Trines in crime

RAYMOND_SCOTTRaymond Scott is reputed to have said that his life read more like a Jackie Collins novel than a play by William Shakespeare.

That caught my attention, which is what he wanted of course.  So what’s this bloke got to do with the Bard of Avon?

This tale really does read like pulp fiction, but I assure you it’s fair dinkum.  Don’t let the bowler hat fool you.

Scott posed as an international playboy, drank French champagne every day, smoked Cuban cigars, had a yellow Ferrari in the garage while running up a £90,000 credit card debt.

Plus, he’d fallen for a pretty Cuban dancer thirty years his junior; she didn’t come cheap.

When someone suggested that he might have a problem paying back the £90,000 when he was unemployed, living with mum and on government benefits, Raymond Scott quipped, “I don’t have a problem, the bank has a problem.”

Well dear reader, this sounds like Neptune is knocking at our door pretty loudly, so if it’s okay with you, I’ll see who’s there.

Scott had a career of petty crime with twenty-five convictions for shoplifting and dishonesty dating back to 1977. The light fingers most likely started when he was in his teens as he faced his first magistrate at just twenty years of age.

Many years later the planets aligned and he got lucky; very, very lucky.  He hit the big time when he pinched a few books from a library exhibition.  This was not a case of overdue library books.

These books were very valuable. Five haven’t seen the light of day since and probably won’t, however one did, some ten years later.  The most audacious of attempts to pull off a swindle was stymied with the FBI and the British bobbies holding hands across the water.  Raymond Rickett Scott got pinched trying to sell the most valuable, prized possession of Durham University library.

Mind you, Scott was never convicted of stealing these books, just handling stolen goods, however you and I know we only have to ask the heavens for the truth of the matter.  Forensic astrology may be a pseudo science and not acceptable in a court of law, however we have a licence to suggest, imply, poke and prod… but back to the tale.

shakespeareAfter William Shakespeare died, a few of his mates got together in the year 1623 and published a collection of his works, Mr William Shakespeares comedies, histories, & tragedies.  This first edition collection is commonly known as The First Folio.

Fewer than 250 of a print run of 1,000 have survived across time.  Being printed and bound manually, each copy is unique; all known copies have been studied in minute detail.

Every page of every copy has been measured, printing anomalies and notes in margins recorded. It is the most catalogued edition of any book in the English language – apart from The Bible.

If anyone were to steal a copy there would only be the black market where it could be off-loaded, so when a copy was stolen from Durham University in December 1998, the word went out.

Ten years later a copy of The First Folio was presented to the American, Folger Shakespeare  Library for authentication by Raymond Scott.  He claimed that it was a lost copy, which he’d been given in Cuba.  The fact that a copy had been stolen just a few miles from Scott’s home in the UK seemed irrelevant to him.

There was no way he was going to get away with it; the book was identified as being the  missing Durham University copy, despite it having been vandalised in an effort to conceal the ownership.  Now it’s up to us to point the finger at the thief.

We can build a story, utilising the planetary positions at the time of the theft together with the birth data of Raymond Scott, which is also available.  So from the perspective of the theft as our point of reference, the inner wheel, we then superimpose an outer wheel generated from the birth data of Raymond Rickett Scott – method.

We would not normally include any soft aspects such as trines in a forensic astrology enquiry, however as the matter is a theft, we can interpret the trine aspect as opportunities a thief would have learned to recognise during his career of crime; utilise to his best advantage.  With a con-man; a swindler, trines expose some of his tools of trade; his bag of tricks.  So what is a trine?

A circle is 360 degrees and so it follows that a trine is 120° – one third of a circle.  Planets that are 120 degrees apart are classified as being in trine aspect. The closer the trine is to 120°, the stronger the aspect is, and the more it enhances the planets involved.

The classical astrology meaning of a trine is that the powers involved are in harmony, so that they stimulate one another to increased activity and success. A trine is not as strong an aspect as the conjunction and the opposition, but it still enhances the planets involved, compared to what their importance would be without that aspect.

theft-ScottWhen it comes to interpretation, we cannot use the angles because the precise time of the theft is not known, so we’ll stick to the planets; that alone will give us a wealth of information.

The inner wheel is a snapshot of the heavens at an estimated time when the theft took place and the outer wheel the birth chart of Raymond Scott.

Note: Forensic planets are all highlighted red. Transiting planets are the inner wheel and natal planets (birth date of Scott) are in the outer wheel..

Trine aspects in the heavens working with the event:

  • Transit Neptune (turquoise) – natal Jupiter (green) – subterfuge exaggerated
  • Transit Mars – natal Venus (pink) – thegift of the gab’ is with him
  • Transit Moon (blue) – natal Venus – a romantic notion, almost a whim is upon him.
  • Transit Mercury (yellow) – natal Uranus – sudden changes in communication creating the opportunity – sleight of hand.
  • Transit Saturn – natal Pluto – utilising authority; the power of suggestion
  • Transit Jupiter (green) – natal Moon (blue) – heightened emotion; overly confident.

That’s how easy it was. He must have thought he had the Midas touch. The Moon was conjunct Mars in the heavens – passions were running high. 

As to the hard aspects:

  • Transit Lunar nodal axis square natal lunar nodal axis – this is like a fireworks display.  Apart from the very public attention this would bring, it is also a highest magnitude traumatic event.  The fates collide.
  • Transit Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Sun (orange) – the theft makes front page news; the thief would be quite smug I would expect.
  • Transit Venus (pink) square natal Jupiter (green) – the cash register sings
  • Transit Mercury (yellow) square natal Pluto – power of the word; literally on this occasion.
  • Transit Uranus square natal Mars – sudden changes work in his favour

In 2008 Raymond Scott had been a bit strapped for cash; he planned to whisk the young Cuban dancer off to live in the South of France; the possibility of getting millions overrode any common sense; greed and lust, his downfall.

Scott was given a six-year prison term for handling stolen goods and two years’ imprisonment for removing stolen property from Britain; eight years in all.  The door slammed shut on prisoner #A1347AV at Her Majesty’s Prison Castington.

End of story you would think, but no.  Apart from the irony of his having a job in the prison library, Raymond Scott’s ego and need for public attention flagged; his mental health declined until in March 2012, he was on suicide watch (or so we are told).

When his death was reported in the media, the art world breathed a sigh of relief; his account was settled.

death-ScottAs we await the inquest into his death to learn whether he died by his own hand or the fates, we can generate a last bi-wheel at the time of his death and see what the heavens have to add to this sorry saga.

The inner wheel is a snapshot at the time of death, as reported and the outer wheel is the same natal wheel used above.

We don’t need the trines in this analysis, however we can include the all-important angles this time.

  • Natal Lunar nodal axis is at the horizontal line at the departure of life, the descendant.
  • Natal Moon (blue) is at the IC – the darkest night of the soul
  • Transit Jupiter (green) conjunct natal Mars – urgency is at hand
  • Transit Venus (pink) conjunct natal Mars – Venus acts to soothe and soften whatever it contacts. In this case, it’s the ease of passing.
  • Transit Jupiter-Venus (green-pink) quindecile natal Lunar north node – a gentle passing, his last headline.
  • Transit Moon (blue) conjunct natal Saturn (grim reaper) – it’s time to leave, mother.

For those interested in astrology:  There is inevitably an aspect with natal Pluto when we leave the Earth, whether it is a hard aspect or a soft determines the struggle of our passing.

Transiting Saturn Rx (the grim reaper) at 28° Libra was sextile (60degrees) natal Pluto (the power source) 29° Leo.  A sextile is a soft-aspect.  We could suggest that it was Father Time who pulled the plug on the prince of thieves.

The blue triangle in the middle of the bi-wheel reveals a spectacular pattern in the heavens on the date that Raymond Scott died, an Earth Grand Trine formation.

 Transiting Mars 9° Virgo … Jupiter-Venus 9° Taurus … Pluto 9° Capricorn


When beggars die, there are no comets seen.  The heavens themselves blaze forth, the death of princes.  

Julius Caesar. Act II, Scene 2

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8 thoughts on “Trines in crime”

  1. “. . . whether it is a hard aspect or a soft determines the struggle of our passing”
    Dear, dear MMisst, this has upset me more than anything else you’ve written 😦 (not your fault – love your work).
    Think I’ll go and eat a block of chocolate.

  2. It appears that Venus has touched you greatly RB.

    Death is not to be feared, but the act of dying is a fear difficult to overcome. I know, I haven’t crossed that mountain yet myself.

  3. Thank you for posting link to article, an apt topping for MM’s writing of this fascinating case. Poor man was rescued, as things eventuated.


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