The silence of lunacy, pt.1

moonwaterThe Moon seems to drive some people crazy; full moons in particular.  The argument swings between for and against; that high tides equate with high periods of emotion or they don’t have any effect at all.

Some would have us believe that because our bodies are between 70-80% water that indicates that our ‘waters’ rise and fall similarly to the ocean’s tides (water equating with emotions).

Emergency room staff, police forces and proprietors of ‘loony bins’ have their opinion, however that’s not what I’m reasoning here today. We have a forensic astrology enquiry into a person of interest, who just happens to have been born at the time of a full moon.

Our story begins in 2009, however let me set a rather unpleasant scene of the family background.

  • Suffice to say that Garcia Fernandez was found guilty in September 2012 of sexually molesting his daughter when she was a child, including repeatedly raping her starting when she was just 5 years old; the years of her suffering were 1990 to 2004.

But this is not a story about Garcia Fernandez.  In March 1991 Garcia’s wife, Laura Torres gave birth to her second son, Antolin Garcia-Torres (aka Antolin Garcia) on the day of the full moon.

Note: As to whether Garcia Fernandez’ sexual appetite extended to his sons, we do not know.

By March 2009 almost eighteen years after his birth, this teenage boy, Antolin was living with his mother in Santa Clara County, California; at school and working at a nearby Safeway.

Before we take a hop skip and a jump up Highway 101 to a date with fate in Morgan Hill, I think we need to unpack our forensic astrology toolkit. Please note that the results of a forensic astrology enquiry are not recognized in a court of law; we can only make suggestions and ask questions.  Astrology is a pseudo science.

  • On March 19, 2009 there were two attacks on women in their cars in the local Dunne Ave, Safeway carpark. One involved a Tazer stun gun.  Both women managed to get away from their attacker.
  • On March 26, 2009 another attack on a woman in the Tenant Ave, Safeway carpark.  This woman also eluded her attacker.

Note: No-one was charged with either of these three attacks, then or since.  Apparently Antolin Garcia is now under suspicion for one of the attacks, or so I am led to believe.

When we look at the charts, these women were certainly in peril from their attacker.  He wasn’t practicing for a future event; this person of interest was deadly serious.Garcia-duoevents

If we are to create bi-wheels (methodology) of these events together with the natal chart of Antolin Garcia, a person of interest to us, despite not knowing the precise timing of the events, we can note the planetary tensions.

This male is no March Hare. He is a vicious predator in his own right.

When we look at the first bi-wheel 19th March, 2009, considering this man is a random attacker/opportunist (two different women on the same day), the forensic planetary indicators may not be leaping off the page, but there is a deep underlying indicator present.  This is all hidden in the psyche of this teenager.

We know that the POI was born on a full moon, so we can expect the Sun and Moon to feature strongly in any manic behaviour, but the Moon goes around the zodiac every month, so it cannot be the Moon alone.  So what combination of planets is transiting that pulls the  trigger of this event?

  • In the heavens at this point in time on 19th March, 2009, highlighted in blue in the inner wheel, is the Moon-Pluto conjunction square to transiting planet Venus (pink).  We have an FA key.

For those familiar with this blog, you will know that the Moon is the primary motivator of our needs and that it is also an indicator for the maternal nurturer in our early lives.

Reacting to the Pluto-Moon conjunction gives us a hint as to how this man processes feelings and also, about his relationship with his primary nurturer; his mother. Pluto aspects also give us a good idea of the kinds of trauma a person has experienced in their childhood – physical or psychological; abandonment or inappropriate child/parent boundaries.

The transiting Venus-Moon square complicates the picture under tension, suggesting the message a child receives in order to get love, is to sacrifice their emotional needs…  For a child born under a full moon?  This is a red rag to a bull.  The idea of stifled emotions is in danger of building to rage.

  • Transit Venus is also exact conjunct his natal Sun (colour orange in the outer wheel) and therefore in opposition to his natal Moon (blue) – in order to get love, you have to sacrifice your emotional needs.  Rage builds.
  • Transit Sun (the actual date) in the inner wheel is square to his natal Mars (red) in the outer wheel… the rage erupts (Mars) in a carpark at Safeway.

26th March, 2009 the second attack in a Safeway carpark, reveals the Moon has transited to conjunct the transiting Sun and Venus in the heavens.  We have a conjunction of Sun-Moon-Venus in the sky.

  • Sun-Moon-Venus conjunct his natal Sun (all highlighted orange at the top of the chart) opposite his natal Moon (blue).  We have this person’s particular mania combination revealed again. Today is the day!
  • The Lunar nodal axis is nudging his planet Saturn (red) and Jupiter is also quindecile Jupiter, igniting the event even more.

We now have a profile of a POI’s behaviour; violent behaviour, which is likely to escalate without intervention.

29th May, 2009 Antolin Garcia-Torres had an altercation with police at his mother’s home.  A DNA sample was taken.

16th June 2010 he was arrested for battery of his mother’s tenant; with a second unrelated charge of sexual intercourse with a minor. He had taken a young girl (under 18) into his bed the previous year (prior to October 2009).  She gave birth to a child in 2010.  He was not entered into a SOR.

Back on the streets, life continues until the fated morning in March 2012 when a fifteen year-old girl who has an Andy Warhol poster of Marilyn Monroe on her bedroom wall, heads out the door to go to school. It’s Friday.

sierralamar16th March 2012 7:11am, Sierra LaMar is at home in Morgan Hill.  She sends a text to a friend; nothing untoward has happened.  She was due to catch the 7:15am bus to travel to high school.

She didn’t catch that bus; she didn’t get to school that Friday in March, 2012.  In fact she was never seen again.

The following day her mobile cell-phone was recovered nearby and by Sunday her backpack containing personal clothing, was recovered as well. Dogs couldn’t help as a vehicle had been used in what was now determined as, an abduction.

When we look back to this event, did Sierra miss the bus, or had she already been abducted by 7:15am?

A random abduction is the hardest to solve, however good forensics led to a DNA match by 28th March and Antolin Garcia was interviewed, his car swabbed and he was marked for 24hr surveillance.

It took nearly two months until Antolin Garcia was arrested on 22nd May, 2012; arrested for the abduction and murder of Sierra LaMar.  

During those two months he led law enforcement on a merry chase; was aware of the tracking device on his and his mother’s cars.  He did not lead anyone to the place where Sierra’s body might be found and he has refused to cooperate since.  The search for her body continues today.

We have the birth data and map locations of residential addresses together with the location of where Sierra’s cell-phone and backpack were recovered.

The next step for a forensic astrologer is to undertake an enquiry of the crime and the perpetrator, together with the planetary tension in the charts and a map of the land.

Most important of all in this, we need to listen to a young girl’s voice from the heavens.

lunaticWe make an effort to locate what this lunatic won’t reveal.   Bear with me, we have a rocky road ahead.

Continues with Part 2…

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4 thoughts on “The silence of lunacy, pt.1”

  1. Thanks for profiling him – it always helps me to see the real person. I await part 2 with bated breath or the suspense is killing me!

  2. Both fathers apparently, RB.
    You’ve got me thinking about the ‘sins of the fathers’… I wonder if this is the Christian equivalent of ‘karma’? When I look at these two birth charts there appear to be parallels, which I would interpret as a karmic connection. Quite bizarre

    I’ll follow through the exercise on the working page –


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