How can a family of four just disappear? Pt.2

interstate15… continued from Pt.1

If my idea was to head to Mexico from my home in Fallbrook, I’d roll on down the Interstate 15, not take the underpass and head for the Old Bonsall Bridge.  That is unless I was summoned to meet up with someone in the vicinity; someone who would like the world to believe that I’d done a runner and fled across the border.

Part One of our forensic enquiry explored a mobile phone-call made at 8:28pm on 4th February, 2010 by Joseph McStay.  As his mobile phone relayed from the cell-tower beside the Old Bonsall Bridge, Joseph was endeavouring to contact  Chase Merritt, his employee.  The call lasted one minute; no-one picked up.


We haven’t heard of the whereabouts of Joey McStay’s T-Mobile G1 Android; no calls or texts have been made or received since. Summer McStay’s mobile phone meanwhile, continued to ping under the same tower, recording missed calls and accepting text messages until 10:30am Saturday when the batteries probably ran flat; some thirty-eight hours later.  Where was her phone?

If the phones stayed in the area, then did the white 1996 Isuzu Trooper stay there as well? We know it wasn’t in the San Ysidro parking lot until Monday evening. That’s considerably longer than thirty-eight hours.

Apparently the mobile coverage of the Old Bonsall Bridge cell-tower is a radius of one to one and a half miles.  We need to ask, who might be able to stash the McStay family vehicle within range of that cell-tower; possibly for several days; over the weekend?

Did law enforcement make a door-to-door check of the residents and businesses in that area?  Or Cadaver dogs?  (Previous forensic cases have proven that a dog can work an area and come up trumps, months after a disappearance.)

We need to pick up the FA toolkit and Google Maps; there’s no heading off down the Avocado Highway for us, yet a while.  There are just too many questions unanswered.

Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in a court of law and forensic astrology can only make suggestion and ask questions; we proceed with that knowledge on board.

MAP-house-phoneclick on image for full size

This image is flagged ‘A’ as the home address of the McStay family in Fallbrook and flag ‘B’ is the Old Bonsall Bridge, site of the cell tower in question; a distance of less than ten miles.

Note: The yellow highlight is an approximate radius of one and a half miles from the cell-tower.  ‘Approximation’ is the keyword here; math is not my forte, let alone converting from kilometres to miles for our American friends.

It would be nice to have our initial POI’s cell-phone for analysis, however unfortunately it is not in our possession.   Let’s hope that LE did an extraction of the data on their phone, or was the POI just the mastermind of the operation and safely ensconced away with a plausible abibi?

When we ask cartography and astrology to put their heads together to see if Joseph has significant locators to share, we can see that there is an angle of familial interest. (methodology) The astrological interpretation involves  misunderstandings and mistrust.

MAP-JM-OCclick on image for full size

The bi-wheel of the 8:28pm event/Joseph McStay superimposed over the site of the Bonsall cell-tower would appear to be suggesting that we take note of persons of interest who resided (in February 2010) along the red line where the Moon transits by opposition with Joseph McStay’s forensic planet of the grim reaper, Saturn.

The locator angle points clearly towards Orange County intersecting the areas of Mission Viejo and Lake Forest.

McStay-trio#2Producing a trio of bi-wheels once more; bi-wheels taken from the perspective of the event of the phone call at 8:28pm on 4th February, 2010.  The inner wheel is the event and each of the outer wheels is the natal chart of each of three persons.  The first is Summer McStay, wife and mother; the second is a person of interest / POI and the third is Summer’s husband and father of the children, Joseph McStay.

If we remain at our post at the Old Bonsall Bridge cell-tower and bring Summer McStay into the picture, we have an even bigger cluster of planets at the Ascendant; conjunct the ‘realm of the dead’ fixed star, Alkaid.

Alkaid, or as it is sometimes called Benetnash, is more-often related to disasters as it portends multiple deaths with ‘hired mourners’. The influence is as intense as Mars-Uranus-Saturn.  When associated with the disappearance of a family it does not bode well.

On the horizon line, transiting overhead highlighted in red, the forensic planet Uranus portends sudden changes at the point of departure (the descendant).  Joseph McStay and the POI shared the tension in Pt.1, whereas Summer has just entered our enquiry.

Summer McStay:

  • Natal Uranus and Saturn conjunct the horizon line with Pluto on their tail – all forensic indicators at crisis.
  • Lunar nodal axis of the event is quindecile natal Sun, which is conjunct the IC ….   the reverse is also in tension aspect, as follows; a double whammy.
  • The Sun of the event is in tension/square her Lunar nodal axis – signifying a traumatic event, which will be of the public interest.
  • Pluto transits to conjunct Summer’s natal Sun (highlight orange).  Her light will be extinguished this night.
  • Transiting Uranus is square Summer’s Mercury (yellow) and exact conjunct the IC; the lowest point in a chart.  Mercury represents her two sons in this position.

Note: As is my want, I have no intention of sharing the children’s charts here, suffice to say they left this realm in the company of their father.  The constellation of Pegasus is at the descendant 25 degrees Pisces; Pegasus, the winged horse of mythology.  That same Pegasus who was freed by Perseus when he slayed Medusa.

Pegasus winged them home.

As the heavens suggest that there was death in the McStay family on that night; that body or bodies were secreted away, we have to consider that the event was possibly pre-planned.   As to the motive, we addressed that in Pt.1.

MAP-house>car locationWe produce a map with the Isuzu Trooper recovery point and draw a locator angle to its home garage.

The angle does not correlate with any planets in the family’s  flipped bi-wheels of that night.  There is no mutual locator angle suggested.  This leaves us with just one interpretation:

The vehicle left within walking distance of the Mexican border is, as we thought, a red herring.

Note: since these posts were written, I have been provided with a copy of “No Goodbyes”, thanks Rick – Rick Baker’s blog.

6 July 2013 Postscript:

This POI has so many forensic indicators involved, I have no hesitation in suggesting that he has knowledge of the demise of the McStay family – Joseph, Summer, Gianni and Joey Jnr.

The inner wheel is a snapshot of the planets at 8:28pm on February 4, 2010 at the Bonsall mobile phone tower, California.  The outer wheel is the birth chart for POI known as MM.

Event#2-MMclick on image for full size

Forensic planets are highlighted in red; Jupiter – green; Venus – pink; Mercury – yellow.  This is a basic interpretation of the hard aspects, which create tension.

There can be considerably more analysis done if we were to refer to those soft aspects, which are planets working together and not just creating tension.

I reiterate that astrology is a pseudo-science and not accepted in a court of law.  We can only make suggestions and ask questions plus interpret the tension between planets by following classic astrology guidelines.

Firstly the forensic indicators:

  • Transiting Saturn (1st House) traditionally represents the grim reaper, death. This planet is exact by conjunction with natal Pluto – death by overpowering an individual.
  • Transiting Pluto is square natal Pluto – power struggle
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis is midpoint natal Lunar nodal axis-Jupiter – Jupiter inflates what it touches.  This explains the over emphasis / public profile – the  focus on finding the missing family, not their demise.
  • Transiting Uranus at the descendant.  This confirms the ending of the grim reaper’s work.
  • Transiting Mercury (communication) in 4th House (the home) is in tension with natal Uranus on the cusp of 2nd House – [edited] there is a money/assets connection to this tension
  • Transiting Mercury (communication) is also conjunct natal Jupiter inflating the conversation.

Natal Venus (MM’s relationship with money) is the midpoint of transiting Pluto-Mercury.  Money talks … powerfully.

**13 November 2013**

Bodies have been recovered from the desert.  We have more work to do on this case…  see the discussion page.

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9 thoughts on “How can a family of four just disappear? Pt.2”

  1. I could just reach out and give you a big hug! Thanks so much for all your hard work, I’m satisfied you have the right man. Now where are the bodies? Is there any way to be more specific?

  2. Excellent work as usual MM. Love that you took the time to do the upside down Geo wheel for us too. If only I could do this, I’d be in astrology heaven 🙂 My simple method told me they were all gone that night as well….a Red herring like you said, is all my charts told me was the parked vehicle. So that’s two of us and I’m sure more agreed astrologically.

  3. I believe you have described Michael McStay, Joseph’s brother. The birthday is the same and he lived in Lake Forest in 2010. His actions have been questionable since the disappearance. It truly makes me sick to think he would kill his own flesh and blood.

  4. Jane: Many folks were born around that particular day and year. We just use our imaginations, that’s all. IMO anyway, no one is pointing a finger, just sayin’ that if someone was born around that time with that chart, and lived in that direction, the planets are significant. At least that’s what I think, and nothing more. Let one’s conscience be their ultimate guide. His Facebook is just full of conscience filling love and religious stuff. Surely it would be most hypocritical if he was involved at all. Don’t you think? Just based on the facebook material alone?

  5. I looked up McStay and Mission Viejo and the name: Don McCutcheon kept coming up. He did tons of interviews just after their disappearance. He lives in Mission Viejo. Not sure what his birthday is….but interesting if you ask me.

  6. Thanks Mountain Misst. You’re terrific, I was kind of kidding around. Would you be able to tell us more about the perp? Do you believe this was about Joey bragging about the money he was going to make from the Saudi deal and at the same time, with Summer’s harping, a confrontation with the perp about paying back money owed and the perp feeling hate for Joey even making the request. Perhaps the perp felt Joey was disloyal to him and belittled him over the debt while Joey, like a lot of husbands, just wanted peace in his home so he satisfied Summer by going after the money owed thinking it was no big deal? I’m not being specific for obvious reasons. Can you tell us how the perp is feeling today? Will he crack under the pressure or is he the type of person who can live with his actions even being playful and giddy thinking he’s gotten away with it? Maybe he is gleeful that he is able to manipulate everyone.

    Thanks Mountain Misst. Didn’t really misunderstand your post. I was trying to entertain myself while waiting for Rick’s return with some news.

  7. You really got it right Mountain Misst!! Wow! I was stunned when I originally read this; I wasn’t able to believe they were dead. Now I’m trying to wrap my head around who the perp is…. MORE PLEASE!!


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