Holly Piirainen reveals a POI

Holly-bubblesIs the sexual predator who murdered Molly Bish also responsible for the abduction and murder of Holly Piirainen?

We don’t have an identikit just a lone shoe left on a road.  Holly’s grandmother knew that something was very wrong.

This little mite was just ten years old when she was snatched from her family; her body discarded just five miles away.  No-one has been charged; held responsible for this crime.

The vehicular route from the point of her abduction in Sturbridge, Massechusetts to where her body was found two months later in East Brimfield passed one of the residences of the Stanger brothers in New Boston Road.

It is no wonder that Rodney and his younger brother Randy Stanger have been persons of interest in this case.  They grew up in Southbridge; were very familiar with the area of concern; apparently were also violent men.

Rodney Stanger even hinted to his de facto of involvement in the Massachusetts murders. He is not likely to see the light of day; in 2010 he was found guilty of murdering Chrystal Morrison two years previously and is currently serving 25 years in a Florida jail.

Was Rodney bragging about his involvement because he was familiar with the case and looking to bask in the limelight, as it were?  The lunar nodal axis will tell us if this is the case.

As we have the six suspects whom we included in our enquiry into the Molly Bish case, we would be foolish not to include them all in this enquiry as well.

  • Gerald Battistoni attempted suicide when his name came up as a possible suspect.  He is a convicted child rapist.
  • Robert Burno was arrested in 2007 for attempted abduction of a woman.
  • David Pouliot dna evidence was found in the area where Holly’s remains were located.  A heavy user of cocaine, Pouliot died August 2003.
  • John F Regan… DNA evidence convicted him of a 1993 rape and attempted abduction in 2005.  He is under lock and key.  According to our astrology enquiry into the abduction and murder of Molly Bish, this person is highly likely to have been her abductor and murderer.
  • Rodney Stanger – convicted murderer, currently serving 25 years in a Florida jail
  • Randy Stanger – arrested in Florida 2009 – an outstanding MA warrant for distribution of cocaine in a school zone in 2000.  Current whereabouts unknown to me.

So who is to be let-off by the heavens and who needs further scrutiny in this case?

This is a subjective exercise. Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in a court of law.  We can only ask questions and make suggestions based on the guidelines of classic astrology.

Thanks to modern technology, we can construct snapshots in time of the planets in the sky at any given time.  Holly Piirainen disappeared around noon on the 5th August, 1993.  She had left her grandmother’s home to see some puppies at a neighbour’s house.  Nothing could be more innocent, however a predator was on the road that day.

We have the birth data of our suspects and so we can immediately construct bi-wheels (methodology) and draw up maps later if need be for further clarification.  Holly can open our enquiry with her initial input as we have utilized the time when her father saw her last.

EventP-HollyThe inner wheel is the position of the planets against the zodiac taken from the point on the Earth of Holly’s abduction at the time she was last seen and the outer wheel is a snapshot of the heavens on the day that Holly was born.

  • At the nadir (IC angle bottom of the bi-wheel) we have Holly’s natal chart revealing Mercury and Sun intersected by Neptune-Uranus of the event and Mercury (yellow of the event at the top of the inner wheel).  We know that Mercury represents a child in forensic astrology; that Neptune is the subterfuge and Uranus sudden changes.  The Sun went out on this child’s life.
  • There are other indicators highlighted for all to see, which I leave for other astrologers and readers to reveal, suffice to say the little one died this day.

Piirainen-trio#1All six POI’s have busy charts. Approaching them alphabetically, the first is Gerald Battistoni.  He is the POI who fitted the Molly Bish identikit so well and attempted suicide when his name came to the top of the list of suspects in 2011.

  • The Sun in the heavens (orange inner wheel) mirrors natal Saturn and Lunar nodal axis – traumatic indicators are present.  The flag goes up for further analysis immediately.
  • Sun transit creates tension with natal Neptune (turquoise) highlighting subterfuge at play.
  • Moon transit (blue) in tension by square to natal Sun (orange outer wheel) POI needs are a major highlight.
  • Mercury (yellow inner wheel) is conjunct natal Venus (pink) – the boundary between adult female and child blur. ‘Same-same’ in his mind.
  • Venus (pink) transit square natal Moon – we don’t have birth time and so this tension cannot be included in our enquiry.
  • Saturn (inner wheel red) mirrors POI’s Uranus (outer wheel red) – violent forensic indicators are present

Robert Burno, I think we can pretty well dismiss him from this enquiry.

  • With the turquoise highlights we can see he likes to fantasize about this case.  With regard to the (blue) Moon; again we have to dismiss to tension as we do not have his time of birth.

The third person in this group is David Pouliot (died 2003). A January 2012 press release by the Hampden County DA informed us that, as a result of dna tests, it had been determined that Pouliot had a connection to and was familiar with the general area of the crime scene in this case.  The authorities added however, that he was not a suspect at this time.  So what do the heavens have to say?

  • Moon transit (blue) is in tension with Pouliot’s natal Jupiter (green) inflating the emotional issue.
  • Transit Mercury (yellow) the child indicator intersects the natal Lunar nodal axis of this POI That’s a traumatic event indicator/his being high on the priority list as ‘the’ POI.
  • Natal Neptune (the fantasizer) highlighted in turquoise is just past the ascendant/horizontal axis and in the first house of the POI. Abduction could be on the agenda.  Flag this bi-wheel for further analysis.
  • Natal Moon (blue in the outer wheel) is in the mix – an unreliable aspect again.


John Regan is first up.  He is the favoured POI (of the six) for the abduction and murder of Molly Bish according to our forensic astrology enquiry earlier.  How does he fare here in this enquiry?

  • Transit Moon (blue) conjunct natal Mars (red) – the emotional impact of the transiting Moon is a monthly cycle.  Moon conjunct Mars presses the ‘needs’ button.
  • Transit Venus (pink) square natal Venus (pink) – this is not a forensic indicator in this position.
  • Transit Mars conjunct natal Jupiter (green) – overconfidence, arrogance even
  • Transit Saturn square the natal Lunar nodal axis – the grim reaper, Saturn is in the room – further enquiry is recommended.
  • Transit Pluto (red) conjunct natal Moon – Pluto is symbolic of power/overpowering; a child abduction and murder would provide a sense of empowerment for this individual.

Randy Stanger was seriously considered to be a suspect.  The busy chart confirms why.

  • Natal Neptune (turquoise) again is at the ascendant and in the first house
  • Transit Sun (orange) opposite natal Moon.  We can accept this Moon-Sun due to the wide orb being ok with the two luminaries. This opposition is a ‘lunacy event’ (full moon madness).
  • Transit Moon square natal Jupiter inflating the madness
  • Transit Uranus-Neptune (turquoise in the inner wheel) is exact opposite natal Uranus-lunar nodal axis five star forensic indicators!
  • Pluto square Pluto.  This is extremely dangerous in forensic astrology terms

Rodney Stanger meanwhile does pose a threat.  Perhaps he knew something within the family that we don’t know.  That may be what led to his hinting that he might have been involved. We must put him on notice for further enquiry, if only by association with his brother.

  • Transit Sun (orange) square by tension to natal Lunar nodal axis.  On the public agenda
  • Transit Sun conjunct natal Pluto (red) forensic indicator is highlighted
  • Transit Jupiter (green) inflates turquoise (Neptune) This is the 12th house therefore we are in the mind not in the 1st house where action is taken. This case is a ‘big deal’ in his mind.


If we now turn to cartography and start flipping our bi-wheels (methodology) our first map is for the victim’s voice.

click on image for full size

Point A is the place where Holly was abducted.  The bi-wheel of Event-Holly has been centred over point B where her remains were found, some five miles away.

When we draw a locator angle/red line between the points, we can immediately see that the red line intersects Holly’s natal planet Mars.  We then take this as her indicator.  She points the way to where she was abducted.

Stage two was to transpose this angle onto the bi-wheels of the persons of interest.  If we refer back to the bi-wheels above, Holly’s red line/locator angle is already indicated on all six charts.

  • Robert Burno has his natal Sun close to the line, however no other forensic indicators are present
  • David Pouliot appears to be clear of the line
  • The Stanger brothers also escape further attention at this time.

Gerald Battistoni and John F Regan remain of interest:

  • Gerald Battistoni has Pluto-Uranus midpoint on the red line and opposite to Holly’s natal Mars indicating sudden changes in power.
  • John F Regan has Pluto conjunct the red-line and opposite Holly’s natal Mars – overpowering influence

With the POI’s it is basically a process of elimination. This is where we need to be objective.  As astrology is subjective, preconceptions can override objectivity very easily.  How about you… have you picked one POI over the other, as to being the likely perpetrator?

Note: we flip the bi-wheels vertically when we transfer them onto a map of the land

The final step is to flip each bi-wheel of the event-person of interest, superimpose it over the point of where Holly’s remains were found and see if locator angles/red lines are present.

MAP#2- HollyAs I do not have confirmation of the 1993 residential addresses of these pair of suspects, we are at a disadvantage somewhat.

We can take a punt that John F Regan was in Waterbury, Connecticut and Gerald Battistoni was in Ware, MA as some media reports advise.

One of these pair straddles the red line between their home and the point of where Holly’s remains were found.

Years after Holly’s abduction, her little brother Zachary Piirainen began having flashbacks. He told his family that he kept seeing the face of a man, but that he couldn’t place the man’s face.

I wonder if a 1993 photo of John F Regan exists and could be shown to Zachary?


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4 thoughts on “Holly Piirainen reveals a POI”

  1. Too many abductions, too many murders. What a twisted world we live in. Thanks MMisst. . .I think!

  2. Rodney Stanger never stopped being a serious suspect. He has no possibility for parole…what would make him talk?

  3. I stumbled across this today, just little over 25 years after the murder of my niece, Holly Piirainen. I find this very interesting. Gerald Bastistoni did meet his fate in jail. Stangers remain POI I’m not familiar with Regan or Bruno. I googled Regan and found an obituary, not sure if is the same man. Thank you for doing this work.


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