The silence of lunacy. pt.2

Did Antolin Garcia-Torres aka Antolin Garcia utilize a Tazer stun gun in his alleged abduction of Sierra LaMar?

If it is determined that Garcia is the person responsible for the attacks on the women in the Safeway carpark in March 2009, then it is highly likely that he did use a Tazer in this attack as well.  He may not have needed to entice Sierra into his car, and attacked her as she left her driveway, or on the way to the bus stop.

sierralamarIt is not quite light at 7:11am; no-one was around.  Sunrise was not until 7:19am that day.  Sierra was a slightly built fifteen year-old and no match for his bulk. It could have taken just seconds to stun her and bundle her into his car.

Police suggest that Sierra’s abduction was random, a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time; either way, she was taken from this realm and into the next; murdered.

Part 1 of this madness explored a suggested psychological profile of Antolin Garcia in an effort to create a backdrop to this event of 16th March 2012.

We know that we are going to need to draw up maps straight away to get a picture of events.

  1. Address of POI
  2. Address of victim
  3. Recovery site of Sierra’s quickly discarded mobile phone.
  4. Recovery of Sierra’s back-pack containing her undergarments.

There is no argument as to Antolin Garcia being in the area at the time.  According to a transcript of an interview with his mother Laura Torres:

He passed the place- the- the- the girl disappear- because he has the day off, other day and he say that he left his wife at the mother’s house and then he went back to go fishing…

Opening our forensic astrology toolkit, we advise yet again, that astrology is a pseudo science; is not accepted in a court of law and is suggestion only.

The first bi-wheel we create (method) is from the perspective of the event being 7:11am at the time Sierra sent the last text. We select this as our event time as we have been advised that her scent did not extend beyond her driveway according to sniffer dogs; that she did not even reach the bus stop.

Note: The inner wheel is the timed event and the outer wheel is the natal chart, a snapshot of time; the birth of Sierra LaMar.  The Moon in the inner wheel is precise, whereas the outer wheel’s Moon can vary somewhat for we do not know the exact time of Sierra’s birth.

Immediately we reveal the ominous 22 degree ascendant; mortal peril and the Sun of the event (sunrise position as indicated above and therefore at the ascendant) in the inner wheel is exact square to the MC/IC axis.  Angles are all-important in forensic astrology and take precedence to all aspects.  It is as if the cogs in the wheel clicked into place.  Now is the time and this is the place.

The IC is the lowest point in the chart and the MC is the high point.  For the victim, it is the lowest point and for the perpetrator of a crime, a highlight and also if they are caught, their demise.

LEvent-Sierra300Classic forensic astrology tells us that the ruler of the twelfth house in the first house, indicates a likely abduction.

Aquarius is at the cusp of the 12th house and the ruling planet Uranus is located in the 1st house of this bi-wheel, conjunct the child indicator (yellow) Mercury.

We can suggest an abduction of a child has taken place.  The forensic indicators highlighted in red are all present. We have a sad journey in front of us.

  • Transiting Saturn, or Father Time as he is sometimes called reaps his harvest (at 2 o’clock) conjunct to natal Sun (orange).  He will extinguish Sierra’s light this day; her time has come.
  • Transiting Saturn in the inner wheel is also square to midpoint Uranus-Neptune and natal Moon (blue).  Did this desire for a change of direction, distract that morning? Did she take a different route to the bus stop?
  • Moon-Pluto conjunction in the heavens (red) gives us a hint as to how people process feelings. On this day the combination of Pluto-Moon is conjunct her natal Jupiter and we know that Jupiter inflates what it touches. Her emotions are running high this morning. Did the text message sent to her friend indicate this?
  • Transit Neptune (turquoise) is square natal Pluto (power-powerlessness) indicating a place where angels fear to tread; the realm of evil.  The loss of a life is the ultimate loss.
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) in Aries conjuncts Sierra LaMar’s Lunar nodal axis; the traumatic and public event of her abduction and murder. Mercury most often is the child indicator in forensic astrology; a child is caught in the middle of the traumatic event.

Those are the tension aspects in this bi-wheel, there can always be more astrological symbolism to uncover, however we have locator angles present and so we move on to the alleged perpetrator of this abduction and murder.


  • On 16 March2012 at 7:11am, natal Mars is at the IC, the lowest point in the chart, square to the rising Sun in the heavens and opposite to the MC, the highest point.

We can suggest that this moment in time is the nadir of this young man’s lifeIt will be his undoing.  That’s not hard to predict you might say, however it is a specific point in time and will never be duplicated in his lifetime.

  • The planet Pluto in the heavens is at 9 degrees Capricorn exactly square to Antolin Garcia’s natal Sun-Moon opposition (orange).  Astrologer Noel Tyl refers to this alignment as ‘a blanket over a hand-grenade’. Something is about to explode.
  • We note that the Moon has transited to highlight Pluto yet again. (see Part 1: 19th March 2009 event for a similar alignment).

This time though, transiting Venus is not coming between his natal Sun and Moon.  There is a different tension in the mix; the child indicator Mercury.  Instead of a woman, this time it is a child as his focus.

  • Transiting Mercury at 5 degrees Aries, stands between his natal Sun-Moon opposition (the full-moon).  His mania has the child in its clutches.
  • The Moon in the heavens also transits to conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) with Uranus on his tail bringing sudden changes to the mix. Déjà vu; a time for deception again.
  • Sun of the event (the exact day) is square natal Mars pressing him to take action. Today is the day.
  • Transiting Saturn is exact opposite to natal Mercury (the child indicator). The grim reaper holds the mirror up to his childhood pain.


We create locator angles by tension aspects between planets at a given time.  Immediately a locator angle in common with these two bi-wheels is apparent.

Sierra LaMar’s natal Sun (orange outer wheel) intersects with Saturn of the event (the death) in the inner wheel and if we then refer to the second bi-wheel, we see that the natal Mercury (child indicator) planet of Antolin Garcia is also on the red line.

Due to my using angles rather than latitudes and longitudes, my angles cannot be precise, however locator angles are accurate to within metres and yards rather than kilometres and miles and so we now turn to our maps and approach a close proximity of where Sierra’s remains might be located.

MAP#5-webMAP#1 reveals the points as determined by information we have to hand.

click on image for full size

  • A: Home address for Antolin Garcia
  • B: Home address for Sierra LaMar
  • C: recovered cell-phone
  • D: recovered backpack

The locator angle has been determined by a method as explained here.  We flip a bi-wheel and centre it over the point of disappearance and then follow the red line.

We need to rustle up SAR; search and rescue or search and recovery, whichever is appropriate. Commencing at the site of disappearance, we extend along the line, checking locations as we go.

MAP-Sierra-onlineMAP#2 This is the same map with the bi-wheel superimposed.  On the lower right hand corner I have highlighted a particular area which then leads us to another map – a close up of a place, which I nominate worthy of a search.

I have nominated the Institute Golf Course cnr Maple and Foothill Ave, San Martin as my red locator line intersects this property.  This venue warrants a closer search by those on the ground; SAR and K9’s if possible.

MAP-golfcourseMAP#3 close up of the highlighted area indicating the red line locator angle.

A: The Institution Golf Course is within the Hill Country Golf and Country Club, corner of Maple and Foothill Avenues, San Martin, Santa Clara County, California.

Can we break the silence of this lunacy?

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2 thoughts on “The silence of lunacy. pt.2”

  1. I so wish I was there – I’d go search it myself. Thanks MM, you’re wonderful to take so much time and effort for our poor Sierra.

  2. The problem with the “Institute Golf Course”, from my research is that it’s a highly exclusive club owned by the prominent and wealthy “John Fry” in the area. From reading, it seems this golf course is so private that many have never played on it and you can barely obtain pictures online of the inside and driving up to the outside is even hard to get a glimpse of the inside. You ARE the 2nd forensic astrologer who has hit on this site in the last 3 years though which sparks my curiosity. I’m “assuming” that one needs some type of member access to get into the course, this is not something I believe AGT would be involved in “based on age, profile, and lifestyle”, I dought he has access to this place. So I do not think Sierra could be within the walls of this, what ive read to be MASSIVE course, but somewhere around it or on the out skirts sure… I don’t understand why no one has searched this area yet anyway…?


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