Hunt for a serial killer in W.A. Pt.2

UK_AusOn New Years day 1999, a young woman was running along the road near Bunbury, Western Australia.  Someone was watching and waiting.

Slowing to a walk, the young woman was accosted by a naked male with criminal intent. He had picked the wrong victim this time.

This assault led to the sex offender being deported back to the UK in 1999 with a slap on the wrist and a $750 fine.  He had out-stayed his visitor’s visa.

Mark James McDonald had earned his first conviction aged 16 in 1986. He had put a knife to a woman’s throat, fondled her breasts and demanded cash before running off; sentence – six weeks detention.

Further sexual assaults followed with probation and community service orders. His last UK conviction date was in 1990 for assaulting a London police officer when he tried to avoid arrest.

Two years later he popped up in Australia.  We may well wonder how he got a visa to gain entry; perhaps his string of aliases give us a clue.  Mark James McDonald was not his birth name. Born Mark Phillip Dixie, he was also known to have used the aliases Shane Turner, Mark James Down and Steven McDonald.  Shane Turner was his favourite name, while in Aus.

Arriving in Manly, Sydney in January 1993 after following his de-facto and two sons to the land down-under, he moved to Queensland in 1995 and kept on the move living for periods in Melbourne and Adelaide before heading west. He is known to have been in Perth in March 1996 and based himself in the west until his deportation in April, 1999.

You may well ask, why I am including this male in a forensic astrology enquiry? Allow me to fast forward six years, to 25 September, 2005 in order to light the way.

On that fateful night in September, Sally Anne Bowman had arranged to go out for a drink with her older sister Nicole at Lloyd’s Bar in central Croydon, London England.  Her boyfriend drove her home to Blenheim Crescent, Croydon, but the pair had an argument in his car outside her home.   Again someone was watching and waiting.

Dixie had spotted the pair and waited nearby until tearful Sally Anne got out of the car and her boyfriend drove away.

Sally Anne didn’t make it to the front door; was stabbed three times through the neck severing her voice box and carotid artery causing massive blood loss. Mark Dixie then stabbed her twice in the stomach and as she lay on the ground in her driveway used her body to relieve his sexual urge.

Dixie was only caught after a routine mouth swab was taken when he was arrested over a minor pub brawl some nine months later. There was a DNA match. Dixie faced the courts for Sally’s murder, was found guilty and jailed for life; ordered to serve a minimum of 34 years.

A trail led back to Western Australia.  He had left DNA at the scene of a similar crime in June 1998, although the young woman in that attack survived to give evidence at his London trial, helping to convict him.

Dixie has yet to be charged with that crime in Australia, however the accused is not going anywhere soon.  We now know that this sex predator is capable of murder.

According to media reports, Mark Phillip Dixie has not been considered a suspect in the Claremont killings as his modus operandi, is that he only attacks people close to his home; that he supposedly does not drive a car.

We know that both of these things are incorrect. He had not ventured out from his place of residence in order to murder Sally. He was on a drug-taking binge with friends not far from Sally Bowman’s residence, when he killed the 18 year old.

We also know that he used a motor vehicle to reach the place of the assault, which led to his deportation from Australia.

DixieI am compelled to undertake a forensic astrology enquiry after noting that his natal astrology is similar to that of Adrian Bayley alleged killer of Gillian Meagher in Melbourne, Australia – see Pt 1.

Using the murder of Sally as our basis of attempting to understand this killer, we generate a bi-wheel of that event and view his interaction with the forensic planetary tensions.

With forensic astrology we open the toolkit of a belief system of the ancients, generating astrology charts and comparing snapshots of the heavens at particular times.  We can suggest and ask questions, nothing more.

Preparation of a rectified chart for Mark Phillip Dixie in order to enquire of his character, reveals that his ascendant rises at 16 degrees Leo conjunct the fixed star of Alterf.  I must therefore share the following quote, for if we read it in the context of a serial killer it reveals all, even down to the collection of trophies.

“Who can doubt the nature of the monstrous Lion, and the pursuits he prescribes? The lion ever devises fresh fights and fresh warfare on animals, and lives on spoil and pillaging of flocks. The sons of the Lion are filled with the urge to adorn their proud portals with pelts and to hang up on their walls the captured prey, to bring the peace of terror to the woods, and to live upon plunder.

There are those whose like bent is not checked by the city-gates, but they swagger about in the heart of the capital with droves of beasts; they display mangled limbs at the shop-front, slaughter to meet the demands of luxury, and count it gain to kill. Their temper is equally prone to fitful wrath and ready withdrawal.”       Manilius, “Astronomica” 1st century AD, p.237.

UK-DixiePutting Dixie’s natal chart aside, we draw up a bi-wheel at the time of the murder of Sally Bowman in London and view Dixie’s natal chart through this freeze-frame in time.

  • Drug use is his nemesis with Neptune at the bottom of the chart
  • Overhead at the MC is Mars of the event transiting to conjunct Dixie’s grim reaper, the planet Saturn; the forensic planets collide.
  • Uranus in the heavens is at the descending angle; frantic and sudden changes of his already disturbed mind.
  • Lunar nodal axis is also at the horizon line portending a traumatic event and the public’s outcry as a result of this crime.
  • Natal Mars has just been triggered by the ascendant conjunction.  Time for action.
  • Robbery is a motive with the very busy 2nd house – the heavens reveal a Sun-Mercury conjunction creating immediate tension between Dixie’s Pluto-Sun-Uranus pattern; his personal madness.
  • Moon and Sun are at square aspect in the heavens indicating a relationship at odds.

Both relationships: the killer and his partner as well as the victim and her boyfriend were experiencing this phenomenon – Moon square Sun. Relationship turmoil was in the air that fateful night.

From that we know that this man has the lunacy factor going and without going into the details of the crime, he has the potential to be a serial killer.  We can all sleep at night as this beast is locked up for the next 34 years within the British corrective system.

Considering that Dixie was in Perth over the period of the Claremont murders, we must make a forensic enquiry; the crimes remain unsolved.  Our three from the last post are our first port of call.

  • Sarah Ellen Spiers     – January 1996 (not found)
  • Jane Louise Rimmer – June 1996
  • Ciara Eilish Glennon – March 1997

trio-Dixie click on image for full size

Being aware that there are similarities between the charts of Adrian Ernest Bayley (Edwards) and Mark Phillip Dixie (see Pt.1) we would therefore expect to see quite a bit of tension in the first bi-wheel; the event of Sarah Ellen Spiers disappearance.

  • Should it be confirmed that Shane Turner/Mark Dixie was in Perth at the end of January 1996, we can seriously compare the bi-wheels and charts of Bayley and Dixie in regard to the disappearance of Sarah Spiers.
  • We also have to consider that Dixie may not have been in Perth at the time.  He is believed to have arrived in the capital in March, 1996, however we can still make note of the tension in the chart as if he were a POI and there is plenty of it.
  • The second bi-wheel is the event of the last sighting of Jane Louise Rimmer and again we note there is no indication that this POI, Mark Dixie was involved.
  • The third bi-wheel is the perspective of the last sighting of Ciara Eilish Glennon and the tension with Mark Dixie’s natal wheel.  This bi-wheel is of utmost interest as the locator angle aligns with the methodology we use for SAR.

MAP-locator-Glennonclick on image for full size

We superimpose the third bi-wheel above (vertical rotation) over the map of the land.  The locator angle intersects Mars and Mercury of the event (inner wheel) and natal Pluto (outer wheel) and the MC/IC angle.

I don’t believe we could get a stronger indication than that.

The heaven and Ciara have had their voices heard.  The suggestion is that Mark Phillip Dixie is involved in the murder of this young woman.

Highlighted in red are the forensic indicators –

  • Pluto (power/powerlessness) represents the ultimate loss of power – death. (outer wheel)
  • Saturn (grim reaper) death himself. (inner wheel)
  • Mars the willful act of taking a life (inner wheel)
  • Uranus represents sudden changes, upheaval (inner wheel)
  • Mercury on this occasion is representative of the victim’s voice (inner wheel)

Highlighted in green is Jupiter (outer wheel) inflating what it touches.

  • Jupiter is in tension with Uranus (inner wheel).  Ciara would have initiated the sudden changes; attempt to flee her attacker.

Highlighted in blue is the emotional impact.

  • Moon (inner wheel) is in tension with the Lunar nodal axis in the outer wheel the immediacy of the trauma on the victim and the public outcry that followed.

Mark Phillip Dixie, aka Shane Turner was known to have resided in every state of Australia. All unsolved violent sex crimes during that 6-year period need to be checked, if not already; DNA is available.

claremontNote:  We need to put out a call here for birth data of possible perpetrators of the murder of Jane Louise Rimmer, if only to exclude them from a forensic enquiry.

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3 thoughts on “Hunt for a serial killer in W.A. Pt.2”

  1. Who knows? The Police never take any of this science onboard. And astrology IS a science, just unfortunately not one used by the Police. Remember, ‘Psychics and astrologists are nutbags’. 90% of the world’s population don’t believe anything they can’t see or hear themselves. One thing’s certain – in my experience, there’s no lazier, more incompetent bunch than the WA Police Force. Corrupt, badly trained, slow-to-act, sometimes don’t act at all… and this was BEFORE they blamed the Government’s cutbacks and budget-slashing on their shit performance. If it hasn’t been solved by now, it never will be. Maybe in 100 years, like Jack the Ripper.

  2. Looks like you were onto something mountain mist. Your skill is exceptional. I am following this to check for developments and I have just read that detectives are off to the UK for some DNA re the POI.
    You should be employed by the police.


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