Does an identikit help?

molly-bish-suspect-sketchjpg-c220db09f6716b58A police identikit is released and every man in the area who is of stocky build with combed back hair, a moustache and smokes is immediately on the suspect list.

Of course he needs to be a man who would abduct and kill a teenage girl; a sexual predator.  That narrows it down a bit, but not enough.

Before the winter snows of 2002, pieces of a blue swimsuit were found by a hunter, which led to the discovery the following summer of the remains of Molly Bish. It had been the most extensive search in Massachusetts’ history when Molly Bish was found just five miles from home.

”She came home bone by bone,” Molly’s mother Magi Bish told the media. ”First her shin bone, then her skull. . . . In the end, 26 of Molly’s bones came home to us.”

Molly was laid to rest on what would have been her 20th birthday.

It’s not a large town, Warren and in June 2000 sixteen year-old Molly had taken a summer job as a lifeguard at a local lake, Comins Pond.  Her mother dropped her off at work a few minutes before she was due to take up her post at 10am.  Less than twenty minutes later she was gone.

Molly&HollyInvestigators believed Molly’s killer was probably a local with intimate knowledge of the area, however, no arrests were made and the case went cold.

Memories came flooding back for another family. Not ten miles away there had been another abduction and murder of a child, which remained unsolved. Were the two connected?

There were less than seven years between the crimes; both girls had been born in 1983. Holly Piirainen could have grown up to be the same age as Molly Bish.  A suspect for one case became a suspect for two.

Holly was just ten years old when she disappeared from a visit to her grandmother in nearby Sturbridge on 5th August, 1993.  Her remains were found not far away, two month’s later.  No one was ever charged.  It became a cold case.

In January, 2009, a suspect surfaced, Rodney Stanger; recently convicted for murdering his de-facto partner in Florida. He had been a longtime resident of the Massachusetts area at the time when both girls were killed.  He left the year after Molly was killed.

Neighbors relate that he was an outdoors-man who was known to hunt in the area where both girl’s bodies were found; that he also fished in Comins Pond; that he had access to his brother’s car, which was same type that Magi had seen the day before Molly disappeared plus he also matched the identikit of the driver of that car.

People leaned forward in anticipation, but no charge was laid. Was it because he was safely behind bars? Had he killed these young girls as well? We are told that he had hinted as much.

The Piiairnen and Bish’s families hopes had been raised before. With just my simple research, I have six suspects, who have come and gone in investigations so I am sure there have been many other suspects over the intervening years.

We can undertake a forensic astrology enquiry on both of these cases, to see if the heavens will share with us the information we need; whether any of the suspects we have are possibly connected to either crime; a perpetrator for one or both of these murders.

Please note that astrology is a pseudo science, is not accepted in a court of law and can only be considered as suggestion and opinion.

If we start with Molly Bish, when we look at a map of where Molly was abducted and follow the route to where her remains were found, we can see that the abduction had to have been brazen as it back-tracks through the town of Warren before heading west to the woods on Whiskey Hill.  The hunter took his prey back to familiar territory; his lair.

  • Did the murderer equate abducting and killing Molly Bish with ‘hunting’?
  • Who was familiar with the area or the sporting club nearby?

We can at the least draw up a locator angle, which may assist in our enquiry, once we narrow down our list of suspects. We already have Rodney Stanger in mind and can add his brother Randy to the mix, both with histories of violence and heavy drug abuse and both lived in the area.  Randy Stanger had been released from jail exactly two weeks before Molly’s abduction.

Then there is John Regan.  Police didn’t have him on their books in 2000, however he was considered a suspect following his arrest in 2005 for attempted abduction of a teenage girl.  DNA also connected him to a 1993 sexual offence, which had remained unsolved.  He pleaded guilty to both crimes.

Convicted child rapist Gerald Battistoni attempted suicide when his name came up as a possible suspect in these two cases.  He certainly fitted the description of the man seen loitering at Comins Pond on the day before Molly Bish disappeared.

Next on the list is Robert Burno who was arrested in 2007 for attempted abduction of a woman. He was a local and also fitted the identikit image.

Last on my list, but not least by any means, is David Pouliot, another local with a criminal record, albeit not a sex crime.  Here was another moustached, smoker with combed back hair.  He fitted the identikit.  A heavy user of cocaine, Pouliot died just two months after Molly was found in 2003.

From what I’ve read in my research, there has been a lot of emphasis placed on an identikit image of a man seen smoking while sitting in a white car at Comins Pond the morning before Molly’s abduction; not the day of her abduction, the day before, on Monday morning.  Did he come back the second day?

With forensic astrology, we have no identikit images to influence us; no privileged or under-privileged family history to consider or even preconceived notions of who might have, or might not have abducted and murdered Molly Bish. We take the heaven’s input for what it is; planetary positions indicating tension between snapshots in time.

The method of creating a bi-wheel gives us the inner wheel as the event we view through.  In this case 10am at Comins Pond on the morning of Molly Bish’s disappearance and the outer wheel our persons of interest.

Molly-trio#2click on image for full size

Taking the latest three suspects as our task, the first cab off the rank is David Pouliot.  There is a lot of action in this bi-wheel; a stellium of planets in both charts mirroring each other.

  • Pouliot has midpoints of interest Uranus=Mercury-Lunar nodal axis of the event, which indicates his connection with the publicity of the event of Molly’s abduction and murder.
  • Transiting Moon is in opposition to his natal Saturn-Mars.  The forensic indicators of the event are not in tension with any of his natal planets.

The second bi-wheel is Randy Stanger whose birth date is just two months after David Pouliot. He has escaped the stellium, however there are other points of interest.

  • Transiting Moon is in opposition to his natal Saturn.  This is the same tension as in the previous bi-wheel.  The forensic indicators of the event are again lacking tension with any of his natal planets.
  • Transiting Mercury (child indicator in forensic astrology) is exact his Lunar nodal axis.  He would be seriously considered by LE as a suspect in this case.

Rodney Stanger is the third bi-wheel in this group. This man is in jail for the 2009 murder of his de-facto partner of 25 years and not likely to see the light of day again. Before his de-facto was murdered, she hinted that Rodney Stanger may have been connected to the murder of these two girls.

  • The Moon of the event is square to his natal Moon, however as we are not privy to his birth time this tension cannot be taken too seriously.
  • Transiting Uranus is opposite natal Mars. On its own this is not enough to connect this man to the abduction of Molly Bish.

Molly-trio#1We now have a couple of moustached males who fit the identikit.  Firstly Gerald Battistoni.  His natal chart (outer wheel) has South node conjunct Saturn.  It is likely that he will meet his fate in jail.

  • Transiting Moon intersects a natal Mars-Neptune opposition.  We know that this man raped a thirteen year-old girl, daughter of his female partner.  It would appear that he is a voyeur as well.
  • Lunar nodal axis (publicity of the event) is conjunct his natal Venus. He might fantasize about a relationship, but not necessarily act upon it.
  • Ascendant=(natal) Uranus-Pluto.

When I saw this aspect, I checked the previous day’s tension aspects, which indicate that this man could indeed be the person in the identikit, which might explain his attempted suicide when he found he was linked to the abduction.  That however is all subjective.

Another moustache and combed back hair suspect, Robert Burno became a person of interest in the Molly Bish case when 2007 came round.

  • Natal South node conjunct Pluto as part of the mix intersected by transiting Uranus. Is there a thrill factor involved here?
  • Transiting Mercury (child indicator) square Neptune.  That again is more likely the fantasy element, rather than the crime.

As you would expect, I have saved the best for last. John Regan is the heaven’s pick of this nasty lot.  Whether he looks like the man in the identikit, I have no idea – probably not.  Did he drive a white car? No.  He drove a van.

This third bi-wheel of the second group shouts loud and clear.  As I am want to say, always look to the angles first as they take precedence over all planetary tension.  It is all about the timing…

  • Natal Pluto conjunct the Ascendant-descendant axis.  The timing is precise.
  • Natal Lunar nodal axis conjunct MC-IC axis and intersected by Saturn-Jupiter conjunction of the event.
  • Transit Neptune (turquoise) square the natal child indicator Mercury (yellow)

For those familiar with my blog, I don’t need to give the interpretation of these tension aspects.  They speak for themselves.  All forensic indicators are present in both charts.

The heaven’s indicate that this man is responsible for the abduction and murder of Molly Bish.  I will include two maps to support this suggestion.

MAP-Bish-ReganThe first map (click on image for full size) is a line connecting the two places of interest; Comins Pond and the place where Molly’s remains were found.

I have followed the cartographer’s lead and flipped the bi-wheel of John Regan and centred it over the place of her remains.

The red line intersects the bi-wheel highlighted in green – John Regan’s natal planet and male indicator, Mars is on the red line.  Is John Regan indicating the place where he abducted Molly?

MAPMolly-ReganThe second map is a line connecting the home of John Regan to Comins Pond.

When we superimpose the same bi-wheel over this map at Comins Pond, the red line intersects the bi-wheel highlighted in yellow the planet Mercury of the event.

The child is the indicator this time exactly on the red line.  Is Molly pointing to the home of John Regan?

Molly_Age_2The clock would appear to be indicating yes to both questions.

Let’s hope the Worcester district attorney has him in their sights as well.

What we need to ask now is, did John Regan also abduct and murder Holly?

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  1. Regan fits the identikit more than Stanger in my opinion. Another interesting case MM, thanks.

  2. Pls pass this message on to mountainmisst, you were asking on another blog for April Jones birth data, it is April 4 2007, rgds


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