Murder gets personal Pt.2

justice-scales:bellsI have set out to write this enquiry a hundred times and ninety-nine times I have put it down.  It all became too personal. I doubted my interpretation of the heavens and put it aside.

I have remained silent through an arrest, two applications for bail; the court going through the motions of holding committal mentions and then the tension of the lead up to a committal hearing.

I have seen many hearts falter and a mass of public outrage. I have seen a lot of people able to offload their own grief and work through life traumas of their own.

Much good has come from the discussion, however things are not looking good for the descendants of the Chief Scout.  As far as legal proceedings go, the master plan is beginning to look not just a bit tatty around the edges, but about to unravel completely.

Lord Baden-Powell’s great-grandson is facing the prospect of being found guilty of a crime of murder. Gerard Robert Baden-Clay stands accused of murdering his wife Allison June Baden-Clay and disposing of her body.

From where I’m sitting, I do not believe that is how the scheme was meant to unfold.

I have considered long and hard before today; as a tertiary trained academic I understand the necessity of testing theoretical evidence, however there is nothing for it but to call it as the heavens dictate.  I am just the scribe and if I have to fall on my sword, then so be it.  But enough of me, the taxi’s meter is ticking.

The following is the second part of a forensic astrology enquiry into the murder and disposal of the body of Allison Baden-Clay.  It is based on planetary positions in the heavens and tension aspects between planets at certain times.  The method has an uncanny reliability to determine perpetrators of crimes, to reveal indications from victims and generally spook the lot of us.

Astrology is a pseudo science, is not accepted in a court of law and can only be taken as question and/or suggestion in any given situation.  Your scribe uses classical astrology interpretation, symbolism and western mythology as the tools of trade.

We produce astrology bi-wheels, which are computer generated from the data of timed events.  Part 1 discussed the role of the accused’s mother, his sister and his lover.

Today we talk about a boy and his father.  Gerard Robert Baden-Clay and his father who was born Nigel Gerard Arden Clay; a man who changed his surname to Baden-Clay in order to ride on the shirt-tails of his maternal grandfather.fatherandson

The bi-wheels are taken from the same perspective as in Part 1; a time of great significance in the murder and disposal of Allison’s body.  We know this as the locator angle from Allison’s bi-wheel drawn up last August; an angle, which connected her home to where her body lay for ten days before being found. We use that same angle here in the charts of two of the men in her life; her husband and her father-in-law.

The natal charts of family members can be found under the navigation ‘wheels’ above for any students or doubters who might like to draw up their own comparisons.  I have no problem with this and they are more than welcome to contribute below.

The first bi-wheel of the following duo is the inner wheel of the event on the night of 19th April, 2012 and the outer wheel is the natal chart of the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay.

Event-GBCWe immediately have a locator line indicating the traumatic event in the natal chart of this man.

Note that it is the traumatic event in his life, not the traumatic event of ‘the event’.

The red line intersects his natal Mars, the Mars orbiting in the sky overhead and Neptune’s orbit as well before continuing through to the other axis of the Lunar node.

Note also that the houses involved are the 1st house and the 7th house.  Both are relationship houses; the private and public. The 1st is the house of the ego and the 7th house is the house of marriage and all public relationships.

Note: A mistress doesn’t reside in the 7th house (it’s not an acknowledged public relationship.)

We know that in the natal chart of Gerard Baden-Clay, he was born with Mars in the 1st house and now on this particular night and at this particular time his natal Mars is in the mirror position.  He is on the other end of the stick.

This scenario which is unfolding, is the basis for an extraordinary fantasy; traumatic, yes.  We know from past enquiries in relation to the character of this man that Neptune is peregrine in his chart; that his imagination knows no bounds.

Allow me to set the scene of what is really going on here at this point in time; on this night by sharing some classic astrology interpretation of Mars opposite Neptune.

Put the second Mars input and the traumatic/public event aside for a moment.  Mars is the activator planet, the male principle and Neptune is usually fantasy; subterfuge and even fanaticism.

“One of the interesting things about this position is that if you are involved in immoral or unethical or illegal activities, guilt has a way of cropping up in unusual ways, and could lead you on a self-destructive path and you might even know that you’re heading that way, yet you compulsively follow that path. Part of you might want to get caught!

You might, for example, know in your mind that doing something is risky, yet you compulsively do it anyhow, perhaps even finding the challenge invigorating… You can be very creative at keeping your motives and personal agenda hidden; in fact, many involved seem, on the surface of things, to be quite passive and yielding.”

This, I believe, is the motivation for what we have before us today in this enquiry; a suggestion that a master plan, a fantasy was concocted.  As to any female complicity, perhaps in the scheming, but not in the crime as far as the astrology indicators tell us, but let me continue.

Staying with the bi-wheel of Gerard Baden-Clay and looking at the inner wheel; the event, we can see that of the forensic indicators present we have only Mars in the action.  When we refer to the outer wheel again – Gerard Baden-Clay’s birth chart, and look to just the main players in forensic astrology, neither Saturn nor Pluto are in tension aspect to the event.

  • We can see that natal Uranus (sudden changes) is mirroring the Moon, the emotional event highlighted in blue.  He would be experiencing sudden changes in mood; argument is in all likelihood ensuing.
  • Natal mid-heaven, the high point of his chart/MC is at the bottom of the event chart (highlighted in red).  His world is totally upside down.
  • Jupiter (green) is at the MC inflating the event and Venus (pink) has orbited to quindecile aspect his Neptune (turquoise).
  • If we nominate the planet Venus as representing his wife Allison, which is what we would do in a forensic astrology enquiry, then I would call this: She is ‘onto him’ and obsessively so; onto his fantasy of a life (Neptune peregrine) and letting  him know about it. 

The planets have lined up for this to be the ‘night of nights’ of a confrontation.gbc-injuries

We can accept the possibility that the confrontation between spouses got physical, because the accused bears the scars of fingernail scratches to his face and bruising to his body. His wife lies dead.  But did he kill her in retaliation?

The forensic indicators aren’t present to identify this person as being  responsible for the murder and neither is the locator angle to the location of Allison’s body.  That red line intersected with the Pluto of the event is missing – see previous post.

The next bi-wheel however, tells a different story.  It has forensic indicators of a perpetrator written all over it.  Here is the master planner.

Event-NBCI share the bi-wheel of the patriarch of this family Nigel Gerard Arden Baden-Clay with the locator angle intersecting the forensic planet highlighted in red – Pluto  and his natal Mars; a locator angle identical to that which is revealed in Allison’s bi-wheel.

The grim reaper of the event (Saturn) holds up the mirror to this man’s natal Moon (blue) with the Sun (orange) highlighting the identification parade.

Even in the middle of the night when things are in the dark in the earthly realm,  the heavens witness what unfoldsThere is nowhere to hide, we must all answer to the karmic cycle of life and death.

  • Natal Saturn (red in the outer wheel) intersects exact the traumatic event (Lunar nodal axis) of the murder with Uranus close on his heels.
  • The only forensic planet not exact is natal Pluto intersecting with the cusp of the 7th house.  I can allow for this not being present as my error in calculation of the time of the event – I’m out by just a matter of minutes.

If our past enquiries give any indication of the accuracy of this method; a method we have continued to use over the intervening months since this murder took place, we have to question as to whether this man is not responsible for the murder and disposal of the body of his daughter-in-law, Allison Baden-Clay?MAP-eventNBC

It would appear to be that he is, if the heavens are to be believed.

click on image for full size

Here is our back-up methodology to confirm the locator angle.

Is this why Nigel Baden-Clay shadowed his son when he was anywhere near the police,  until Gerard Baden-Clay was arrested?  Was the patriarch protecting his own interests?

Once the suicide theory fell apart at the hearing, was the master plan to allow Gerard to take the fall with the case thrown out of court?  After all, it’s just circumstantial evidence; Gerard will be exonerated could be suggested as their line of thinking.

Now that the plan is in tatters, how far will the family loyalty go?


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Mountain Misst

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12 thoughts on “Murder gets personal Pt.2”

  1. MM, the blood drained from my face reading this. I had 2 dreams about this. Bingo. Many thanks for your continued enquiries.

  2. Far out, that literally gave my goosebumps… i think weve all had his character nailed since the beginning, and still its just unimaginable to consider that depth of evil.however, when we glimpse lLittle signals, such as the arm across the shoulders, (not protecting, but threatening) it really gives me the heebie jeebies….just amazing to read MountainMisst, thanks so much

  3. Wow. Just…wow.
    It will be interesting to see how things unfold, and what the reaction will be as more people become aware of this blog and its information.
    I know astrology is not admissible in court, but I wonder if police/prosecutors can use forums like this to get additional ideas about which direction to take an investigation.

  4. He who carried the garden hose and the vacuum cleaner away in front of the police…
    He who hugged his son in public in a strange (to me) way….
    He who was a big game hunter and a wild life conservationist in the same sentence…
    He who did not appear last month in court….
    He wears no visible scars!

  5. His natal seems to lack compassion and empathy, rather coldish, if this is a known time of birth and moon placement. Venus in Pisces often is very weak I think although exalted in the sign of Pisces sometimes doesn’t work as we’d like to see or hope for. Any thoughts on this one? It’s sextile to Mars which helps, but what really detracts of course, is Mars is also exalted in Capricorn yet in this degree conjuncts fixed star Facies, (really really bad vibes here)…….takes away the power of the exaltation positions I’d wager.

  6. Deb, I’ve been able to rectify birth times on both father and son (family movements).
    To see the natal charts – click on ‘wheels’ in the navigation bar at the top and they are there full size with the detail. This is not the end of it by any means; it’s the beginning of a new chapter we need to explore.

    The father is a second son and from reading his personal family history, I believe he’s psychologically-damaged goods. There is a big issue in this whole family to do with Neptune…

  7. w0w Hello MM ………. I am still around, although I don’t say much. However, I have read every word, here and on Robbo’s site I just am too far removed and cannot comment personally.
    I have given this whole horrendous crime a lot of thought, you might be on the bullseye here. I wonder if time will tell…….. Kind regards and thankyou from doll xox

  8. Hey MMisst, you may need to change your appearance and head for the hills. This scenario you describe is just too chilling. That arm across the shoulder bothered me the moment I read it. Intriguing, as usual.

  9. Wow! Interesting! More more more!?compensation could be a great reason to stay put an quiet ! But….???? Why????

  10. Thanks Mountain, finally figured it out and found the chart. BTW, I see that Saturn in Allison’s natal in late Aries is square exactly (ie. 90 degrees) her DC cusp. So sad, she was so beautiful too. Her 8th house Lord is Saturn, the house of death, and therefore, plays a pivotal role in pointing to the spouse or someone she was committed to.


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