Duncan’s me mate

“I’d love to have a beer with Duncan… because Duncan’s me mate.”

That sounds like a pretty good alias to use and probably a common one in certain quarters, if Australian Country and Western is your music genre of choice. The song probably even made it into the pop charts, in its day.

Young children invent invisible friends; damaged children grow up to keep these friends close for emotional support; the extremely damaged develop personality disorders.  The male who is the focus of our enquiry today, is likely to be one of the latter.

This enquiry is within the realm of what is commonly known as forensic astrology; an enquiry within the parameters of a pseudo science.  It is a discussion of planetary placements in the heavens together with their symbolic meanings.

cerberusA male with three peregrine planets in his birth chart – his Sun, Mars and Uranus in particular, has a tough row to hoe.

He doesn’t really know who he is, or what a man is supposed to be; would not be able to rein in his male urges and hasn’t got any idea of controlling sudden changes in his life.

He’d be all over the place like a dog’s breakfast.

His wants are unharnessed and his motivation un-challenged.  It is not surprising such a boy would be dyslexic; imagine the turmoil once his hormones kicked in creating uncontrollable changes. This male child needs someone to hold him on a short leash.

His dairy farmer father would have had a handful. The boy would learn to hide his dysfunctional wants, but not suppress them.  A natal chart filled with mental challenges; insurmountable as it turns out.

Ashley Mervyn Coulston was born into a rural community in Eastern Victoria with a couple of elder sisters and a little brother. There was no lack of opportunity for learning socialisation skills, however due to his mother’s chronic illness (she was hospitalised during his childhood) his sisters became his main female nurturers.

I’m sure the girls gave him a hard time, however that’s part of honing our skills of survival; few of us escape sibling rivalry.  This male child however has a very malefic astrology chart, which sure didn’t help matters.

Note: We don’t have the official time of birth for Coulston, however with knowledge of his life events, we can create a suggested rectified chart and use that chart in our enquiry.

At the age of fourteen, Ashley Coulston slipped out of home one evening, stalked two local female school-teachers who were in a share-house situation in the local small town; robbed and abducted them at gunpoint before ordering them to drive him interstate to Sydney.

Fortunately for the young teachers, the fourteen year-old didn’t yet know exactly how to harness this Sun-Mars-Uranus energy; lust.

After several hours on the road the teenager decided he was hungry and they stopped at a roadhouse; the alarm was raised, the boy collared and led off to borstal; a youth detention centre.  He was locked away to consort with other young offenders; swop stories.

Coulston-age14eventWhen we generate a progressed chart for this boy at the age of fourteen, we can see the forensic indicators at play.

click on images for full size

The inner chart is a snapshot of the heavens on the date that Ashley Mervyn Coulston was born and the outer wheel is the solar arc progressed chart.

Note: All forensic planets are highlighted in red.

  • Pluto (power) has progressed in the outer wheel to oppose that peregrine natal Mars – out of control masculinity sees power in the mirror.
  • Venus (pink) has progressed to conjunct natal Jupiter (green) – inflation of the Venus aspect.  Male hormones are kicking in – lust whispers in his ear.
  • Lunar nodal axis has progressed to cross the horizon line and into the arena of relationships – both internal and external
  • Born with Saturn conjunct the north node (as if that is not traumatic enough in a chart) the main forensic indicator has also crossed into the public relationship arena of play; the 7th house.
  • The progressed Moon coloured blue (emotional need) is square to the peregrine planet Sun – orange (out of control ego).
  • Jupiter (green) has crossed the IC to create tension with his nurturers (natal Moon) in the inner wheel –  He would be at odds with his sisters by this age; not the little boy anymore.
  • Progressed Mars is at the MC – his criminal career is before him.
  • Lunar nodal axis is also quindecile the natal aspect – this is a karmic crossroads.  What he does here determines how his life unfolds.
  • Progressed Neptune  highlighted turquoise (incarceration) in the outer wheel is quindecile natal South node as a result of his choice – karma is unfolding.

Those young women were very, very lucky indeed to escape. The grim reaper was obviously busy elsewhere that fateful night and Coulston was not yet master of his domain.

Twenty-odd years later, Ashley Coulston was being gently rocked by the ebb and flow of the tide; reading the newspaper front to back as was his want.  His de-facto was off in hospital undergoing medical treatment. He is now living on board the girlfriend’s boat in a marina in Victoria; back in the State where it all began.

marinaAn advertisement caught his attention.  It was a room to let with two young female trainee school-teachers.

We can suggest that, in all likelihood, memories flooded back; memories of his mother going to hospital; of an earlier abduction, which didn’t come to fruition when he was just fourteen.

Coulston was also currently off the leash; abandoned by his de-facto (translate as mother substitute) as far as he was concerned. Those peregrine planets had no restriction.

Ashley Coulston went ashore; made an appointment to meet with the young women and inspect the share situation.  The time:  that very evening.  He gave them his name as, Duncan.

Coulston-prog1992We generate a second bi-wheel, a progression to this date when the planets align once more all those years later. The inner wheel remains the natal wheel of Coulston and the outer wheel is the progression to the event as described.

  • Peregrine Mars has progressed to exact opposite his natal peregrine Sun (orange) – out of control activator meets out of control ego; there are no boundaries to what this male will undertake.
  • Lunar nodal axis (forensic trauma indicator) has progressed to conjunct the inner wheel natal Moon (blue) – memories and needs rise to create emotional trauma.
  • Natal Saturn has made the same progression – struggles within his family when he was a child, resurface.
  • Natal Moon – blue in the outer wheel, has progressed to oppose natal Uranus – sudden changes in moods – mood swings.
  • Natal Uranus has progressed to mirror that uncontrolled male indicator Mars. This creates indecision and irrational action.
  • Turquoise Neptune (fantasy) has progressed to begin to create tension by square with natal Venus pink (female symbol). This fantasy with women is never sated.

When Coulston arrived to meet the trainee school-teachers, they had a male in their company.  This did not deter the assailant; he was armed with a rifle and a makeshift silencer.  He bound and gagged all three.  This time he knew what he ‘had to do’.

I suggest that this vengeful dog had a prior history of raping women in front of their men-folk in order to prove his masculinity, humiliate his victims; he just hadn’t been caught before.  He didn’t get caught on this night either.

All three were killed, execution style by a bullet in the head; one at a time, in separate rooms.  This manner of separating the victims would, in all probability, have replayed a childhood humiliation – real or perceived.

It wasn’t until a tad over a month later that Coulston was caught.  He didn’t go quietly, however there were no fatalities that evening. The couple escaped when security guards came to their aid.  The perpetrator had taken the abducted couple from their car and into a public park; a 3rd house activity.

Coulston-transits 1Sept92When we turn to our last bi-wheel – the perpetrator’s natal chart as the inner wheel and the transiting planets in the outer wheel at the time of his arrest, all is revealed.

It was the warrior in the sky, Mars who came to the fore, crossed the line.

  • During that month since the last event, transiting Mars had crossed Coulston’s ascendant, cutting the ties that bind him.
  • Mars came out of the shadows of the perpetrator’s 12th house and cut a swathe into the 1st house; Coulston was exposed.

There is always a personal severance when Mars crosses the Ascendant.  The impulse for action leaves the mind and enters the personality. We could suggest that he went too far; too cocky for his own good and was caught.

  • Neptune (incarceration) coloured turquoise in the outer wheel creates the tension required to rein in his uncontrollable ego, the Sun.   Uranus stands-by creating the sudden changes needed.
  • The transiting Sun on that date in the outer wheel opposed his uncontrolled drive, natal Mars.  It was probably a relief to him if we consider this from an astrology perspective and in a detached manner – his collar was back on; the leash clipped.
  • In the 1st house, the warrior Mars in the outer wheel accompanies the South node – fulfilling karma.

Apart from the ‘traumatic event in a public place’ indicators, the fates themselves – Atropos, Lachesis and Clotho accompanied the heaven’s warrior.  I have written their story elsewhere.

sun-marsCoulston continued to deny his involvement in the previous month’s triple murder, claiming that Duncan was the guilty party; though no ‘Duncan’ was ever identified or located.

The physical evidence at the trial and appeal was overwhelming.  Ashley Mervyn Coulston won’t see the light of day in this lifetime.  He is well locked away without any prospect of parole.

During the course of this enquiry a fellow sleuth and legal eagle, Wedgetailegal has collaborated on the research. Together we have uncovered no less than twelve unsolved cases of abduction and rape across three Australian states, including at least one murder. Coulston was living in the area at the time when these crimes were committed and the modus operandi is common to all.

There is a lot more research to be done this end; astrology charts generated as well as victims voices heard, however that will have to wait for another day.

In the meantime, I suggest that someone sit down with Ashley Mervyn Coulston, in HM Prison Barwon; play a particular tune, which Slim Dusty made famous in 1981 – then invite Duncan to come out for a bit of a chat.  They might be surprised at what unfolds…

R.I.P. Anne Louise Smerdon, Kerryn Jane Henstridge, Peter Brendan Dempsey

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9 thoughts on “Duncan’s me mate”

  1. Thank you MM. I can only echo your final sentence. May their gentle souls rest in peace.

  2. Was “Duncan” one of his personalities? Did he have “D.I.D” – Dissociative Identity Disorder?

  3. Dissociative, yes I agree that far RB – i.e. he chooses to disassociate himself from the crime, however I’m of the school who put aside D.I.D. when there is good reason for the culprit to be malingering (accepting responsibility for murder).

    He may play the game however, if tempted. To get him talking is the trick. I have more than a dozen cases waiting to be addressed.

  4. No Duncan was not a one of his personalitieshe was not dyslexia maybe you should get the facts go see him find out what his time was he born and you don,t no what his mother and father or his siblings and yes it is good he is locked a way

  5. Interesting read, but for the most point, the advert he responded to did not really indicate how many people would be in the house at any given time, just the occupients looking for a flatemate. It was a general advertisement looking for a flat mate that is all. The person in question has had an underlying urge which has probably been festering there for many years to commit these crimes from an early age and the earlier abduction of the previous school teachers and the murders of Kerryn, Anne and Peter were possiblely by chance. Unfortunately we will never know what was spoken on the phone when the first initial conversation took place as the only person who is still alive won’t talk about it.
    Maybe a cycle of events did lead to this crime and his partner being in hospital has triggered this but to try and interpret his mood swings and urges via an astrological chart can be very open to interpretation.
    I did enjoy the article as some of the things I have read over the years have been inaccurate in the way some reporters and authors have had their own views of how things went down, one of which I found quiet disappointing by an author of some recognition in the reporting of crime in his book which I found very inaccurate.
    When the rat was caught in st kilda rd the couple were very lucky to escape and the security officers were extremely brave in coming to the aid of them both, but if you do your research the two police officers that also got the call to the scene were just as heroic, something that never came out in the papers. If the couple had never fought back they to would have been a statistic and who knows how many this piece of human filth would have gone on to murder.
    Thanks if you got this far reading…

  6. Mm, don’t get me wrong, as you say you are an amateur but the way you have done your research and the way this was written you have done far better than some of the other articles I have read over the years of so called professionals that have mashed together pieces of information from other articles.
    I enjoyed reading your article and look forward to reading more in the future.


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