Hunt for a serial killer in W.A. Pt.1

cottesloe-beachIt’s hard to imagine that violent sex predators can operate within cooee of such a paradise as Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia; a different version of beauty and the beast.

Despite attempts by authorities to profile and find serial killers, some continue killing and elude authorities for years; changing names, crossing borders and eluding capture.

Serial killers pose a special problem for crime investigators because their motives are often far less obvious than those of the person who commits a single murder. Selecting one victim at a time, with a time interval that may be as long as several years between events, makes the profiling even more difficult. Moving around the country, to different police jurisdictions and even internationally in some cases extends their use-by date.

I have been asked if Adrian Ernest Bayley, alleged murderer of Gillian Meagher could have been the Claremont serial murderer in Western Australia. He has a history of conviction for violent sex crimes with more cases yet to be heard before the courts, but just one case of murder that we know of.  Is he a serial killer?

Not having precise information as to his whereabouts, apart from when he was incarcerated in Victoria, I am hesitant to accept theories about his possibly being in ‘The West’.  I will nevertheless include him in a forensic astrology enquiry.

As is my want, we will approach one case at a time, despite the fact that we have multiple murders with similarities.  I am not aware of what task force MACRO has in their files.  Astrology is not accepted in a court of law, is pseudo scientific in its basis and it does not purport to be anything that it is not.

We generate astrology charts and compare snapshots of the heavens at particular times, interpreting the tension created between the planetary positions by classic astrology, symbolism and a good dose of nouse.  We suggest and ask questions, nothing more.

Selecting the time period of January 1996 to March 1997, during those fourteen months there are sure to be a myriad of violent sexual assaults, manslaughters and murders, however there are three murders of young women, which we will focus on.  All three disappeared after attending the same public venue in Claremont, Western Australia.

  • Sarah Ellen Spiers     – January 1996 (not found)
  • Jane Louise Rimmer – June 1996
  • Ciara Eilish Glennon – March 1997

In hindsight, we know that there were other violent sex predators in Perth at the time and more victims of sexual violence.  We must not lose sight of the fact that we do not know if Bayley (Edwards) was even in the state of Western Australia during this period.

When we generate bi-wheels from the perspective of each event and include the birth data of Adrian Ernest Bayley (Edwards), we find an interesting result. The heavens give us an immediate result in two of the three and we need to look deeper at the third bi-wheel, that of Sarah Spiers.

It is the first of the three bi-wheels, which we need to focus on.  The inner wheel is a snapshot of the heavens at 2.06am on 27 January, 1996 in Perth, Western Australia.  The outer wheel is a snapshot of the heavens on the day that Adrian Ernest Bayley (Edwards) was born.

Bayley-trioclick on image for full size

We are not aware of Bayley’s time of birth and so the Moon in the outer wheel is not exact, although we know that this Moon of Bayley’s is in opposition to Uranus in his natal chart and in tension with Venus – rapid mood swings can be expected in this man; a bully and the flipside of the coin – a coward, particularly with women.

As a theoretical exercise, we consider that if Bayley were in Perth on that fateful night, we could make the following interpretation.

  • Highlighting the forensic planets in red; the event reveals Pluto (death indicator) is in transit exact by opposition to Bayley’s natal Saturn (the grim reaper).
  • When we carry the locator angle further Pluto intersects with Bayley’s Neptune, we have a likely perpetrator possibly in an altered consciousness (12th house Neptune).
  • Mars transits overhead to create tension by conjunction with the Lunar nodal axis.  A traumatic event is unfolding in Bayley’s life, which relates to communication problems that he has with women; possible inferiority complex.
  • Mercury-Neptune transits by opposition to his natal Cancer Sun creating the midpoint analysis of a heightened awareness of self, to the point of fantasy.

I would not be in the least bit surprised if Adrian Ernest Bayley (Edwards) confessed to this crime.  He may believe, in his own madness, that he actually is the perpetrator.  Whether he is or not, we have yet to find out.

Despite the fact that Sarah Ellen Spiers remains missing, out of respect for the family’s wishes, I will not go further with my methodology and locator angles to indicate where she may possibly be found.

­Claremont-victimsWhen we allow the victims to speak, we create bi-wheels from the perspective of their event times and match their natal charts to each event.

Sarah Ellen Spiers has a bit to tell us with the forensic planets highlighted in red.

  • Last seen as she waited for a taxi on the corner of a busy street at 2am, the Moon in the heavens  (highlighted in dark blue) is in quindecile aspect to Sarah’s Pluto (her power base and death indicator).
  • The transiting Moon is also conjunct the Vertex (Andromeda Galaxy) a most unfortunate position in her cycle. The mercenary is hiding behind her soft light.
  • 12th house Pluto (event death indicator) has orbited to create tension with that all important MC/IC angle as well as Sarah’s natal Moon.
  • Transiting Venus-Saturn midpoint = Sarah’s Sun.  Her light is extinguished by the grim reaper.
  • Natal Neptune (turquoise) is squared by transiting Venus.  She is lulled into a false sense of security by her perpetrator.

Was Sarah already acquainted with this man who crossed her path?

Jane Louise Rimmer did not appear to cross paths with the hypothetical West Australian visitor, Adrian Bayley.  She disappeared at the top of the clock, midnight.

  • The star Hoedus II (the kids) was conjunct her natal Saturn (grim reaper) predicting an early death.
  • Venus-Sun was also transiting this position at the time of her disappearance. This could be suggested as the reason for her early death.
  • Particularly as the forensic indicator Pluto is also transiting by quindecile to her natal Sun’s position.

Jane is giving all indications that there was a strain in relationship with another person and that she had fears of separation? Has this person been eliminated from enquiries?

Ciara Eilish Glennon:  Just looking at the third bi-wheel we can see that Ciara has quite a lot to share about her midnight event.  Here are the main players.

  • Looking at forensic astrology in particular, the nebula Facies is at the event’s ascendant predicting a violent death as well as creating blind-sightedness; Ciara probably didn’t see it coming.
  • The traumatic event of the Lunar nodal axis is at the MC/IC axis conjunct transiting Mars and opposite Mercury, planet of communication/Ciara’s voice.
  • Event Venus/Saturn= South Node reveals the karmic event of a woman meeting the grim reaper.
  • The event’s Venus is also conjunct Ciara’s natal nodal axis, right on the IC as well (lowest point of the chart).
  • Jupiter transits to conjunct Ciara’s Mars inflating her action
  • Mars on that evening (at the top of the chart) is conjunct Ciara’s Pluto (death indicator and the ultimate loss of power).

This young lady is telling us all she can.  There are even locators present, which we can follow up once we have our POI.

Those are the words of our three victims.  There are more victims, which could be included in our hunt for a serial killer if we were to extend our criteria, however three is enough for now.

As to whom the Claremont serial killer is – the heavens indicate that Adrian Ernest Bayley did not kill all these women.  I’d like to be absolutely sure of his whereabouts at the end of January 1996 in order to exclude him from our enquiries into the disappearance of Sarah Spiers.

There was another equally, if not more vicious character in town over that time period.  When we open the two natal charts of Adrian Bayley and this second POI, the two men have a lot in common astrologically, despite the fact that their births are ten months apart.

One served his apprenticeship as a pastry chef, the other worked as a chef in pubs.  Did either of them work in Claremont, or even at the Continental Hotel in particular during this time period?

There is an outstanding warrant for the second person’s arrest in New South Wales and West Australian detectives would like to interview him for a rape and burglary in 1998.  They have his DNA.

  • A quick composite chart of these two sex killers, reveals the star Dschubba aligned with the planet Mars of the perpetrator – immoral, criminal, violent, evil environment, sudden or violent death.
  • Adhafera conjunct Sun – lying stealing and crime is their nature.
  • Mirfak conjunct Moon – propensity to lying is their emotional driver
  • Miram conjunct Saturn – dishonesty.  Something we have learned to expect when the grim reaper and forensic astrology collide.

claremontWe shall explore the forensic astrology of this second POI in Part 2 of the Claremont murders, in our hunt for a serial killer.

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7 thoughts on “Hunt for a serial killer in W.A. Pt.1”

  1. Hope someone can help you with Bayley’s end of Jan ’96 whereabouts. Good stuff MM, as usual.

  2. Thank you, MM. It seems that AEB is probably not the Claremont killer and I can find something else to obsess about. But the result in the Sarah Spiers case is interesting.

  3. Hmmm. Thanks Torstar. It would be nice to get Bayley for the Spiers murder, but WA police have no body so a dna check is not likely to bring a result. Perhaps a peep at his work history might bring a more fruitful answer.
    It is interesting though, as you say, to see that LE are thinking along the same lines as us sleuths.

  4. when i watched a documentary about the Claremont Murders, that mystery man that they are looking for kind of looked like Adrian Ernest Bayley from behind when he was younger same hight and hair. he went to jail in 1991 for 22 months you never no what he got up to after that! hopefully they find the killer who ever it may be just so the family’s of them poor girls can have some kind of closure. I would love to get my hands on the low life that killed them, YOU do not deserve to live, they did in no way deserved to die so young and how they did. R.I.P


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