Canada’s on the line

When a case stretches on into the night and years pass by without resolution, you can bet your bottom dollar that the astrology is not likely to be clear-cut either. This cold case is no different.

canadabuttonWe have been invited back to Ontario, Canada; the snows are melting.  Apart from the information I have been provided, my own research leads me into the shadows.

Whether the facts are 100% accurate, I have no idea. I rely on the accuracy of others.  This is a forensic astrology enquiry; we are not bound by the inquisitorial system.

Just eight years old and four feet high, Nicole Morin walked out the door of her mother’s apartment on the top floor of their condo, wearing a swimsuit, red canvas shoes and carrying a towel.

She was off for a swim with a playmate from the same apartment building.  It was Tuesday morning, the height of the summer holidays and Nicole’s mother, Jeanette had her hands full; busy caring for other children, while their parents were at work.

  • Before leaving the apartment Nicole had spoken to a friend Jennifer M. from Apt #701 on the phone and promised to be right down; that they meet in the lobby.

Nicole said goodbye to her mother and stepped into the corridor for the second time that morning.  Less than half an hour previously, she had collected the mail from downstairs.

Jennifer waited in the lobby about 15 minutes before buzzing the apartment to find out why Nicole hadn’t arrived. Her mother told the lass that Nicole was on her way.  All goes very quiet at that point…

Apart from the time while a child waited in the lobby for her friend, there is a gap of seven hours before any alarm was raised.  It wasn’t until 6pm that Jeanette Morin reported her daughter missing to police.

nicole morinSome assumptions come into play at this point in media reports. We need to clarify the facts –  Jennifer didn’t buzz the apartment from the lobby to invite Nicole to go swimming.  The arrangement to meet was by telephone before Jennifer left her apartment.

Jennifer contacted the Morin apartment on the top floor via the intercom in the lobby after she had waited some 15 minutes for Nicole to arrive.  We need to ask questions here; view the case through fresh eyes.

Did Nicole Morin arrive at the ground floor lobby BEFORE Jennifer?  If so what circumstances might have led to her abduction?

  • The outdoor swimming pool had only a mesh fence; it was school holidays; predators could have been watching for some days and stalked the child.

A child only has to walk into the line of sight of a predator and the paedophile will claim that the child was trying to seduce them.

At the time of Nicole’s disappearance, these apartments were considered very safe. There was a pool behind the building, and all tenants could use a key to access the pool.  Did Nicole have a key?

  • Someone would have had to let a POI in through the main lobby door or side door on the first two floors if Nicole were abducted from inside the building.

Could Nicole have unwittingly let the predator in herself?  She wasn’t an apartment brat or savvy to apartment building security concerns.  Alternatively, was Nicole tricked into riding the elevator to the underground parking level with a fellow occupant in the elevator, prior to her expected exit at the lobby.

  • In 1985 tenants or visitors needed a key to get into the parking garage, I am told, however it would be easy enough to follow someone in.  There was no key needed to exit.

Does a local hold the key to this puzzle?

I lived in an identical (same builders and layout) apartment complex on Dixie in Mississauga. It has outside and underground parking.

The parking garage doors were notorious for being left open, being jimmied, whatever. People would take one of the parts out so that it would stay open.

Ours was broken a lot, often in the summer. Another reason being the hot, humid summers in Toronto would make the floors really mucky and gross. Keeping the door open would air it out, since the ventilation in the parking garage was poor.

Also, within the basement level of this building were storage lockers, a recreation room, cable room, many utility rooms, electrical rooms, the chute (garbage), and laundry.  The chute would have been too small to put her in and all of the rest of the rooms require key access, except the laundry room, where they keep it open during the day.

Nicole’s parents, Art and Jeanette Morin were separated at the time of the child’s disappearance and divorced some four years later, however this is not considered a family abduction.  So what can forensic astrology reveal?

This is where we step into the realm of pseudo science; astrology may have been around for thousands of years, however the interpretation is subjective and not accepted in a court of law.

Having some knowledge of her young life, we can rectify the time of her birth so that when we generate a natal horoscope for Nicole, the story unfolds.  Born with a Saturn retrograde, we could suggest that Nicole’s parent’s separation was predetermined.

The child’s natal chart suggests, that  her mother appears to be the dominant nurturer excluding her husband in the child’s upbringing.  Jeanette may have been overly protective of her daughter on occasions, however this wasn’t one of those days.

With an Aries Sun and a Virgo Moon, Nicole would not have been an irresponsible child. This Sun-Moon blend can create a bit of a lone wolf; one who didn’t need the company of another playmate to venture into a public area.  Innocence abroad…

Creating a bi-wheel (method) at the time of the child’s disappearance and superimposing a birth wheel over the top of the zodiac, we can explore the planetary tension present at the time as well as Nicole’s reaction to it.

Event-Morinclick on image for full size

As I suggested earlier, you can bet your bottom dollar that the astrology in this case is not likely to be clear-cut.

We have only two square aspects and a couple of quindeciles, but firstly the all-important angles.

  • Neptune (turquoise) in the inner wheel is very close to conjunct the IC in the 4th house – the abduction danger is at home; she hasn’t wandered away and been snatched from the street.
  • Venus (pink) is at the MC in Gemini, top of the agenda – there’s mischief and tricks around a little girl.
  • Mid-heaven at the time of Nicole’s disappearance is exact conjunct her natal Sun/Moon midpoint.  For those of a spiritual nature this is life’s karmic event. There is no irresponsibility or family at fault.

The hard aspects give us the tension of the event:

  • Transit Uranus square natal Moon – the urge to break free of the restrictions of family life would lead this little girl to make spontaneous decisions; choices that she would not be mature enough to make.
  • Transit Moon square South node plus Lunar nodal axis-Venus midpoint.  The need to break free is pressing. Eight years old, itching to grow up.
  • Transit Mercury quindecile natal Mars – this little girl is far too friendly (Mercury is the planet of communication)
  • Lunar nodal axis transits by quindecile natal Jupiter – Nicole is in a heightened dangerous situation.

It would follow, that we don’t have a snatch and grab abduction here.  We can suggest that this child left with her abductor; by what subterfuge, we do not know.

At the time when transient casual cook, Louie Lee Riddle Jnr. was arrested in the US state of New Hampshire a few years later, he had a list of murders in a notebook; a list of murders, which he claimed to have committed, a claim which he later withdrew.

Note: Riddle is on the sex offender’s list in the US.

One of his claims was an abduction of an 8 or 9 year-old girl named Nicole while he was in Canada.  He said that he took her to Texas where she was later killed.  Whether this is our POI or not, we are at a lack for any other suspects until they come to hand and so we generate a bi-wheel to see if there is a connection.

Note:  See Molly Bish or Holly Piirainen cases where a multitude of POI’s can appear to be ‘the one’.

When we have a specific person of interest in a case, it is pretty straight forward when it comes to eliminating or implicating them, however the entire sex offenders register leaves things wide open; too wide for my liking and can only lead to raised hopes being dashed.

Working with the outer planets, the forensic indicators, there can be many possible POIs and it comes down to the combination with angles and faster moving planets, which give us our answer.

Event-RiddleWhen we generate a bi-wheel from the perspective of the event of abduction and use the birth data of Louie Lee Riddle as the outer wheel, we see a good example of how to eliminate a person of interest.

  • Transit Pluto (red) in the inner wheel is square natal Saturn – power and the grim reaper are keeping company, however don’t jump to conclusions.  Any number of POI’s would have this aspect if they are of a similar age.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) is inflating natal Pluto – this man feels a power surge as a result of this event.
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) is square natal Mars – the fantasy is activated.

You may well ask how I came to that conclusion from Neptune square natal Mars?  Wasn’t the POI involved in the action (Mars) of abduction (Neptune)? Well the answer lies in the overall picture (red highlight on the RHS of the bi-wheel).

Firstly, we are at an all-important angle in a chart (the descendant) and secondly, midpoints (examples elsewhere) can hold the key in a forensic astrology interpretation.

  • Transiting Neptune=Mercury/Mars – deception, not telling all and fantasy channelled into a creative communication.

Louie Lee Riddle Jnr changed his story in relation to the list of murders found in his possession.  He claimed to be saving them for a story he wanted to write – a creative communication.  Perhaps he was telling the truth this time.

Louie Lee Riddle might be a sexual offender, however the heaven’s input would suggest that it is unlikely that he abducted Nicole Louise Morin and took her to Texas.

lewiston daily sun Sep10 1988-riddle#1

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  1. These cases of missing children break your heart, don’t they? So very, very sad.


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