How can a family of four just disappear? Pt.1

Just 30 minutes from the Pacific Ocean, a family of four who were living in a modern residential estate, in a cul-de-sac just disappeared in a moment of time. On the face of it, this is just bizarre.


The year is 2010. The McStay family had only bought the house a matter of weeks earlier and so an empty house and the lack of children’s laughter wasn’t immediately noticed by neighbourhood watch, although we do have one security conscious neighbour whose movement sensor video captured the McStay Isuzu Trooper’s departure on the evening of 4th February.

The family’s locked and abandoned Trooper was located four days later in San Ysidro, just two blocks from the Mexican border. This led investigators to later check surveillance video at the border crossing, which shows a family fitting the description of the McStays walking into Mexico.  Is this a clue as to the disappearance of this family, or is it a red-herring?

Meanwhile back at the house that same day; Day 4, there is much discussion within the extended family, but it is almost a week before family members enter the house.

They didn’t notice anything untoward; the house was not in any more disarray than could be expected with a family in the process of renovating and unpacking ; no more upheaval than a couple with two small children would create.

The much-loved family dogs were in the backyard; it was assumed that friends or neighbours were caring for the animals.  It wasn’t until animal welfare kicked up a ruckus a further two days later, that someone realised that all was not as it should be with this family unit and law enforcement were notified.

It is Day 15 before the police have search warrants; that missing person’s alerts are issued and the investigation goes into full swing.

We’ve all watched enough tv shows to know that this is far too long a time before action needs to be taken; the trail would have most likely gone cold; that Lady Luck was not likely to be on the side of the investigators.

It is now three years later; the clock has ticked too long in this case.  Investigation has continued and so many stones turned over that it just gets more confusing; searches have been made, theories put forward and even a book has been written on the disappearance of the McStay family. I’ve not read it.  FBI has joined the investigation, just this week and so have we.

The area of Fallbrook is proudly promoted as being well known for its gently rolling hills, lush groves, ancient oak trees, equestrian and walking trails, nature preserves, and Mediterranean climate.   We are in Southern California, just 50 miles from San Diego and an hour north of the Mexican border.

To open our books, we need timed events; so what do we know of the family’s movements on that fateful day when the clock stopped for a family of four on 4th February 2010?

  • Summer McStay (wife and mother) made her last known phone call at 2:17pm.
  • The video footage of the family vehicle leaving the driveway at 7:47pm does not reveal the occupants of the family car (camera was angled to photograph number plates, not people).
  • Joseph McStay (husband and father) made a one-minute phone call from his mobile phone to employee, Chase Merritt at 8:28pm.

We know the residential address for the McStay family and the location of a possible red herring, the missing Isuzu Trooper (recovered on 8th February).  There is no forensic evidence, that we know of, to suggest that a crime took place at the home or in Joey’s work vehicle, which remained in the driveway.

  • As to the birth data, we have dates of birth of all four missing persons.

So to begin our enquiry, we advise that astrology is a pseudo science and is not accepted in a court of law, but then we’re not in court so we can proceed, with caution and a declaration that what I write here can only be considered as opinion.  We can only ask questions and make suggestions.

This is not a case where we are going to achieve resolution in one post.  So where to cast our first chart, draw up our first map?

Joseph McStay – husband and father, made the last known contact at 8:28pm.  What happened? Where was the phone call made from?

Creating a snapshot of the heavens on that fateful night at 8:28pm at Bonsall, California, we have an event, which we can use as the basis for our enquiry into that phone call.

Rather than bringing the complete family to the table for analysis, we can base this enquiry on three sets of birth data; three charts – the natal chart for Joseph McStay (husband and father), the natal chart for Chase Merritt (recipient of the phone call) and the natal chart of one other person whom we will call a person of interest, POI.


Note: Noon birth times are the basis for the calculation of the natal charts, so the Moon can range to create tension aspects, which are not addressed here.

The forensic planets are highlighted red.

  • If we look to the event (the inner wheel) we know that the planet Mercury is conjunct the Lunar nodal axis.  Lines of communication will be cut as a result of a traumatic event. 
  • The fixed star Zavijava is at the ascendant. This is symbolic of ‘correct weight’ being called, according to Robson. We have weight for age; where to from here but the race of life and death.

Joseph McStay bi-wheel.

What was the situation that called for Joey to ring Chase Merritt at that time?

  • With the personal forensic planet of Pluto at the ascendant , we can suggest that this man will likely pay with his life for his actions here on this night.
  • Uranus is setting, conjunct the descendant with sudden changes – opposition to Joseph’s natal Pluto. He is powerless to defend himself.
  • The horizon has heralded the traumatic event for this man. Only minutes earlier the Ascendant created the tension – conjunct his natal Lunar nodal axis.
  • The Lunar nodal axis of the event; the traumatic occasion is also square to Joseph’s natal Moon (highlighted blue).  His Moon is severely afflicted with further tension.
  • Highlighted in green, Jupiter is quindecile Joseph’s Lunar nodal axis, inflating the trauma for Joseph beyond an every-day occurrence.
  • Saturn (the grim reaper) is quindecile in the heavens to his natal Moon and then the planets reverse to intensify the action.
  • The inner wheel Moon (highlighted blue) is in opposition aspect to Joseph’s natal Saturn, Father Time is highlighted in the 8th house of transformation.  This is a matter of money/payment/dues – Karmic or otherwise.
  • Neptune (turquoise) is square to Joseph’s Sun-Neptune; the core of his being.  Neptune in forensic astrology is never benign; underhandedness is at play.  His sense of reality blurs; this is not really happening.

Chase Merritt bi-wheel.

It is 8:28pm and we know that his phone is ringing. Whether he is in a position to take a phone call, we do not know.

  • Natal Jupiter (green) is at the ascendant and we know that Jupiter inflates whatever it touches.  We also know that Chase has Jupiter peregrine in his natal chart.  He does things to the extreme. We can suggest that his focus is on himself and not a phone-call from his employer.
  • The transiting Sun in the heavens is in tension with his Venus-Mercury conjunction.  This is not an ideal situation to be taking a call when he is speaking with his lady.

Provided that the birth data we have been given is accurate, I suggest that due to the lack of tension in the bi-wheel, Chase Merritt did not talk with Joseph McStay that night and is not involved in the events, which led to the disappearance of Joseph McStay and his family.

A person of interest’s bi-wheel.

Again this date of birth needs to be confirmed, however the accuracy is uncanny.

  • The natal Moon (highlighted blue) is at the ascendant.  This person is in a highly emotional/agitated state as a result of the sudden changes; changes created by Uranus transiting in the heavens at that point in time.
  • Pluto exact square Pluto; a deep sense of power is at play, jealousy, control and darkness can prevail.
  • Transiting Saturn is exact conjunct their Pluto.  Holding the power of a life in their hands is all important, power struggles between these men is uppermost on the agenda.
  • Highlighted in yellow – ‘Lines of communication will be cut as a result of a traumatic event’ result from this person’s sudden change in behaviour –  Lunar nodal axis-Mercury square natal Uranus.
  • This same transit is conjunct natal Jupiter (green) creating more fuel to the fire.
  • The Mars Rx transit is opposite natal Sun breaking any previous agreements; there is no love lost here tonight.

phonetowerradiusAlthough the mobile/cell phones of Summer and Joseph McStay have not been recovered (that we know of), those mobile/cell phones quietly pinged their location until the batteries ran out.

The phones remained either together, or close by each other less than ten miles from home, which would suggest that the family in all probability were likely to have been in the same vicinity when that 8:28pm phone call was made.

It is highly likely that the McStays met with their fate that February night less than ten miles from home. What happened after that phone call?  Did Joey ditch his phone, take his boys and head off to the Mexican border; to a new life, as some would have us believe?  Did Summer kill Joey?  And who is that POI?

This story continues…

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9 thoughts on “How can a family of four just disappear? Pt.1”

  1. I can’t think of a scenario where the POI would allow Summer to escape – but I must defer to the stars. 10 miles huh?

  2. If it is likely he made his fate on that night why is his last comment on facebook on Feb 5th??

  3. I would love if you could look at this case. It is quite interesting and there are many parties involved in this.

    Here are the basics

    Jennifer Marteliz was last seen walking to her home in Tampa, Florida.

    Her friend walked with her most of the way and watched her walk a little while longer and then turned away for a moment and she was gone. Also, a neighbor said they heard a car speed off right around that same time, they felt she was likely kidnapped at that time (more details at the end)

    The case has 2 likely suspects.
    The first actually was her neighbor. Thomas Welnicki.
    He told police that he has a physic vision and that 2 men had kidnapped and killed her. He fit the description of the “younger man” but at the time, the older man did not have a name or were there any other details provided.
    The cops dismissed the whole thing as there was not enough evidence and he denied that it was him.
    Statement analysis determined he was being 100% truthful and he was in fact that “younger man”
    But then it gets more interesting. Fast forward about 20 + eyars.

    A woman who was a child at the time had a neighbor move in. Steve Visnosky. He lived there during the summer and had a main home in Tampa Florida…. 5 BLOCKS from Jennifer’s home. These things were confirmed.

    Below are excerpts from the article on how she described this man:

    “She remembers games that turned to “struggles,” inappropriate touching and horrors she doesn’t want to explain………She and her older sister, Tania, endured three years of abuse at his hands, she said Friday……She calls Visnosky a “pedophile.”

    So pretty scary guy.

    etc etc


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