’s not getting what she wants out of a relationship with the man she is with.  To continue the secret affair under the guise of an alias doesn’t say anything good about either adulterous party.

We have a male cuckold who is happy to be known by a female name Steph, in one hand and a female who claims to be your life-partner lying and cheating in the other hand.  Hey Pete, you’re well shot of her.

We are not surprised to note that this adulterous couple are not together today and there is no young daughter called Stephanie tugging at her mother’s skirts.

The woman’s name is Joanne Rachael Lees; her lover, Nick Riley and the missing man, presumed dead – Peter Marco Falconio.


We are in the Never-Never for our enquiry today; north of Uluru and Alice Springs; the red heart of the Australian outback; a tourist Mecca.

I entered this enquiry not knowing the background, which is a good idea when you walk under the starlight.  In my naivety, I thought it wouldn’t be too hard to find a locator angle and perhaps even a missing body, if we’re lucky.

After all, I had the natal charts of the missing man and his girlfriend, the location of his disappearance, a couple of clock times to use for event charts plus the added bonus of a convicted killer’s birth data, which had just plopped into my in-box (thanks again Wedgetailegal).  I mean, what more could a forensic astrologer wish for…

The realm of forensic astrology is subjective, is not accepted in a court of law. It is a pseudo science in our part of the world. Interpretation of planetary positions is an esoteric science, which requires no initiation beyond a suspension of one’s personal beliefs.

I suppose it was just a matter of time before I should take on an enquiry that threw everything out the window.

I casually proceed to generate a series of bi-wheels – method. It never pays to have expectations of the heavens, or the fates…

Whoa… this man is in jail for 28 years and I have no major forensic indicators present in his chart!  What is going on?  I re-checked all my information and started reading the investigation, the trial and the appeal, before turning to the media frenzy of this case.

NT#1After all the drama and huge cost to the nation following the Lindy Chamberlain versus The Dingo affair, we would have expected the N.T. system to have cleaned up its act, but this case just left me shaking my head.

There are no angels here, evil or otherwise, both victims and convicted are heavily involved in drugs; Neptune’s realm.  Some may think using a bong and smoking cannabis is not a crime, however as long as smoking dope is illegal, we are in the realm of criminal activity and criminals.

This is not just a story of a couple of tourists arrogantly thinking they can do whatever they like, that they are a law unto themselves in the Land Down Under.  There is a deeper, dark underlying layer – drug courier activity and money.

Claiming that cannabis is less harmful than alcohol is one thing, but when meth-amphetamines and ICE become cheaper than a bit of pot, society suffers the consequences of mental aberration.  As for Ecstacy pills, apart from the clever marketing of the name, don’t get me started…

Just because the little pills are so pretty with little rabbits and shamrocks on them doesn’t make it okay, either. The packaging doesn’t make it less of a crime, especially when you hide those packages in the panelling of your vehicle.

Packaging has a lot to do with this case.  Joanne Lees is a very photogenic young woman; gets front-page news, sells newspapers.  Here we go, pretty packaging again.  I probably don’t need to forewarn you that the personality of this woman is not likely to match the packaging.

This young woman’s astrology chart reveals a very controlling and manipulative individual – Saturn conjunct the Lunar nodal axis in her natal horoscope.  Put that package together with a DSM ivB personality disorder and hydroponic cannabis, we have psychotic behaviour.  This goes far beyond psychopathy, dear reader.

I have lost count how many lies and changes to her story this woman has made; more than I’ve had hot breakfasts, that I know, for sure.  Was the entire Northern Territory in a daze of Neptune’s influence throughout the years and millions of dollars of the investigation and trial?

For those not familiar with this case, this is the fairy story of a young couple of tommy tourists; Brits on a trip of a lifetime through the drug scene of Nepal, Cambodia and Thailand on their way to Australia where they picked up some work, partied hard and took drugs.  Peter Falconio was 28 years-old and Joanne Lees, 27.  They weren’t young backpackers; this couple were adults on working holiday visas; cruising through the Outback.

From research we have undertaken, we can suggest that it was highly likely, though officially unconfirmed, that Falconio stashed bags of E-tabs, MDMA in the panelling of a kombi he’d fitted out in Sydney; drugs to sell at backpacker venues in Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin.

Hey it would finance the trip, mate; easy money. 

Makes you wonder if people would be so audacious on their home turf, doesn’t it?

With the heat on in the red-centre it would make sense to drive in the cool of the evening and much easier to spot a prearranged meeting place; a grass fire by the side of the highway, which brings us to the victim and driver of the kombi, Peter Falconio.

There is no point in keeping an eye out for Peter Falconio in the pubs of the outback. According to the heavens, Peter Marco Falconio’s bones rest in the red sands of Central Australia.

Event-Falconioclick on image for full size

When we create a bi-wheel from the perspective of the last timed event in his life; a receipt for petrol purchased that fateful evening and superimposing his natal chart on the outside we can immediately see the forensic planets present indicating that his life was taken.

  • The angles take precedence  in the interpretation with forensic astrology – natal Uranus (sudden changes) is at the top of the bi-wheel. Apart from a change in careers, which would be a classic interpretation, in forensic astrology this is highly dangerous – sudden changes. 

See also the reference to the Air Grand Trine below * that this Midheaven point is the outlet point for that blocked energy.

  • In the heavens on 14th July 2001 Jupiter-Mercury (yellow) were in conjunction – inflaming argument for all under its spell.  The fact that this alignment is in tension with Falconio’s natal Pluto firstly indicated the power struggle he was experiencing with his partner and secondly the forensic indicator of the loss of his life on this evening.

As reported, the couple argued considerably under this alignment.

  • The Sun (orange) was 21° Cancer aligned by conjunction with the Lunar nodal axis of this man’s natal chart indicating the trauma of the event and probably also a locator angle for us to use if we were to endeavour to track his remains.
  • Transiting Saturn-Venus is conjunct a rectified Mid-heaven for Falconio. This is the end of the road for this couple.

* Peter Falconio has an Air Grand Trine in his natal chart (Saturn-Uranus-Moon), which explains why he would be able to live in a relationship with a person who had a personality disorder.

An Air Grand Trine reveals someone who mentally lives in a world of their own making, bouncing off their own walls, mentally satisfied by their internal processes; apparently easy going.

On this fateful evening, IMO he believed he had the matter at hand under control, when in fact he was way out of his depth.

At to the princess-if-she-could-be Lees, working in her favour in the couple’s relationship, is her natal Moon at Falconio’s Ascendant, fulfilling the Moon’s role externally, in his physical world.  We could suggest that Lees is a surrogate mother, for Falconio in their relationship and fulfills his external needs.

Event-LeesAs to her place in this event, she is very lucky to be alive today when we look at her bi-wheel.

Lees also has Uranus (sudden changes) at the top of the chart straddling the MC with Mercury (communication); a natural hysteric position.

Lees’ personality must bear some responsibility for what went down that night; she would have been hysterical where calm was needed.

  • Transiting Sun square Uranus-Mercury (her personality disorder) would have been acerbated by the narcotics toked that evening.  Note: this woman doesn’t just smoke a joint, she uses a bong and that folks is like a beer drinker hitting the spirit bottle.
  • Jupiter-Mercury transit (arguments) square natal Sun – I’m glad I wasn’t in that kombi that night, but enough said.

The man who sits in jail for the next 28 years of his life has missed the funerals of both parents.  He is no innocent abroad.  Bradley John Murdoch is a confessed drug runner of cannabis and a convenient fall guy in my opinion.

Event-MurdochReferring to his bi-wheel of the event, immediately we see no tension between the planets Mars, Saturn, Pluto or Uranus in either the transiting planets or in the natal chart on the outer wheel.

There would have to be interaction of some kind for this man to be responsible for the death of Peter Falconio.

The heavens input is that Bradley John Murdoch did not murder Peter Marco Falconio.

  • We have a Lunar nodal axis conjunct the MC-IC axis, the primary angle. This indicates the high public focus of the event.
  • We have the transiting Sun (orange) in direct tension with his natal Lunar nodal axis, which we would expect considering his current incarceration.

How Murdoch landed in the sin-bin was the result of falling-out with his Kiwi partner in crime, cannabis farmer and fellow drug courier, James Tahi Tepi.  Tepi testified against Murdoch, plus the ridiculous Neptune factor was floating over the continent; the judicial system. Ridiculous is it not?

Joanne Lees’ suggested personality disorder/lies added to the mix by projecting all responsibility onto an external protagonist. Well coached before courting the jury, Lees got her lucrative book deal.  Murdoch is locked up and everyone is happy.

camelsMy conclusions are that Lees never saw the inside of any vehicle other than the kombi; we know that she had the ash from the grass fire on her sandals.

The same fire ash, which surrounded the kombi after the event when it was moved from the highway into the bush.

Lees only hid in the bush for a short time (as per the aboriginal tracker’s evidence).  Once she left the warmth of the kombi to flag down a vehicle, Lees probably changed her mind, scurring off into the shadows; waiting until a road train came thundering her way a few minutes later; a safer option for rescue.

I suggest that the lies told by Joanne Lees were to cover up for something serious that went down that evening; to deny any illegal activity that she might have been involved in herself.

Another thing that jumps up and down for my attention, is the lack of input by the narcotics squad in the story – apart from discussion of Murdoch’s activities.

As to the location of Falconio’s remains, I agree with our indigenous friends, that he is not too far away, on nearby Neutral Junction Station and I’m quite sure that the locator angle will back me up if I were to go further in this enquiry.  (my method)

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14 thoughts on “more than a pretty face”

  1. This is a very interesting article.I agree with you when you say he is close by,possibly Neutral Station.A staff member at Neutral Station has a connection to one of the players in this incident

  2. Wow MM I never quite know what to expect from your articles, but they are always rivetting

  3. you are spot on LEES is guilty as hell.a blind man could see through her web of lies.the WA;NT;and SA police wanted to put brad Murdoch away at any cost,i knew BRAD personally from my work as a car salesman,sold him a couple of cars over time there was deals done with scum bags to give evidence in return for serious drug charges to be dropped.he was set up by a three state police conspiracy.hepi was looking at 10 yrs for drug charges but he walked away with nothing. work it out; read Robin Bowels book on the case.this case needs re-investigating,

  4. Fiona, a bi-wheel indicates that Sharron Phillips was abducted and killed. We can create a locator angle as well, however I have no data on POIs.

    If you were to do some research, I’d be happy to support your efforts. For a start, we would need address of parents and also her flat. Then there’s POIs… who? when were they born? etc

    If you read the link you’ve provided then you’ll note that QPS believe that Valmae Faye Beck was in WA at the time.

  5. Your right Billxr6……Hepi got the ball rolling and the Police did the rest.Rex put it all together and Judge Martin ok’d it……INNOCENT MAN IN GAOL…..IMO

  6. there’s a lot more to this case than the public know. SA police charged him with rape of a junkie prostitute’s daughter he wasn’t even in the state at the time. was aquitted.the same people gave false evidence at the murder trial.slimy LEES said he had a sheep dog it was a dalmation not even close .NT cops couldn’t track a bleeding elephant in the snow. when the jury was out the top cop was heard to say quote [we know he wasn.’t the shooter but he’ll do] that is written in ROBIN BOWELS .read it.

  7. I find it incredible that a top cop is overheard saying Murdoch didn’t do it and yet nothing ever came of this.Isn’t this something that should be reinvestigated NOW ?…….There is a lot of info that the public don’t know about but there are also a lot of people who know things but can’t find the right people to tell it to.Brad Murdoch deserves to have this case reviewed.

  8. Thank you. I wouldn’t actually know where to begin, and there is nothing personal for me, just that it was one of the things I remember so vividly from growing up in the area (like the Leanne Holland case, too.) I do think of these people and their families often, I can’t imagine the pain and heartache of someone you love being missing or killed and not having even the closure of seeing someone, and the right person at that, locked up.

  9. the book is called’ Dead Centre by robin bowels .iv just sent Robin an email I spoke to her at great lenth on the phone about the case before he was convicted. remember one thing the justice system don’t like to be proven wrong.

  10. I read all three books on this case and concluded that there is no way Murdoch did it. There was always something sus about lees , and the other thing is that guy in the petrol station photo looks nothing like Murdoch .

  11. the dog was wrong the cabin of the 4×4 was wrong the model was wrong the exhust was wrong .LEES had the morals of an alley cat on heat.the dna was it planted?

  12. I ain’t no detective but that women is cold hearted as a lioness! I believe she plotted his murder! Not Murdoch but some other greedy druggo pimp helped that deceitful cowardly women so she could live on drugging and partying! God please make her come back to answer to some shit! Poor man dead and now wealthy deceitful Roague lives secluded high life!


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