Muscle bound

Big, bigger, biggest…

Modern psychology has coined a term to describe what can only be viewed as anorexia in reverse, muscle dysmorphia (bigorexia). People with this condition feel physically inadequate. Regardless of their physical stature they feel small.

Some will resort to wearing baggy clothes to cover their perceived inadequacy; many will resort to steroids and amphetamines. Some hop onto the self-destructive spiral and spin out of control;  others get help.

1993 MATIf the truth be told, we will find a lack of self-esteem present in those who take the sport to the extreme. Body-building becomes their life-style and eventually, their identity.

Once on the roundabout of diets, supplements, fake tans and baby-oil, the smell of the grease paint and roar of the crowd, becomes addictive.  That is if Neptune has its way.

As in most psychologically-damaged notions, early childhood will hold the key to someone with this condition. Academic studies tell us that 30% of body builders were bullied as young children; others were impatient – not maturing fast enough for their egos, or were late bloomers.

Another group enjoy the sport as amateurs and walk away once they mature emotionally.  They’re the winners, however we have a loser before us today.  We have only to read a media report for confirmation.

The former boyfriend of murdered Adelaide woman Emma Jade Pawelski pleaded guilty to bashing a man who allegedly implicated him in her killing.  The bashed man also told several drug-world associates the same information, which was then relayed back to Mark Andrew Trewartha.

In his early twenties, a young Mark Trewartha was winning state junior titles.  Following years of intense training, this junior was hooked.  By the age of 35, his peers at SABBA (South Australia Body Building Association) knew Trewartha as a Master Poser.  With bleached hair slicked back, the young fresh-faced kid was well buried inside.  An interesting word ‘poser’ – immediately identifies Neptune’s influence.

Allow me to share an on-line bodybuilding meth-amphetamine drug-user’s explanation of this fantasy world:

Well from first hand experience, I’d say use meth for cutting fat; it works wonders. After a cycle of creatine stacked with whey iso protein, I tend to have a little excess fat. A few nights with meth usually does away with all of it. In fact it works so well I might actually recommend it.

People who are opposed to this, but support such nasty things as steroids, are sort of contradicting themselves. You don’t use the meth during your actual workout because that would be dangerous; you use it afterwards. Sure you might risk losing a tiny bit of muscle but with all the fat you’re losing it evens things out.

In hindsight, Trewartha’s physique and performance within this bodybuilding culture is most likely to have been drug-enhanced.  Considering this man was a competitive bodybuilder at an international level, it appears that we could very well have a drug cheat before us.

This drug addict was about to turn forty-one when Emma was violently murdered; an excessively brutal crime and aftermath.  We have to ask, “Was this murder personal? Did drugs play a part in the frenzy?  The disposal of the body reveals a vengeful act; Scorpio at its worst.

Astrology is a pseudo science and its interpretation, subjective.  We do not provide a forensic astrology interpretation, which would be acceptable in a court of law. My toolkit contains computer software, Google maps, information provided in good faith and a lateral thinker at my side. Please remain skeptical of all interpretation as astrology can only be considered to be opinion. This is offered without prejudice.

Emma Jade Pawelski’s murder in 2005 remains unsolved.  The fact that her remains were found just eight days after her disappearance is a miracle in itself;  she was left on a fire-trail in the Mt Crawford Forest Reserve in South Australia.

The planets aligned to bring her body home, but not her killer.  We have to ask, was Mark Andrew Trewartha implicated in this murder?

We read a little more from the court case:

Trewartha, a former amphetamines addict, was charged with aggravated serious criminal trespass, assault and theft. But in a plea-bargain deal before the courts, he pleaded guilty to a charge of assault causing harm. Trewartha knew his victim from the drug scene.

A brute of a man and drug addict, Mark Andrew Trewartha is a violent felon who has been in and out of jail for years.  Incarceration is Neptune’s realm.

Neptune gets a bad wrap; brilliant in the right chart, however when combined with other aspects, a weak character can become a beast, especially when synthetic drugs are in the mix.  From ‘diet pills’ to ICE, we are in the same family of drugs – amphetamines, meth-amphetamines; drugs familiar to all who aspire to the body-beautiful image.

MATSo we get an idea that Neptune and Venus are conspiring in his chart before we even start.  For anyone familiar with the Greco-Roman myths, you know that Venus is not all sugar and spice and in Scorpio Venus can be very manipulative.

To maintain the discipline and fitness level required  for  twenty plus years of ‘posing’ requires a strong Capricorn in a chart.

  • Our POI has his reining need, his Moon, Ascendant (self projection) together with the planet of communication (Mercury) – all in the authoritarian controller sign of Capricorn. (highlighted blue-orange-yellow) – controlled demeanor and emotions is what we would expect to find. (Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn)
  • However this POI lacks the Leo Sun to enjoy the stage; his ego motivation is more that of the warrior (pink highlighted Sun in Sagittarius).  For him, bodybuilding is about the need to promote himself, to have an image of the warrior.
  • Natal Jupiter (green) is the whipping boy inflating what it reflects – opposite the planet Neptune (turquoise) and in those creative and friendship houses 5 -11. Put him in a gym and he is at home.
  • Jupiter is also mirroring the Venus-Neptune midpoint – keeping up appearances.
  • Sun is square the stellium of Uranus-Mars-Pluto (red highlight).  Bully is his middle name.
  • The dangerous aspect in this natal chart is Uranus-Mars-Pluto conjunction in Virgo. His actions are subject to sudden changes and driven by power.  A highly confrontational character with an explosive nature.

The Mars/Uranus contact alone indicates someone who is inclined towards sudden violence and takes action without thinking things through; a reactive personality. The addition of Pluto in this configuration adds intensity and a sense of compulsion about winning any fight he is involved in.

Nothing is allowed to stand in the way of what he wants and there is a high degree of impatience as well as a failure to heed rules and listen to any warnings given. This combination is also likely to get others going and push them into acting on his behalf. It flouts convention and avoids restraint. The tendency is to take what he wants, and act as he wants without thinking of the possible effect on others.

At the time of Emma Pawelski’s murder, Mark Trewartha’s natal Sun (15 degrees 50 minutes Sagittarius + 41 = 27 degrees Capricorn) had progressed by Solar Arc to exact conjunct his Moon (27 degrees Capricorn).  This is the physical man meeting with his emotional self.  This is where the beauty meets the beast; where what you’ve done with your life is introduced to your needs.

Looking in the mirror, Trewartha would see a meth-amphetamine addict; no possible future in the bodybuilding industry; a failure on the only stage he knows. Accelerated drug abuse would have likely been an attempt to mask this pain.

Psychologically we have the bully made aware of his self-loathing, however that concept is unacceptable to the illusion (Neptune) of perfection. It would take a big man to accept this crisis.  A bully (come coward) would be more likely to project this fear and loathing onto whomever is in his life thereby delaying the insanity; blame someone else for his current situation.

What on earth is a young woman doing in this drug scene?  Neptune plays it’s part in Emma’s  chart working with her Mercury-Pluto conjunction. The choice to be powerful or powerless has been hers.

At the time of Emma Pawelski’s murder, her natal Sun (22 degrees Libra + 30 = 22 degrees Scorpio) had progressed by Solar Arc to exact conjunct her 4th house Lunar nodal axis/north node.  If meeting fate at thirty isn’t bad enough, it’s the trauma of the event, which troubles those left behind.

Event-lunch-EmmaWhen we generate a bi-wheel (method) at the lunchtime celebration with her mother on the eve of Emma’s 30th birthday some six week’s prior to her death, we can see that the planets are already aligned revealing her upcoming meeting with fate.

The inner wheel is the lunch-date and the outer wheel is Emma’s natal chart. (method)  Aries hides in the third house, communication is not open here, trouble is brewing.

  • Transiting Mars (highlighted in red) is conjunct Emma’s natal Lunar nodal axis – forensic indicator of a traumatic event.
  • Venus is conjunct natal Neptune and square natal Venus (pink-turquoise-pink), which in turn is mirrored by transiting Uranus (red).  Drug use and their environments are inevitably unstable.
  • Transiting Saturn the forensic indicator highlighted in red (Father Time) has also crossed the descendant/cusp of the 7th house of relationships, mirroring Neptune in the heavens.  The ultimate relationship; a date with the grim reaper, awaits.

If we step forward in time to when Emma’s body was found, we know that the fates awaited the Sun’s orbit to traverse Emma’s natal Neptune before turning out her light.  Was it Mark Andrew Trewartha who extinguished her light?

There are two avenues we can take.  Firstly, when we return to that birthday celebration in October, we can check where Trewartha fits into that seemingly-fated bi-wheel.  He does not need to be present at the table to reveal his part in the heaven’s plan.

Event-lunch-TrewarthaWe use the same inner wheel and then superimpose Trewartha’s natal wheel to the outside; another bi-wheel.

The major forensic indicator, Pluto is present together with Trewartha’s natal Lunar nodal axis.

  • Transit Pluto is conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – identity of a participant in a traumatic event
  • Transit Jupiter (green) square natal Moon – primary needs inflated
  • Transit Moon (blue in the inner wheel) square natal Mercury (yellow) – communication need for dominance highlighted, indicating conflagration.

When we draw on the cartographer’s toolkit (method) as a secondary check, we create another bi-wheel.  The inner-wheel is the time of the discovery of Emma’s remains and the outer wheel Emma’s natal chart.

We then complete the picture with a locator angle, a red line.  The victim will use this red line to point the way to her perpetrator.

MAP#1-P>Tclick on image for full size

  • Lunar nodal axis of the event intersects by conjunction with natal Mercury-Pluto conjunction.  The power of the word – Emma’s word.
  • Saturn (death indicator) is at the IC

Flipping this bi-wheel to align with the map of the land (method), centred over the point where her body was located, we ask the obvious question, “Where does the red-line point to?”

Answer:  Where we would expect the heavens to indicate – the address of where Trewartha was living with Emma prior to her disappearance.

So is Mark Andrew Trewartha implicated in the death and disposal of the body of Emma Jade Pawelski? The astrology appears to indicate that he is…


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  1. Very interesting. I always learn so much from your analysis of interactions between the planets & the chart owners.


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