Born into captivity – Jocelyn Berry

caduceusOn Christmas Day, 2006 Amanda Berry delivered a baby girl without medical assistance and named her Jocelyn.

Still only a slip of a girl herself at just twenty, Amanda had been held in captivity for more than three years when Jocelyn was born.

Mother and child were to survive under these conditions for a further six years before their situation changed. This is the story of the circumstances of mother and daughter according to the stars; their astrology.

As planet Earth travels on her annual path around the Sun and the planets orbit in the heavens, alignments determine situations and we humans fit into the plan.

5:52:34pm on May 6th 2013 in suburban Cleveland, Ohio Amanda dialled 911 from a neighbour’s house; Charles Ramsey had heard a mother’s cries for help and came to their aid kicking in the aluminium screen door so mother and daughter could escape.

Two other young women who had also been abducted and held for many years were freed that evening as well.  Georgina de Jesus and Michelle Knight were released by law enforcement and their abuser arrested, however I wish to focus on the mother and child; Amanda and Jocelyn.

Apart from the significance of the date of her birth, it is a miracle that the child survived at all given the conditions that her mother was held prisoner in.

Amanda-Berry-disappeared-aged-16-in-2003Amanda Marie Berry had been tricked into taking a lift on her way home from work in April 2003. Ariel Castro told her that his son worked at Burger King with her.

The destination however, was not what she expected; she was kept under lock and key in his basement for a decade of abuse. In that ten years Amanda only saw the sky on two occasions.

Born with the Sun opposite Pluto, Amanda would experience a life mirroring power and powerlessness; learning to find the middle ground between the symbology of the two planets. She would learn how to survive under the power of her captor; to maintain the balance.  Her pregnancy would go full term, where others didn’t.

We would expect Neptune to loom large in the case of abduction and captivity, as Neptune is the planet symbolic of all things hidden and unconscious. The predator, Ariel Castro’s natal Neptune is exact conjunct Amanda’s natal planet Pluto.  He subverted her power.

If you are not familiar with astrology progression the methodology I use is explained more fully elsewhere.  Basically we retain the distance between each planet as they were at the time of a person’s birth and move them forward one degree per year for that person’s life.  Once we have a specific age/time frame we can then compare the two charts.

This is a way of predicting life’s challenges, whereas transits in the heavens are more ‘transitory’ influences, which trigger internal responses.  Some would call it fortune telling as we are projecting forward, others tao or dharma.

Note astrology is subjective and not intended to be anything else.

AB-SAAbductionAmanda was one day short of seventeen when she was abducted and so from a birth chart we can move the planets forward by seventeen degrees to see what planetary tensions are at play in her life when we create a bi-wheel of the two.

The inner wheel is the planetary position at the time of Amanda Berry’s birth and the outer wheel a progression to the date of her abduction as calculated by computer software.

Firstly the all important angles:

  • Neptune (turquoise) has progressed to conjunct the ascendant – the time of abduction.
  • Sun-North Node (red) straddle the IC – the darkest night in one’s life (Sun) when Amanda is taken from the public view (lunar nodal axis)
  • Pluto-South Node (red) straddle the MC – power and karma are the top of the agenda

The progressions:

  • Uranus (red) has progressed to midpoint natal Mars-Neptune (turquoise) – this midpoint is called ‘pie in the sky’.  We could suggest that Amanda was not focussed particularly well in her mental approach to life at this time. (she was still just a teen)
  • Jupiter (green) has progressed to mirror natal Moon (blue) – we know that Jupiter inflates whatever it touches – in this case Amanda’s primary needs. We could interpret this as her needing a lift in a car, but it would be far deeper than that. Progressions are not transits.

AB-SAFreeAt the time of her escape, Amanda’s natal chart had progressed a further ten+ years.

  • Neptune in the outer wheel (turquoise) is in tension by square with her natal Sun (orange) there is confusion, however what is hidden is now in the light, her light.
  • In the outer wheel Mercury (yellow) has progressed to conjunct natal Sun (orange) plus square natal Neptune (turquoise) in the inner wheel.  Mercury is the child indicator in forensic astrology and also communication in classic astrology. What has been hidden is now spoken.
  • Saturn (father time) has progressed to conjunct natal Neptune.  Saturn is also an ambition symbol so it is ‘time’ to overcome what is hidden.
  • Moon (blue) has progressed to conjunct the Lunar nodal axis – her needs are now to re-enter the public arena.
  • Uranus has also progressed to square the IC (4th house cusp), which is always an indicator of relocating one’s home.  Time to move out.

There would inevitably be a transiting planet to trigger Amanda’s escape at that particular time.  What was it?

  • Time-freeOn 6th May 2013, Pluto was exact at 11degrees Capricorn square to Uranus (sudden changes) and the Moon transit at 5:52:34pm on that day was 11degrees Aries – exact square to Pluto.  That angle would hold for only a matter of minutes.

So where does this tie in with Amanda Berry’s life?

  • On 22nd April 1986, the day that Amanda was born Mars was exact at 11degrees Capricorn.

The planets lined up and Amanda took the opportunity.  She was free.

When baby Jocelyn was born the Moon was in Pisces, Neptune’s realm; literally. She was born into water. Her primary needs of food and shelter were provided within Neptune’s realm by her mother’s captor; Ariel Castro.

JB-SAFreeAt the time of her escape with her mother, within her own bi-wheel, Jocelyn has her unique journey under the stars to tell.

The inner wheel is the planetary position at a rectified time of baby Jocelyn’s birth and the outer wheel, a progression to the time of her freedom as calculated by computer software.

  • Neptune (turquoise) in the outer wheel had progressed from the descendant angle to exact by opposition to the inner wheel natal Saturn (red), the Time Lord. Time to escape her captivity.
  • Natal Moon (blue) had progressed in the outer wheel to conjunct the Lunar nodal axis (red) – her primary needs were now to shift into the public realm.
  • Jupiter (green) had progressed to square natal Moon – inflating her needs (she needed more than just food and shelter)

Pluto and Mercury (yellow) are less than a year off progressing to conjunct her natal Sun – Jocelyn will get to go to school within six months and learn what personal power is all about, soon thereafter.

What transits were influencing Jocelyn’s chart?  She may have been a minor player, however she would have had a strong influence on her mother’s actions.

  • Again we have that Pluto at 11degrees Capricorn in the mix – midpoint of Jocelyn’s natal Sun-Venus = extreme intensification of emotions; fate intervening to break relationships (the only ones she had known).

jocelynJocelyn might have cried for her daddy when she left Seymour Avenue; he was after all her only male role model, however there is a bright future ahead.

With a passive Pisces Moon paired with a practical Capricorn Sun, Jocelyn will be able to wonder at the stars in the sky, together with her mother Amanda Berry.  They are free now.

Postscript:  Ariel Castro suicided by hanging at Orient, Ohio 9:20pm Tuesday 3rd September, 2013.  He was in solitary confinement at the time.  The inner wheel is the time of the suicide and the outer wheel is the natal chart of Ariel Castro (time of birth not rectified).


  • The sweetest synchronicity – Pluto (red) was transiting exact at the midheaven at 9°Capricorn.
  • Transiting Saturn (red inner wheel) conjunct turquoise natal Neptune (hidden aspect) – the grim reaper is present in the cell.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) is opposite natal Saturn, inflating the authority.  Ariel died by his own hand, in his own time.  The ultimate control.
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise in the inner wheel) opposite natal Pluto.  This is the ultimate suicide indicator.  We cannot suspect any other hand in this death.

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2 thoughts on “Born into captivity – Jocelyn Berry”

  1. Boy, oh boy, you think you’ve got problems until you look around. This child is fortunate to be free, yet one day she’ll find out the truth and all that entails, and will have to deal with that. She looks like her father too. . .a constant reminder for her mother. So much to deal with.
    Thanks, MMisst. Again.


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