Cowardice or murder?

In May 2008, David Gabriel Watson dropped his long-running $75,000 civil lawsuit against his US travel company after they had refused to pay out on his claim from his 2003 honeymoon and in June, Watson was charged with the murder of his wife of ten days, Christina Mae Watson; an alleged murder, which took place on 22 October 2003 while in Australia.


The honeymooners were diving on the Great Barrier Reef on an organised dive with fellow tourists. Gabe Watson claimed to be an experienced diver as well as a certified rescue diver. According to Gabe, his wife, who was a novice diver, experienced difficulty with her breathing apparatus; insinuating equipment failure.

He testified that his wife got caught in a current and panicked. He said he went to help her, but she tried to rip his mask off; that he was unable to bring her to the surface. He had broken the cardinal rule as a dive-buddy and deserted Tina in his panic, not hers.

A charge of murder was determined answerable by the coroner following a 2008 inquest.  There were inconsistencies in his story; sixteen inconsistencies in total and also as a result of eyewitness evidence that he held his wife in a bear hug for a short period before she sank to the ocean floor in an uncontrolled manner. All of this was taken into consideration by the coroner.

The argument was that it was possible that Gabe Watson had cut off Tina’s air supply from her oxygen cylinder, bear-hugged her until she suffocated, then turned the oxygen supply back on before he released her now lifeless body. This allowed him to surface whilst she sank to the bottom of ocean.

Another point brought to the coroner’s attention was that before the honeymoon, Gabe Watson had asked Tina to increase her life insurance payout to the maximum and name him as the sole beneficiary for her work insurance policy. This was seen as a possible motive for killing his wife.

Note: Gabe Watson did contact the insurance company shortly after her death to have the insurance money paid to him.

Following the 2008 murder charge, for the next year, Watson refused to return to Australia to face trial, which proved increasing frustrating for investigators. Queensland Office of the Department of Public Prosecutions made the trip to Alabama in an attempt to resolve the issue.

Finally, on May 14 2009, Watson returned voluntarily to Brisbane and was jailed until his appearance in the Brisbane Supreme Court on June 5.  He astounded the courtroom and Tina Watson’s family by pleading guilty, not to murder, but to criminally negligent manslaughter.

He admitted that he panicked, rather than intentionally killing his new wife.  He was given a slap on the wrist and 12 months jail time.

Public outrage got him another six months, much to the dismay of law enforcement who found it inadequate; witnesses scattered across the globe had all been re-interviewed. It had been a six-year investigation by detectives.  They were convinced it was murder.

Further investigation uncovered that Gabe Watson had fudged his dive experience and also failed to declare his wife’s medical condition, which would have required certification.  There was no way he was going to get an insurance payout.

Following a rescue diving course, Watson would have made the rescue of his wife a routine and safe manouvre, but his training proved to be inadequate.  In Australia the certification is intense over four days; in Alabama it took two days and was undertaken in a quarry of still water.  There would have been no experience of ocean currents in his course.

Watson had also not dived for 12 months before the honeymoon trip.  He had no hope of being competent according to specialist evidence.

The story has since come out that he couldn’t even put his fins on, let alone look after Tina.

diveWas it a case of premeditated murder by her husband, or had Tina Watson drowned as a result of her husband’s confessed criminal negligence?

We can undertake a forensic astrology enquiry of the heavens to answer the question for ourselves. I need to remind all readers that we are about to embark into the realm of forensic astrology.

This is not a scientific study. Forensic astrology utilises the science of astronomy and the belief system of classic astrology.  It is pseudo-scientific in origin and does not profess to be anything else.

Tina and Gabe were born just twenty days apart and so the forensic indicators will need further support in our enquiry.  Both are born with Pluto at 13 degrees Libra and Saturn is within less than one degree of difference in the two charts.  The challenge will be to utilize the remaining planets in our study; to hear their voice.

We have two bi-wheels to share; both from the perspective of the timed event as per the coronial enquiry.  The event is the inner wheel and the outer wheels are the birth data of the victim, Gabe and his bride Tina, on their honeymoon, less than two weeks after their marriage.

David Gabriel Watson – Gabe and Christina Mae Watson (nee Thomas) – Tina.

  • watson-duoReproducing the bi-wheels side by side, we immediately see the traumatic event in the natal charts of both persons highlighted in red; the Lunar nodal axis at the top to the bottom of the charts.  It has also been a very publicized event over many years. There can be no challenge to that suggestion.

Note that the trauma is in their personal charts, not that the event was a trauma.  That would indicate to us that the dive conditions at the dive site; the ‘Yongala’ wreck, were not unusual; the weather and under-water conditions were as expected.

  • This Lunar nodal axis intersects the Sun-Mercury orbiting overhead. Mercury in classic astrology relates to communication, which is also the throat area, the ability to breathe.  We can suggest that the trauma is based on lack of air, no doubt with other factors involved. 

In hindsight we are stating the obvious, however we are making an enquiry of the heavens today, not undertaking a coronial enquiry.

  • Saturn (the grim reaper) in both natal charts is opposite to orbiting Neptune (highlighted in turquoise). Neptune is the God of the Ocean in Greco-Roman mythology; the ocean takes a life. 

We should also note that this aspect – Neptune opposite Saturn – also has the added confusion of creating a general laissez faire attitude (Neptune trait) to authority (Saturn) to the detriment of all concerned in this case.

  • Natal Pluto, common to both persons, is squared by tension by the forensic indicator Saturn (the grim reaper). Pluto is included as a forensic planet because the planet is symbolic of power/powerlessness; the ultimate loss of power being death.  We have the grim reaper of the event creating tension with the power of both individuals.  Both were under-qualified to be in a power-struggle with the ocean and its currents.

Astrology note: We cannot consider this as being a power struggle in the relationship between the two persons, as Pluto is in the 9th house (the higher realms) not the 7th house (marriage).

  • The ascendant, rising at the time of the event is, in astrology terms, conjunct the fixed star of Terebellum; a star associated with regret, disgrace, cunning and a mercenary nature.   All does not bode well for our first participant in this event.

Gabe Watson:

This man was born on a full moon; a high tide of emotions can be expected to manifest without rein. We also note a natal Saturn retrograde; a missing male mentor in a young man’s life; his mother flew to his side at the time of his initial interviews following the drowning of Tina.

He was 26 going on 27 years of age, not a boy.  Gabe was experiencing a Saturn in tension with his Sun.  This Saturn retrograde syndrome would be present in the overall schematic of the emotional event.  This is the age when a boy is tested as to whether he is a man or not.  Immature men struggle.

  • Natal Moon (highlighted blue) is conjunct by the Moon-Jupiter of the event (green).  We can carry through the mirror by opposition to his Pisces Sun. Opportunity presents itself for success.
  • Secondly, we also have the midpoint of natal Sun-Mercury (yellow) in the reverse position to the above opposite Moon-Jupiter (green) and intersecting with the event Mars (red) – overly emotional ideas are considered as opportunity presents itself even more.

Note:  This would support the repeated inconsistencies in Gabe’s statements of how events unfolded.  His dreams and reality blur; create confusion, which indicates premeditation. No wonder his agenda was under question.

  • Thirdly is the house position of these observations 2nd house and 8th house, which is money earned and money inherited (eg Tina’s life insurance). This man may protest that the crime was not premeditated; however the planetary positioning indicates otherwise.
  • We know that Tina was not an experienced scuba diver and highlighted in pink in the bi-wheel ‘Gabe’, we see Tina represented by the planet Venus.  She is at the bottom of the bi-wheel.  One would expect a bride to be upper-most in a young husband’s focus; particularly when she is facing a life-threatening situation, not at the bottom, discarded.

This man can argue till he is blue in the face, that swapping his wife for mammon was not on his agenda, however the heavens would indicate otherwise.  In his unconscious, he knows that he is guilty.

Indications are that he had not considered that his own life might have been at risk as well.  This is what has worked in his favour and allowed the element of doubt to creep into the minds of those who were to judge. Astrology would suggest that this is an error in their judgement.

So what does the victim have to share with us?

Tina Watson:

We immediately note that Tina was born with Mars conjunct Mercury and the Sun-Moon combination indicating a bit of a chatter-box.  This young woman would not settle for boring and a scuba dive trip is anything but boring.  What she did not consider was that she would be out of her depth with her lack of diving experience.

  • MC=Pluto-Node would indicate that this scuba-dive expedition was seen by Tina as elevating her in the eyes of others, perhaps that is why she, as a novice, agreed to participate;  naiviette personified.
  • With the Lunar node intersection of orbiting Sun-Mercury in the heavens (orange), we could suggest that common sense was left by the wayside.
  • Pluto (red) is exact by conjunction to Tina’s natal Moon in the 11th house.  This creates impulsive behaviour; on-going in Tina’s life at this time.

Pluto orbits so slowly that this planetary conjunction would have raised fears in power areas for some time previously to her honeymoon.  Single at 26 may have been pressing her to make decisions without consideration of self-empowerment options.

Learning to ‘let go’ is all-important with this aspect and a trip like this would have been seen as an opportunity for self-empowerment even if it scared her witless.

If we look to the Moon as it was orbiting in the heavens at the time of her death, we see that it is exact conjunct Jupiter and just past square in tension to her own Moon.

As we don’t have the exact time of Tina’s birth, we can accept that she was in all likelihood overly emotional at this time and the Pluto power-powerless struggle would have in all likelihood created anxiety at the least, even panic, once she realized that she was ‘out of her depth’ in diving experience.

Looking at Tina’s chart overall, we can see that she does not indicate that her husband intended to murder her by premeditation and as is my wont, I listen to the victim.

I therefore suggest that Gabe Watson is a coward and if murder was his intent, his wife is forgiving in this regard; after all, he didn’t get the money. The heavens do not indicate that we should consider otherwise.

SS_Yongala_wreckThe buoy which indicates the grave for the 122 victims of the Yongala wreck, identifies the location of another death; Christina Mae Watson.

This young woman is honoured quietly every time that a scuba-dive boat is at the location.

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4 thoughts on “Cowardice or murder?”

  1. So not premeditated. I recall something about him being caught on video removing flowers left at Tina’s grave by her parents. And his curent wife is similar in appearance to Tina, apparently.
    Thanks again, MMisst.

  2. I was so glad to see that Australia did not allow this man to get away with his nefarious deed to Tina, his spouse of only a few days who put all her trust and love into the relationship with him. As well her grieving father who never let go and pursued the crime from his southern State and it’s Detectives. I watched the TV reenactment a few times here in the States, and there were many witnesses, very credible ones too who went out with the couple. They could easily see through the ruse because they were so familiar with diving and the gear.
    It appears his colder Moon position, must be near Zosma or Dubhe, which accounts for loss of a spouse and even murder in some extreme cases. Square his Neptune. Thought through the Neptune haze he would get away with it. Hmm, Leo Saturn is conjunct the Asses (in Asellus) the Scales. Never a good sign here either for Saturn , and square Uranus.
    Glad the bugger finally served time, and didn’t get the big payout either. He thought he outsmarted everyone.

  3. Poor Tina, naïve but big hearted Sag Moon conjunct Neptune, rose colored emotional glasses, she really loved this dude who betrayed her trust.

  4. Thanks for this MM. This case has angered so many people here as well as back in the States. The perception is that justice has still to be done. Basic dive training teached you how to “buddy breathe”. It isn’t rocket science, if your buddy’s air supply fails you take it in turns to breathe from yours. Many tanks have two regulators/mouthpieces (one for the diver wearing the tank plus a spare) so you can share your tank without having to take turns in breathing.
    I don’t buy the inexperience defence. Gutless, stupid, mercenary, yes.
    Hope karma gets him sooner rather than later, if not for what happened on the wreck of the Yongala, then for the pain caused to Tina’s parents by him since then.


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