Venus + Moon = Prince

I had a rather unusual request, not long ago.  A rather well dressed, professional young woman sat before me.  I leaned back in my chair and listened as her tale unfolded.

boatmoonwomanShe was absolutely besotted; was in love with a man with whom she had worked for some years; a man who didn’t appear to even notice that she existed, no matter what she tried.

Recently she’d heard that he had become engaged and as a consequence was absolutely devastated.

She was even considering tossing in her job and wanted to know if there was any hope for her with this man, if I could help.

I gently explained that predictive astrology wasn’t my area of expertise; I was a forensic astrologer and dealt with crime, not matters of the heart.

The tears were welling up in her eyes.  What was I to do, pass the tissues?

I utilised my psychologist’s toolkit, sat forward and spoke very directly, “If I hear you correctly, you are coming to me, a forensic astrologer, because you want to commit a crime; you want to steal someone’s fiancee.  Am I correct?”

She was flummoxed, but not for long with ‘if onlys’ and ‘buts’ tumbling from her lips. I waited silently, not flinching an inch until she settled into the energy and finally gave me the reply I was waiting for.

“If you put it that way, then, yes I am. I want to know how to steal this man.”

I smiled and told her that preventing crime, or solving it was more up my alley. The moral high-ground had won over my need to pay a few bills.  I extricated myself from the consultation without judgement and showed her the door thinking, well that’s that…

The young woman had left her birth data on the desk and as I was at a loose end, I picked up the slip of paper, turned to the computer and the rest of the day unfolded.

Our young lady’s natal chart together with a progressed chart to her current age indicated marriage on the immediate horizon;  my interest had been piqued.

I was curious enough to follow this up; make enquiries of my own in order to find the man’s birth data, which sure enough revealed it highly likely that this young woman would land her man. How did we know?

wedding ringsI had been able to rectify her chart to an accurate time of birth, which then gave me the detail I needed.

Marriage is a seventh house matter and relates to the marriage partner.

Now if she was looking to have a fling, I would be reading the fifth house, but our young woman was serious about this man; serious indeed.

From the degree of the zodiac at the cusp of the seventh house, together with the position of the planetary ruler of the 7th house; the planets within the 7th house and their soft aspects, I was able to give a rough physical description of this man and what line of work he was in.  I checked; it fitted.

I stood firm in my resolve not to interfere.  The heavens obviously had everything under control, I need do nothing, but how was she going to pull it off?  Could I solve the crime before it was committed?

When we are dealing with matters of the heart, we need to refer to the feminine – the planet Venus and the Moon.  Where they are positioned in a man’s natal chart, reveals the type of woman who appeals to him.

His Venus describes her looks; her physical appearance and his Moon, her personality.

This man’s natal chart revealed that he had Venus in Leo, so he would prefer his ladies to be regal, glamorous and attractive.  Such a man would want to draw attention to himself and with a Leonine ‘looker’ on his arm, he would stand flattered and proud.  You can almost hear him ‘roar’.

Her mane would be very important.  The volume of hair was good, but that mousey colour just would not do; our girl needed gold or blonde highlights.   Oh and wear lots of gold jewellery and choose your colours wisely and keep a sunny smile; don’t be haughty.  All of this and more, I would have advised her, had the situation been different.

His Moon meanwhile was in Virgo, which reveals a very different man in the home. His ideal woman wouldn’t have servants to keep her home in perfect order.  Her personality would need to project this image for him to be interested.

Virgo is a sensible, practical and logical sign. Their approach to most matters in life is careful and analytical. Ruled by Mercury they are interested in many things and the subjects that attract most interest will receive the most diligent attention.  As well as being a thinker, they are also doers. They willingly make emotional sacrifices for those who are less fortunate having an innate need to help others to help themselves.

When I think of it, you know I think she could actually pull this off!

With this combination of Venus and Moon attributes, our young lady would need to manouvre a social situation where they could converse uninterrupted on a private level for her to reveal her personality.  It might require a little acting, but that’s not a crime.  Oh, if only the situation were different.

Looks and flirtatious glances weren’t enough to catch this man. His match needed to appear regal, yet impress him with those Virgoan ideals of practicality.

To sell that package, this young woman would need to have a conversation within the man’s interests.  Not a conversation of a regal person discussing the practicality of ruling her subjects, or the management of the royal purse.

Our princess royal would need to stress the importance of a woman being able to keep a neat and tidy home; the practical wife and above all, not be lazy.  She might also indicate that she were willing to continue her career as well. That would be the practical approach.

Don’t forget to add that all important bit to feed his Venusian ideal – a wife’s role would be ever so practical and humble behind the scenes, yet ready to glam up for her man when they went out.  Be sure to tell him that m’dear.

The clock ticked and the heavens arranged for opportunity to knock at her door. I have heard, she took that opportunity with both hands and went for it, the crime was committed and they were married just three months later. Wow, that was quick.  What was her rising sign?

It had to have been Aquarius, what with Uranus (the planet of sudden changes) residing in her seventh house.  Uranus is the ruling planet for Aquarius and her 7th house partner made a sudden change in her favour. The heavens always get their way.

So dear reader, if you want to win your prince over, don’t wait until someone else is on his lily-pad.  Find out his date of birth and with a little bit of help you can discover where his Venus is placed and also his Moon.  From there you can leap frog into the future, together.

frog-princeBut then there are always the frogs, who are not man enough to take that leap into the future; what is a girl to do?

You toss them back in the lily pond, girls.  Plenty more where they came from.

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Mountain Misst

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8 thoughts on “Venus + Moon = Prince”

  1. Plenty of toads under the lily pads!
    Don’t be deceived by kissing a toad they don’t automatically turn into a handsome prince!
    Well done mm..I hope it works for the princess in distress !

  2. I love a good read MMisst, and you always provide it. Looking forward to your next instalment.

  3. I loved this story. I always felt that life deals us what we need and there is nothing we can do to change our fate in this matter. We often go through life wanting something and when we don’t get it, we go on and something even better comes along and we forget about why we had such angst over something that was not meant to be.


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