Who killed Juanita Nielsen? Act 2+3

green_bansOf the original cast of this tragedy, we have discussed the astrology chart of the victim, Juanita Nielson, who forfeited her life for her beloved Victoria Street, Potts Point on 4th July 1975; a street, which remains a green haven and memorial to her to this day.

If it weren’t a real event, that a good woman died tragically, this could all be considered quite bizarre, in our 21st century world.

We have discussed the upper eschalon of the Sydney underworld figures, Abe Saffron, Mister Sin; Frank Theeman, corrupt property developer and the police commissioner, Fred Hanson.  They all had a part to play in the disappearance and murder of Juanita Nielsen.  The heavens have had their say as to who is up to their neck in it and who isn’t.

As we move indoors, Loretta Crawford tells us that Eddie Trigg and Shayne Martin-Simmonds were on the premises when Juanita was killed, however she also added that a mysterious third person was the killer, not these two.

Loretta Crawford wanted to keep her job, didn’t she; she wasn’t going to name her boss James Anderson.  We’re not buying that story now are we?

We have another witness in The Carousal during the crucial time period, the night-manager Eddie Triggs’ transvestite ‘girlfriend’, Marilyn King provided a statement that she saw Shayne Martin-Simmonds, standing lookout (cockatoo) both inside and outside The Carousel on that fateful day.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that we can therefore exclude Martin-Simmonds from our list of possible shooters.

That leaves us with two remaining characters – James McCartney Anderson, manager of The Carousel (who was supposedly en route the Gold Coast) and his fall-guy and night manager, Edward Frederick Trigg.  So who dunnit?  Who pulled the trigger and killed Juanita Joan Nielsen?

The heavens will have their say in this forensic astrology enquiry.  We generate bi-wheels from the perspective of the event; at 11am on the 4th July, 1975 at The Carousel nightclub Kings Cross.  Whether we are upstairs in the office or downstairs in the basement, makes no difference to the positions of the planets.  We are on the premises where Juanita Joan Nielsen was murdered.

Note: We do not suggest that we are making a scientific enquiry, astrology is considered a pseudo science and not accepted as evidence in a formal enquiry.

Our first person of interest serves the needs; is a servant of the second character.  He is much younger as well; Edward Frederick Trigg, night manager at The Carousel. Trigg did plead guilty and served time in jail for the conspiracy to abduct Juanita Nielsen, however her murder remains unsolved.


  • We note that Eddie Trigg immediately reveals his underhandedness with Neptune at the purple highlighted ascendant. He has all the details at hand.  He knows how the day will unfold already.
  • Killing Juanita Nielsen is no accident.  He has the disposal of the body planned as well, as the event reveals.  Neptune is conjunct the Virgo-zodiac ascendant (the details).
  • Trigg’s natal planet Mars (red) represents his action of the event.  Conjunct the second house cusp, we note the Jupiter-Saturn tension on the opposite site of his natal chart.  This man is carrying a traumatised upbringing into the room; violence intersects the Moon of the event; a Moon which represents Juanita on this occasion as well as the symbol for mother.
  • We also note, highlighted in yellow, the Sun of the event (the date) brings this man into the public arena (his Lunar nodal axis) of notoriety. The transiting Sun is square his Lunar nodal axis.
  • One more tension of note is the planet Neptune of the event (the underhandedness again) is conjunct Trigg’s natal Sun (his ego). He enjoys this role, it would seem.

Before commenting further on Trigg’s bi-wheel, I’ll transfer my attention to the second bi-wheel; the event and James Anderson, manager of the club, taker of bribes who is supposedly sunning himself up at Surfers Paradise. What do the heavens have to say about him?

  • He shares the locator angle, the red-line with Eddie Trigg and also the victim Juanita Nielsen, if you refer back to her bi-wheel in Act 1.
  • James Anderson has the grim reaper at his side (natal Saturn) as the transiting Sun holds up the mirror to reflect his presence by opposition (highlighted in turquoise).
  • Death in the room (Saturn of the event) is directly opposite to his natal Moon.
  • Yellow highlights again are prominent the public event of the Lunar nodal axis are square to Anderson’s Neptune (underhandedness) in the 12th house.
  • Also on the red line we have the natal lunar axis again (highlighted in orange) intersecting with Mars of the event (the murder).  No-one is going to believe your alibi James Anderson.

I’m going to leave the answer open now for the readers of my blog.  I’ve shared the astrology so now, who dunnit?  We know that both men are guilty of her murder, however was it Trigg or Anderson who pulled the trigger, shot and killed Juanita Nielsen?

juanita202VictoriaStWe cannot close without Act 3 and so let’s throw the window open and see where Juanita would like to take is with this locator angle, common to all three persons.  Where did Eddie Trigg and Jimmy Anderson conceal her body?

Some say she lies under the third runway at the Sydney airport; others the Blue Mountains because her handbag was found discarded by the Western Freeway and then there are others who suggest it will be closer to home under the foundations of a development in Upper William Street.  Where are you Juanita?

We can turn to our usual metholodology and Google Maps for our final act.  For those who wish to understand the process here’s the link.

We superimpose the flipped bi-wheel of Juanita’s over that corner of Darlinghurst Rd and Roslyn street, Kings Cross and allow her to point the way home; our closing scene.

MAP-Nielsenclick image for full size

We can see that none of those aforementioned suggestions fits – she’s not up the Cross, nor out at Mascot under the airport runway and the Western Freeway isn’t on the red line either.

I wonder how long Shayne Martin-Simmonds was on lookout for the shooters return?

If we knew the answer to that we might know how far along that red line we would have to travel, in order to track down the location of Juanita Nielsen’s remains.

We might need to take in an even bigger picture…MAP#2-Nielsen

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4 thoughts on “Who killed Juanita Nielsen? Act 2+3”

  1. Thanks MM, great work again. Lots of places for disposal along that line. The Harbour or ocean of course, possibly Lane Cove National Park and further out to the Blue Mountains. Possibly a weighted down body in the harbour or out to sea. Good to see that no development ending up happening in that street so really, what did her death achieve.

  2. No development happened mostly thanks to Jack Mundey, the BLF and their Green Bans. We have him to thank for most of historic Sydney that still exists including The Rocks. When BLF changed leadership and dropped Green Bans it was Juanita primarily who convinced another union to impose bans on the area. Bless her.


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