a federal offence

So who’s  going to win the next federal election?

australia_parliamentThere is a branch of astrology totally devoted to politics and elections; and there have been some high profile politicians devoted to astrology in the past; perhaps not so much in Australia, but they’re getting savvy.

Among a nation of punters, picking the winner of the federal election is fair game, so as Australia is heading towards a federal election in September 2013, we may as well have a go ourselves.

As we reach for the stars, we can expect to be bombarded with rhetoric and opinion for months ahead; in fact ‘fairy’ dust is about to descend upon the nation.

I have no intention of discussing party-politics; am not a member of any party, never have been and wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation on the subject let alone start writing about the subject with any authority.

What we can contribute is a heavenly appraisal of the situation before us in 2013, but firstly I wish to share through the lens of hindsight, what the fates had to do with the last federal election – 21st August, 2010.

728651-leaders-debateThe leaders of both parties,  Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott have their birth data on the public record – regrettably without the time of their birth, however as both were born in the UK, I was able to rectify their birth times to within a close range (needed for Moon placement).

Ms Gillard was born in Wales to British parents; the family relocated to Australia when she was five years of age; Mr Abbott was born in London, to Australian parents.

When the forthcoming date of the election was announced as being Saturday 21st August 2010, I generated charts and bi-wheels and was able to determine a general idea of what was ahead and the most likely outcome, however the timing appeared to be out by a couple of weeks.

I kept expecting the election date to be changed and then when it wasn’t, I had to wait to see why my calculations appeared to be ‘off’.

We now know that there was an impasse after the votes were counted; a deadlock, without one side or the other having enough votes to make ruling the nation a working proposition.

Over the next couple of weeks following the final count, wheeling and dealing was done behind the scenes and even in front of the cameras on occasions, with both Labor and The Coalition party leaders courting the vote of Independent MPs, until on September 7, 2010 at 4:15pm Julia Gillard announced to the media that she had the support she needed to carry the vote; she had the numbers.

How the cards had fallen was that Independent MP Bob Katter declared his support for the Liberal/National Coalition on confidence and supply and MPs Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott declared their support for the Labor party. Julia Gillard therefore, had the majority support.

As an astrologer, I was delighted by the fact that I had event times of interest; I could cast some horoscopes.  Here is the earthly detail for the heaven’s calculations:

  • Julia Eileen Gillard born 29 September 1961, Barry, Wales, UK.
  • Event#1 Federal election – voting closed 6pm (locally) Saturday, August 21, 2010
  • Event#2 Media announcement – 4:15pm AEST (Canberra, A.C.T.) Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bi-wheels have been generated (method) and as is my want to do, I share only the tension aspects; the hard hats, rather than the bonnets and baseball caps of sextiles and trines.

On this occasion, I choose to share only the charts of Ms Gillard and the events, as my story is about the result of the election rather than the election process. Mr Abbott’s chart can be addressed in relation to the upcoming 2013 election in another post.

It is said that a week is a long time in politics; how about – two weeks and a few days? 

This is how the fates dealt the two hands:

Aussie-chartFirstly, the nation’s input. Australia became a country in its own right on 1st January, 1901;  we can create an event horoscope for the nation of Australia, a charter of its own.

Classic astrology tells us that a nation’s people are represented in such a chart by the Moon, whereas the Sun is the nature of the country as a whole.

  • The national chart of Australia reveals  the Moon (blue) in the first house; the personality. Well we are uniquely, Australian and with Taurus being the zodiac sign of the Moon – owning our own homes has been a burning ambition.  The push for a republic is revealed here as well.
  • A 29 degree Aries ascendant (red) means that the ruler of Aries, the planet Mars, is the energy and driving force.  Are Aussies go-getters or just plain pushy?
  • Mars (green) in the 5th house; fun loving and sporty.
  •  Sun (orange) in the ninth house – we are a sporting nation on the international stage.
  • The heavy duty tension between the 2nd house and the 8th house planets relates  to our primary resources being our wealth; the exploitation in our early years and the mining boom of recent years.

That’s just the basics, however we’re not living in 1901;  we can take a snapshot of what might be in the air at a future time by progressing the chart forward.  The method I prefer to use is called Solar Arc progression, which is basically ‘retain the same position of the planets’ but move them forward by one degree for every year.  This way the basic planetary interactions remain the same however the arena changes as we grow;  we retain our nature and continue with nurture…

Leaping forward to 2010, we calculate that it’s 109 years (degrees) eight months plus (minutes), but we don’t need to do the math – the computer generates it for us. Generating a bi-wheel (method) gives a feel of what’s in the air… our gallop poll from the heavens.

click on charts for full size

Aust-SA-2010electionChart 1: A bi-wheel of the nation of Australia from the perspective of the nation’s birth as the inner wheel (January 1901) and the outer wheel is that same chart progressed to August 2010.

  • Progressed Sun is exactly conjunct the ascendant at 29 degrees Aries.  The beginning of a new era for the nation.
  • Progressed Moon (the nation’s people) has moved forward to now conjunct Australia’s Mars.  The people’s vote will be emotive and create a change (cut ties with patriarchy dominance perhaps).
  • Progressed Moon (the nation’s people) square Venus. The people’s vote is for a female leader.

Laying interpretation aside, the bi-wheel certainly indicates an important election in the country’s horoscope with the Sun crossing the threshold.

Narrowing our focus now to an individual within the nation, we create a horoscope of the event of the 2010 election as well as the natal chart for the recently nominated leader of the Labor party, Julia Gillard.  Up until this date she had not yet been elected in her own right by the people, but by the caucus of her party.  She had to win the people’s vote at a federal election.

Event-2010GillardChart 2:  This is an astrology bi-wheel from the perspective of the closing of the polls at 6pm, 21st August 2010.  The inner wheel is a freeze frame of the heavens positions at that time and the outer wheel is the natal chart of Julia Gillard.

  • The ascendant (closing of the polls) is conjunct Natal midheaven (Gillard’s cusp of the 10th house, her career) This is the high point of her career.
  • Transiting Mercury, the planet of communication (yellow) is square her Natal Moon (blue) she has the voice of the people.
  • Transiting (orange) Sun (the date of the election) is conjunct Julia Gillard’s Lunar nodal axis and her natal Uranus (red).  The date brings her to the highly public  position of prime ministerhowever the planets are in the 12th house – 6th house position.  (12th house is still in the mind, a dream and the 6th house means that work is yet to be done)…
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) is in this mix between the public position and the dateThis is where I saw the fly in the ointment, why the date appeared to be incorrect…  Neptune represents all that is hidden or even subterfuge and in Aquarius indicates it has to do with the ballot.

This brings us to the third chart a couple of weeks later.

Event-2010+GillardChart 3:  A bi-wheel from the perspective of the announcement two weeks later 4:15pm 7th September, 2010 reveals a different story.

  • Immediately we see that the ascendant  (red) is exactly conjunct Julia Gillard’s Lunar nodal axis and Neptune (turquoise) has also crossed the ascendant.
  • The planets are now in the 1st house – 7th house position. (1st house is personal-ego relationship and the 7th house personal-public relationships).

Her relationship as the Prime Minister can begin with the public.

  • The all-important highlighted blue in the inner wheel Moon (exact at that time and on that date) in the heavens has also moved into exact alignment between Gillard’s Lunar nodal axis.  Do I need to interpret?  I think not.  You get my drift.
  • Transit Mercury highlighted yellow (the voice of the people) is exact conjunct her natal Venus (pink).  As a woman she is accepted as leader.
  • Transit Saturn is red (Father Time and the voice of authority) and conjunct her natal Sun (orange).  She is given the mantle of authority.  It is her time.
  • Transit Venus (pink) in the inner wheel is exact conjunct natal Mars (red) in the outer wheel.  The female vote has given her the power to act. (Well I am a woman so what would you expect me to write here).

australia-coat-of-armsOn 30 January 2013, at a speech at the National Press Club, Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the next federal election would be held on Saturday 14 September 2013.

PM Gillard has not yet formally advised the Governor-General, but she says that this would be done in time for the writs of election to be issued on 12 August 2013; it therefore remains possible the date could change.

Who might be standing?  Who might be sitting?  I reckon we can make a federal case of it in Pt.2 – the polling booth.

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11 thoughts on “a federal offence”

  1. There might be a wild card to add to the cauldron MM.
    A United Australia Party led by mining magnate Clive Palmer is emerging as we speak. Interesting times…..

  2. Yes QCL, Clive Palmer has to go into the deck.

    The fairy dust has already started as we lead up to the budget announcement. Enthusiasm is lacking at the helm. Astrologers could have forecast this, as Saturn follows closely behind the Sun in the nation’s chart – two degrees and 20″ to be precise.
    When we translate that into clock time, Father Time accompanied the herald at the New Year 2013. Australia as a nation is now in the house of domestic commitments; money will be tight until the end of 2014. Pay your bills.
    This is a cooling period to regenerate, reassess where we’re at and plan for the next phase. We’ll see our borders being tightened as well as our belts.

  3. For the 1st time in Australian federal election history, Sportsbet has declared the federal election a 1 horse race and payed out on all bets this morning, 9 days out from voting day. The coalition @1.03 to claim government and Labor @11.50 which is the highest price since betting markets opened after the 2010 election. 2 electorates are too close to call – Lyon in Tas and Lingiari in NT. The coalition is favoured to win 90 electorates and labor 56. Katter 1 win in Kennedy QLD and Independents 1 win in Dennison Tas.

  4. Ozmo, re TA and KR charts:

    As they are born just 5 weeks apart their charts have much in common.
    As neither person is in a marginal seat, we can expect that both will win the majority of the vote in their divisions.
    As individual candidates, neither chart appears to need to include preferences in the outcome of their division.

    re ALP v LIB:

    If the LIBs were to be announced clear winners, I would expect TA’s chart to be lit up like a Christmas tree, but it’s not.
    If ALP were to be clear winners, I would expect the 10th house (career) for KR to show some action, but it doesn’t.

    I’m not sitting on the fence or taking a bet each way – these two men are. This is a PR exercise between them – it’s far too personal.

  5. Could it be as simple as the people paid out now have money to re-bet? I’m not a gambler but human psyche would indicate the temptation to use winnings to bet further is strong. It’s all a numbers game. By the way, we still think Kevin 747 will attend the G20.


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